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Official Samsung Wireless Adaptive Fast Charging Stand - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7 Edge, S7 and S6 quickly with the official wireless fast charge stand in black. Allowing you to charge up to 1.4x faster than traditional wireless chargers, this really is the perfect accessory for your new phone.
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 4.6 stars from 298 customers

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Great charging stand
It would have been helpful to know that there is no cord included in this purchase
Love these wireless chargers
I bought one awhile back for home and loved it so much, when I returned to work I had to buy another one. MobileZap's pricing and variety of products are excellent.
Fast delivery
Nice looking and very very comfortable. I love it ????
Great samsung product
I was having problems charging my s7 edge phone. I thought I would try the wireless charging because maybe the charging usb port on my phone was damaged.
I purchased this after checking out a few reviews and I can confirm it was NOT a disappointment. It's a great price of tech and charges my phone using fast charging and it means I don't have to upgrade anytime soon. Delivery was prompt. Thankyou mobilefun!
Not Good did not work would not connect.
That it worked, the item I received would not connect, light at front was constantly flashing. Phone would not connect with the wireless charger either with or without the case on. The lip at the front was too small and phone kept sliding off.
For clarity I am a big Samsung fan, phone, TV's and sound system etc. but this item left me cold.
Best price genuine charger
Really competitive price for a genuine Samsung fast charger. Works perfectly as expected. Smart design and fits well on desk but would not look out of place in other locations. Delivery was really quick as well.
Easy to deal with came in the post in 3 days
Great just what was needed I plugged it in and hey presto ! my phone with its broken port charged up straight away.
So good I am ordering 2 more for family. Best price around.
Fabulous bit of kit
How good is this thing! Looks sleek and neat, charges efficiently, and no messing about removing covers, trying to make good contact or positioning the phone carefully. Just pop it on and away it goes. SPLENDID STUFF.
Excellent Service
I think mobilefun is a great place to order products for phones. Reasonable prices and excellent selection.
Lead not included
I only gave 3 stars because theres no lead included and I had to buy one separately I feel it should be stated more clearly lead not included.. other than that I'm pleased with my purchase
that is wsa right for my phone. which it was would use again
Samsung charger
Great wireless charger
3 our 3 ain't bad
This is the third one of these I have bought - they just work. So simple - no faff, and they look the part sitting on a desk or at home.

What's not to like - just do yourself a favour and buy one!
Samsung wireless charger
Handy bit of kit reasonably fast charging, easy to answer calls without having to mess about with wires
Did not know you had to plug the original charger into back of it
(thought it plugged into mains)
Great product
I am very satisfied with the purchase of the Samsung fast wireless charger. It works great and charges my phone quicker than I had anticipated.
The picture shows a cable but amazingly this comes without it. Cheapskate Samsung.
Great device
The charging stand is very convenient and charges efficiently.
I like the angled base as it means you can use the device hands free whilst it is charging. For example if whatsapping you can have a conversation without holding the device.
Great product
It's a very handy thing to have as I can still charge my Samsung S6 which has a damaged USB port and cant be charged any other way.However, It did not come with a micro usb cable.
Takes too long to charge
It was advertised that it charges quicker than wired charger but that's far from reality! Not happy with the time it takes to charge
Handy little device, it does not charge fast so it's no good if your in a rush but I leave it on the desk and it charges away. I like the fact that it stops when your battery is fully charged. I was a little annoyed when I realised that it didnt include a USB cable but overall it's a good product
This product does exactly what it is designed for. It is faster than I expected based on Web reviews. I personally give this product a high recommendation, it is a must have item that not only charges your phone but enables you to use it as a stand.
Genuine Samsung product, charges fast as well like a normal fast charger
very good
this is about the best wireless charger I have come across
well worth having
Great stuff
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Good value at the discounted price, Be aware it needs a fast charger and cable to work.
Quick and efficient delivery
Fantastic product that works as it says it does. Just plug it in and rest your phone on it to charge.
Works great, have it sitting on my desk so whenever i am in the office it is charging my phone, no plugging and unplugging of cords required.
The only thing I didn't like was the fact it never come with its own power cord included, had to buy a second cord so i could leave my other at home.
