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Official Samsung Micro USB to USB-C Adapter - White Reviews

This handy and extremely portable adapter from Samsung allows you to connect all of your Micro USB cables, docks and other accessories to your USB-C smartphone.
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This handy and extremely portable adapter from Samsung allows you to connect all of your Micro USB cables, docks and other accessories to your USB-C smartphone.
 4.9 stars from 82 customers

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Works fine. Does what it is supposed to do.
Simple to use and not bulky.
It will convert fine, but is absolutely tiny, so not so great for anything where I might want to switch to use the micro-USB - it will get lost too easily. Gonna use it just for things def need usb-C.
Does what it says on the tin.
Works exactly as it should.
Great Value
Works as described converts micro usb to usb c, I have one in the car, office and home. Saved me from buying new leads as I still use usb micro for other things, I would purchase again
I recommend very good and fast service to everyone
quality product
Handy if pricey gadget.
Well made and useful to ensure that you can charge your phone when you have forgotten to take the C cable with you. It's a good idea to keep it in its box as it is rather small and easily lost.
Product works great!
Description was perfect, shipping was quick and product works great.
Good product
Essential adapter
Genuine samsung adapter, priceless to me. New phone comes with one cable but over the tears I've collected many with micro usb so am able to charge my devices in any room or my car without taking the cable with me. This little gem allows me to carry on using some of the micro cables with NO lists of power etc. Am extremely impressed and am looking to purchase more.
Good quality
Expensive but worth it - quick delivery and good quality adapters
Great product
Love these adapters. Made use of my defunct micro chargers!
Perfect for my tablet no need for any more cables would recommend
Works a treat but took a long time to arrive.
A simple device that saves having different cables especially when you have a number of devices that still use the older connector. It did take nearly two weeks to arrive from notification of shipping.
Good original product.
Don't buy knock-off gear. Get the manufacturer's original.
On Time, On Price.
I had a Samson Galaxy 7 edge phone and purchased the next model which had a different connection!
Perfect solution when you need to convert existing cables
We had recently purchased cables for work, home, caravan and cars then upgraded our phones which used a different cable. rather than purchase all new cables we purchased a number of these gadgets which convert the cables. They work perfectly. As we still have other electronic devices that still use the ld cables this is a perfect solution so that we do not have to keep changing over cables.
does exactly what it says!
good quality adaptors works as advertised!
Very happy
If other colour available
Just what I wanted
I ordered original Samsung adapters...and I got them!
As Expected
Does what it says on the tin. Usb adapter for the Samsung S8
So much better than buying extra leads. They're small, fit easily and work.
Can now use my micro USB chargers and Power bank for my Samsung Tab 2 with my Samsung Note 8, perfect! Fast service. Thanks
Very satisfied
Before buying this product, I would like to be sure it was compatible with my Samsung Galaxy A5. The adapters are very neat. They fit well into my A5. They convert my original Galaxy S4 charger/data leads to my new A5 which means I can carry on using those leads instead of buying more leads. I use these on car charging, bedside usb charging and pc connection. It's handy to have a lead for every need.
I recommend these adapters. They work well.
Perfect Adapters
These are great little adapters, allowing me to use the chargers I already have for the newer usb sockets, very handy.
Works fine
Nothing, works fine
Just what was ordered
Just the job to stop having to remember to carry specific cables or the adapter suppose with the phone. One in the office one in the car and an extra spare in the holiday suitcase.
See below
I was very happy with the product, it's prompt delivery.
Non delivery in a month
I ordered this on 2/12/2017 and am still waiting on delivery on 30th. Not happy with that.
nailed it
perfect for the job
Great price!
It is exactly what you described and what I was expecting. Delivered quick.
Fantastic little adapter!!
Instead of throwing away your old expensive adapters because your new phone is a C type USB end..... Buy these little gadgets which transform the end of mini micro charging heads to the C type!! You'll never be stuck again being unable to charge simply
because the ends don't match.... Adapt it with this. I keep one in my bag just in case I need to charge up away from home borrowing a friends charger!
Did not use yet
They seem to be exactly what I wanted.
Work as described
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Work as described (they are a Samsung product after all). Only issue was the length of time it took to deliver from the UK to Canada. That said, it did arrive within the 10-15 calendar days.
Brilliant product saved a fortune having to replace various chargers etc due to the new C charger. These fit on the end of the USB and enable me to use all my existing chargers and technology products
best adaptors for phone
extremely good products to use with my existing cables from previous phones
Good purchase
Not much to say :) works and fits perfectly
Quick Delivery to Perth, Perfect for my needs
The adaptors work perfectly. I'm a bit sketchy about using them for transfers of data because of information I've read that may cause damage but I've tried it with no errors, in regards to charging (which is what i use them for) they're absolutely perfect.

