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Official Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock - Windscreen Mount Reviews

Dock your phone safely in the car with this Genuine Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock and Windscreen Mount, ideal for when you use your phone as a Sat Nav.
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 4.8 stars from 307 customers

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On the windscreen it is very good, I particularly like the maneuverability.
It does say universal vehicle dock - windscreen mount but the picture shows it mounted on the top of the dashboard. Does it?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Neil.

This product does mount on to dashboards and window screens.

Great product. Quick delivery.
Great product. Quick delivery.
Love my new phone holder
I ordered this for my car and was amazed at how great it holds. It has a nice design so it doesn't block your view. And it also has a adhesive attachment if you wanted to use it for the dash.. I'm happy with my purchase and would buy from them again. Thank you..
Great Product...
and quick delivery. Would defiantly use Mobile fun again.
At last a sturdy well built vehicle dock - phone holder not costing a fortune.
After having lesser quality devices which either fell apart or having too many knobs etc were not secure enough I was resigned to buying an expensive professional suction mounted unit designed for DSLR cameras etc. This Samsung unit would surely have to be good enough for my Samsung S7, imagine the criticism if it wasn't! It's a simple enough design and therein is it's strength, not multi jointed and flimsy but one strong 'arm' secured to the holder by a strong nut. It has a big enough suction base to attach directly to the windcreen or if you prefer a dash fixture a plastic disc with a strong adhesive base. Once fixed the suction cup fits onto the disc. Simple. Effective. The unit can be used with any phone (or satnav), just check the dimensions before you order. Recommended? Definately!
Brilliant quick and easy to fit and use
Simple fitting instructions leading to easy to use vehicle dock for my Samsung Note 4 phone fast next day service is great
So Simple but most Effective
I Have Being looking for an item just like this for a number of years now I have acchieved same it is a first class product and does the job it was designed for Well Done great inavation
Great product
Brilliant, love it!
Very good for the money
This is a brilliant windscreen mount or dashboard as you would expect from Samsung it holds my Samsung s6 perfect . I'm a 1st time buyer from mobilefun.co.uk couldn't recommend them high enough great prompt service and received really quick well done guys will definitely be back for more accessories ????
Very Practical and easy to operate
This Piece of equipment does what it says it will do the only improvement I can see would be if the carrier was adjustable
Excellent product
This is an excellent product, works very well and good value.
Robust and Flexible
Easy to fit to windscreen.
Like that it's easy to manoeuvre for best viewing position.
A solid item!
Great product which will prevent another accident like the one I had which prompted the purchase.
Excellent product
Fast service excellent product works as described and would recommend this to anyone looking for a phone holder.
Excellent product
I purchased this phone holder 4 years ago for my Galaxy S4, I have used it daily ever since and am still using it now for my Galaxy S7 edge.
The holder is well designed and holds my phone firmly in place.
Love it and would definitely recommend it.
It doesn't suck!
Overall, the design and build quality of the vehicle dock is of a high standard. The only problem is with the suction. Within one week the suction has failed twice so far. Still early days so giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Best phone holder
Most phone holders are rubbish. They bounce about, go floppy, fall off the window or cause all manner of mayhem by crushing the buttons on your phone. But this one seems to have been designed by people who've actually used it before unleashing it on the paying public. The grips are deep enough to hold my Galaxy S7 firmly in place even with its Otterbox folio case left on. Best phone holder I've had so far.
Great car mount, stays put and holds phone steady
My old car mount just wouldn't work in my car. Wanted something that would stick to the windscreen and also hold my new Samsung edge without falling out. Great product just what I wanted
All good. Genuine product. Efficient logistics. Thanks.
As above.
Excellent product very easy to install
Excellent product, very easy to install too.
This is the 2nd one I have purchased. Durable, elegant and easy to install and remove. Love it
Very good genuine product
Using the product for one week without any issues
Very good purchase
Good quality
A brilliant product. Good quality and robust would highly recommend. I use it for a galaxy S6
The sticky ad is not sticky enough
The sticky ad is not sticky enough it will not stick to the dash never mind hold the phone too
Fantasstic Product
After buying several similar cheap products, I decided to step up and buy a genuine one. So glad I did, the quality is instantly apparent. It's sturdy and stable. FAntastic.
Fantastic Quality & service
After buying quite a few cheap similar products I decided to step up & this product is fantastic. Sturdy, easy to use and arrived very quickly.
This item is perfect for our needs. Easy to fit. Excellent grip for your phone. Fits my Samsung S7 and my husbands iPhone 7 perfectly
So far this product has been excellent
So far this product has been excellent. Easy to secure and use.
Arrived early and was exactly as ordered.
