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Official Samsung Portable 10,200mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack - Black Reviews

This official 10,200mAh Fast Charge power bank from Samsung in black is the perfect way to keep your smartphone or tablet charged while out and about. Extremely lightweight and completely universal, this really is the ideal travel companion.
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 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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5 stars
First class
Expensive but does what it says on the tin
Double the price of non-Samsung external battery packs but does work extremely well. No instructions - complete guesswork as to which connector goes where or the meaning of the indicator lights. Don't buy unless you are experienced with this kind of product.
Does what it says
Ive had lots of chargers but many oc rhem dont really work. This item is not the cheapest on the market but ylu get what you pay for. This one works really well as soea qhat it says - charhes really fast. Great buy.
Its very good
I've bought Portable Power Bank and it say exactly says on the tin. Its very good but it's a shame about the price other than that I would recommend this for any the Samsung Galaxy S7/ST Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. It can also be used for charging other mobile phones and tables.
A must buy for the phonefreak
Amazing product gives u that extra charge when u need it mose.. Decent weight and quite good looking for a powerbank. Since pokemongo ive been out there catching them all and with this powerbank by my side the whole time giving me power throughout the game
great little fast charger, life saver, helped a totally power hungry dead phone
small. compact. stylish. quick to charge from mains and even quicker to use asa fast charger on other devices. it charged my samsung note 4 from 0-100% two times. thats pretty impressive. only thing is the 'past through charging' appears to be nonsense as it doesnt work very well, it took longer for my phone to charge whilst connected to the charger which was connected to the mains than it was for me to sepereatly charge the charger from the mains and then charge my phone from the charger. must use full stops next time! good buy but i wish it didnt get so hot.
Very pleased with the product, so useful everyday
I was looking to find Official Samsung Fast Charge Battery pack and finally I found it in MobileFun. I ordered and the service was outstanding from the beginning to delivered in my house. I am sure I will be back soon. Very pleased with the product, so useful everyday. Thank you.

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