Small, Simple and Perfect fit. Plus they're very secure and don't slip off.
Glad to find you!
With my new Samsung phone I needed a spare USB adaptor. The Samsung phone shop only has complete chargers - I didn't need yet another one. On your site you had exactly what I wanted, and delivered within a few days. Thanks!
Terrific product, works perfectly
Excellent item to have on hand. Saves carting round an extra cord.
Works perfectly and was delivered quickly.
Neat adapter
Very neat adapter. Allows me to charge 2 phones with the one charger. ( not at the same time).
No cable but have Micro USB cable? No problem
These are really useful. If you are out and dont have the correct cable but do have access to a micro USB cable these are the perfect solution.

Keep one in the wallet or purse and you wont get stuck if you are using satnav and run low on power. Be careful though - they are small and easy to lose, which is why I recommend keeping in the purse or wallet - or maybe even on the end of a spare cable where you charge your device up the most
Enables me to use existing cables. Well packaged.
Well made product locates and locks well even after regular use.
All 3 get used (home work car). Didn't have to get new cables just added these to existing.
Adapter for charger
Initially, I was very annoyed when I got my new phone, and the charger was different. But the USB C charger is an improvement on the old micro USB. More solid! With these adapters, I was able to keep all my old chargers. They fit snug and easily and are definitely worth their money!
So handy to have
Being someone who has phone cables everywhere - just in case - the ability to just upgrade to the USB C with the use of a simple adapter is brilliant
Great company
At last a company that delivers what you want , quickly and without fuss.Now that phones companys are changing the USB conection again ,Mobile Fun can supply just the bit you need
Good service
Recently purchased some micro USB adadptors.
Process was easy, and delivery reliable. Happy to use Mobile Zap again.
Great service. All good.
Always good. Use this company alot they are efficient and prompt with deliveries. Feedback from them also very good if you have any problems.
Very useful piece of kit
Means I can use all my old leads with these clever little adaptors
Great product, very handu
Bought it for spares after many times not having cable, come in handy and work great
Good Value
We upgraded our phones which came with the C usb's but when we went to buy a few to put onto our current micro usb cables we found that you cannot buy them in Australia and that you have to buy a complete cable which costs more than buying a C usb converter on its own. So I found MobileZap who shipped them in for us. Less expensive and allows you to adapt your old mini cables to C cables. Easy.
Exactly what I wanted
The adapters for the Samsung S8 enable me to charge my phone using the cord from the S7. At a cost of around $25 for EACH cord to replace what I had, the cost of the adapters is quite a saving. The phone shops and kiosks told me that the adapters were not available for purchase. Well done.
Very handy gadgets
The Micro USB adaptors are great little devices that allow my new Samsung Galaxy G7 phone to be charged with the old USB cables I use for older phones and Kindles. It is very small and provides a much better solution that having to carry multiple cables,
Thanx to my brand new Galaxy S8 Plus using USB-C, all of my collection of chargers were pretty much useless!

That is until I found this triple pack of adapters!

Ordering from Mobile Fun was considerably easier than convincing my Wife that I needed them!

Within 48 hours, they had arrived and I had proven my Good Lady wrong once again!

Awesome products!

Awesome prices!

Awesome company!
Saved me money
This saved me throwing away all my old leads and as I keep leads at work,home,in the car etc all I need to carry around is the adaptor. Also must then be helping save the planet from over loading with mobile phone leads
Very good
It's tiny but it works.
Nothing is wasted
A mobile phone upgrade meant a change of connection type of charging cables from Micro USB to the newer USB-C type saw the need to use the adapters so that the many existing chargers and cables in offices and vehicles were not consigned to IT waste.
A great solution in our world of connectivity.
Great Money Saver
Great to be able to adapt current micro usb chargers for the new S8 without having to buy all new cords.
Very small and easy to take with you anywhere. I keep it in my wallet and you wouldn't know it was there. Means I can recharge my LG G5 with any standard usb charger when I don't have access to the supplied usb-c charger.
Time from purchase to delivery was quite good better then other other online shopping sites;quality was excellent
Really handy adaptors
Really handy adaptors these , no need for new chargers . Fit very tight so no fear of loosing them . Highly recommended for anyone that's recently bought a galaxy s8 and only has the micro USB chargers.
Handy adapter
Great handy adapters.saved me from buying new usb leads
Exactly what I need
This is a great little adapter and has solved a connection issue.
Does what it says
Neat. Fitted fine. Does what is needed. I needed a Samsung approved adapter so perfect.
Samsung adapter for a5
Excellent service and product arrived on time and well packaged,

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