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Official Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Capture everything and relive the moments you'll never want to forget from every angle through your Gear VR and Galaxy smartphone with the Samsung Gear 360 virtual reality camera. Producing true 360 images, via two 180 degree lenses.
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 4.6 stars from 72 customers

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It’s about the bigger picture......
The 360° concept alone is amazing and this camera matched with the Samsung VR helmet, it’s even better!

Mounted on an extendable selfie pole, this camera was quick to snap that shot before anyone could realise what was going on!

It doesn’t take long to work out the best capture settings, as it is pretty much point and shoot. Lighting can be an issue in the dark, or if one lens has a light shining on it, which can cause a halo effect after the automatic stitching between the two.

With the various camera functions this could be all you need with you. I took many other action cameras with me on a recent ski trip, but didn’t use any of them, opting for just the versatile Samsung Gear 360 only.

The battery lasts a good hour or more continuously recording, but with a 128GB memory card in it, you might want to power it up continuously when the weather permits. Being dust and splash proof, you will need to keep the battery/SD card access door closed to retain the IP53 certification, but overall, it’s a robust bit of kit that you should have in your pocket at all times!
Average camera, too expensive and plagued with software problems
I was sent this camera as part of the Insiders campaign. I was considering asking for it as a Christmas present anyway so it just happened to be good timing.

At first the camera looks and feels very nice. It as a nice weight to it and the buttons feel decent.

The camera has decent shooting options, a delay which is pretty essential for setting the camera up on a tripod and then getting out of the shot (more on that in a second).

Video shooting options are ok too.

When shooting photo/video in well lit areas, the images are decent, it's such a gimmick to be able to look around the image/video while it's playing on the computer, but a good gimmick!

When the light drops the images become very poor indeed, very grainy and oversaturation.

The camera demands that you use a mobile phone as a remote, sadly Samsung only officially support Samsung phones to use this... A bit of an oversight in my opinion, but there are 'cracked APKs' available online. That said, the stability using non-Samsung phones is poor. I tried it on the few phones available to me (Moto G4, G4+, OP2 and OP3) and all experienced crashing at best, the Moto G4 would not even load the software.

I think this is a massive let down, this camera could be a really fun unit- but as it stands it's similar to the Gear VR in that Samsung are trying to tie you into their brand and that is a massive downside as a consumer.

I wouldn't recommend this camera for the current RRP and with the current version of software. If Samsung decide to open support to all phones (Including Apple) then they'll have a good chance at making this a success, but at present there is absolutely no reason to buy this over another 360 camera.
Great outdoors camera
Great outdoors camera!Awesome 360°/180° vídeos and photos!
Brilliant when used with gear vr! This camera is in my opinion a "must have" for outdoor activities!
Stitching is not great,but can be fixed using the edition program supplied!
Disappointing but some potential
The Galaxy Gear 360 is definitely an amazingly engineered product. It was fun unboxing it and straight away; I was really impressed with how solid it feels - not plasticy or lightweight at all.

It’s also incredibly compact and easy to fit into my camera rucksack, along with my DSLR and a couple of lens. It’s a very sexy device and feels very 21st-century. I was really excited about using it.

I found the device controls very intuitive and easy-to-use. Though, it’s annoying that you can’t power it back on from standby by just pressing the capture button. Otherwise, the user interface seems faultless.

Similarly, it was easy to install the app and to connect it with my Samsung Galaxy S7. The software’s also very easy to use.

One of the first things I wanted to do was to capture the moments during our family Christmas. But, straight away, I was disappointed with the results I got. I also tried outside when it snowed heavily in the garden. But, again, I was disappointed. There’s just too much distortion and stretching.

And there’s something particularly wrong with the scaling when used with a Gear VR headset (something I was really looking forward to). The viewing angle was like being a fly on the table; human beings seem like giants and it doesn’t feel real at all. Such a disappointment…

The shoddy resolution of the Gear VR headset doesn’t help either (I've found it disappointing generally) and may be a big contributory factor. I’m yet to download the photographs to my computer to review their quality here. But, to be honest, I was only ever interested in using the Galaxy Gear 360 to capture family moments which I could relive with my Gear VR headset.

My conclusion is that whilst this is an incredibly well-made device, like the Gear VR headset, the Gear 360 doesn’t hit the target with its end results. There is MASSIVE potential here but it's yet to be realised; it would be so wonderful to stand in the middle of a special event or moment, captured by video and to imagine that you’re there again. I think this technology has still got a long way to go but at least we’re getting closer.

It’s been terrible weather here locally so I haven’t been able to use the Gear 360 outside much. I’m looking forward to trying it out in the summer with some of the beautiful countryside landscapes near me. So as my review title suggests, I’m reserving complete judgement for now, until I’ve had much more time to try out in other scenarios.
Excellent 360 Camera!!!
The gear 360 camera is neat, smart looking 360 camera, especially compared to some of the cheaper stuff on the market (like the 360 cameras in my local supermarket). The gear 360 app for smartphones is quick and easy to install, and pairing the camera to the smartphone is also quick and pain free. Changing to the 'live view' in the app shows the front and rear views from the camera, and picking up the basic operation is simple enough to pick up and go within minutes.
Capture a photo and then view it as different types of photo (eg: panoramic, front and rear view, and the one that gets all the "ooos and ahhhs" the 360 motion view).
Taking the gear 360 into the office, it drew the crowds in quickly and everyone wanted to try out the motion view while spinning in a chair. Having a gear VR on hand to demonstrate some captured video (sitting in a chair and being pushed between desks while holding the camera overhead) was a popular pastime too.
Lots of people who saw what it could do were very impressed and wanted to find out where to buy one for themselves. Is it an essential purchase? No, but is it something you'd want? Absolutely.
My main reason for getting the camera was to capture 360 video in the racecar on track and testing at the airstrip. I'm planning to post (anything that won't get me into trouble) on youtube once I figure out the bundled cyberlink windows software for video editing.
So, my thoughts: Still photos (using both a single lens, and both together for 360 'stitched' photos) are fantastic quality. Video is also really good. Sound quality from the onboard mic, not so good in-car. Better in quieter environments. I'm not sure if an external mic can be added or not, there's only one usb in port, and I've not experimented with that option yet.
The smartphone app is good, easy to use and I had not problems with connectivity. The windows video editing software looks complicated, and will probably take a bit longer to understand. The device itself looks really good, and feels solid enough to throw at a burglar if needed in an emergency. A 360 camera that doubles up as a self defence tool? Can't argue with that..
Interesting camera and fun to use.
You are able to use as 360 camera or 180 for a really wide shot. I’ve found that you can take the still and view them using google cardboard as well as the Samsung headset.
The cons: I’ve had intermittent issues connecting the phone to the camera, usually when I have poor mobile signal. The stitching is not great, and the quality is average. The general post processing is a bit cumbersome.
As a 1st gen consumer 360 camera, it is good but sure that it will be improved on.
Interesting piece of tech
I have had the camera for around a month now.

I received the camera as part of the insiders program.
First off, the camera is very well built, It feels sturdy when handling it and the seals around the port doors feel well made and robust.

the camera looks good and the led display is clear and precise.

the camera can be controlled from your samsung phone and you can record videos either directly to the cameras micro sd card, or to the phone. You can view your pictures and videos through the app and they are also viewable through the gear vr headset.

The image is fair quality. It shoots 4k, however as this is to cover the whole of its surroundings and not just a usual 4k image or video picture size, the image doesn’t appear with the usual 4k quality.

The camera modes are Video, Photo, Time Lapse and Looping. The camera allows you to change various options such as exposure, white balance, HDR and image size.

The camera comes with a small tripod to allow you to stand the camera level to take pictures or record videos. I have yet to try to use the camera with an extendable pole, however I think this will make better use of the camera and might even yield better videos/pictures.

The camera is charged by micro usb. It charges fairly quickly and holds its charge well. The battery is removable so you can have spare batteries.

I would recommend this camera despite the price.
Samsung Gear 360 Insiders Campain
It comes in smart stylish packaging. Set up was very easy and once I had download the app to my phone I was ready to go. The camera has a front and rear lens and can be used to take 360 or 180 pictures or video. There are various modes that the camera can be set up. You can take the picture directly from the 360 device by pressing a button on the top or from your phone using the gear 360 app. There is a time delay and you can hear the countdown before the picture is taken. The picture is then stitched together and you are able to have great fun exploring every possible angle of the 360 picture.
I have had great fun taking some impressive and some not so impressive pictures but now I have a good feel and knowledge to get the pictures I am looking for.
Its the Future
I have had the 360 for a little while now; I am but shouldn’t be amazed at the quality as all the Samsung products I own are made so well. This is no exception, it was easy to integrate with my S7 and I am loving the new ways to film. I would say it is so different than a normal camera you need to think in unusual way of taking your shots. Firstly it was strange not to just hold it in front of me and shot from the hip which you can in 180 and is great, but you need to think outside the box for 360 filming, there are some practical issues here, as you can’t just place it down in public and move away to clear the shot and leave it unattended. It’s a bit strange on a pole with your arm pointing to the sky in the middle of a crowd, but this is not a normal camera it’s the future.
Amazing Camera Quality
After using the Samsung Gear 360, I've found it has some amazing features such as the camera quality, ability to have a 360° view and also linking to the Gear VR.
The quality of the pictures the camera takes are amazing, never blury and always appropriately focused on what you want. The colour is realistic and does not appear distorted or pixealated.
Linking the Gear 360 to my Gear VR is an amazing feature allowing you to relive a moment and share it with other as greatly shown in the adverts.
I have given the overall score as 4 stars because I believe the camera itslef is amazing yet lacks real life use and convenience, I would be 10 times more likely to use my camera on my phone that use the 360 camera for the simple fact of it being easier to carry and just a general convenience.
Fantastic Product to make life easy
A personal companion. Leave it in an area where it will capture your fun. Later watch it and store it for future views.
Really brings a new dimension.
It’s a very nice Camera.
setup was easy with my S7 edge, Quick app download and I was up and running in minutes. I took a few test videos straight away, it’s very easy to use. Even without the app it’s very simple using the buttons on the camera. The cam beeps to let you know you have pressed record. It has bright LED's on both sides to let you know what lens you are recording on.
The Camera has 4 operation modes Video, Photo, Time lapse and video looping. You can also switch between using front, rear or both lenses.
The still images produced look great. The video quality is good, not as good as stills but watching back on a smartphone with a headset really brings them to life. Its great for catching things you never noticed the first time. Made some great snowboard videos and it performed well despite the cold -4 on the mountain. Camera also took some hard knocks while in my bag so really is shockproof. The tripod it came with is good and works well as hand hold but you need to purchase some other accessories to really get the most from it.
Great 360 Camera, essential for Gear VR Fans
The Gear 360 is compatible with the latest smartphones from Samsung and, recently, the iPhone. I tested it with an S7 Edge, which I thought had all the camera I need, but this snookerball-sized device is a marvel. Granted, you won’t want it in your pocket all the time, but this unique looking 360 camera is a great way to capture memories. You’ll need a spacious micro-SD card, as you’ll soon be capturing 360 photos, timelapses and video which fill storage fast!