The item purchased arrived early and was exactly as ordered. It is an authentic Samsung phone holder and works well in my car.
great product
easy to put in the car
Brilliant piece of kit
This is an official Samsung product. I have now bought two of these, as they will hold most devices. I have one in each car. Never falls off the screen, and keeps the phone safe.
I couldn't fault this item. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
The perfect accessory
I wanted a holder for my Smartphone to safely view the Maps app. which I find superior to most satnavs when I am on the road. This item is perfect in design, application and usefulness and illustrates perfectly 'you get what you pat for.' The mount for the phone is adjustable and flexible as is the suction mount for the windscreen or other mounting position. This is a class item that will not disappoint.
Robust, easy to use
The most robust mount I have come across. Very easy to mount and unmount phones even when a cover is fitted to the phone. Great value
Have now bought two of these, My daughter having 'aquired' my first to use with her HTC.
They stay on the windscreen really well. Strangely, they can fall off on a cold night the VERY FIRST time you install. After that, Brilliant.
My only criticism (small) would be the position of one of the base retainers means you cannot use wired headset on S7
Works fine
This has done what I wanted it to do. A straightforward piese of kit that holds my phone. It replaces a unit that I couldn't update for my current phone. This unit also holds my wife's S4 Mini. The fact you have to use a charger with it is not an issue as far as I'm concerned.
A good bit of kit and serves its purpose admirally.
Not great
It took 3 weeks to recieve the product and while the product works well it is no good for the new Samsung as the speaker port is on the bottom of the phone so it doesn't sit in the dock properly
Good quality product
The Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock - Windscreen Mount I purchased arrived in quick time and appears to be a good quality product with a strong suction mount and accessory mounting plate. Should fit a wide range of models including other brands as well as Samsung.
I bought an additional mount for a recently-purchased vehicle so I would not have to continuously switch my existing mount from one car to the other. This mount is perfect for my Samsung S6!
It's one of the best vehicle docks I've used
It's one of the best vehicle docks I've used. It fits to the windscreen well and is easy to adjust into the right position.
Absolute must buy!
Fantastic product. Arrived well packaged, with instructions and a little plastic bag containing a hard sticky pad you can attach to the dashboard, if you wish, to enable the device to fix onto it rather than using the windscreen. The product is sturdy, well made and once attached to your desired surface by the suction cup and pull down lever it is extremely secure and won't be budging without some encouragement! I definitely recommend this product.
Very very good product
I wanted a product that was going go to do a good job as I was travelling around the country for work alone so it had to be reliable. It was superb. Held my phone very well and is still firmly fixed to the windscreen weeks after I stopped using it. Yes I would recommend without a moments hesitation.
This vehicle dock work well
This product is used in a truck and it works with a vertical windscreen.
Good product but...........
This is a good product, tailor made for Samsung phones and with an excellent suction pad for fixing to the windscreen. Sadly I hoped to attach it to my beanbag dashboard stand, and it was too tall.
It works very well
Samsung Quality
This one stayed on the windscreen. Solid piece of equipment. Stayed where it was put. Angle still allowed camera to operate. Because it pushes out further than most and holds firmly you can safely press buttons without stretching.
If you want a windscreen phone holder for your smartphone, this is perfect! Very sturdy, no wiggle or waggle when driving
A very effective mount
It is robust and attaches easily to a windscreen with a good sucker. It holds the phone solidly and can be rotated to the landscape position.
Well designed product
Excellent product with good attachment options and solid hold and release functions. The circular plate attachment option does not work unless there is a sufficiently flat plane on the dash to allow adherence. Not on my Hyundai but windowpane suction option good and sufficient rotation in neck to allow placement without blocking driving vision. Solid construction.
Excellent product
Very pleased with Samsung Vehicle Dock. Takes Galaxy Note 5 comfortably. Well designed and better quality than others I have used which often found the Note 5 too large. Nice firm hold and strong grip to the car screen. Totally satisfied. Also great service from Mobile Zap. Amazingly quick delivery to New Zealand.
Very good holding my note 4. Superb stuff. Higly recommended
great dock
really amazing and reasonable price
Great phone holder
Very happy with this Samsung mobile holder, I was unable to purchase this from other retailers in NZ and was so happy that I could get it through mobile fun.
Amazing product fits perfectly
Amazing product fits perfectly and looks really good 10/10
Good product.
I have only used the windshield mount for a short time but so far it has held to the windshield while in use with no issues.
great price excellent product
great price excellent product
It's okay
The locking mechanism works click by click. Sometimes it doesn't lock the phone in the cradle because the "click" is in the wrong place. One doesn't want to squeeze too hard and break the phone!
Quality Product
Very stable phone holder, easy to use and secure mechanism, sticks strongly to the windscreen.

