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Official Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Battery (3-pin) Reviews

Replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. You'll never run out of power again.
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 4.9 stars from 149 customers

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genuine product easy ordering fast delivery
good value product works perfectly
Official Battery sent by Courier next day
Official Battery manufactured by Samsung sent by courier when paid for post office rate
Genuine Replacement
I was searching for a genuine Samsung replacement battery for my S3 mini, as mine (after many years) had lost power, and I came across Mobilefun. I read the reviews and decided to order my replacement battery. Ordering was very easy on line, delivery was fast, in fact the battery was delivered the next day, an excellent service. Best of all the battery works well and I have found no difference between the 3 or 4 pin versions.
Genuine item. Great.
After buying a replacement battery from another retailer which was poor quality I found this Samsung one and my phone his back to full charge and full power lasting 5/6 days before having to recharge.
Very pleased
It's a few weeks now since I purchased the battery. It's charging well and doing exactly what I'd hoped. Very pleased that it's an authentic Samsung battery. It was delivered with excellent packaging and speedy well tracked delivery. Well pleased.
Very pleased
Pleased to see that the product was a genuine Samsung replacement and hopefully time will tell that this is indeed so. Very impressed with the speedy delivery and excellent packaging of the product. Many thanks
It was a three pin battery not four as per original,didn't matter though as it works perfectly well . Original packaging and very quick delivery what more can I want. Would use again definitely.
Lasts like a battery should!
I needed a new battery as the original and a cheap one purchased elsewhere kept dying unexpectedly. This was extremely annoying at night when my alarm clock failed to go off as the phone was dead (having 53% charge when going to bed!). I therefore paid a little extra from Mobile fun and am glad I did! The battery arrived by courier the next day (even though I selected the cheaper Royal Mail option) and it lasts like a battery should! (up to 3 days. I would recommend this product from this website.
Raised from the dead
I'd all but given up on my Samsung, having bought 2 replacement batteries from well known online shops. I might as well have thrown my money away. At the point where I was looking to buy a new phone, I saw Mobilefun and based on the good reviews I took a chance on ordering another battery. Result? The Samsung is like a 90 year old on Viagra! Like new again and with WiFi turned off, it lasts over 3 days before a charge is needed. Highly satisfied and will use this shop again. Thank you.
rejuvinated my phone
i had got to the point of having to charge my phone three times a day. this battery now means charging only every other day a Luxury i never had with the old battery even when new
Really Good
Seems to be the genuine article (unlike many fakes out there at a cheaper price). Gave my wifes mobile a whole new lease of life. No longer does it just crash randomly saying the battery needs charging (when it does not) and the charge now lasts two or three days as opposed to needing charging evry night. Pleased we made the decison to try a new battery before buying a new mobile.
Answred our prayers
I purchased this battery for my mum whose phone was constantly loosing charge. Since having this replacement genuine Samsung battery, she has been as happy as Larry as her phone now always has charge. Im chuffed to bits as I know it is a genuine part and not a knock off from Who knows where, so I know she is safe. Interestingly enough I did order the wrong battery as I ordered a 3 pin battery instead of a 4 pin, but it still works perfectly as mum doesn't need the extra funtion of NFC.
It looks like an original
only been using the battery for a week , it looks like an original , & seems fine
but it's still early days
A good buy
Had reservations about buying a replacement battery as you read so many poor reviews about poor quality batteries. However am pleased to say that this was a good purchase, battery work s absolutely fine and was delivered very promptly.
Not happy.
I really had hoped that this would be a genuine Samsung battery but it is behaving like those really cheap copies which flood the web. I can't get it to hold a charge for longer than a few hours... Very disappointed after paying for what I hoped would extend the life of my phone.
Great charge
Came in proper Samsung packaging unlike the previous battery I had bought from a different website which only lasted 4 weeks before dying on me again. Really happy with the battery. My original battery had 4 pins but this battery has only 3 pins. I phoned to check if this would work with my phone and was told it would work fine.
