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Official Samsung Micro USB 3.0 Data Cable - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This USB Data cable in white offers transfer speeds of up to 4Gbits/s whilst still allowing high speed charging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40783

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 4.9 stars from 17 customers

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High quality product
Good buy. Product is excellent quality (more so than my original Samsung charger), and works very well. Minor draw back is the hefty price tag, but I guess you get what you pay for!
Really impressed with this genuine data cable
Really impressed with this genuine data cable from Mobile Fun. Not only was it sturdier than my old cable it was also longer, which meant I could actually plug it in and have it on my bedside cabinet unlike my old one which was shorter meaning my phone had to reside on the floor at the side of our bed. The price was great too, shopped around many other sites who just couldn't compete with the price. And to top it all delivery was quick. Good job Mobile Fun. Will definitely be back (as Arnie would say).
Excellent Cable
Getting an updated mobile, I also wanted an updated cable. Found this one via the usual Google search and was impressed with the low price. Nice bright white cable, very long at 1.5m.
Currently have it plugged into my work PC via the USB 3 port. Data transfer is much quicker than the standard lead that comes with the phone. Charging seems to take just as much time though.
Good price and good product would recommend. Will also use it with the mains charger as the lead is so much longer. Might even buy another one.
Great product, would recommend
great value
Great value for the money
Excellent product
I love this cable as it is much longer than the one that came with my phone. Perfect. I wanted to order one for a friend in the US, called MobileZap and they provided me with their US equivalent and it's all so easy, my friend gets one as well, he's very happy with that.
decent cable, very handy
Bought this to leave in the office because I kept leaving the other one at home which became annoying.

It's expensive for a cable which is why I gave it 4 stars, but then it is genuine Samsung.

It fills both slots at the bottom of the phone, where as the one which came with it only occupied one, not sure why, guess that what gives it a faster transfer rate.

Anyway great cable, genuine product if need one just buy it, no point getting a generic one in my opinion.
Excellent USB 3.0 Data Cable
I wanted a cable longer than that supplied with the phone, a trusted cable for my Samsung Galaxy S5, and faster charging with USB 3.0. This cable is ideal.
Genuine Products
For me, it has to be a genuine product from the actual brand EVERY TIME! We have all bought and used non genuine stuff off auction sites etc but in the end we come back to the actual brand and in this case it is the Samsung usb 3.0 data cable. I have recently upgraded to the new galaxy S5 and needed the actual data cable for the phone, why it doesn't come boxed with it is bizarre as the port is a dual connection so it would make sense. Great product though and extra long at 1.5 metre unlike the half metre one in the box. The price is excellent too. Totally recommend the product. Grab one today!!
It is good for what is made for
usb to usb 3.0
Best charger n data cable yet . Charges time is awesome . Must say when you join it to the photo . It feels better fitting than the micro . And the added length helps . 10 / 10 .
USB 3.0 cord for Samsung Note 3
Cord arrived quickly and is longer than the one purchased with the phone. Australia short of accessories fully compatible with the Note 3 at the present time, and generic accessories are often not satisfactory. You can always jam something else in and make it work, but it is not worth it for the slow performance and damage it may cause.
Go for the fastest charger in town
Ok so if you've got a Galaxy Note 3 or the soon to be released Galaxy S5 then you're gonna need the real McCoy Genuine Samsung Sync/Charging lead. This lead is exactly the same as the lead you get with the phone, same length, same colour and the same Samsung logo on it. It's a reassuringly snug fit into the phone port. Well worthy of 5 stars and the price I paid.
USA 3.0 data cable
The product is from Samsung rather than a cheapo manufacturer. It's a longer cable which is perfect than the original cable that came with the phone. I'm very happy with this cable.
Micro USB 3.0 Data Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - White
Superb - worth paying the extra to buy a proper Samsung data cable. The charging is super-speedy and the data transfer reliable. Now I can have one at home and one at the office.

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