Official Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock - Windscreen Mount Reviews

Dock your phone safely in the car with this Genuine Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock and Windscreen Mount, ideal for when you use your phone as a Sat Nav.
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Excellent product
My IPhone 8 fits into it perfectly and can still use charger whilst driving to save the battery. Sticks well to windscreen or dashboard sticky mount.
Official Samsung Universal windscreen Mount
Purchased the phone holder for my galaxy samsung 6. It came in three parts, very easy to assemble. I have it fixed to the window screen to the right of the steering wheel. It holds my mobile with its cover. It seams robust therefore I recommend it.
There is also the option to secure it to the dash board.
Samsung Universal Vehicle Dock
My friend recommends me to this product. It is very sturdy once mounted onto the windscreen, holds my iPhone very well. Definitely a good buy!
Being an official Samsung product I was confident that it would be well made and a perfect fit. It is. Very pleased with it.
Just perfect
Fits strongly on my dashboard or windscreen. If you are looking for one, this is just a brilliant item. You won't go wrong trust me!
Great service, great item
Really good - fixes to the windscreen or dashboard well, and easy to get phone in and out.
My son is very pleased with it!
Fits car well and holds phone firmly so bought another one for other son, why they cannot but theur own but thats another story - product seems very good.
Well made.
The holder does not use springs to secure the phone. An advantage in my opinion as this will not have an effect on a soft case fitted to the phone. Can not comment on the dash/window attaching capabilities as it is for my wife's car in Thailand.
I liked this item so much I purchased a second one
Bought one of theses Samsung Docking mount for myself , I liked this item so much I purchased a second one for my wife's car easy to put together easy to apply to car screen plus it comes with a dishboard mount if you wish to attach it to the dashboard does what it says on the box .
Great Design
Excellent quality and value for money.
Love Love Love
Best mobile mount I have ever tried. Strong, sturdy, easy to use, flexible use and positioning. So good I had to buy another for hubby's car.
Best £20 I've ever spent
Easy to assemble, easy to attach to your car.
Great buy
Good quality, easy to use. Well worth the price
I found the Samsung universal windscreen mount for my phone just the right thing . And the service i got when I ordered it was second to none. Arrived on time.
All the information i needed was in the add
Very good
Ì wanted to have the choice of placing on dashboard or windscreen. Luckily for me it does both, therefore not restricting my vision.
Good quality
It's not made proper to use cables. Holders not in the right place .
Good solid quality product
Simple design that works. Easy to fix to windscreen or dashboard, with good adhesion. Solid strong construction and grips phone firmly with adjustment for different size mobiles. Full marks Samsung.
Best thing on the market
Hade same model for 6 years and have to replace because wife took my one.
Great price for top quality
Holds my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (in a Hi Spek case) easily. Fits nicely on the windscreen of my Kia Ceed Sportswagon 2013, and has not fallen off after 4 weeks. Easy to mount phone and remove. This is the second one I have purchased for our other car.
Excellent Product
Product is great. Very happy with my purchase.
Some review on your website, suggested this could be mounted on dash - using adhesive pad.
On my Mondeo, this was not possible, because of curvature profile of dash.
So, I used the suction mount for windscreen
Best phone holder for car I've ever used
What can I say in addition to the headline above...
This is a Samsung product but it fits my iPhone 7plus perfectly. The Mobile Fun service was excellent as usual when I asked via their 'CHAT' service if they were compatible.

Useful info: I didn't want a sticky pad on my dashboard, and the holder doesn't stay on my dash without one. But that's not a negative for me because I want it on the windscreen anyway. It sticks there like glue (as long as you remember to press down the lever. in order to really make the suction cup suck!)
This' locked sucker system' always seems to work the best in my experience.
Once on the windscreen (which takes only a second or two). it's so easy to press in the side holders which lock the phone in place beautifully - A quick press of the button releases your phone immediately.
Finally this system locks both the holder and phone rock solid - No wobbling at all. Excellent - Well done Samsung :)
Very Good Product To Place Mobile Phone In To Charge Up Or To Play Music Etc
Solid phone holder
Being a genuine Samsung phone holder, this feels solid and well made. It attaches firmly to the window of my car, and holds the phone tight.