Good value,fast delivery
Battery arrived fast.It holds charge very well and I think its great value for money.
Excellent battery
This battery is the exact match for the original battery that came with my Samsung mobile years ago. It charges up quickly and more importantly the charge really lasts ( not like my old battery) Quick delivery, it came next day. Excellent price and Excellent battery. Well done Mobile.fun. !!! My daughter will also be ordering a new battery for her phone soon.
Finally a genuine battery!!!!!
Worth every penny, this is genuine and I'm very happy with my product :)
Great Product
At last a genuine Samsung replacement battery.
Samsung battery
I received my order very quickly. It came in a case.It seems to be very good quality. I would definitely recomend this product to friends and family.
I received my order very quickly. It came in a case.It seems to be very good quality. I would definitely recomend this product to friends and family.
New battery has revived aging phone
New Samsung phone battery is doing what I expected it to do.
Impressive service from Mobile Fun. Firstly, inpromptly responding to on-line query to help identify the correct battery. Secondly, ordered on Sunday evening, delivered Tueday morning. Thanks very much. I'll remember to use you again if I need to.
I am very pleased with this item.It is 100 percent genuine
I am very pleased with the battery .Received it the next day.Came in a case. Will recommend this company to friends and family
S3 MIni Battery
Excellent Fast Delivery, and the best price for a genuine part fast delivery
Excellent service and excellent quality
Excellent service and excellent quality will definitely recommend to friends and use Mobilefun again
Great service and quality
Received battery on time. Fits and works great!!
The battery is genuine and works better than the one that came with the phone
I bought a battery for my samsung galaxy 3 mini.
Super fast delivery. Excellent communication. The battery is genuine and works better than the one that came with the phone. I have added mobile fun into my favorites. Thank you.
Happy bunny!
Great service and at a competive price.
Standby time has increased from an hour to over two days
Having swapped the battery in my mobile the standby time has increased from an hour to over two days. What more can I say? The battery appears to be genuine and so far I have had no problems.
Perfect S3 mini battery replacement
This a genuine Samsung battery which has bought a new lease of life to my old S3 mini.

Very quick and efficient service from Mobile Fun too.
The Phone now works.
The Battery was easy to fit and the S3 Mini now works. I puzzled over which of two batteries was correct before it became clear that one had 3 terminals (mine) and one had 4. I previously bought a "cheap" battery. Never again.(I've rated it 4 star because I have only had it a month and it may yet pack in - the original did!)
The battery is perfect and my mobile is now back to normal
Was not sure if the battery in my Samsung was at fault but reading reviews thought it could be so after seeing so many excellent reviews for MobileFun ordered one. It arrived so quickly and cannot fault the prompt delivery. The battery is perfect and my mobile is now back to normal. Thank you
Exactly what I wanted.
I was concerned about buying a mobile phone battery online as I though I might end up with a fake or a dud. I read the reviews on the MobileFun website and was happy to proceed with my purchase. I was very pleased with what I received. Delivery was quick and the packing was secure. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you MobileFun.
All Great
Bought a battery for my old Samsung Galaxy 3 mini, looked a popular auction website but didn't like to risk it so paid a bit more but got piece of mind that I was buying a genuine product. Great info on the site, found what i wanted and ordered nice and easy, customer service and contact been great. Received item quickly and well packaged. Would highly recommend and definitely use again.
Excellent battery
Excellent battery. My phone now holds its charge.
Hopefully very good
This seems to be exactly what I needed but it would have been helpful to know that the 3-pin battery I've been sent fits the 4-pin phone. I checked the picture online to make sure it had 4-pins but felt rather miffed when I received a 3-pin one. All's well now, but only after I got cross then checked other people's reviews.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jane

For this phone there is a battery without NFC (3-pins) and with NFC (4-pins). We have both on the website and you only need the NFC version if you use Near-Field Communication features.

Hope this helps. Please contact Customer Services if yo
Genuine Samsung battery!!
