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Official Samsung Note 20 Ultra Clear View Cover Case - Mystic Black Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in Mystic Black is the perfect way to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 4G / 5G smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
Price: £44.99

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This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in Mystic Black is the perfect way to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 4G / 5G smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
 4.7 stars from 55 customers

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Escellent product - Quick delivery
Smart looking cover case that does the job well
Is it robust and well made? Yes to both. It's too early to determine how robust it is should it be dropped. It is however, a smart looking and rigidly made case that has a window that shows when notifications arrive.
Perfect Cover
Perfect case.
Great case
Hands down the best case for your phone. Not only does it protect the phone, but it looks classy too.
Best case ever
Great case. Makes the phone look brand new. Nice notifications on screen and i can answer calls without opening the case. Well worth it
Does the job
It does what you want it to do, it's easy to fit and use. It also looks nice and easy to keep clean.
Best Case For S20 Note
This case is about the best I have ever owned, and I've owned a lot. Great colour, shows time, message waiting and app indicators at the touch of a button. Wireless charges with case installed. What's not to like?
Exactly what I wanted
This product is exactly what I was looking for. It arrived in perfect condition. It arrived on time. I would recommend anyone to this company.
Thank-you ????
Very good case
This case is perfect fit to the Note 20, and functions perfect when case is closed helping reduce power usage. Draw back, and disappointment, is it does not turn into a stand like previous models (note 8 for example) so the only reason I gave it 4 stars.
Excellent translation
Original product, responsive customer service. Nice and easy transaction. Thank you!
Great phone case
Great case. It looks great on the phone. Put it on and within a minute the side display activated without my having to do anything.
Took a few weeks to arrive as it had to go through customs clearance but I received notice that it had been shipped almost immediately after ordering.
Really good
Nothing was needed to be explained any more about the product cheaper than other sites and cheap and quick delivery.
Overpriced case
Not worth the price... probably cost 50p to make.... Looks good but feel flimsy and adds very little protection
Phone case
Fast delivery and looks beautiful ????
Nice product very useful
It’s very simple and nice product
Absolutely the best Screen Cover I have ever got.
That it's Robust and it will protect the phone from any damage this does everything and its designed to fit the phone perfectly.
Best Case on the Market
Its a very clean looking case but its kinda hard to keep it that way. Hands should be clean when handling your phone or u will stain it. Clear part can get scratch if other objects in you pocket. Its been about 5 months and I got a new one now because threading is starting to loosen on the top edge. Camera is protected by small lip. I've gotten many compliments and people asking what kind of phone is this and Why hasn't Apple made this yet. Protects well also while being very thin.
Perfect quality product
Love this case. Was hard to find in Canada. Fast shipping.
Excellent customer service
Amazing product
After sales service is not good as I didn't receive a response to a single email of mine. But got the product. V close to original.
Finishes of a brilliant product
This cover does everything you want to protect your product and just shows of how exciting the product is, you can not wait to use the smart phone with all the bells and whistles.
Professional products , professional service.The product arrived so fast , we had the tracking detailed at any moment . Very happy with our choice to buy from MobileFun accessories for the Samsung Note 20 Galaxy Ultra.
Great product
Superb quality
Quality case
Quality Case that is a perfect fit and of very hight quality.
Not without issues
Initially fit was tight but have noticed that over the last few days, only been using for about 3-4 days that one of the corners feels loose, you press the top right hand corner and it "gives". Not upto the usual high Samsung standard, i have other cases that I've had for many years that are still tight. Not sure i would buy another one of these at this price. Feature wise its nice.
Took a long while to be in stock, but I am very pleased with it
Nothing i needed to know.
Great product and fast delivery to Canada
OEM product, competitive price and really fast delivery to Canada from the UK
Very good
I am very satisfied with the product and the service which I received
This is an excellent products .perfect product
Good case, good service.
Love the case, love the service.
Great case
this is a great case, fits perfectly. The clear window is great and allows swipes to answer calls etc.