Memories can be enjoyed on the 360 app and you can pan around your images and videos using your finger, or hold your mobile up and look around with it. Popular social networks seem to support the picture and video formats, so sharing your work, with an occasional exception, is easy.

By far the best way to enjoy your content is to put the phone into a Gear VR headset, where you’re taken right back to the moment that you captured. Photos and timelapses are nice and sharp. Video isn’t quite in the same league, but it’s so immersive, I’m very inclined to forgive the reduction in resolution over a traditional HD video. Brilliant.
Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera Works Well With Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
I'm not a very good photographer so adding in the complexity of 360 issues makes it more complex.

My first few photos were horrid. Not a criticism of the camera, it's amazing, it's just me.

The camera is well packaged, really easy to use and it feels very sturdy.

The little tripod is too small, in my opinion, you end up with the camera too low down, so invest in an tripod extensions. The Gear 360 unscrews easy enough.

I'm still practising, but generally pleased with the quality of the pictures and videos I am taking now.

Definitely worth buying one.
Excellence from every angle
The Gear 360 is a fantastic camera, from the moment of unboxing it delights, it is a pleasure to use and the pictures and video which it creates are fantastic. If you are looking for a simple to use, high quality camera for capturing 360 videos and images this is, simply, it.
Neat little camera which excels when used with the gear VR
The Samsung Gear 360 is a great camera especially when the photos and videos are viewed through the Gear VR. It allows those viewing to feel as if they are actually there. If you were actually there - it brings back so many memories. The camera is small and really easy to use. The photos and videos are great quality. Overall I would recommend especially if you have a Gear VR.

Pros - Size, quality of photos and videos, simple controls.
Cons - Lenses feel like they may be vulnerable to scratches.
Great way to explore 360º photography and filming
Easy to set up and operate. Produces great looking 360º content. It's a lot of fun exploring this new medium and, since it's still a bit of a novelty, it turns a lot of heads when you share you photos & videos online!

While it's a lovely product, it is a little on the pricey side. Fine for the early adopters, but perhaps it (or its successors) will need to come down in price a bit before 360 cameras go mainstream.

My only gripe is that no microSD card is included in the box and the camera does not have internal storage. You therefore need to make sure you have a microSD before you can use it.
Great for all round and unusual pictures!
I would fully recommend the Samsung Gear 360 camera, especially if you like taking unusual shots and videos. It is easy to set up and link to your phone for complete control. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and setting up was a 'piece of cake'. The camera is great for taking fun and unusual pictures and videos and is particularly useful if you want to give a surround view of the inside of a special building. Do give it a try - you won't be disappointed.
A million in one features, more than just two cameras strapped together.
The Gear 360 is one of many 360 solutions on the market, so what makes this the choice for you?
Well, this is a very feature rich camera for the price, it has a very good resolution able to produce still photos with a maximum resolution of 7776x3888 pixels and when recording a maximum resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels.

In the box:
You get a licence to action director 360 for video editing.
You get a cloth case to protect your device.
You get a USB cable.
You get a 1/4" micro tripod

The great feature I have found with the camera is the standard ¼” camera mount which means all standard camera accessories fit, in the video linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9D4BmP781I
The camera is mounted to a car bonnet with a suction cup adaptor.

Streaming to your phone, this camera being a Samsung device has some bias toward Samsung phones, as such Samsung limits the recording resolution to non S7 or newer phones however an unofficial app had been released which unlocks all features on any android device running android 5.0 or higher.
When you get the live streaming to work, it gives you live 360 video when recording or taking photos, strangely however you cannot watch a live view when taking a time lapse video which I found very confusing.
This aside, I found I rarely used the streaming functionality as I can operate the camera completely independently of the phone and with it being 360, I don’t really have to worry about where it is pointing.

Video leveling
The Camera has an inbuilt accelerometer which it can use to detect its orientation relative to gravity.
As such you should enable the auto level feature (only found when using the app) to make the camera always keep the video horizontal which is a video editors best friend!!

Camera menus
It has many operating modes and can be controlled from a smartphone or on the camera itself.
The shooting modes available from the camera interface are:
1: Time lapse.
2: Video loop recording (small 5 minute clips that loop).
3: Video recording (records until battery dies or storage runs out, splits clips into 4gb files).
4: Photos.
5: Settings -
5a: Switch lens (lets you select between using both cameras at the same time or the front / rear camera exclusively (a red recording indicator lights up next to the camera that is selected)
5b: Video size ( Options for Dual lens 360 video: 3840x1920 30fps, 2880x1440 30fps, 2560x1280 60fps, 2560x1280 30fps, 1920x960 30fps.)
( Options for 180 Single lens video: 2560x1440 30fps, 1920x1080 30fps, 1280x720 30fps, 1920x1080 60fps )
5c: Photo size ( Options for Dual lens 360 : 30megapixels or 14megapixels )
( Options for 180 Single lens : None, you cannot take 180 photos )
5d: Time Lapse Video size (1920x1080, 1280x720, 2560x1440 )
5e: Timer ( 2seconds, 5seconds, 10seconds, off please not if you have this enabled, when ever you start a recoding or click to take a photo, it will count down. )
5f: Auto power off after: ( 1m, 3m, 5m, 30m )
5d: Format storage
5h: About device (Model No, WiFi MAC address, Bluetooth address, Software version, serial No. )

Quick Tips (TLDR) :
Always align the blind spot of the camera to be parallel with the surface you are mounting it too.
Try to place the camera on a flat surface, if the surface is curved, try o elevate the camera a foot or so above it.
The above should remove stitching problems.
The camera will let you watch the live stream in video and photo mode however it will not in time-lapse mode.
From a smartphone, enable the auto level feature , this utilises the on board accelerometer which will make sure the video remains horizontal and the right way up no matter the orientation of the camera which I can assure you is extremely important when trying to edit video.

One thing I have found plagues all 360 cameras is stitching issues, this is because there is not an actual sensor going 360degrees around the device, now this is a very situational issue and effects all 360 solution differently, in the case of the gear 360 it won’t happen for anything a metre or further from the camera, but anything closer can get slightly clipped.
This is because each lens has a 195 Degree Field of view (FOV) so they overlap but because they aren’t perfectly back to back, there is still a blind spot for just under a meter away from all the sides of the device In-between the two lenses.
Take for example the stand which is supplied with the gear 360, the camera cannot see it because it is in the blind spot, in the video attached to this review I am using a large selfie stick which you can only just see the end of it.
It is a shame that they do not utilise the full sensor resolution when filming because 4k stretched to 360 Degrees creates a slightly blurred image on far away objects when the lighting is low.
Also not supporting 60fps at full resolution is a shame, but I can understand why, the camera had a tendency to overheat when charging and recording at the same time at which point it would shut off.
You cannot delete files on the camera when plugged in via USB, only view them.
The large lens area of the camera makes putting it anywhere difficult as you risk damaging it, I would like to see a waterproof case similar to GoPro.
The slight blur in low light is a very minor point and I would recommend this over a multi camera solution because of the many benefits this camera contains.

This camera is the cheapest 4k 360 device on the market, it is one of the only 360 cameras that features built in image levelling and it is one of the most compact 360 cameras with built in wifi and Bluetooth.
Adobe premier pro is your friend however the software included is action director, it is vital for stitching your photos and video together.
Once your files have been imported into action director, it stitches them and stores them in its own folder, to access those stitched files, right click on the imported clip and select open file location.
You then take those files and import them into Premier pro for more advanced editing, however you can use action director for more basic tasks.
A million in one features, more than just two cameras strapped together.
Great device, can't live without it
Small and great built product. Wasn't sure how much use I was going to get out of it and haven't put it down since!
Holds a micro SDXC card which is a must for all your content :D
Has a standard camera mount so can work with many accessories
The 360 Camera For Anyone:
Truly remarkable device. I opened this package thinking I'll need a strong learning curve before I ‎can operate this device; however, using it showed me the device is as simple as do re mi. The ‎camera comes in various modes like Time lapse, Still 360 images, looping modes, and more. You can ‎also opt in to use just one of the lenses if both is too much for you. Everything it records seems to ‎come in an output of MP4 (H.265) for video and JPEG format for still videos, so it's easily ‎transferable to your phone, computer, Facebook and other needs. The imaging quality is very high ‎res, with good low light performance. Video quality is parallel to this, with smooth recording and ‎outstanding performance in daylight. The cons of these are that the end file size is huge, leading to ‎me requiring several spare SD cards. I would highly recommend it for anyone, if you can deal with ‎its lack of high IP rating and average battery. Despite the small list of cons, the pros definitely ‎outweigh and it’s a fully featured device.‎
Purchased this for Christmas and New Year thought it would be lots of Fun and I was not disappointed it is compact in size but has some fantastic features and a lot of thought put into it for example the Tri-pod legs are the same screw on size as a full size tripod which means you don't have to use it on a lower surface. Setting up was easy like most Samsung products and it comes standard with 128Mg of storage so there is plenty of room for videos and pictures I downloaded the App for my S7 Edge and they paired straight away and off I went talking 360 videos our party friends thought it was great and kept asking to use it through out the night. I like the idea of been able to use one lens if I wish and the quality is high on both lens its fantastic would I recommend this to friends to purchase I already have.
Amazing quality and great memories
I love it! It's very easy to take a picture or record a video: you just press a button. My family feels it's with me when I send them videos and pictures taken with this camera. Also it's so nice to notice things that you weren't aware of when you took a picture.
Small But Action packed!
If your looking for the next generation action camera this is it. I was delighted to get this over the Christmas period and got straight out using it with the family on a walk in the countryside. With 2 30 mega pixel lenses, both offering great light capabilities this was a quick win. Easy to use straight out of the box. I linked it up with my Samsung S7 Edge and it was great. The kids could use it and i could take the video or pictures remotely using the bluetooth connection. Best hing is the fact that both cameras can be used simultaneously allowing for a full 360 video or image. If you've got the VR reality kit this is a welcome addition to help bring things to life. If not its not essential but once you try it you will love it.
Summary: Great bit of kit. Looks great too and in my view so much better than the Go Pro
Incredible world view from such a small device
The device is smaller than I imagine it but still is able to fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. It comes with a mini tripod in the box which is such a nifty little device that makes carrying or holding the camera a lot easier.
Although it comes with a mini tripod, it can be unscrewed and attached to any standard tripod or selfie stick. This makes getting the perfect video a hell of a lot easier.
Quick and easy to set up and great fun to use and watch back later.
Such an easy camera to fall in love with, the only issue is not wanting to put it down ^_^
Amazing VR fun
I've been using the Samsung Gear VR Camera for over a month now and what a camera. i have a brilliant video from the middle of the Christmas presents and my 2 kids diving in. Looks great on the phone but when you use a VR headset its unbelievable. Its like your sat in the middle of the action and you can turn and see everything going on, every smile. And each time you re-watch the video you see it a different way.
I couldnt recommend this enough, its a lot of money but the fun and memories you can make are second to none.