Just what I needed
I purchased this product for my Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus as the original battery was beginning to fail me and had swollen.
The new battery has been great, working just as you would expect, just like new.
I use my phone frequently and only have to charge it once at night and it will last me throughout the entire day which is prefect.
great value
I was looking for a battery for my phone I saw the name Mobile Fun after several other sites offered me batteries with a catch, Mobile Fun offered me what I asked for, so I went ahead and ordered it from them, I was even more impressed when it arrived early the following morning.Thank You.
Brilliant Battery!
This magical box of power arrived the day after casting the spell to request it. Placing it in my son's phone restored it to life and blew away the cobwebs of death that we're starting to gather. Releasing it's power slowly and efficiently the screen came to life like the first sun of spring after the dark of winter. Buy this - cast the spell and call it via the basket of selection.
Brilliant genuine replacement battery
Brilliant genuine replacement battery. Speedy delivery
Great genuine replacement
I was concerned, having bought a mobile battery in the past from another supplier which whilst cheap was obviously not new, who to buy from. Mobilefun turned out to be a genuine company supplying genuine original replacement parts. Very satisfied thank you. I will buy from you in the future.
superb original item amazing service
Item ordered Friday night choice of delivery options in no rush so opted for next working day arrived Monday will not hesitate to order again when the need arises five star service
Exact description
Not much to say except very easy buying process, good communication and quick, well-packaged delivery. The item is as described - a brand new genuine Samsung battery and works just fine. Would use this site again!
Couldn't find anywhere else that reliably sells batteries for the Samsung mini. This has breathed new life into my phone, fast service - thank you!
Replacement battery for samsung phone
Hassle free ordering - very happy with my purchase. I bought a new battery for my samsung mobile phone and it is working like a dream and I am getting nearly two days between charges now whereas before I was charging the phone maybe up to 3 times a day. Delighted!
Dead phone resurrected for just £20!
My Samsung s3 mini had given up on life and would not turn on even when connected to a charger. After reading online that the most likely cause was a dead battery I searched for a store to buy a replacement. I found plenty of places to buy cheap batteries but found a lot of negative reviews about fakes or low quality products (with short lifetimes). I was happy when i found the MobileFun website, which sells genuine Samsung batteries, had great reviews and a clearly active support/sales team who answered peoples questions and concerns. Got my new battery quickly and at a good price. Now my old phone has a new lease of life. Thanks MobileFun!
Definitely original
I needed a new genuine Samsung battery for my phone, I viewed other websites & weren't impressed. This one the reviews & price were great.Once ordered it arrived within a few days on standard delivery & it was as stated original & charged. Ive had it 8 days now & still going strong. Definitely recommend. Thanks for a great service.
Un sure
I ordered a new battery but the one I received was not the same as the one on the phone its self as the origanal has four terminals and the new one has three so I complained and was told that the fourth terminal was really used as a result of this I got a full refund but can't help beleiving in that the fourth terminal must be there for a reason other wise why put it there hence the battery they sent has be put in a box and forgotten about but all in all had good communications with mobile fun but fought if I'd use them again ..
Genuine samsung battery. Great buy.
Exactly as stated.
Quick delivery and exactly as described
great value
This battery has given my well used and much loved phone a new lease of life.
It was was only lasting for 6hours before being completely discharged, but now it is back to almost 48hours.
I had tried a cheaper replacement (from a different seller), but returned it for a full refund because it was not a genuine Samsung battery and was no better than the one I was replacing.
I did contact MobileFun to ask about the number of terminals (my original had 4, the new one has 3), and they replied promptly with a reassurance that it would work just as well, because the 4th terminal was under used.
Great service all round.
genuine Samsung battery
Choosing replacement batteries can be a minefield. Cheap substitutes are common ... and useless. Advertised as 'genuine Samsung' this battery is the real deal and will reawaken the dead ... mobile phone that is. Thank you, mobilefun
A GENUINE Samsung battery, delivered next day. You can count on Mobile fund for Genuine products
Excellent Product, Excellent Service.