Pricey but well worth the money
Perfect fit....
This case is the perfect match for the note20 ultra. You can even answer calls without opening the case...and see the time and your notifications as they come in. It also allows for automatic unlocking as soon as you open the cover. The best match for this phone....I'm so glad I purchased this one....Perfect!!
Great case but it has a scratch on it on Arrival
Glass part must be brittle as ts scratches so easily, outside of that its a great case that adds extra functionality.
Good case
I am very happy with the case with some small negatives: 1. light grey color marks quite easy 2. flip cover could open when falling. 3. with any ultra case, get a camera lense cover protector.

MobileFun are a very good company to deal with. Will buy here in the future.
Excellent Service
I used this case earlier for my note 10.. It was solid and did the job well.. That's the reason, I ordered again.. Perfect
Great case
This is a great case looks great on my phone excellent workmanship fits like a glove
Very good product
Good case but camera protection not there
Having owned the Clear View cases for Note 8 and Note 10+ , I definitely wanted this for my Note 20 Ultra 5G. However, it doesn't have a recessed area for the camera, rather it is flush. This leaves the camera open to get scratched. I will have to look into another case option or protective cover for the camera screen. Unfortunate as it was very expensive, as far as cases go.
Doesn't protect camera
in the past, I have ordered this case for my Note 8, then Note 10+, and now for my Note 20 Ultra 5G. The only difference is they spent so much time worrying about antimicrobial and less time on recessing the back camera cut out. It still functions like the other cases I purchased but when placing the phone down on surfaces I have to put it screen side down instead of camera side down. Currently, looking to get a better case to protect my camera aside from buying camera screen protectors....
Good product, as described, fast delivery.
Recommend both the product and mobilefun to anyone thinking of buying off the mobilefun site. A+ Transaction.
I have to say this case is more than a case with the technically vertical vision strip on the front is just visually perfect and useful.
If I had to find a small downside it would be the cover can sometimes be awkward when taking pictures or gaming. Don't let that put you off
great product
excellent workmanship of the product, perfectly protects edges and corners, its thickness is very low, it does not nullify the aesthetics on the contrary it embellishes it
nothing the description was enough
Best case ever
I love this case, as it has saved me once already from a drop. Love the fact I can answer and shut calls without opening it.
Official Samsung case.
Adds very little bulk to the phone when installed. Camera bump is now counter sunk with case, but appears flush. Great grip, clear view notifications are great. Very pleased. No drops at this point, so can't testify as to how robust and rugged but I am not expecting a lot of cushioning. Minimalist case should offer some protection. We'll see. So far, so good.
This not a mobile phone case. Its peace of mind.
Carrying around a £1000+ phone (at the time of writing this review) is like carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. One scratch, one crack on the phone would penetrate the soul.

I ain't buddhist. So I need my material wants. This case, right here, is a good compromise; peace of mind knowing cracks and scratches to the soul will be less likely now.
Great cover with smart clock display
Was originally looking at the LED case but thought the clock display was not impressive. However in contrast this case still has a similar cover but the clear strip with the clock display turned 90 degrees looks really smart and offering full protection for the phone. It also eliminates the problem caused by the camera lens protruding and allows it to sit flat with no wobbling when placed on its back.
Note 20 ultra case
This is a great case as advertised and I am loving it every bit.
Great design and works very well.
Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra
This case is perfect I love everything about it and it stays close at all times till you open it????????????
Very well made case, easy to grip and to use and fits like the proverbial glove, easy access to all plugs and to the stylus and even to the sim drawer when case is fitted, I can honestly say that there is absolutely nothing I don't like about this case, highly recommended
Good quality case
if the case had a closure
it was perfect couldn't get it from anywhere else great value
Nice case
If Samsung are likely to produce any other colours? They seem have abandoned blue for some reason!

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