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Official Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charge Pad - White Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy Note5 and S6 Edge+ with Wireless Fast Charge technology using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad in white, featuring intelligent circuit protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54635

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 4.6 stars from 33 customers

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Small enough to pop in a travel bag
I bought this along with the Samsung Wireless Adaptive Fast Charging Stand (for desk use). The main use of this unit is for popping into a travel bag when going away etc. It's small saucer shape means it slides into the pockets found on many travel bags along with the Samsung Travel Adapter easily. I had it less than a week and it got it's first outing. In short it did what I hoping it would.
Great Fast Charge Pad
Performs as expected from an original Samsung product - Great! Works fine with my Galaxy S8.

Additionally, this unit does not come with wall plug but uses micro USB so it's easy to find an extra cable or procure one inexpensively.
Works great
Easiest thing ever no fumbling for the cable our trying to correctly orient a connector just put the phone down and forget.
Not for light sleepers
If you are looking for a wireless charger for the side of your bed and are a light sleeper then i would not buy this product. The blue light stays on all night and can't be switched off and when on fast charge this makes a small whirring sound. Now I'm left with a choice of a very expensive plastic paper weight or spending another £20 on an additional samsung charger (not supplied with the wireless pad) so i can put the wireless charger in a room where I don't mind the light and noise. Not a well thought out product.
Makes charging easier!
Great product, good for people that strugle with mini usb port i.e bad eyesight etc, due to my health condition I sometimes struggle with usb port, wish i had bought one sooner! A+++++ plus fast delivery!
Product as described.
Love the way how this product works. Fast charge plus I can freely use my phone without the cable hooked up. My phone doesnt heat up like wired charging either.

Thumbs up to MobileZap for on time delivery and cheap price.
This is a superb idea for charging
This is a superb idea for charging a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and I am so pleased that I purchased it.
I love it
Samsung Quality
Save your usb ports from wear and tear and get one of these. The added convenience of just dropping the phone on the pad and topping up the charge is not to be underestimated too. There are cheaper alternatives (some of which have major connection issues) but for piece of mind go official and get this, it's a quality product.
Great Wireless Charger
I love my Samsung Fast Charger I use it at work all day.
Great item and fast delivery. Very recomendet
Quick delivery. Great gadget, saves fiddling with the charging cable. Just put your mobile on top and presto. Cheapest price I could find. Thank you MobileZap.
So easy to use.
This gadget is so easy to use plug it in and away you go pop it on the changer and take it off as you need it no bending down for wires needed. Lovely modern and clean design perfect for anywhere in the house or office.

A must for a Samsung owner.
Great, especially friendly for small children
First thing to be aware is that you need to plug a fast charger 2A into this, so you don't gain another charger, it just adapts to a wireless one. Secondly you need to be quite precise with placement of the phone on the pad. You can't just chuck it down but you do get lights to confirm it's working. I do use mine in a slim case. The charging lights are a bit too bright at night and really need auto dim. Other than that, it's a great, useful technology.
Samsung Galaxy wireless fast charge pad
I recently purchased this item and I thoutghly recomend it for hassle free charging it lights blue whilst charging and green when fully charged
Awesome product
I was looking for nice and lasting wireless charger, I was browsing in the sole of mobile fun when I came accross the fast charge wireless by Samsung. It was very effective, efficient and fast. It was fantastic and value for money. It works as described. I am happy to recommend it to the whole world especially if your phone have a wireless capability. I hereby gave the product 5 stars.
Good Looking Fast Charge, but no cable or plug??
As other reviews have said much fast charge, shaving off another 10-15 against previous chargers.

Looks good, nice blue lights (if you like your bling)

Was however a tad disappointed that it was just the charging disk and no USB cable or UK plug, for this price I would expect that all in.
great product
So happy with this product great charge would definitely recommend this product
Well made product.
This charger is so easy to use and preforms as promised. It is so good that I intend on purchasing another one for my work desk.
Nice to buy something that actually works well.
A bundel package with both the wireless unit and wall charger/charge lead would also be a useful option to have.
Practical functional design
Great product. Fast charging speed (for wireless). Elegant design. Non slip resistive top ring is a nice touch. Light indicator is quite bright for use as night light. Fan works silently and does not get worryingly warm.
Overall great product for juice top-ups on the go. No significant cons.
Good bit of kit
Does exactly as it says on the packet, but that damb light when it's charging in the middle of the night can be slightly unsettling. But you can always improvise and just blank it out with the wife's latest home made loaf of bread!!!. Something's aerial just made for the job as is this charger, all in all a good purchase.
Super Fast Charge.
This is a great product to fast charge Galaxy note 5. Highly reccommend.
Easy, no hassle
The first thing that comes to my mind is I am not worried about the battery by charging overnight. Also, I just love how easy it is to charge my phone without tangled cable. However, although some ads mention about fully charged in 10 minutes, my phone still needs a few hours to be charged completely. Still, it doesn't really matter as to be able to charge without worrying that my phone needs to be unplugged when it is done is my top priority.
very nice item its certainly faster charger
very nice item its certainly faster charger
Do like the overcharge protection
Samsung Edge fast charger
fairest price I could find, original Samsung product, fast delivery well packaged. the goods look s great and works well although gets a little warm but charged phone fully in under an hour.
Not a great product
Fast service but the charger doesn't charge fast 3 hours later and battery increased by 3% plugged it in to normal charger and battery decreased by 30%. I bought 2 of these one as a birthday present the other as a Christmas present so far birthday girl not very happy so I guess the Christmas present is a waste of time.
Will buy an extra one
Very impressed, I use it to charge my Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Plus, does what it says, fast charges the phone without every have to wire it up.

I like it so much I'm going to get another one for my work, not that my phones needs the charge as they battery is great, but sometimes if I'm going out I want a full charge for the evening.
Cute device
If you love a gadget then you will like this. If you want to save money then just plug the lead supplied with the phone directly into the phone. What you gain from this device is just the ability to place your phone onto the pad and let it charge without the need to connect any sites directly to the phone. You will have to use the phone charging plug and lead to connect to the pad ( no extra lead / plug supplied). Would I leave connected to electricity supply continuously? No, just because I don't like leaving such items unattended - but maybe that's just me! If you are happy to leave plugged in, say in your office etc. then it makes life easy when charging your phone.
Great product and excellent service
I purchased this fast charger from mobilefun, the whole transaction, delivery and after sales service has been excellent. The product plugs into my s6 edge fast charger and sits on the desk. I simply place the phone onto the charger and the phone will fully charge in just over an hour. It's also excellent if your short of charger and need a quick boost. Within 30 mins you can charge the phone 50%. I have a spider air cushion case and the wireless charger works just fine with the case on. Great product and great service. Very happy customer
Excellent Product
Does exactly what it's supposed to do, but can literally fast charge the phone in 90 mins

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