Great product though, thank you
Wireless charger
Great product, Great build quality but than again I wouldn't expect anything less from Samsung. The only issue I had was that it didn't come with a Micro usb to plug in the charger that's why I only have given it 4 stars.
Not very fast and sometimes doesn’t seem to work at all until you try putting the phone an a few times. Good when it wo rks
No lead
Didnt expect to pay this much and not get alead with it .samsung arrogance or wot
it works, as described, probably better.
galaxy S7 wrapped in an Otterbox Defender case.
At first I thought the case was stopping the wireless charger from working. With persistence and careful positioning of the phone on the charger the charger works fine with the phone in the case. Easier than plugging and unplugging cables.
Very smart charger!
Positives: Really like this product amazing white looks so smart on my office desk. Easy to use.
Negatives: it dont come with a usb lead so I couldn't use the product straight away. Also If you wanted to put this next to your bed the blue led light while its charging is really bright it will faintly light up a dark room.
Works well, but no cable.
It's annoying to need to buy another Fast Charging cable, since this website is sold out. It should come with one.
Good product.
Bought wireless fast charger as my Samsung charger socket has broken and I refuse to pay £100+ for a repair. When I figured out I have to restart my phone each time for it to fast charge I was quite happy with it's performance.
This is an excellent product, a real time save. The charging is fast and I don't have to deal with wires anymore.
Really useful charger
Good quality charger that does what it says on the box! Fast charging is fast.
Very slow to charge
Very disappointing with charge speed
Does what it should
Good product thought for the price you would get cable to connct to mains
Very prompt and fast service. Would use this company again
Makes charging easy with no messy wires attached to the phone.Just pick up off the charger and go
Old model, too slow
Works fine, but slow compared to newer models. Look closely at model numbers
Excellent charger
Does not come with the mains cable which you need to buy separately
Great item for a quick charge of phone, And very convenient,I like it.
Great item for a quick charge of phone, And very convenient,I like it.and that I don't have to keep on plugging a cable in the phone to charge .
Such a convenient charging device
Really quality charging unit, & have it plugged in all the time so that I can simply put fone on device whenver i chose & it charges really quickly, especially if I turn my data off. It's quite a compact unit also so doesn't take up too much space.
Its original Samsung charger. its fast Wireless charger.
Perfect work
Its original Samsung charger. its fast Wireless charger.
Perfect work
Works great
Purchased the charger for my Galaxy s7 edge, works great and such a simple thing to use!! I bought it because my phone decided to play up and not charge on the cable.
The only thing is i wouldn't really call it a fast charger probably takes twice as long as using the cable but still works as it should.
Delivery was quick and product came perfectly in tact, genuine product for a good price.
Fantastic product.
Great service.
Works out of the box
When I received my Samsung Galaxy S8 and discovered that wireless charging was a feature, I immediately searched for a genuine charger. MobileZap had this one and it works great. With the correct fast charger plug, my S8 is charged in super fast time! Biggest plus is the USB-C port doesn't get touched/damaged.
Great trade
Customer service are very good.
Very good
Yes im very happy with this
I bought this as a gift for my niece for her birthday and she is so happy and chuffed with it. Delivery time was perfect as specified
Easy to use and works with S7 and S8
This was just what we needed as my wife has an S7 and I have an S8 so suits us both
Will buy again
One of the item I received was damaged during the delivery. I had to wait a while to get the first answer from the costumer service but after that everything went smooth and quick. Will buy again.
Dodgy product
Fine for few months., then charging paused will come up., google it many remedies that dont work., be quick to teturn product as mobile zap have a strct 12 months warrenty on all products sold.
Excellent got what I wanted at a good price
As above got exactly what I wanted at a competitive price
Great charging unit. Very convenient to drop my phone on. No plugging in.
Fast charging and very easy to use
This is a genuine Samsung wireless fast charger. Place you wireless charging device on and it turns on automatically and fast charges until the battery is full then it turns itself down to maintain the charge
It looks and works brilliant. I return from shift in the middle of the night and used to struggle to plug in my phone in the dark without waking my wife. With this you just put the phone on and off it goes. The only drawback is the fan that runs whenever it is fast charging. The fan stays off once the charging is done. It isn't too loud but as these are probably going to be used next to people's beds, this could be an issue. The fan sounds like a radiator when your heating is on.
