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Official Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charger Convertible - Black Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and other compatible devices with Wireless Fast Charge technology using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Convertible Charging Pad in couch black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63094

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$81.12 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 23 customers

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Works great
Love how it folds up & down so easily. Bought this for my husband for Christmas & it works perfectly for his 8 active.
Official Samsung Galaxy fast Wireless charger

This Samsung Galaxy fast Wireless Charger is an excellent docking station charger at a reasonable price and charges my Samsung Galaxy S6 reasonably quickly worth investing in
Excellent purchase
Absolute quality piece of kit from Samsung, the almost vertical charging pad is great to see your phone's display when charging to see your notifications etc
Normally on visits to the UK I use MF, But my first experience with MF canada was great....the product was great built well charges fast and feels really premium with that leather effect.
Solid genuine product
This is a genuine samsung wireless covertible charger at a good pric, its solid and works well, dony be fooled by cheap ebay versions, i was and the differebce is night and day between them.
This sturdy and well made, charges well and the beige colour is actually quite nice plus its a bit cheaper than the black model as i guess this ones not as popular but if that doesnt bother you go for this colour and save a bit of cash....they both do exactly the same thing, one thing im not sure of is if it’ll stain over time being a light colour, only time for will tell but other than that a solid genuine product at a good price.
Light simple to use fast charger
Brilliant in upright position if you are still using phone also in flat position over night. I love it and it is great to just come home and slap galaxy note 8 on for a quick boost, takes no time at all.
Great piece of gear
Works great and is a quality Samsung product. Arrived pretty quick from the UK with no additional shipping charges. Charger light is quite bright at night beside the bed, made it darker using a black sharpie. MobileFun was the cheapest place on the net I could find for the charger. Defo recommended
It charges the phone
I am not sure on any real benefits of charging with this. It is a slower charge than the cable. I still have to go to a particular spot in the house to charge the phone. The only saving is not having to plug in the charge cord. If a person is so lazy that plugging in a charge cord is a hassle then let them die of starvation. It is interchangeable with other phones like late model iPhones, where the cable is not.
This product is a bit of a gimmick at this point. A cable is faster and if a person has only 1 phone just use the cable.
exellent item for good price
purchased from mobile fun as it was cheaper than anywhere else.great price great service and communication.this is a really good looking device thats looks great on any desk, much better than the competition and works as described.mobilefun is a great company to get all your accessories from at a really competitive price.highly recommended
Had other Samsung chargers however although this does the same thing I'm impressed that I can fold this one down for easy storage when travelling
Not truly wireless
I probably expected too much, but this is not really wireless as far as I'm concerned. Yes, you don't need to plug in a wire. But what difference does that tiny step make if you are still stuck to "the wall"? If you lift your phone out of the charger it stops charging. I would have thought a true "wireless charging" would allow it to off the charger like perhaps bluetooth, within a limited range. But no, as soon as it's off that charger it's done charging. May as well plug it in. So, to sum it up -- it's just a stand.
Works like a charm
Fast shipping, came in its box, works perfectly.
almost perfect
All right, I get the order fast and it works perfectly, it just does not mention that it does NOT come with the cable or the quick-charging adapter.

That's bad news.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Hectorr

Thank you for your feedback. We have since added additional information to the page to make this clearer.
In hindsight this was an impulse buy. The novelty of not plugging your phone in wears off after an hour and it charges slower than the normal fast charging wired charge. Nice design and well made. Don't believe the hype unless you work at a desk and are constantly charging your phone otherwise stick with the normal wire charger
Game changer!
What a great little gadget. I bought this for my husband, who had already got a different Samsung charger. This is brilliant. The phone stands upright and the charging light is clear and visible which makes it so easy to see when fully charged. No more bending to see if fully charged! It's a very quick charge time too. Hubby very happy with it.
Quick and so easy to use
This is a great improvement on Samsung's previous wireless fast charge stand. This is well made and looks the part. It can be used in either the pad format or as a stand which makes it very versatile. When folded flat it is much easier to slide into a bag to travel with. The mechanism to change configuration is robust feeling but very easy to do. It may seem a little on the pricey side but when you take I to account the above it is well worth the cost. Yes you could go less in price but you would not get anything like the benefits and features you get with this wireless fast charger.
Best charger for fast charging
Best charger for fast charging
Good product, good service
Good product, good service.
No power adapter or cable
For the price i paid it's disappointing that it does not come with a power adapter and extra cable.
Best quick charger ever
Best charger ever heap responsive
Very convenient, just put it on the charger when I get home and pick it up after supper. So far the fast charger is a wonderful product. It does everything it promises. The only reservation I have is the fast charging part. I put my phone on charge at 2% battery life and it said 2hrs and 34 mins to charge completely. At 45 mins charging I was only at 33%. Finally after 2 and half hours it was charged completely. I gave this product 4 stars, I do like this product but the fast charging isn't as fast as I personally think it should be. Imho!
The best yet.
I have the previous wireless charger & whilst looking smart it was criticised for only one thing, inability to fold.
This new charger looks proper smart, I have set in stand position but folds down to create a great travel charger too. The leads that come with Galaxy S8 Plus now are black too adding to sleak design. Finally before getting my new phone I wanted all my accessories on deck & thanks to Mobile Fun that's the case.

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