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Official Samsung Wireless SmartPhone GamePad - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Transform your Smartphone into a mobile gaming powerhouse with the official Samsung Wireless SmartPhone GamePad, which features dual analog sticks and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42770

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 4 stars from 3 customers

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One problem, not having the L2 & R2 buttons
The gamepad is alright but the big issue is not having R2 & L2. Most of the Action games (especially the high quality games) require L2 and R2 to aim and shoot with.
I've try to change the control settings to aim with L1&R1 but its not possible.
I was looking for something like this so i can play SNES/NES games without using the touchscreen. This is perfect! Gets great battery life, phone stays snug and controls are easy to use. I have not used it yet for a game that would take advantage of the analog stick.
Amazing!!! It has amazing item for the playing on 3d games ect.Everyone get this...

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