I am glad I went for the genuine article, and not a brittle less sturdy cheaper option.
Great product and service
As usual a well built product from Samsung at a reasonable price.
Great service as always from Mobile Fun
Great Samsung docking windscreen mount
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect.
Looks great, isn't bulky at all. Can be place on the dash board or window very easily
Excellent product
Simple and easy to fit to windscreen and works perfectly, ideal for Samsung S8
Fabulous product
This official Samsung Universal dock is great. I have it on my windscreen and it is so sturdy. It looks great and my S8 even with a protective case fits into the adjustable dock perfectly. Takes seconds to put together and fit.
The quality I would expect from Samsung.
Probably the best windscreen holder!
My second one of these, my first one lasted 5 years of daily use but gradually the spring for the clamping mechanism wore out. The build quality is superb and keeps my Galaxy Note 3, in a chunky UAG case, rock solid with no vibration at all, even when driving over our terrible road surfaces around Hampshire. Highly recommended!
Works great...!!
Does the job and was worth the price... Easy mount where you want and holds our S7edge with Otterbox Symmetry perfect...!!
Best one I have so far
I have used more than 5 items but this is best, simple and easy to use compare to all other. I don't need to look back or search for more best one. Totally satisfied and would recommend
Don't waste your money or time buying alternatives. The Samsung dock does exactly what it should do and is so easy to use.
it's great
we had trouble with windscreen mounts in the past but this one is great. Solid on the windscreen, no wobbling and falling off. Good strong piece of kit.
Quality item
Very versatile item, easy to fit & ease of use. Quick to position & release, best on market.
good quality
i would recomend this product as its good quality and the lip at the bottom stops the phone dropping out.i use it with a samsung s7 edge.
delivery was quick and i would order from this company again.
A great bit of kit. Helped me out no end.
Brilliant piece of equipment
Website was so easy to navigate the price and quality of the dock was exceptional and finally the delivery was very quick Thanks
Samsung in car holdet
Good phone holder well made. Would fit other phones as well as a samsung
The perfect mount
I have this mounted on the dashboard of my '06 Mondeo, as I don't like mounts stuck to the windscreen. There is a very sticky patch for the dashboard which has a flat plate for the sucker of he mount to attach to.

It's spot-on for my Samsung S7, you can lock it at any angle you want and the spring-loaded side arms hold your phone very firmly - there is a button on the back that you press to release the arms. All side buttons and the charging port on the bottom are clear and accessible.

My car has quite firm suspension so some vibrations get through, but you've nothing to worry about, your phone will not fall out.

Don't muck about with cheaper units, this is purpose made for your Samsung phone, and it works superbly.
Satisfied and does what it is supposed to do
Enough information in my view
Very well made
This item once fitted will secure your phone with no fear of dropping off.I even use it for my iPod
Brilliant product. Nice and compact. Excellent and quick service
Quality items.
The holder is sturdy in construction and practical.
Bought a mobile phone holder in Halfords and the phone kept on slipping through. This is so much better and works really well.
OK but...
Robust and hold phone well. It is easier to clip the phone in and out than the Samsung vehicle dock for the Galaxy S2. However, I use it on the screen as a SatNav. The S2 was below my line of sight in its bespoke Samsung mount. The Galaxy A3 is only slightly taller than the S2, but in this mount it completely obscures the centre of the screen. It is a bit like having another roof pillar in the middle of the screen. It is not really a dock. The Samsung S2 dock had a USB dock with a USB connector for the phone that routed the connector out of the rear allowing the phone to be very close to the top of the dash. This mount using a standard USB-C connector forces the phone and mount a long way above the dash. Added to this, the sucker on the screen is largely visible above the phone, obstructing more of the screen than the phone. After a while I got used to moving my head around to see round it.
Excellent Product.
The product I purchased
was a genuine article.
An excellent product, 5 Stars
This is the 3rd holder that I have bought, it is so more advanced than other brands.
I will be purchasing 1more in the next week.
Very good
Delighted with my purchase ...excellent product
Product arrived within the time listed, and it works as expected. Very happy with MobileZap and their service
Cannot plug AUX in while using. Box says only compatible with Samsungs 4 - 5.7 while website says otherwise.
This item says it's compatible with S8 how ever the box says compatible with 4 - 5.7 versions.