Definate 5* rating
Great ball of fun
Used this in Jamaica had loads of fun used it at the beach around the resort and at the Bob Marley museum, The views you get are stunning and used with my edge 7 it made it even easier to use.Reason i mentioned the museum is it's very small and you are moved on quickly when its busy so you cant get to see everything.But using the camera i got to see everything.Great item
Simple and easy
I have had this for a little while and it is great. It was so simple to setup and connect to my phone. I had it out of the box and working in about 10 mins and it was only this long as I had to download the relevant software on my phone. I got my children to have a go with it and they found it really simple to use. It is well made and it feels very well made. I look forward to taking loads more interesting pictures with this great device
Great little camera
The Samsung Gear 360 is a great little camera which I've found very easy to use and really effective. I loved the look of this as soon as I took it out of the box as it's well built and also pretty cute looking!
I've played around with taking a range of videos, photos and time lapse photography and have been impressed with both the ease of use and the results.
It was easy to install the Gear 360 Manager App on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and then to pair with the Gear 360 device to start shooting. I also played around with using the Gear 360 without the phone as you can use the menu system on the device to shoot photos and videos and later upload them to your laptop to check out what you captured.
I am really looking forward to taking this with me when I go snowboarding in March as this would be a great way to capture memories from that holiday in the most exciting way!
decent hardware and great day time pics but problematic software
I’m intrigued by this type of device. The 360 deg pictures are great but rely on the Samsung phone software to stitch the image from the 2 lenses each covering 180 deg. The photos are great during the day but suffer from graininess towards the night. I want to get more opportunities to use the video setting but so far found the video quality is great. I think the device is well built though a bit let down the by software as I noticed issues with the sound syncing with the videos and the tripod would be much easier to handle with some ridges or grooves along the feet. For a gadget fan, it’s a lovely new type of gizmo which I look forward to further trialing.
Samsung's Gear 360 is one of the best 360 camera
Samsung's Gear 360 is one of the best consumer 360 cameras for Galaxy owners you can get right now.

The camera itself is very easy to use. With only three buttons on the camera and its small screen you are able to change the settings and shooting modes, which there are four: Video, Photo, Time-lapse Video and Looping Video. Switch to the mode you want, press the record button on top and the camera does the rest, instantaneously catching the view from the front and rear cameras and merging them into one MP4 video or JPEG photo.
It comes with the Action Director software to edit your shots (could be better – needs improvement). All the stitching is complete as you transfer the video and photos from your microSD card onto your computer via the software. The longer your videos are, the LONGER it will take to stitch them together.
Limited handset compatibility (I wish it to be compatible with more devices) and ordinary VR video quality
It's an exciting addition to mine and my husband’s photographic collection and to be able to add a 360 image to my gallery helps set the scene for my other shots.
Awesome camera full of tricks great fun
The Samsung Gear 360 out of the box looks great, the build quality is excellent, it feels very well built and the small tri-pod feet are a nice touch, larger ones can be fitted I believe. It is really easy to set up and seamlessly connected to my galaxy S7. The fact you can use your phone as a view finder and controller or have the option to use the 360 independently is a great feature.
The photo quality of the stills you can take is excellent and so is the video quality, being able to pan round a video whilst playing it back is incredible. Using the director software you can also pull stills out of the videos which is a nice added feature.
The battery life is also good and transferring media via the sd card is simple and effective.
I am thoroughly enjoying the camera and it is great and easy to take pictures and video whilst your out and about. 10/10 :)
The current best 360 consumner camera
If you are looking for a great consumer price and level 360 camera, this is currently the one to buy.

The photo and video quality is very good, the device is easy to use, with great battery life and features, that said its not perfect, there are a few small changes that could be made for example, the shape isn't as pocketable as some of the other 360 cameras on the market.

The stand supplied is actually very good, as you really do need to stand this device on its own whilst taking photos, otherwise your arm will be in the shot, along with the top of your head.

One drawback is the requirement to use a recent Samsung galaxy device to control the camera, wider device compatibility would be a huge improvement.

Overall though, if you travel a lot, and want to get into some 360 photography, this is currently the camera to buy. When compared with my other 360 device, this one is leagues better quality.
The Samsung Gear 360 is a fantastic piece of kit
From the moment of unboxing from it's very robust packaging, you can feel that it's solid and has a very high build quality.

After charging up the camera, fitting the microSD card and installing the partner software that allowed it to connect to my S7 Edge it was ready to go.

The Gear 360, can be used by itself to take great quality pictures and video, but is when you use it connected through your phone that it really comes into it's own, with the phone's screen becoming the camera's viewfinder and remote control.

You're also able to access a large number of additional functions when using the Gear 360 in conjunction with your phone.

The technology makes it simple to take totally immersive pictures and video, and allows you to share experiences with friend and family.

The on-body controls are simple to understand and access, with the mini tripod come handle being a really well thought out feature.

In summary, it's a great addition to my travelling kit, and I plan to take it on all of my forthcoming adventures so they can be relived with ease.
Fantastic Gadget
I got hold of one of these thanks to The Insiders, and have been playing with it ever since. It is a solid unit, slightly heavier than expected, and very attractive. Comes with a battery, wrist strap, cleaning cloth, charging cable, and drawstring bag to keep the camera in. After dropping the battery into the side of the camera, powering up was a simple press of a button, the app then walked me through pairing the camera to the phone, and I was ready to go.
The photos mode is extremely easy to use, image quality is great, and sharing the photos is quick and easy.
For videos, the camera chops long videos into 8.5 minute chunks which then need to be stitched back together using the video editing software on a PC. You can compress videos in the app, and then share through the usual social media apps. On testing, one 8 minute video took 25 minutes for compression, and uploading to youtube took 51 minutes, not one to try without a wi-fi connection and a full battery. Watching back videos on Youtube is very impressive, as you can look around the video by moving your phone.
Fantastic Gear 360
The hardware is well built and very attractive, the software is simple to use and the photo/video outputs are fantastic.
Only con is there is no way to zoom or focus, but taking 360 videos for VR you wouldn't want to zoom as it would make you sick so maybe this is why.
This a a very well built camera that looks like its from 20 yrs in the future so its a real attention grabber as its so unique looking.

The set up is simple via Gear Companion app and within 2 mins you're good to go.

The 1st thing I tried was 360 photos which when shooting anything in 360 you need to think a bit more to make sure you're in it behind the camera with a stupid face, thankfully it has a timer so you can get out the way.

360 Videos were great fun to watch back in VR, but can also be viewed on phone or laptop and scrolling round but definitely best experienced through VR.

The 360 also has a great time lapse video capture which I tried out with a street view as the sun was setting and the effects were stunning.

In summary its a unique experience and makes you think about video and photography in a different way
Fantastic 360 Camera with Endless Possibilities
Having been a Samsung product user for several years, when I heard about the Gear 360, I must admit, I was curious. I’ve never considered 360 videos or pictures when using the camera on my smartphone. All you want is a picture of what’s in front of you, right? Well, “maybe” is the answer – it all depends on what kind of user you are.

As the name suggests, the Gear 360 allows you to take full 360 degree videos and pictures when used with the accompanied app (only available for Samsung phones). Taking photos and videos in 360 takes getting use to at first but you soon get used to it and start to embrace what the camera can offer. The accompanying Gear 360 app manager is only available for Samsung devices. I hope Samsung decides to make the app available for other smartphones as they are currently limiting the number of prospective users they could potentially have. I connected my Gear 360 to my Galaxy S7 Edge in addition to my Galaxy S6 and Tab S.

The camera has four modes that can be used. The important one being switching between video and photo as the camera automatically defaults to video when connected. The other options are time lapse, for those who have great views of the outdoors, and “video looping” which records up to 5, 30, or 60 minutes of video until it starts overwriting (a max option is also available which uses all the storage available in the micro SD card being used).

Looping mode would be ideal for capturing those special moments that you really don’t want to miss whilst at the same time, knowing that whatever happens, the footage is being captured without filling up your micro SD card with lots of worthless footage. When using looping mode, the camera will take 5 minutes (default value) of footage and then “loops back” when it starts to record the sixth minute.

