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Official Samsung Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable - Black Reviews

Sync and charge your Samsung Galaxy J3 2017, S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge+, S6 Edge, S6 or any Micro USB device with this official Samsung black premium Micro USB cable. A 1m length ensures this cable is just right for any situation and location.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63949
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 4.8 stars from 4 customers

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Quality Cable
Nice quality cable.
Great item.
Great item, posted quickly. Saved my sanity from being without phone for a week. Genuine is really the best. Lesson learned.
Official Samsung Micro USB charge and Sync cable - Black
I was on the hunt for a fast charge cable that would be compatible with my Samsung S7 Edge, I had bought a wireless fast charge stand (as standard this does not come with the required USB cable or adaptor, by the way if you are looking for one of these you can also purchase the fast charging wireless stand on this site). The wireless stand itself is black (as my S7 Edge is black I wanted to keep it looking the part) and if you are very picky like my good self you would Ideally like a black USB cable and adaptor to go with the wireless stand. I purchased the Samsung S8 adaptor as this was the only official Samsung adaptor that came in black that would still be compatible with fast charging as well as the micro USB cable above. So with purchasing this cable and the S8 adaptor (which is also available on this site in black) you then have a fully compatible black wireless fast charge setup using all official Samsung products (I have found in the past that using unofficial charging products has a tendency to damage the battery of the phone and this can also lead to some other issues further down the line such as overheating etc). I was not able to find this cable in black from any other official trusted outlet, so if you wish to have a flawless setup then purchase the three products I have listed above. I was tired of replacing charge cable after charge cable as we all know that we tend to charge our phones when we go to bed and we also tend to keep using our phones when it is charging. This obviously takes its toll on the lead overtime and they eventually stop working, but this eliminates the problem as you can use the phone while it is charging on the stand (while looking awesome at the same time ). The exact same setup will also work for the S7, S6 and S6 edge :) And just to give you a heads up, you will find a lot of products on Amazon and eBay like the one above for a fraction of the price, it will claim on the listing that it is an official Samsung product. Do not fall for this as the product is not genuine, read the comments from the buyers on Amazon if you would like further proof of this. Always buy from an official outlet like mobilefun, 02, Carphone Warehouse etc as you know you are getting the real thing. Check the prices of these outlets and you will also find that mobilefun's prices either match or better the other official outlets I have listed. This is the first time that I have used wireless charging and I have been using it now for around 2 weeks and I can safely say I will never go back to using cable chargers ever again. The setup looks really good sitting on a desk or like in my case beside my computer setup! :)
Samsung fast charger cable
It's a good quality product thats fits my phone properly and does actually FAST charge unlike other inferior cables highly recommended

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