Excellent Charger well worth the money
This Samsung official charger charges fairly fast and stays steady if using to play games does nt move or fall over like other chargers
Looks Great
Looking good in my Bedroom. It's working Perfectly and my Samsung S8 charged very fast.. ! Great Product
Great product
I would have liked if it came with its own wire
Very good service, with the device I wanted arriving in good time and in good order.
Great service. Happy to recommend to friends and family.
Ok Product
Delivery was quick and well packaged. Stated that it was quick charge... quicker using normal charging cable. I usually charge overnight so there's no need to fast charge. Sleek looking product.

Would recommend
The product is good enough, but the fast charging isn't all that quicker than the original way which is the reason I purchased it. The item does not come with a power cable, but your charging cable will work, so theres no need to buy one.

Delivery was quick. The product was well wrapped. Yet again I would recommend this site.
Excellent product
Fast shipping excellent price and works great. No more needing to plug in the phone cable!
Nice looking unit and small footprint
Bought this to use on the desk as the 'stay at home charger'. It works flawlessly, looks good and it can be seen at a good viewing angle while charging. Perfect!
I love this!!
This is just what my husband was looking for. So easy to use just plug it in then put your phone on it and it charges it super fast. Great product and good value.
Great guick charger
The Samsung last generation quick charger works as advertised. The charge port is micro USB not USB-C, but still charges. Only caveat is if phone charge is less than 40% or so it will either take 4+ hours OR it will not completely charge the phone at all. This may be since not using Samsung charger, but my after market charger whose output is a bit more than Samsung's. Still this should make no difference. If charge of phone is 50% or more before placing on charger it will charge completely then continue trickle charging until removed next morning or a few hours later.
Form and function
This looks great on my bedside table even without the phone on it, doubles up as an alarm clock as well as charger. The charger works flawlessly, I was surprised at how quickly it charges the phone. My only gripe and it is a relatively small one is that the status LED on the front is quite bright, especially at night.
I had purchased a samsung wireless fast charger stand
and the charging function is a hit or miss as sometimes i will no problems charging other times it will not connect and no charging will happen
Genuine Product - works well
Wasn't sure about the unit as it appeared not to charge as fast as I'd expected. I looked for comparison with non-genuine product, and this unit passed on all key indicators - so I am convinced it is the real deal. The unit does indicate "fast-charging" but I have to position the phone carefully as it has a hard shell case with a metal lever in the case (rear prop). The convenience of not plugging in the cable is great - especially if you use it at work and leave your work area often. BTW shipping was fast and tracked - so overall very happy. Would have had 5 stars if power adapter was included.
Does as it says on the box
Great product
Great product
Great product
Must have charger
Great item I can tuck the wire to the charger out of the way from my cat Eddie's teeth! No more chewing on the wire..a must have piece of kit far superior to any other..way to go Samsung!
I'd reccomend it
It does just what they said it would. Easy peasy. Even my dad could use it without any hassel.
Item very goid
It good fast and easy to use
Cool Charger
The Samsung Wireless charger/stand is a great device. I can just plug it in on my desk. Anytime my phone needs to be charged, I place it on the stand. Quick. No messing with cables etc. Fast charging. Great device. recommended to all Samsung Galaxy S8 users.
Great product
Great product. Works as it is supposed to and charges wirelessly without any issues.
Arrived quickly, fantastic bit of kit. No more fiddling with charger plug as your phone just sits on the charger with no wires. 5*****
Excellent value for money. Charges about three times faster than by charge cord. No evedence of over-heating - or getting hot at all really (heat is what kill batteries). Really recomend it. Would definitly recomend this Genuine Samsung Charger as opposed to other cheaper aftermarket ones - you dont know what electrical shortcuts they have taken to try and achive the same results as this Genuine Charger.
Makes charging easy !
This is an excellent product, I wanted to dispense with pushing in the USB-C connector every time - this is exactly what happens, and as I charge my phone overnight, it is always fully charged by the morning - the indicator lights are a help,too. Just one thing which I should have realised, but as this is an older product, it needs a microUSB connector, which is not supplied - and as I sold mine with my old phone, I couldn't use it until I bought another one as the S8+ uses a USB-C - I could have added one to my order if this was specified . Good value too !