The camera can be activated via the app or by simply pressing the button on top of the camera (which has a red dot in the middle). Although the camera comes with its own little tripod, which is quite sturdy, it can be mounted to traditional camera tripods and other mounts like gorilla etc. The footage is recorded at a maximum resolution of 4K (3840 x 1920) using the camera’s two 15 megapixel lenses (equivalent to 25.9 megapixel when both lenses are used). The lenses have an aperture of “bright f2.0” which does help in low light due to the higher contrast but it could be better. The video footage is saved as an MP4 with audio recorded in H.265(HEVC) format. Of course, you can downgrade the quality of the footage to have more room on the Micro SD card.

In addition to 360 video and pictures, it also does 180 degree panoramic pictures. There are options in the app, as expected, which allow you to change the view from the camera which is being beamed back to your phone. You can change the view to be either from both cameras (full 360) and either the front camera or back camera only (180). The red LED lights above each lens confirms which camera is active which helps with the overall usage of the camera. The camera also emits a sound to acknowledge that recording has started or that the picture has been taken. The app also allows you to choose the format in which you want to view the videos/photos after they have been taken. The modes are “dual view” being the full 360 degree picture/video mode which can be viewed using VR goggles, panoramic mode which is a static 180 or 360 picture/video that either uses both the front and back camera or just one, and then there’s 360 mode which allows you to view footage in a sphere, letting you pan across the full 360 picture/video. All footage is stored on the Micro SD card (sold separately) and can be accessed from your Samsung phone. Of course, you can remove the Micro SD card and use the specialised Windows Gear 360 Action Manager software to view, sort edit your footage. The camera accepts Micro SD cards up to 256mb.

The camera is IP53 certified which protects against dust and “splashes” or “sprays” of water. I wouldn’t take this out on a rainy day unless you have suitable protection. The app is the brains behind the camera. The app stiches all the photos and videos which can then be shared or published on places like YouTube who offer full 360 video uploads. The app also has “RAW” capture options which let you adjust the white balance, turn HDR on or off, change the ISO, and of course the size of the footage you want to capture.

The Windows software could do with improving and the time it takes to transfer content from the camera to your PC could be improved on a lot. Depending on the length and size of the footage, it could take hours for the footage to transfer using the Windows software. If you have lots of footage, it would probably be better to connect the Micro SD card directly to your PC and leave it to transfer overnight. Although the camera has wifi direct, which allows you to connect directly to your camera using wifi, the transfer of footage can take longer than connecting the micro SD card directly. Live streaming is something which I hope will come in a future update but we’ll have to wait and see how Samsung implements this, if they ever do.

All in all, this camera is up there with the best of them. It offers a lot of different configurations which would suit the novice or expert user alike. Being able to use the app on the phone as a view finder gives more flexibility on the footage being captured. It’s not too heavy (about the weight of a compact camera) and is durable enough to be taken wherever you go. The camera comes with its own little bag, a cleaning cloth, a micro USB cable along with the instructions and warranty information. It’s a great camera to have but for someone who would use it now and again, it’s a bit on the expensive side. Someone who knows they will get full use of the camera, however, would reap the benefits that this 360 camera offers.
Fantastic 360 camera
Fantastic 360 camera. Looks and feels like a smart and high quality product. Its quite small in size, smaller than a tennis ball but surprisingly heavy for its size. It can take an SD card in the device. The battery is removable too so I can carry a back up in case it runs out but the battery life lasts quite long in my experience.

The camera can shoot 360 or wide angled pictures. The 360 pictures stitch seamlessly using the 2 wide angled lenses, with no camera rotation. You can change between photo, film or time lapse using the camera itself but I haven't yet found a way to switch between dual lens, just front and just back using the camera so I've been switching lenses using the app on the Galaxy S7. This is a shame because I've pulled the camera out to take a quick shot a few times and when I've opened up the app to look at it, it has remembered the previous lens choice and not taken a 360 automatically.

The app makes it a lot easier to use the camera with live view and easier option changes such as how many lenses and what type of shot you require.

The app also makes it easy to take shots using a tripod. You can set the tripod up and use the live view through the app to take the shot meaning you don't need a stable surface as such to put the camera.

It came with a carry case and wrist strap but I rarely use the wrist strap as it shows in the 360 pictures.

The sound quality is fairly good for such a small device when playing back videos. I like that I can take 360 videos using the camera, view them on my S7 very easily and then play them back through the Gear VR headset. The app is easy to use and all 3 devices work perfectly together.
Great fun
Easy & comprehensive settings
Samsung's smartphone controls and live feed

Long stitching process for videos

The Gear 360 comes with a wrist strap, a micro-usb cable, a cleaning wipe and a pouch to store it all with the product.
The initialisation was really quick and straightforward. The buttons and menus make sense in my opinion. I've never had to go back through the manual or online to find out how to do something.

The manual will help you pairing your Gear 360 with a Samsung smartphone (not all devices are supported). It's really quick and give you a quick access to the recording modes.
Best of all is the live feed on your phone, so you can have a good idea of what your shot's going to be like.

The photos and videos are recorded via 2 cameras (front and back) which you can choose one, the other, or both. The raw recordings are showing as 2 circles (for each camera) and need to be processed for a full 360 experience.
The process is call stitching, which cuts out the black segments and joins the 2 pictures together on common points.
Whilst this process works seamlessly with pictures, it will take a long time for videos so I recommended to use the video software provided in the box (digital download and access code in box).

Overall it was a really fun and easy camera to use. I have had a great time showing it to my family and friends at dinners and parties. I have got some really cool footage with this camera.
Now I'm looking for occasions to use it, which to be fair may come less than I wish.
Fantastic Product to make life easy
Very useful product to film your party and enjoy. Just set it by linking to your phone app and enjoy. A Bit Bulky to carry in your handbag but worth enjoying using it.
Heavier than it looks!
My first impression was that it's heavier than it looks! It feels like a quality product in your hands and its performance does not disappoint.

The menu/options can be accessed on the device itself but it's much easier to change these when linked up to your phone.

The quality of the images and video it produces is outstanding due to the very high resolution of the 2 cameras. The downside to this is the file sizes are a bit on the large size and a big capacity memory card is required if recording a lot of videos in one go. That said, no memory card is supplied as standard.
It's a bit on the expensive side considering no memory card is supplied but make no mistake, this is a professional piece of kit and the results produced justifies the price tag. I was lucky to have a 128GB memory card supplied free with mine as part of the #insidersgear360 campaign. However, the price of memory cards are falling all the time so this isn't really an issue and should not put you off your purchase.

I already owned the Gear VR so this was an excellent companion which really brought the recorded video and images to life. The first outing for mine was down to London with the family. I was able to record some good memories which I'll be able to view in full 360 degree view for years to come. Much better than static pictures and standard video.

The battery life I have to say is outstanding and I wasn't expecting it to be that good but it is! If you are a heavy user, it also has the advantage of a replaceable rechargeable battery. This enables you to carry a separate fully charged battery and swap them out if need be.

+Image/Video quality
+Replaceable battery/battery life
+Mini tripod supplied
+Wrist strap that attaches to the mini tripod
+Protection pouch to keep the device in (including mini tripod) for when you are out and about
+Impressive PC editing software

-no memory card supplied
-no charger supplied (must use your existing charger)
Excellent 360 video camera for 2016/2017
Unboxing and initial impressions:

The Gear 360 comes in a very modern and stylish package – the top of the packaging is a clear container where you can see the Gear 360 in all its glory.

Inside the packaging you get a battery, documentation, a cleaning cloth, USB cable and a wrist strap. The device comes attached to a mini tripod already.

Initial impressions were that I was very impressed with the build quality, it is very solid and the white satin finish is excellent, but I guess for £350 you should expect that. Connecting it to the phone was very easy via Bluetooth to my S7 Edge, although I was surprised to find I couldn’t get the NFC to work. The camera defaults to 2k resoluion for some reason.

The camera UI was the same as the usual Samsung camera software, so very easy to use. All in all, very good.


The recording quality is excellent for a consumer level product, delivering 4K video in a 360 degree video. Photos from the unit are excellent, on level or a little bit letter than my Samsung S7 Edge. Video quality is excellent, video is fairly detailed, considering the hardware inside the unit.

The Gear software that you download from the Play Store makes it easy to upload transfer and share videos, however they do take a while as it uses direct W-Fi.

The unit records on SD card – The S7 Edge is merely used as a viewfinder and I can record over 100 minutes of footage on a 128GB card – extremely impressive.

Battery life is excellent, I was able to record for 3-4 hours depending on the resolution, the higher the resolution, the less time I can record before my battery runs out.

Overall I have no complaints, for a consumer level device, the quality of the videos it records is outstanding for 2016. For a creative videographer, you can have a world of fun with this, as 360 degree video gives a new dimension to traditional video.
I Love this little camera
I am a wedding photographer and I have a lot of ideas for the Samsung Gear 360, however it is perfect in any situation, I had it setup on Christmas day to video the opening of the presents and reactions of my family. I also took it to Les Arcs and used it to get some great images snowboarding.
I'd have loved to see a manual setting for the camera lenses as it was a little poor in the dark.
Amazing bit if kit
Having been blown away by Virtual Reality on the Gear VR when I purchased my S7 Edge, I couldn't wait to purchase the Gear 360 to create fully 360 images and videos to try out and relive.

The packaging of the 360 is premium and set up to the phone is great. You download an app from Google Play store (so it is compatible with other handsets). The product itself is well built and quite weighty to hold. Two cameras one each side are what makes the 360 image. Also in the box is a cloth bag, microfiber cloth cleaner and a mini tripod. Set up is easy and within seconds was ready to shoot. The included mini tripod is great to start with and it has the right adapter to attach to a bigger tripod if you wanted to! I have since purchased a taller tripod with adaptor so I can use at height.

The image quality is amazing for stills in both single lens mode and 360 mode. The detail is amazing. Video quality is brilliant for the first true 360 device and the only disappointment is the stiching down the middle of the camera which obviously cannot be avoided. Top Tip: If you look at the camera the line round the middle of the camera casing is a good indicator of where the stich will be, so try and frame your image using this as a guide!

Using this in the Gear VR headset is something else. It really feels like I'm back there again and can relive the moment!