The only thing I don't like is when stuck to the windscreen you don't have many options for where the suction cup can be in relation to the phone. When the phone is in a good position you can't get the suction cup fully "behind" the phone where you don't see it, so the suction cup can obscure your view of the road. No problem if you use the included pad to mount it on the dash.
Car docking station
This unit does exactly as per item advertised
It really works
Not cheap, but it really works. Powerful suction, grips the Note 4 at any angle, and looks almost as good as my wife.
Very Impressed!
As a genuine Samsung accessory you can be assured of a top quality product and that's exactly what I got. I cannot fault it in any way and the added bonus was the price! I would definitely recommend.
This product is exactly what I was after. I've bought a couple of cheaper items but they never worked properly. I'd recommend buying this if you have a Samsung phone which fits it. Easy to install and easy to use.
loved it to begin with
loved it to begin with but after just a week the suction pad just doesn't stick as well as it first did and keeps falling off window. It is so so frustrating how many companies supply/make such crap products....the actual quality of the unit is fin but some twat who designed it though that how well the device sticks on the damn window wasn't that important doh! they all need to learn from TOM TOM satnav who had the brain power to work out that a device that sticks to a windscreen really does ...wait for it...stick to the bloody windscreen...so Tom Tom satnav has a twisting clamp on suction pad that works very very well...please take note samsung...this product has your name on and for once put a little profit to one side and spends a few pennies more making a decent suction pad that actually works
Happy customer
After struggling and becoming frustrated with cheap products I decided to invest a bit more and buy a quality product. So glad I did. The mount is rock solid stable on the windscreen with no vibration. My phone (Galaxy S5) is easy to insert and remove.
I feel much safer driving now.
Great product
I am very happy with this product. Good quality, great features and is strong and durable. Would def recommend.
Possibly the best windscreen mount for a Samsung phone.
Very solid,sturdy mount. Can be put on windscreen or dashboard. Easy to fit and remove phone.
Worth the money.
Brilliant phone holder. Very sturdy once fitted to the window screen. To test if it would hold the phone securely enough, I swung the holder around, with the phone in (over the sofa, just in case) and the phone didn't budge. Holds phone perfectly. Only downfall is that with the galaxy s6 edge +, the aux connection is at the bottom of the phone and so you can't use the aux while the phone is in the holder, as the holder covers the aux connection. But would definitely recommend this holder as it doesn't move an inch.
The service was brilliant but i was looking for a good phone holder and this is ideal so easy to use and definately worth every penny i would recommend this if anyone is looking for a great car holder for their phone!!
perfect product
After a lot of research and debate, I bought it. It arrived fast and well packaged. Couldn't wait to try it. The box included instructions, sticky disc and stand. I didn't want to stick it to my dashboard and was always intending to stick it to my windscreen. Wow, the suction holder holds firm to the window although is easy to move and reposition if needed. I live out in the country and wanted something that could handle bumpy tracks to smooth fast roads..... this does. There is no wobble jiggle or suggestion of unwanted movement. The quick release button to open the holder is smooth and responsive. The holder grips the phone well but doesn't pinch it. My phone has quite a robust case and fits perfectly. Chuffed with the purchase and have recommended to all of my friends. Love this product. .... needed one sooner.
Fantastic , high quality product . Perfecty holding my Galaxy s6+edge . Easy to put your phoane in and remove when living a car . It is looking very stylish. It is best one I ever have . Well done samsung.
Very simple, elegant and excellent quality holder
Very simple, elegant and excellent quality holder. One button releases the phone, squeeze both sides holds it in place securely. Pivots with ease, allows full access to controls and charging port. Excellent value for money, highly recommended.
Excellent product
Very good quality product. Good fix to the window screen. No vibration when driving making use easy and visibility when car is in motion.
Quality product - very pleased
Quality product - very pleased, I have a Samsung S4 mini with case on and this holder holds the phone very well, sucks onto the windowscreen and is easy to take the phone out when finished. REcommend it.
Good Looking and Useful
I have installed this mobile phone holder and it looks and works brilliantly - have been using it for several weeks now and very pleased.
What a piece of kit. So glad i bought this, rock solid fits perfectly onto glass windscreen, quality Samsung hardware, highly recommended this docking station
Perfect combination of Neat and Functional
The cradle is sturdy and holds the phone firmly. It can be located anywhere, to ensure maximum usage benefit, I'm not restricted to one place to view it. I'm thoroughly pleased with the product, and recommend it. One of the best I've used/bought.
Got it quickly, looks sturdy.
Samsung universal vehicle dock. Very good, just wish it could stick to dashboard and not just the windscreen.
It's very strong and practical
It's very strong and practical .But it's not for SAMSUNG EDGE S6 PLUS.Its mould design restrict use of head fones.