Very effecient
Exactly as promised. Quick delivery. Hopefully product will last well.
Worked perfectly
My phone kept beeping and going off and I was not due for an upgrade. I read several reviews about the battery which convinced me to buy it. The battery arrived quickly and has worked perfectly/. I recommend mobile fun.
Got phone working again!
Thought my phone was a goner but after a quick Google search decided to try a new battery from mobile fun. Two days later and phone has a new genuine battery and working again!
you get what you pay for, but at a fair price
OK so it's only a battery, but its a good one, after reading mixed reviews on other websites it's hard to judge who is right, the reviewer that gave a one star rating, or the one who gave it a 5 star rating, it's the same product, so why does one reviewer think its amazing and it's changed their life, yet the other reviewer thinks it's as much use as a hernia? this was my wife's phone and after several years of faithful service the battery packed in, she was offered a good deal with a new Network so she upgraded her phone to a S4 mini which she now loves. So we decided to give her old phone to our 12 year old son after we had replaced the battery. The thing that swung it for me was seeing two photographs online of an exploded cheap copy battery, it looked like a right mess, and thinking what could happen to my son when his phone is on his bedside cabinet charging overnight, so I stumped up the extra few quid and now we all sleep soundly at night. It's a great battery and keeps its charge for around 2 days with middle to light use, hence the 5 stars, sometimes it's just a name badge your buying, on this occasion, it was the peace of mind.
Battery for Samsung S3Mini
Having seen many suppliers offering compatible batteries or batteries claiming to be genuine Samsung but turned out to be poor copies, I read the reviews on MobileFun carefully. I need not have worried, their assurances were true. My genuine Samsung battery arrived within a couple of days, contained in a hard plastic storage case and in a genuine Samsung box. Excellent product and excellent service from Mobile Fun.
all ok
The battery is a genuine samsung and is ok but am not too sure I needed a new battery. The new one is still draining fairly quickly and after reading some of the reviews before I purchased the battery It seems I could have a problem with the phone. Service was very good though I received order within three days of purchasing, even though it was a bank holiday and it was packed very well.
Really recommend
Quick delivery and battery lasts for around 48 hours. A lot better than my old one! Definitely recommend
s3 mini battery
Excellent product and good battery.
NOTE- only has 3 prongs. So if you want to NFC you need the other battery
With 4 prongs which mobile fun stock and the more expensive battery.
The 3 prong battery does not NFC communicate with my Samsung camera and my mobile phone
The battery does work for texting, ringing and connecting to internet though.
So just check you order the right battery.
Would definitely order from mobile fun again, excellent service and received next day delivery.
Samsung battery
Excellent item & would highly recommend
Good replacement
The old battery was beginning to lose charge a lot quicker than usual; the new battery fixed the issue!
Truly genuine
Having previously bought a "genuine" Samsung replacement battery, which lasted only a couple of hours, I was delighted when I got this one. A full charge now lasts more than a day like it used to when the phone was new.
Very happy that this is a genuine and quality Samsung replacement.
So far so good
My phone was playing up a lot, I suspected it was due to the battery as it kept cutting out when it got to 50%. I ordered this battery and have had it for about a week or so now and my phone life is much improved, so I am happy.
Replacement battery
Arrived in good time and fitted phone perfectly. Phone now holds charge for a couple of days which is very good.
samsung original replacement battery
Had cheaper replacement battery before only lasted 3 months. Got on the website to find and found
Mobilefun which stated original battery replacement but notice it was £19.99 although the cost I found it works perfect and keeps its charge.
No more problems and totally Recommend.
excellent fast service
Super fast and reliable service excellent value would highly recommend
They teel the truth
Had problems with phone discovered needed new battery. After seeing customers reviews recognised many batteries sold were seconds. Your company sold brand new batteries and guess what ,,,,, THEY WERE RIGHT. After a quick delivery and replacing battery all is well. Phone is working well again. Thanks will be shopping with you again.