This camera is honestly so good and to be one of the first people to own this new technology is something special
Great little camera
I received this item as a trial from #insidersgear360.
If you have all the other Samsung accessories for this then this is a great camera (VR headset & Some kind of selfie stick), but if you don't then you’re going to have to spend some more money to get the full use out of it.
Out of the box this is a great camera, and is very easy to setup link to your phone.
It's fairly large but still small enough to kit in your pocket and carry around.
The first couple of times I used this I was a bit nervous as I wanted to take shots without having my ugly mug in the frame, so the only way to do this was to leave it on a wall or table and walk away from it which left it vulnerable for somebody to swipe.
I then invested in a selfie stick so the camera is above me and all you can usually see my feet. which I don't mind :)
Would be good if Samsung provided more mounting options out the box like GoPro do so you can mount it to a helmet or other items for more sporty shots.
Good 360 degree camera
Got one of these just before Christmas. Found it a little tricky to set up (recorded most of our initial videos in the Gear VR headset mode rather than the "standard" 360 degree mode). Once worked it out though, it seems to be a very capable 360 degree camera. Impressed withe the quality of video and sound that it records. Since I've got a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, using it wasn't a problem; however, I understand that getting it to work with anything other than a Samsung is problematic.

Have used it quite a while now, and do continue to be impressed. Once you understand the interface (both on the camera and the phone) it's quite easy to use. Battery life is exceptional as well.
This is one amazing little camera, simple to use, fast setup charge last a couple of hours of recording and has a removable battery
This is one amazing little camera, simple to use, fast setup charge last a couple of hours of recording and has a removable battery. Now think about all the moments you won’t miss because you weren’t facing the right direction. You get it all even if you missed it, the camera doesn’t. It feels real solid, not like it will break easily like some cameras I’ve had in the past and comes with a micro tripod. The setup to shooting from storage is less than 30 seconds; you don’t even have to use the phone app.

I've always wanted to try the latest in video because I firmly believe motion pictures are better than still pictures in truly capturing a given moment in time. This camera takes that concept to a whole new level by allowing you to see --as Willy Wonka would say-- "sideways, and slantways, and longways, and backways, and squareways, and front ways, and any other ways that you can think of." You can not only capture 360 photos, but 360 video. Incredible!

Even without having to refer to the instructions, I was able to get the camera up and running in minutes. Sorry Apply fanboys, but Samsung now rules when it comes to user-friendly and ergonomic design. I was able to figure out the entire camera, all it's features, download and install the related apps, and record some test footage, all within an hour.

If there were one criticism I'd have of this camera, it's that you must have a Samsung phone to use it. My understanding is that the software needed to stitch the photos and video together is in the app, and not built-in to the camera. That's a pity because this camera shouldn't be limited to the small percentage of smartphone users who specifically use Samsung. But honestly, I would be willing to trade-up to a Samsung from another brand or buy a dedicated Samsung phone just to use this camera. That may not be the case for everyone, but I'm loving 360 video.

Even with pictures, Instagram feels like a joke. Why capture a square postage stamp when there is so much more to capture!? Okay, I'm gushing at this point. But seriously: This camera is absolutely wonderful, and I only wished I'd had it for so many life memories and experiences I'd love to have captured in 360 degrees.


As someone who used to do the manual way of taking 20 shots with my phone to make a photosphere, this instant way of taking a 360 photo was perfect. No weird 'half human' stitches from people walking between shots. The photos are stitched well as long as the nearest subject is at least about a foot away from either lens. Putting the brightest light source (like the sun) pointing at the area between the lenses helps to give really nice consistent stitching.


Video resolution is 4k, but keep in mind that's 4k when stitched together, NOT per lens. The quality is again really good, but if something is moving fast (a Eurofighter Typhoon flying past at near Mach speeds) you won't see smooth high res motion, but a little more jumpy motion. Night video isn't that great unfortunately, so you have to bump the ISO limit up for there to be enough light, and that will introduce noise into the video. Also, the videos are split into multiple smaller files and can take a really long time to transfer to the phone. However previewing the videos on the phone (without downloading them) is really fast.

Phone App:

The Samsung Gear 360 Manager is a mobile app that can be quickly downloaded from the Google Play or Samsung app stores that let's you connect the camera to your Samsung phone using Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth, and NFC. It’s very simple, but can be slow to respond when trying to connect to the 360. Keep in mind that the 360 does not stitch the images/videos in camera, your phone does all that. I love using the Live View feature of the app so I can attach the camera to a railing or on a standard tripod to setup a shot and then move away to view the action or I set up the shot for still pictures. You can also use the app to change shooting modes - in addition to regular photos and videos, there is time-lapse video (for slow events, like sunsets) and looping video (for creating seamless action that repeats). It’s also very easy to change the limited camera settings (ISO, exposure value, quality/size, white balance, etc) with the app. The app also allows you to share you videos and pictures quickly and easily to your favourite social media sites or on my Samsung Gear VR device.

Build Quality:

The Gear 360 is a ridiculously sweet-looking camera, with a bright white spherical design that looks almost like a tiny robot – think BB-8 from Star Wars – with an eye staring back at you. It’s light too, although completely the wrong shape for slinging into your pocket. The camera build quality is pretty solid overall, but being that it has two huge lenses on either side so you will not want to drop it. I wish there was some sort of screen protector I could put on the lenses to protect them. Buttons are kept to a minimum. There's a big record button on the top, with a further two buttons on the side for selecting which mode you want to use. There's a removable battery, plus a slot for a microSD card and water, dust, dirt, etc are no issue.


The 360 comes with the battery, a USB cable, a mini, and a nice draw-string carrying pouch. There is an optional accessories pack that includes a remote control, various types of mounts for the 360, and a longer tripod, so you can pop it down on a tablet and record without fear of it rolling around.


This Samsung Gear 360 is a game-changer. It’s a fun, creative, and easy to use device that allows me to take great pictures and videos to share 360 memories with my friends and family. It's a great start to what will hopefully only get better. As the whole VR craze continues to get more and more popular, I think 360 cameras will be seen more and more. Right now, everyone stares at my 360 like it’s some alien device and are very interested in what it is... but I think we'll see more people with them in the future. If you want to jump on 360 bandwagon and take photos and videos of vacations, trips, etc this is the perfect gadget for that and the best camera to start with... just make sure you have a Samsung phone.
Impressive build quality, very easy to use, great results easily shared
I am impressed with the overall build quality of the device and it looks futuristic in appearance. That being said the fish eye lenses do look slightly vulnerable should you drop your device and it has made me a little cautious when handling it and on deciding when to use it. I know many will say you have to take care of every product and that is true, but I just felt I needed to be extra careful here, so as not to damage this product in anyway. I can appreciate it is about getting a balance between great looking and suitable protection.

Using the Samsung Gear 360 has been incredibly easy. After taking the device out of the box it arrived in and putting the battery and memory card in, charging it was next, this won’t take hours like perhaps your phone might, you should always be sure to get a good charge in to it, before you head off for heavy use. You will love the little tripod. However you can replace it with whatever tripod you need to.

With a fully charged Samsung Gear 360 and in my case a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge phone at the ready with Samsung Gear 360 Manager installed as an application, you’re ready to connect, with NFC enabled on your phone it truly is moments before you are connected and ready for ongoing use by literally just tapping your phone on the Samsung Gear 360. I used a 128gb memory card, I haven’t had any concerns about capturing a moment and needing to cut it short because I haven’t got enough storage left, so that is fantastic.

Copying the contents from the Samsung Gear 360 to either your phone or computer is quite straightforward, but it will be at this point, those keen to really enhance the experience will want to use the editor available for your computer. You can really make things look great, but it might not be for everyone. In that case you can quite easily share the content from your phone to whatever service you need. Facebook, YouTube etc. I think for many this will be the option they take. For those that have a Samsung Gear VR, you can view the content within this as well. This makes it really very exciting. I am looking forward to being able to show family and friend’s moments from our summer holiday for example.

Overall I am really pleased with the Samsung Gear 360 and would certainly recommend it for those keen on capturing some really unique moments. It integrates really well with other products, particularly Samsung ones.
Samsung Gear 360 VR is just amazing !
Samsung Gear 360 VR is just amazing !
With wrap around video and photographic capabilities it makes the ideal camera that brings your world into focus.
The video camera can be used as a 180 degree aspect (forward and side on view only) or the full 360 degree which goes full circle around both lenses. Streaming live to your mobile phone a visual image shows you how good the final results will be.
The Gear 360 comes with it's own unique tripod which enables the camera to be positioned upon a convenient surface or even the floor for more imaginative angles. It can also be mounted on a conventional tripod with it's universal 1/4 inch screw thread in the base of the camera. I would recommend using the original tripod at all times as a handle or tripod and if not using a larger tripod, as the lenses on the camera make for tricky handling without the tripod.
Overall the Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera is a jewel that will shine in anyone's gadget collection.
Fun fun fun
I got opportunity to try this product at discounted price thanks to Insiders campaign. I have to say I was really excited before it got delivered and I had so many questions in my head-can you use it outdoors, what is the build quality, what are the functions and first of all what is the quality of pictures?
It took some time to arrive but I got most of my questions answered straight away. Camera look very good in the box-unpacking and installing was very easy and everything was included. Then I started to play with my toy and I have to say I'm not a professional photo taker so it was all amateurs fun for me.
It took me some time to go through all the options and to learn how to stitch images etc. I have to mention I was really amazed with the possibility of stitching them and the 360° view it's just outstanding. You can do a lot of magic tricks with this camera and you can play with the pictures later-slide around look from the top or from the floor platform.
You can use front view the rear view or both at the same time. What pictures of panoramic view 360 view and play with the video.
The quality of pictures is good enough for me however professional photographer could ask for more.
In my opinion Samsung Gear 360 looks good and it gives you plenty of fun. At the same time it is a lot to pay for the camera considering they are apps which gives you panoramic view and 360 degrees camera. Yes they are not as good they don't look at cool but don't xost as much.
But I really like this product and I will be using a lot watching my 11 month old son growing up!
Creating Media Like Never Before
The Samsung Gear 360 is a little sphere with two cameras on opposite sides. They capture images at 180 degrees each, and are able to produce immersive 360 degrees pictures and videos.