You CANNOT plug an aux cable in ( the sole reason I bought it) and have it in the upright position as the hole to plug the cord in is covered up by the bottom left hand side prongs of the dock.

It will work I guess, but It's going to have to sit on an angle or damage the cord when it bends from the weight of the phone is resting upright on it.
Works brilliantly. Have it on windscreen.
It is made for most Samsung's so perfect. Use it even when my A5 is in Snakehive leather cover (which is also excellent, I have to add). Portrait or Landscape, so easy to attach and use. I recommend this quality product.
10 0ut 10
Well made, aesthetically pleasing and very functional
Brilliant piece of kit. Sturdy and well made, secures well to windscreen
Very convenient
It is sturdy and reliable. You can take your phone(even with a pop socket on the back of it and a phone cover) in and out easily. You can charge your phone easily (buy your own charger). Very happy with this mount
Strong neat and sticks to the windscreen
I had an 'after market' version of this which broke, so bought the replacement genuine Samsung .... MUCH better and holds my S7 perfectly on the windscreen for use as a dashcam in 4K UHD running for ages with a 192GB Micro SD card. Amazingly steady and easy to orientate. Love it!
Quality product. Easy to use.
Quality product. Well priced and easy to setup/use
Streamlined and secure
This mount for my Samsung A3 (2017) is great.. so pleased I paid a little more for an excellent product. It mounts on the dash, or window very versatile. It is much better looking than some of the cheaper options, it looks very streamlined. It holds my phone securely, and the phone is very easy to release. It does take a bit of pressure to secure the mount with its lever, but I think that’s what makes it so secure. Not a flimsy product. I have recommended it to my sister who has an older model of the A3,but it holds that just as well. Excellent product in my view.
It's brilliant. Does exactly what it says it does. I recommend this to anyone who has a Samsung phone and requires easy an easy gadget for navigation.
I like that it sticks easily to windscreen. It is made of string material and is ver sturdy when mounted on windscreen.
Christmas Gift for someone else so unable to respond fully at present
Item arrived in excerllent time. Good packaging. Have not personally used as it was a Christmas gift for someone else.
Excellent. If you have a s8 + this is for you. Quality piece of kit.
Fed up with inferior equipment. Payed a little more but got alot more. Robust piece of kit. Recommended.
This item is just great holds the phone really well and the suction cup sticks solid to the windscreen
Great Mount and very versatile - Samsung S8 with Defender case fits just right
This mount fits very well on the dashboard and is secure.
No more will I see my mobile take a tumble of the dashboard as the mount is firmly gripped.
Samsung Galaxy S8 with an Otterbox Defender case fits just right.

Only drawback - Does not wirelessly charge - still need to charge the phone via cable
Works perfectly. Very pleased.
Works perfectly. Very pleased.
Quality product that justifies the price.
Having been disappointed by cheap generic phone holders in the past I decided to spend more on this branded Samsung product, principally so I can use my J5 as a Satnav in the car. Everything about it is well designed and manufactured: the suction cup is effective, the phone clamp holds the phone securely, the ball joint is easy to tighten up, and the arm is long enough to bring the phone into easy reach. The whole thing is made of high quality plastic. Delivery was swift. Very pleased.
On the windscreen it is very good, I particularly like the maneuverability.
It does say universal vehicle dock - windscreen mount but the picture shows it mounted on the top of the dashboard. Does it?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Neil.

This product does mount on to dashboards and window screens.