Excellent product
Had a problem with my phone's performance which suggested it might be related to the battery. Read reviews on this site and was quite impressed. I had seen another apparently similar product at a fraction of the price of this one. The reviews I read suggested that there might be non standard products and decided to go for this one even though more expensive. Only have had this new battery for a week or so but so far it's very good. My phone works perfectly well now.
samsung original replacement battery
Got this replacement battery works great, this is the second day now and it only used 10% of the battery all day. Worth the money.!!
samsung galaxy s3 mini battery
Excellent I bought 2 one each for hubby & daughter whose phones were driving them mad because the battery was no good. I read the reviews which were all good and can honestly say the batteries were well worth the money, both hubby & daughter extremely happy, many thanks.
Wrong Packaging
You fulfilled my order very promptly. Sadly, while the label on the plastic bag had the correct part number, the battery in the bag was for a different model entirely. If you have extensive stocks of mislabelled items you will be pretty busy. I am in hospital and need my phone to function fully ASAP. I have returned the item you sent but am still waiting for the correct battery to be delivered. Given that the error was entirely yours, perhaps an accelerated delivery at your expense would be in order.
Excellent Product
Prompt delivery, well packaged and arrived in genuine Samsung packaging (beware there are many sites offering cheap imitations. The battery also passed the "spin test" proving that it was new and unused. Works great in my phone and keeps a good charge. Excellent experience all round - well done Mobilefun.co.uk
Great Genuine battery
Mobile Fun ships real genuine Samsung batteries quickly and efficiently. The price is fine too. Having bought a cheap counterfeit battery, it is great to deal with a business that ships genuine batteries which work really well.I have recommended Mobile Fun to lots of others and will buy all my accessories through them in future.
3 pin, seems to work well, speedy delivery.
Fantasti Battery
Wow! My phone, only 16 months old and with low usage, even when on standby with no data/wifi connected was running out of power at the rate of 10% per hour. All advice to rectify the matter (I was told that it can't be my battery) eg delete, disable, limit usage etc of certain apps and functions made no difference what so ever. I then read on a Samsung forum about faulty batteries, my original battery did not pass the 'spin' test. Neither the Samsung website nor any of the providers had this battery in stock, after much research I found a website I could trust to supply the correct/official/real battery YOURS! Thank you so much, your battery passed the 'spin' test and I fully charged it. Your battery after 24 hours of low (for me average) usage and data/wifi off overnight I still had 72% charge! First thing this morning when I woke the level was 80% at this rate it will almost be 48 hours on a full charge which is better than the original battery when the phone was new. Thank you once again, I will certainly be recommending your company.
Very Helpful Service
I was having a battery problem with my Galaxy Mini, the battery symbol would show three-quarter full then it would switch off. Vodafone fobbed me off to go to the Samsung shop in Oxford Street, saying it was a battery problem. After two visits to the Samsung store, having been told it was various other problems, other than the battery, including resetting the phone to factory settings and downloading all my saved data back to the phone, it still didn’t cure the problem. So I went on-line and found your store, following advice ordered a new battery, it arrived the next day and problem solved, well done great service. Vodafone & Samsung shame on you both!!!
Samsung Galaxy batery
Batery is usable only may be one year, and in my normal using need fully recharging every day (any internet, minimal calling). Phone ownself have a lot of problems.
Fantastic Replacement Battery
Wow! My phone,only 16 mnoths old and with low usage, even when on standby with no data/wifi connected was running out of power at the rate of 10% per hour. All advice to rectify the matter (I was told that it can't be my battery) eg delete, disable, limit usage etc of certain apps and functions made no difference what so ever. I then read on a Samsung forum about faulty batteries, my original battery did not pass the'spin'test. Neither the Samsung website nor any of the providers had this battery in stock, after much research I found a website I could trust to supply the correct/official/real battery YOURS! Thank you so much, your battery passed the 'spin' test and I fully charged it. Your battery after 24 hours of low (for me average) usage and data/wifi off overnight I still had 72% charge! First thing this morning when I woke the level was 80% at this rate it will almost be 48 hours on a full charge which is better than the original battery when the phone was new. Thank you once again, I will certainly be recommending your company.