You can still take advantage of the microSD card slot on the camera to take pictures and videos which can later be transferred and edited on a computer but you’ll lose all the advanced settings that are available through the Gear 360 app. Changing mode, resolution and so on is doable through the physical buttons: power/menu button, back and record button. A small screen on the top gives you a hint about the battery status, how much time you can still record on video or number of pictures you can take.

By using the companion app you can change all the settings using the smartphone, and you can access advanced options like white balance, HDR, exposure, ISO, and some more.

The image and video quality are fairly good and deliver in shooting decent footage even in low light conditions, although the best results will be in open spaces with a lot of light. The timelapse function is one of my favourites and you can share your creations directly from the app on YouTube and social.

Just be careful regarding the settings - a 4K 60fps video will require not just more memory but also effort from the camera, which might overheat if used for prolonged video recording sessions. Keep it in mind if you want to record for 30 minutes or longer.

The small tripod can be removed from the base and lay flat on a surface, but the best thing is that you can use other standard accessories like bigger tripods or selfie sticks to extend the possibilities the Gear 360 can offer you at the time of creating 360 content.

If you own a recent Samsung smartphone and are interested about producing original 360 video content, this is definitely a good gadget to get and I would recommend it.
A futuristic, elegant and surprising Camera .
This is an impressive camera with two 4k lenses that takes good quality photos. It is neat, elegant and light. Recharging is straightforward but the charge is soon used up. You can photograph with one camera or two, use time-lapse and alter the file quality, settings, timer and camera resolution. There is no flash or zoom facility. It can be used independently but the LCD is not very clear. I operate it remotely via my smartphone using the very useful 360 Manager app for stitching and saving files but this is only available for recent Samsung smartphones. Note that it takes a long time to upload files.
The label on the mini-tripod foot should be removed otherwise it appears in all your photos. Don’t forget to remove yourself from photos if you don’t want to be in them. The min-tripod is inadequate so you really do need to use a selfie-stick or tripod for best results. Using the Action Director to edit videos is not easy and has a steep learning curve. Don’t misplace its input code otherwise you cannot use it. The camera has limitations but it is wonderful for recording of special occasions and memorable events.
I love my Samsung Gear 360
I have to say I love my Gear 360. It does in seconds something that in the past would take me an hour. The picture quality is very good although I’m looking forward to the next generation. Better resolution and better sensitivity in low light is a necessary.
The functions are quite incredible. Simple operation from the menu and straight forward operation from the mobile phone makes it very easy to use. The stitching algorithms are doing a good job and it doesn’t take that long using the phone. I love straight forward time lapse solution and battery last long enough to record long sessions and if that’s not enough, you can always plug USB power bank.
I like the design – it looks nice and interesting but I have to say that here we have the weakest point of this camera. The lenses. They protrude from the camera quite allot and are very easy to scratch or possibly break. In my opinion this is the only bad point of Samsung Gear 360.
An amazing little gadget from SAMSUNG
The Gear 360 from Samsung is an amazing little gadget as headlined above. For those of you who have been amazed by the pictures seen in google street view look no further! you can now capture the same footage with this little gadget which sometimes looks like a monstrous eye or if you are like me from the days of desktop PCs then you will be reminded of the web cam produced by Logitech except that this has dual lenses one at 180 degrees to each other thus spanning the entire 360-degree field of vision. (to be honest it is very difficult to hide from this camera once it’s started recording.
It comes in a nice clean package from Samsung and the first impression one gets after opening the package is the solidity of the build. Coloured pearly white it is like a smooth golf ball with precise cut-outs on one side for the battery and the microSD card slot. the cover has a rubber gasket making the gadget weatherproof. the other end has the two buttons along with the action switch with a tiny PMOLED screen on top. also provided is a neat little tripod which complements the flat bottom of the almost sphere like construction of the Gear360. I must say that the tripod is essential if you want to keep the Gear 360 from rolling away or getting its lenses dirty. The tripod also functions as a grip to hold the device although it may be a bit fiddly for large hands. The downside of the spherical shape and the button placement is that it is hard to hold the device and operate without getting the lenses smudged, but one learns with practice to handle it perfectly.
The gadget ideally must be used in conjunction with the smart phone to get the full effects which might be a bit tricky and cumbersome as both the hands are then involved. Of course, if one is not bothered to look at what he or she is capturing as the gadget captures everything around it then it’s a matter of just keeping it in the centre of action and pressing the action button. The basic controls can be cycled through with the two buttons on the body of the camera i.e. photo, video, time-lapse and loop video. If one is only interested in a panoramic view spanning 180 degrees, then one camera can be selectively switched off.
The pictures are 15 megapixels each which are great when viewed in a smartphone especially in SAMSUNG’s super AMOLED display. When blown up fully then the pics lose their sharpness and one can’t compare with a DSLR. However, one must realise that this little device takes a complete all round view which is a completely new experience be it in a gathering or at outdoors scenic beauty! It gives us a complete different perspective to what we have been normally used to. I must also add that dark light photography is not great with this device given that there is no option for a 360degree flash!! The battery life depends on the length of videos taken.
It takes some time getting used to but once mastered it’s a great device to use and capture images with a complete different perspective. It is worth investing in a neat carry case and a good monopod /tripod. A smartphone holder in the monopod or tripod would be a boon as it frees up the hands. I am happy with this device and still exploring the various amazing possibilities with it. I sincerely thank the insidersuk for providing the device at a discounted price. I am attaching some photographs taken with the GEAR360
Samsung Gear 360 - Great for videos!
I was very excited to try the new Samsung Gear 360. In my everyday life I am always using Facebook to share pictures and videos and hoped this device would make it a lot more interesting (and I do love trying out something different)!

First experience unpacking the camera from the box was very good. All very easy to use (although I do miss just a basic instruction manual). I instantly was able to get it set up with my phone (and I am no technical wizard!) It was night time so I was interested to test it out with artificial light. In my opinion, sadly it's not at its best in low light. I used my cats to test it out and found the small red light always seems to light them up. It's not so much of a problem, when moved away at distance but with the shape of the lens, I really wanted some nice rounded 'cat nose' photos! It's better in day light but still seems to be a niggling issue that irritates me using the camera.

The photos are 'often' in focus. I find I have to keep it very still and sometimes by the time it takes to click the photo, my cats head has moved and I have a blurry photo! I am on holiday later this month and do feel this camera will come into its own when we are looking at beautiful scenery in the right light. I feel it's definitely more of an outdoor - catch great photos whilst travelling - type camera, more than a 'photo people at a party' type camera in my opinion.

It's very easy to use and to hold. I like the little tripod which makes it both easy to hold on to but also quite solid to set up and take a still photo- As I've said, I do feel the tripod will often be needed to get a great image. It's very easy and quick to upload the photos onto social media. It does take longer with the videos, so best to keep them short - otherwise I found a 3 minute video takes about 30 minutes.

It's designed very well and is so easy to use in live mode with my Samsung Galaxy S6.
Overall, I am very pleased and feel I will keep the camera to take with me whilst we are travelling but I'm not sure how much use it will get in everyday life. I also hope it's sturdy enough to be put in my bag. whilst away and hope the lens won't get scratched.

Overall, I'd say a nice little gadget but can be a little difficult to get clear, non-blurry images. I love the video element, which is absolutely perfect but needs a little more improvement on the photo side. The 'red light' on the front of the camera is my greatest irritation on using it! 5/5 for video and 3.5/5 for photos. It's a handy tool but will not be replacing my normal camera.
A fantastic full 360 camera.
This is ideal for those who like to share their experiences using more than a normal flat photo.

My first impression was that it is heavy. Not too heavy that you think twice about taking it anywhere but heavy showing that it's not a cheap plastic cracker toy from the far east.

When using both lenses you see that it really is 360 not just a wrap around panorama. you only miss a tiny bit of the image directly above & underneath the camera. The timelapse video is good. You end up with a speeded up video of whatever you're trying to capture. Just make sure the battery is fully charged!

There's even a Street View mode that allows you to upload 360 images to Google's Street View. Great if you want to promote your business on Google.

One (or two) things I'm worried about is damaging the domes covering the lenses. They look vulnerable & I doubt they are replaceable. The camera comes with a soft bag to store it in so it shouldn't get scratched when transported but cracking them seems a possibility.

The only downsides are there's no timelapse stills option & the editing software is Windows only. Hopefully both of these will change.
Awesome camera full of tricks
Fantastic piece of kit, straight out of the box you can feel the excellent build quality, it feels really good to hold, the mini tripod is great.
Set up was easy and fast and I really like the way you can either use your phone as a controller and view finder or can opt to go it alone with just the device and its on board controls.
The 360 footage is amazing, I filmed our whole xmas meal and the children opening presents in one roughly 50 min film, and being able to capture it all and pan round in the video playback and then take stills off that is awesome. The single lens wide angle shots are also fantastic, so are the time-lapse capabilities.11
Video and still quality is fantastic, really awesome piece of kit, would highly recommend to families who love photograpgy and the outdoors.
Fun camera couple of next steps
This is a serious step forward in the action camera market in many ways. The ability to film the full environment is brilliant and really adds to capturing moments and the responses of others on looking.
Key successes with this are: 1. The easy access to features on the device without having to have phone on. 2. The seamless link up with my s7 and remote control through the 360 manager app. 3. The quality of photos in positive light. There are however some things that need to be improved in a second model, they are minor, but I would like to be able to shoot in low light so the addition of a double flash would be amazing. I would also think that if the product is aimed at the adventure crowd it should also be supplied with a bracket to attach to helmets, handlebars etc to keep it safe when out and about. This is necessary to compete with the other action camera brands out there. Overall though this is an excellent piece of kit and we'll worth the investment. Already captured some excellent 360 videos
Meet the future ... HAL 9000
Over 10 days with this little ball of glass, plastic and magic and i really do like it. It has a sort of golf ball meets techno Japanese cartoon character look to it.
Very nice tactile feel to the whole unit and an expensive weighty joy about it. The tripod has a satisfying click, led lights glow to indicate power, camera direction and also Bluetooth activity. A small LCD screen gives you an indication, a sort of glimpse into what is going on and what its ready to do.
Connect to your latest Samsung Phone (S7 etc) and you take any mystic wonder away and control the little HAL 9000 looking beauty completely, even able to stitch 360 photo and video. In fact its so cleaver that if you also invest in a VR headset you will complete the whole point of the gear 360.
Connectivity is simple and can be done without reading the pages of war an peace that usually accompany these little jewels of tech.