Great Product
This holder is great. The suction cup holds firm on my car window and the phone is held firmly in the cradle.
When my wife saw it, she wanted one for her car as well.
Just what I needed and does the job.
Just what I needed to keep my phone available whilst driving. Being able to access my phone easily and to use maps and get directions on screen is a real bonus.
Spot on
Quick delivery. Quality, solid feel - totally worth the few extra quid over some nightmare cheapos I've bought. Strong suction to windscreen. The best bit is the variable 'jaws' - we can use any of our phones or Satnavs in it. Previous holders I've had have been device specific. Spot on.
xcellent Product fits my Samsung G5 perfectly. AND BONUS POINTS FOR ... stays where you stick it!
Bracket great - dash mount useless
The actual bracket is great - easy to mount/dismount, holds phone well, easy to release. However I'd only get it if you can mount on a window. It comes with a dash mount - a small plastic circle you stick to the dash and mount the bracket to that. The sticky pad on the bottom of it isn't anywhere sticky enough, and it just falls off.
Excellent product
I purchased the Samsung phone dock after getting a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Christmas. The web page said that it would fit and it duly arrived well packed and on time. It was easy to assemble and I tried it on an existing dashboard mounting disc and it fell off after an hour. I then fitted it to the windscreen and there have been no problems. The quick release button works well and I am very satisfied thank you.
Great product
Purchased this for a Christmas gift for my fiancée. It's sturdy and well made it adjusts to fit his phone securely. It clips securely to the windscreen and can be easily removed. Product arrived quickly and well packaged.
very sturdy ... very happy with it
Great Product
The vehicle dock exceeded my expectations. When I first opened the box I was a bit disappointed as it seemed very flimsy (especially the 2 side arms). However I was completely wrong the dock grips the phone very well and the phone sits very securely in it. The release button is a very quick way of getting your phone out. I would highly recommend this product to any Samsung owner!
This is without doubt, the best mount that I have seen for my S5
I have a galaxy S5 phone in a Spigen tough armour case, which makes it a little more bulky, so I wasn't certain that this screen mount would do the job. However, upon receipt of this mount, I found that the phone fits perfectly with the charging cable plugged in and that the mount is rock solid and very good quality. It has a lovely locking action when the sides are pushed together to grip the phone and releases easily with a touch of the button at the rear.
It sticks to the windscreen solidly and can be adjusted and then locked so that there is no vibration of the phone. There is also a self adhesive disc which can be stuck to the dashboard to provide an alternative method of mounting, if you prefer not to have it on the windscreen
This is without doubt, the best mount that I have seen for my S5 and now it is a joy to drop the phone into the cradle and use the touch screen. In fact, I am so pleased with it that I bought a second one for my partner to use with her S6.
My item received promptly
I received the item promptly from mobilezap and being a genuine Samsung accessory it works as you would expect...very well
superb product, one little niggle
Fantastic product & service. Most secure fixing I've ever seen. Phone is ultra secure and safe. One drawback is one of the bottom feet obscure the speaker simple fix is to remove it and phone is no less secure 9/10
Very Pleased So Far
I had previously bought a cheap bracket that was useless. This time, decided to go for Samsung branded product. It is sturdy, well makde and sticks really well. I havent used my Note 4 in it yet (used my work phone which is smaller and lighter) but feel confident it would take the weight.So, as I said, I am very pleased so far.
Absolute Satisfaction
Tried several ordinary ones on the market, they were tolerable. Got the Samsung one. Excellent a lovely piece of kit, a few bob more expensive but, worth every penny. Absolutely satisfied.
Best car dock for large phones.
I'm an Apple guy yet I chose this Samsung made car mount because it's simply the best. Very sturdy. Love the rubber holder cushions instead of some cheap foam. I wish I bought it ages ago
Brilliant bit of kit
Found the website description very comprehensive. Excellent quality and does the job very well. Much better than the wife holding the Tom Tom
Absolute Satisfaction
Been using second best for years, ok I expect. Just treated myself for Christmas and purchased a genuine Samsung Docking Station for my Galaxy S4. Absolutely delighted, cost a few bob more and worth every penny. It's, true when they say " You get what you pay for!"
Exactly as described
The holder is of extremely good quality. Even with the weight of the Note 4, the holder stays firm to the windscreen.
Not very good to mount
Can not mount it where and howw I want it . Useless as universal top always faces phone towards base with it in the way for camera. Also in my car I can only get the phone mounted at 45 degrees angle making device useless to view and use as forward camera as recommended by third party . What a waste of money . Thanks Samsung by the average your after purchase product accessories are rubbish.
excellent product
Good service and excellent product
Excellent product
Excellent product, ideal for what i wanted. Fast delivery by supplier
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