Genuine battery
After looking through many websites offering Samsung batteries,this was the only company offering GENUINE batteries.

My new battery has worked brilliantly and I am very pleased with it. Do not waste your time on cheaper batteries as they will be fake and not work.

This battery works perfectly. The delivery was prompt. Very satisfied.
Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Battery
Phone now stays charged for several days instead of the 12 hours with my old battery. Very pleased.
samsung galaxy s3 mini battery
these are genuine samsung batteries at a good price...bought what was suppose to be genuine off an auction site...absolute rubbish...MOBILEFUN are the real deal...5***** service..
The Real Deal
So glad I bought this battery! My S3 Mini was driving me crazy - battery drain, blips & frequent crashes followed by constant reboot cycle. Wasn't sure what was wrong - dodgy app, virus? Tried all kinds of recommended remedies but to no avail. Finally decided to try a new battery but wasn't sure where to get a genuine one until I stumbled across this website. Read the reviews, took a chance and now my phone is working just like it did when new. Would definitely buy from here again - good product, reasonable price & quick delivery.
Excellent genuine product
After looking on the high street for a replacement Samsung mobile battery and only seeing fakes that Watchdog would warn you about, we turned to the internet. After reading the reviews on this website, we were confident in ordering. Our battery arrived today, absolutely no concerns, this battery is genuine and I would not hesitate to order from Mobile Fun in the future.
Battery replacement
It made the phone as good as new, I should have replaced the battery ages ago.
s3 mini battery
Havent received as yet
very pleased with service, fast and on time.
Battery: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Ordered just before Christmas and arrived just in time for the big day. Absolutely great timing.
Genuine battery
Spent a bit extra to get a genuine battery, too many fakes on auction sites, bought for teenage daughter who relies on phone.
Great genuine battery
It is definitely worth getting this battery if you need to replace your Samsung one.

Here is probably one of the only online sites where you are sure to be buying a genuine samsung battery. My battery came half charged, which is to be expected. Holds charge all day unlike my original battery.

They are quick to send out to you too.
As advertised.
Spent time doing research and this battery is the real thing at a good price. The great service from mobile fun was an added bonus.
Good Service & Genuine Battery
I looked around for a battery and could find plenty of really cheap deals but this was the only one where I felt confident that I would get the genuine part. I've had it in my phone now for a week and it's like having a new phone again. I was having problems with the phone resetting itself and looping on/off but since the new battery this has stopped.
My order was processed quickly and arrived in the post in 3 days, so no complaints here.
working great
I was very apprehensive about buying a battery online, but I think it was the right decision as all seems to be working great plus the delivery was super fast. Thank you!
Hallelujah! A genuine Samsung battery!
After a couple of years the original battery in my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini gave up the ghost. I started looking online for a replacement and discovered that I could buy a 'genuine' Samsung battery from dozens and dozens of retailers, for as little as £3. However the customer reviews and feedback were very revealing, as was the small print: "photo for illustration purposes only", "original packaging not included". They were clearly all cheap Chinese copies.
So I was mightily relieved to find that MobileFun supplied the real, genuine article at a good price, delivered very quickly. Great service, thank you!
Genuine Samsung Battery
Very pleased with my purchase. The battery works perfectly. My husband's phone had started to turn itself off within minutes of being charged. I looked at some online forums and realised that this may not be a problem with the phone itself but the battery. Ordered the new battery which was delivered the next morning. Problem solved and the phone works like new. It's good to know that with Mobile Fun you get the genuine article, not a copy. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again. Thank you.
great battery
I had order a new battedy for my phone as my phone keep switch off after few mins, I'm gery happy with the websites as I know I be use moblie fun again in the future
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