Overall a great effort by Samsung and no doubt its going to be a BIG seller #insidersgear360
An excellent piece of kit!
The Samsung Gear 360 is a fantastic piece of equipment with a few drawbacks, none of which would make me return it!

Photos and videos are rather amazing and the thought of 360 videos blew my mind when viewing back what had been recorded on Facebook, YouTube and Google Cardboard and similar VR viewers.

I did feel rather self-conscious carrying the 360 around when testing it around London, Heathrow, Luxembourg and 5 parties! Especially when attached to an extended selfie stick. However I really did not have to as everyone was amazed at what it could do and was wondering where and when they could get one and/ or if they could get a video / photo of their group!

A definite must have!
The Samsung Gear 360 is a fantastic piece of equipment with a few drawbacks, none of which would make me return it!
The Samsung Gear 360 is a fantastic piece of equipment with a few drawbacks, none of which would make me return it!

Photos and videos are rather amazing and the thought of 360 videos blew my mind when viewing back what had been recorded on Facebook, YouTube and Google Cardboard and similar VR viewers.
I did feel rather self-conscious carrying the 360 around when testing it around London, Heathrow, Luxembourg and 5 parties! Especially when attached to an extended selfie stick. However I really did not have to as everyone was amazed at what it could do and was wondering where and when they could get one and/ or if they could get a video / photo of their group!

A definite must have!

The 360 comes in a cylindrical package with the standard Silver “Samsung Gear” and Shiny Blue “360” lettering.

Unpacking is a formality by removing the outer plastic wrap around skin and removing the side stickers.

In the box is the 360 camera, mini tripod, charging cable, battery, carry strap, carry pouch, cloth, manuals and serial code for the Gear 360 ActionDirector software which can be downloaded from Samsung’s website.

Interestingly the camera sits upon a plastic dome which can be used on the mini tripod to help hide your hand when holding the 360 or what is just below the 360 when on a table etc…

The 360 has two high resolution F2.0 wide angle lenses which can be used alone or together when in photo, video, video loop or time lapse modes. (Photo 25.9MP, Video 3840x1920)

The 360 with mini tripod sits just 6cm above the surface so to improve the 360 image experience, you might want to use an extender or selfie stick which can be screwed into the mini tripod and camera, or even another tripod. Failing that you can always buy the Samsung Gear 360 Camera Value Kit including a larger 19cm mini tripod, remote control, and two mounts, one for flat surfaces and one for curved surfaces, eg helmet.

The 360 has to be paired (Bluetooth/NFC/Wifi) with one only of the following mobile devices: Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Note5, which unfortunately limits the appeal to the general public.

When taking a picture/ video you can either use the 360 stand alone and the options are selected via a side button above the power button with the modes displayed on a mini screen on the top. To take a snap you just press the button on the top. Helpfully the 360 gives 3 seconds with audible beeps before it sets into action. Or you can use the 360 mobile app which offers a Live View in either 360 degree or dual lens or panorama views to see what you are taking. Likewise when you start to take a picture the 360 gives a 3 second audible count down until it gets into action, so make sure you take that into account!

If you are into tinkering with your exposure etc prior to shooting you can alter the exposure, white balance and set to HDR mode, as well as changing the file size/ resolution and set a timer.

As both cameras/ lenses are on opposing sides of the 360 the exposure can be different and hence when the 360 picture/video is put together it can look a bit odd, however if you ensure you get a good balance of exposure for both cameras, ie by ensuring the side of the 360 is side on to the main light sources then the overall image will be excellent.

With most photos averaging 5-15mb and a video of 1 minute averaging 150-250mb depending on lighting conditions, ensuring you have a large enough microsd card is paramount. Media can be either copied via the mobile app or by connecting the 360 directly to a PC via USB cable.

The 360 is charged via a micro USB cable which is accessed via a largish side panel where you insert the micro sd card as well as the rechargeable battery which is removable. The removable battery is handy as it means you can carry spares without having to worry about running low!

I have not tested it, however Samsung state that the 360 is “Certified IP53 for protection against harmful deposits of dust and against water sprayed at any angle up to 60º from the vertical.” This will be tested thoroughly during this 2016/2017 ski season.

You can edit your media in most standard photo/ video editing suites, which is useful if you want to edit out your hand or head when you held the 360 above your head. You could even add a circular logo. The 360 ActionDirector is a powerful and easy to use Video editing application. Only down side is the transfer time it takes to import the360 videos.

The Good:
Image/Video quality
Battery Life
Social Media Integration / Wow Factor
Stand alone or paired functionality
Exposure settings
Easy Image editing

The Bad:
Short tripod
Temperamental mobile app
Lack of easy Live streaming/ integration to social media/ loading to ftp/http

Great device and high quality video and images!
So I got this 360 camera and didn't know what to expect. I have used ither 360 cameras before but was always left short but have to say I am really pleased with this and would say it is the best in this price range (unless you want to spend £10k upwards and get a professional set up).

The camera can be monitored and controlled via a Samsung phone via the app and this makes it so much easier to use. You can record from there and it also processes the videos so you don't have to stitch the videos up yourself.

The build quality is great and comes with a mini stand which is convenient.

It is an impressive device and one I would recommend.
Fun and well-built camera!!
There are a lot a good things about this little camera, so I cannot bore you with how awesome it is, the videos and photos generated by it can say that a thousand ways better than me. So, why am I here? Ok, yes, yeah, I have to speak about the bad, yeah, i mean the so called "cons" of this camera. Well, having any gadgets can never be a bad thing, can it? even if it does nothing, Oh actually no gadget does nothing. You can just look cool buy owning a particular gadget, wont you? Well, trust me, the Samsung gear 360 is way more than that.
Fist thing is the battery life, you would have to carry extra battery if you want to keep on filming for the whole day. Secondly, the size of the file produced when capturing video is generally humongous. A short clip of 2 mins is equivalent to a couple of gigabytes. Transferring that to the phone takes ages. Thirdly, considerable and useful photo or video editing is offered by the gear 360 action director desktop software, which itself is not very user-friendly or smooth in usage. lastly, I have tried to connect the camera to my Windows 10 laptop, but the USB connection is never recognised. It would be good if i can be able to transfer the file to my computer using this cable (without having to remove the SD Card)
Overally this camera is a very good device. Some of the issues that I have highlighted here may be a result of me not quite conversant with it yet, or could be improved via software upgrades, but That will not spoil the fun too much. This little device is worth it.
The best 360 camera to date!
The Gear 360 Camera is the best of it's kind! From opening the box, to using the product and watching the live streams, the device is built to last!

In the box:
Gear 360 Camera
Mini Samsung Gear 360 tripod
Samsung Branded Carry Pouch
Micro Fiber Cloth
Wrist Strap
USB>Micro USB Charging/Data cable
Start Guide

Initial Impressions:
The camera is well built, it's a little heavier than expected, but it just goes to show how well it's made. The lenses are robust enough to be able to withstand light bumps, and fingerprints, although easily on the glass, don't really interfere with the picture/video quality.

First Uses:
It's best to try the product out a couple of times before you use it at an event or at the dinner table. The menu is really easy to get used to, it's all very simple and the buttons on the device are easy to understand. However, it can be a little 'off' when trying to capture 360 video where there is white light. The light can throw the 'stitching' of the two videos off slightly. It's only when the light is in the frame itself, juts not on the sides of the frames.

Time Lapses:
This is the feature I'd use the most. Being able to time lapse on this device is amazing! Getting the sunset while sat on a boat in south Africa is just amazing, but also getting people to enjoy what's different about the city I live in. Every city has it's own 'Landmarks' and what aa great way to share them with the rest of the world!

Future Uses?
I don't see this camera becoming my go-to, but it's a fantastic piece of kit. It's much better when used with the Gear 360 App from Samsung Galaxy devices, however, I do not know what the camera is like without this app. The app allows you to see a live view of the camera and so can be used as a clicker. The best feature of this camera is the fact that is can be attached to any tripod or drone that allows a camera to be screwed on. Being able to see breathtaking views, from breathtaking heights in brilliantly breathtaking 360 is amazing.
This device is incredible with so much functionality, The resolution is incredible. The ability to live stream to your phone gives the opportunity to view exactly what you are going to capture
Amazing piece of kit for 360 video, time-lapse and beyond
This is one amazing little camera, simple to use, fast setup charge last a couple of hours of recording and has a removable battery. It feels real solid and well built and comes with a micro tripod.

I used it at the gym for 360 workout videos in 4K and in looks amazing! 360 photos taken at Christmas Eve during dinner looked stunning and you can get very creative with photos when editing. You can use only one camera if wanted for more traditional action cam footage. Plus you can do time-lapse as well. This camera can do it all and do it well!

The Camera comes with an activation code to editing software which makes it easy to produce quality video of you adventures. The Downloadable app for your Samsung phone makes controlling the camera remotely a breeze. Pairing was really quick only took a few seconds and your off and running. One feature I liked was the power saver mode so when you’re shooting video the screen on your phone goes dark to save power and comes back quickly when you need it.

Now viewing the video on your s7 phone with the use of Gear VR is quick except for the download from the camera which will take some time depending on the size of the video. The one thing I found that it depends on the camera being level during recording is the stitching of the 2 videos to come out smooth. The camera comes with almost everything to get started so there is little to add to it but as time goes on I can see accessories coming along to improve the usefulness of this produce.
Bottom line is this Being able to shoot 360 in 4K for less than £350 is a bargain!
to be honest im no photography hobbyist or to the matter of fact taking photos at all would bore me. But what I am is a a tech lover and the Samsung Gear 360 provided an interesting proposition to the whole VR game at a fairly decent price. I may not have bought one myself, but thanks the the Insiders program I was able to get one at a good rate, for which I am grateful. Now on to the techy bits

Pre Warning:
I use a S7 Edge as my daily device and had Nougat Beta Installed on it and unfortunately the gear 360 app wasnt compatible with the OS, so I had to downgrade to Marshmallow, which was a bummer.