Samsung charging stand
Brought Samsung fast charging stand from mobile fun who were extremely quick to respond to my order and kept me informed through the whole process from order to delivery.
A well made charger very sturdy
orderd on web site the item came well packaged .and within a couple of days. a well made charger very sturdy ,my phone has a protective case and it charges with it on so very pleased .
Have used mobilefun for several items and have been pleased with the service and products I have purchased 5 star
This is a super item for fast charging without the hassle of remembering if I have the right cords available. Though the S8+ comes with plenty of adapters, I wanted to keep them at home, so this wireless charger is perfect for my desk at work. Nifty, neat and necessary! Great invention, great purchase. Thanks!
Styish and convenient..
Styish and convenient, but there's no mains charger supplied..
Product as per description.
Product as per description.
Just brilliant
An excellent device, clearly described on Mobile Fun's pages. I've previously shied away from wireless chargers, not particularly liking those that lie flat. Also, I have been dubious about non-OEM equipment. This Samsung charger is perfect for me. It has a lip to hold the phone in place, even with a cover on the phone, and it happily charges my S6 Edge, S7 Edge and S8 Plus ... one at a time, obviously. It's necessary to use a charger that came with your phone - it might have been nice to include one with it, but not a big issue. It doesn't fold flat, as some have observed, so is slightly bulkier when travelling. However, the rigidity the design provides is more important. This is one of the best devices of its type. If you're thinking of getting a wireless charger - get this one.
Good product as description
Fast charging without an issue
works great with my s8 and was on special so very happy
Works well
Works as intended and very convenient that it's on a lean.
Great product
I've bought one of these before, and love the ease of use. Simply keep it on your bedside or desk, and simply place the phone on the stand. It starts charging instantly, and with the Samsung it shows the clock too. Good price from MobileZap, and quick delivery. Pros: Easy to use, addictive, value for money. Cons: None.
Fast postage.. Good overall
The wireless charger works perfectly. It is so handy in the office when I am up and down from my desk often. It charges way quicker than I expected before I got it. I was do happy with it I bought a second one so I could have 1 at home and 1 at work
great gadget
this wireless charger really is so easy and convenient to use a must for any one with a wireless chargeable phone would definitely recommend
Good buy
Official Samsung wireless adaptive fast charging stand . Just bought a Samsung galaxy S8. Love the phone and this fast charging stand is great!. Excellent product . Easy to use . Fast charging. No fiddling with wires in and out of my phone ( last phone Galaxy S6, became unstable charging after using a usb wire).
Easy to just just pop it on the stand and your done !
Would highly recommend and at a reasonable price too.
Very happy with purchase and Mobile Fun are great. Lots of great gadgets !!
Love it
Great that it can charge without taking the phone out of the case. Would have like to have a cable to plug into the wall included
Love it
So convenient to use and looks classy
Works as Advertized
Ordered the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Stand for my new Galaxy S2+ phone. It arrived in Toronto Canada from the UK in about 10 days. I looked around and the price from Mobile Fun was less expensive with shipping and tax than sourcing from Canada or the US. It works well through my Samsung official LED case, (which I also purchased from Mobile Fun and which arrived before my S2+) either vertically or horizontally. A friend also tried this stand with his Note 5 with a fairly thick "S" case and it worked as a fast charger with that phone too. Fully satisfied.
As noted in other reviews, it does not come with an Adaptive Fast Charger or cable - just the stand. I knew this before hand so was and is not a problem. No surprise.
Unlike the S2 and S2+ which have usb type C connectors, this Adaptive Fast Charger stand has the traditional micro usb connector. Again not an issue for me as I have a number of Adaptive Fast Chargers and traditional micro usb cables which (the cables) are of no use with my Galaxy S2+.
Very happy with purchase
Very happy with purchase will highly recommend mobilezap for genuine product and prompt delivery
Great product
The product I received was as expected and arrived in a very short time after placing the order. I would not hesitate to order from Mobilezap again.
Quick and easy
Good value. Does exactly what it says on the box. Quality product
Excellant service and product
Samsung wireless charger was delivered very quickly. The charger us so great to use.. no more mucking about with cords. Charges through leather case too.very happy
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