Product features are very good. Suction is poor and falls off from the windscreen when it gets hot in sun light.
Great product. Quick delivery.
Great product. Quick delivery.
Love my new phone holder
I ordered this for my car and was amazed at how great it holds. It has a nice design so it doesn't block your view. And it also has a adhesive attachment if you wanted to use it for the dash.. I'm happy with my purchase and would buy from them again. Thank you..
What was hoping for
Have used it for more than a week or two now. Has 2 options of placement, whether on windshield or on dashboard. Dashboard placement is permanent whilst windshield placement is moveable. Ball joint allows more flexibility in positioning phone. Very easy to turn phone from potrait to landscape for kids to watch videos from the backseat. Has stuck to window really well, seems secure. Able to accommodate phone with its added protective casing no problem. Easy to slot phone in and release.
Great Product...
and quick delivery. Would defiantly use Mobile fun again.
At last a sturdy well built vehicle dock - phone holder not costing a fortune.
After having lesser quality devices which either fell apart or having too many knobs etc were not secure enough I was resigned to buying an expensive professional suction mounted unit designed for DSLR cameras etc. This Samsung unit would surely have to be good enough for my Samsung S7, imagine the criticism if it wasn't! It's a simple enough design and therein is it's strength, not multi jointed and flimsy but one strong 'arm' secured to the holder by a strong nut. It has a big enough suction base to attach directly to the windcreen or if you prefer a dash fixture a plastic disc with a strong adhesive base. Once fixed the suction cup fits onto the disc. Simple. Effective. The unit can be used with any phone (or satnav), just check the dimensions before you order. Recommended? Definately!
Brilliant quick and easy to fit and use
Simple fitting instructions leading to easy to use vehicle dock for my Samsung Note 4 phone fast next day service is great
So Simple but most Effective
I Have Being looking for an item just like this for a number of years now I have acchieved same it is a first class product and does the job it was designed for Well Done great inavation
Great product
Brilliant, love it!
Very good for the money
This is a brilliant windscreen mount or dashboard as you would expect from Samsung it holds my Samsung s6 perfect . I'm a 1st time buyer from couldn't recommend them high enough great prompt service and received really quick well done guys will definitely be back for more accessories ????
Very Practical and easy to operate
This Piece of equipment does what it says it will do the only improvement I can see would be if the carrier was adjustable
Excellent product
This is an excellent product, works very well and good value.
Robust and Flexible
Easy to fit to windscreen.
Like that it's easy to manoeuvre for best viewing position.
A solid item!
Great product which will prevent another accident like the one I had which prompted the purchase.
Excellent product
Fast service excellent product works as described and would recommend this to anyone looking for a phone holder.
Excellent product
I purchased this phone holder 4 years ago for my Galaxy S4, I have used it daily ever since and am still using it now for my Galaxy S7 edge.
The holder is well designed and holds my phone firmly in place.
Love it and would definitely recommend it.
It doesn't suck!
Overall, the design and build quality of the vehicle dock is of a high standard. The only problem is with the suction. Within one week the suction has failed twice so far. Still early days so giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Best phone holder
Most phone holders are rubbish. They bounce about, go floppy, fall off the window or cause all manner of mayhem by crushing the buttons on your phone. But this one seems to have been designed by people who've actually used it before unleashing it on the paying public. The grips are deep enough to hold my Galaxy S7 firmly in place even with its Otterbox folio case left on. Best phone holder I've had so far.
Great car mount, stays put and holds phone steady
My old car mount just wouldn't work in my car. Wanted something that would stick to the windscreen and also hold my new Samsung edge without falling out. Great product just what I wanted
All good. Genuine product. Efficient logistics. Thanks.
As above.
Excellent product very easy to install
Excellent product, very easy to install too.
This is the 2nd one I have purchased. Durable, elegant and easy to install and remove. Love it
Very good genuine product
Using the product for one week without any issues
Very good purchase
Good quality
A brilliant product. Good quality and robust would highly recommend. I use it for a galaxy S6
The sticky ad is not sticky enough
The sticky ad is not sticky enough it will not stick to the dash never mind hold the phone too
Fantasstic Product
After buying several similar cheap products, I decided to step up and buy a genuine one. So glad I did, the quality is instantly apparent. It's sturdy and stable. FAntastic.
Fantastic Quality & service
After buying quite a few cheap similar products I decided to step up & this product is fantastic. Sturdy, easy to use and arrived very quickly.
This item is perfect for our needs. Easy to fit. Excellent grip for your phone. Fits my Samsung S7 and my husbands iPhone 7 perfectly
So far this product has been excellent
So far this product has been excellent. Easy to secure and use.
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