Insert the SD card and battery by opening the flap on the side.
Relatively straight forward. Install the Gear 360 app from the Play Store and grant permissions.Open the app and it will turn on Bluetooth. Turn on the Gear360 by holding the button with " |" and press and hold the bluetooth button. this will pair your device to the phone.

Live View:
in the Gear360 app click the Gear icon on the bottom right of the screen and it will give you a view through the camera. There are settings for Single Rear/Front Lens as well as Dual Lens(360). Modes gives Photo/Video/LoopBack/TimeLapse. and there are some standard controls like updates, timer etc.

The Live View can be damn laggy at times in Video mode while moving the device and the screen would still show the previous location(there is an update but I was never able to apply it for some reason it would show and disappear).

Photo Quality:
the 15MP dual lenses are great and the 360 degrees shots are stored in 30MP are pretty decent,but not DSLR quality.

Video Quality:
Very good quality videos but the audio quality is lacking , sounds are a bit muffled or sound distant

the Videos/Stills are normally stored on the SD card on the device and can be saved to your phones gallery by connecting to the 360 and choosing save on the app/video menu option. A good thing is that the Gallery/360 App automatically stitches the 360 videos/apps without the need of an 3rd party app and if you have the Gear VR, it can be viewed in the VR gallery as well which is pretty nifty
Dont get me wrong , this is one heck of a device , top notch build quality you would normally associate with Samsung. But is it good enough to interest a professional/photography enthusiast(having spoken to a few) is not very convincing. But for me the device is a winner, an entry into home made VR
Could this be the future of photography?
The Gear 360 arrived nicely packaged and was easy to get started, just insert an SD card, battery and install the Samsung Gear 360 Manager app. (Supports Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, s6 Edge+)

The Gear 360 is a bit like a snooker ball, nice and solid and easy to carry around in a pocket, just be careful not to scratch the two lenses.

Ease of Use
I like that the supplied 3-leg stand can also double as a handle, plus you can easily fit the 360 to any tripod as it uses a standard tripod mount.

Photos or video can be taken using the 360 as a stand-alone device, selecting the mode and taking photos by pressing the buttons on the Gear 360 itself (it also has a timer). But if you have a supported Samsung phone, the app allows pictures/video to be taken remotely via Bluetooth from the phone. I found this worked well on the whole, with the occasional delay when trying to connect.

The photo/video can be transferred to a PC via a USB cable (make sure the 360 is turned on).

Picture quality looked fine when viewing via my VR headset, photos seem to be higher quality than videos. I found the 360 photo quality was much better when using the Oculus 360 photo viewer rather than other VR 360 viewers I tried.

On my PC I used the supplied Gear 360 ActionDirector although it would be nice to have native Windows support for the format.

The app does a good job but I found two issues with it:
• It would not show photos saved to my phone on the "mobile device" tab.
• You can't save to the phone's SD card, which is a shame considering how much space the video takes up!

Overall I have found the Gear 360 to be a solid device, that is easy to use. I am not sure I would use it on a regular basis like my phone, but can see it being great for holiday photos or for taking photos inside a house prior to selling it.
The phone app does need the ability to save to an SD card though.

If a future phone has 360 photo capability, I could see it really taking off.
Not quite 360 perfect
In short its pretty cool and pretty good.

Firstly the bad. It uses a different charging cable to my Samsung S6 and the photo quality isn't the best and it would be nice if you could change the size of the 'dead' zone under the camera (Its quite hard to be completely hidden).

Overall, the app is decent, the product build is great, comes with removable battery and its a good first version by Samsung.

A fun enjoyable experience.
Love it but is limited
The Gear 360 is not cheap. Pick it up, however, and it feels supremely solid and sturdy. It’s around the size of a snooker ball; it feels reassuringly heavy, too. G

I must say it was not the easiest to setup ... battery is not pre-installed (coming from apple and new Samsung devices with non-replaceable batteries have spoiled us) and it took 4 people to set up. It was more like a society trying to set it up :) (All different devices two Samsung’s, iPhone and nexus)

The biggest issue I have is its compatible with only a handful Samsung high end phones ... this is frustrating as I have iPhone and iPad and nexus devices which I would like to use to control this is a great let down and should be a deal killer for this amazing camera... The LG 360 and nokia 360 cameras support any device and do an excellent job...

I get it Samsung need to have monopoly but keep the spl software for yourself and please give at least a basic app for other devices...

The micro SD card we got with the device is high speed one but I tried it with the normal SD card which I had the performance is annoyingly slow ... It’s so slow that you might lose the will to use it any more ... After using normal SD cards the Samsung high speed one felt so much better ... (but when I my colleagues used it with the high speed one they said its slow ... coz they did not see the normal SD card I suppose)

It’s also IP53 certified, with rubber-sealed ports in place to keep it safe. It does not say its water proof but it did handle rain without any issues (other than the lens getting wet and making my video blurred)

The small display at the top of the camera lets you select basic settings without being connected to a phone, and tiny icons give you an at-a-glance summary of the current settings alongside an estimate of how much recording space you’ve got left on your SD card.

One very sensible feature is that there’s a tiny LED light above each lens to indicate which lens is in use. This means you have literally no excuse for accidentally snapping a selfie while setting the thing up.

Sadly, you can’t use both lenses for 360-degree footage without a compatible handset, but it’s nice that the Gear 360 isn’t entirely useless to non-Samsung smartphone owners. Using the menu and back buttons on the side, you can quickly flit between video, photo, time-lapse and video looping shooting modes; switch between the two lenses; select the image quality; and set a timer up to a maximum of ten seconds.

Once you pair the camera with a Samsung phone via Bluetooth, though, it really steps up a gear. Firing up the dedicated app gives you a live view direct from the camera, and you can also toggle HDR on and off, and tweak individual settings such as white balance, exposure and ISO levels at the same time. This makes it much easier to start shooting, and while you can’t adjust zoom levels; the live view is invaluable for capturing the best footage.

Capture quality is impressively crisp and detailed overall I was impressed and happy (than again i am not a professional photographer)

Video quality is excellent only if you watch it via the VR head set ... watching the video without it will surely give you a headache and it does not make any sense (to be honest don’t do it you will hate the gear 360 after that) But I must agree in the VR head set it transfers you to a completely different dimension it literately give you the feeling of being present on scene

Audio quality is less impressive. You’d definitely be better served with a dedicated microphone if you want to use it as a conference-call device, or even if you’re planning to use the footage for anything remotely professional. It does a basic job of picking up speech and background noise, but in most cases it really doesn’t do justice to the quality of the video footage.

The most annoying thing I find is you can’t connect the gear 360 to a computer and copy the videos or pictures like a mass storage device ... you have to remove the SD card for that (Come on Samsung don't try to be apple please)
You can upload directly from the app itself too if you’re so inclined. The Gear 360 Manager App automatically stitches together the footage from both sensors to create 360-degree content, but you can also do this manually via the Windows Action Director software.

For all its quirks, the Gear 360 camera is a remarkable little gadget. Thanks to the great quality of the dual cameras, solid build quality and overall design, there’s no denying that it’s a gadget lover’s dream – and it’s perfect for quickly capturing images and videos with a minimum of faff.

Ultimately, the most annoying limitation is the fact you’ll need a specific Galaxy smartphone if you don’t want to miss out on some of the Gear 360’s best features. Knocks off that fifth star straight away.
Best gadget of 2016
Really enjoyed unboxing the camera, image quality is amazing, bit freaky watching 360 video after filming my dog walking lost my bearings it was that good
Amazing camera
It surprises me what this camera can do. The quality of the images is very good and I even have a A3+ print of a 360 degree view of my hall - hanging in the hall. I hoisted my Gear 360 on a tripod above my garden gazebo and now have a 360 degree of my garden and surrounding properties. It works really well with my Galaxy S7 edge and the buttons/menu are straight forward. Charging (showing red light) is easy and quick (green light when ready). Micro data card and battery easy to get to and it saves power by switching off when not used. It's well made, heavier than it looks and the small black tripod that comes with it is very handy.

Taking 360 images and then scrolling 360 degrees left, right, up, down is a level of photography that is new and I think to become exciting. It's amazing to see a high quality recording with all the action happening all around.
Great camera, unlimited possibilities
As someone who aspires to work within the media industry, this camera has been quite an asset. The seamless connectivity between my Galaxy S6 to the Gear 360 has proven to be a timesaver.
I really enjoy the live feed feature as it allows me to find the perfect angle first time without relying on re-shoots. I'd say for the price you are paying, you are definitely getting what you paid for HOWEVER I would recommend including an SD card with the camera as well as making the actual Gear 360 app available to other phones. Another brilliant product by Samsung.
Great Stills Good Video Awesome Social Media
+Stills are easy to take and post using your Samsung phone, and they are fascinating.
+Windows PC editing software for spherical video provided with the camera.
-Locked into using a Samsung 6 or 7 phone to post picture.
-/+However, videos can be captured and shared to Youtube or Facebook with only a Windows PC.
-Cannot review and post photos from a PC.
-Cannot rotate of videos or photos from their original captured orientation.

Possible capability issue:
-/+The Gear 360 overheated, in still-air 25C room when recording video to a Lexar Class 10 200GB card in about 10 minutes. This didn’t happen with the Samsung 32GB EVO card.
Still: http://tinyurl.com/Gear360MoreDrinking
Video: http://tinyurl.com/Gear360GoldenGate

The Review
Connecting to the camera, setting it up was easy to do with both the Gear360 app or the on camera menus. Sharing images from the phone was easy and quick.

The still images are good quality and impressive. The video is good for the money, but a feels bit low-res on a 15” display.

Next Generation Wish List:
•tRemovable lens covers both for protection and filters. A UV haze is first on my wish list.
•tA power mount with standard screw adapter.

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