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Official Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charge Pad - Black Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy Note5 and S6 Edge+ with Wireless Fast Charge technology using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad in black, featuring intelligent circuit protection.
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 4.5 stars from 85 customers

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The charger is very temperamental. It won't charge unless the phone is placed in the exact middle and even then, if you walk away you will probably come back to find your phone hasn't been charging and is now dead.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Riley

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with this item. Wireless chargers do require a certain amount of careful placement, to ensure the charging element on the phone is positioned correctly over the pad. However, it should continue charging absolutely fine once it begins. If you can contact our Customer Services team, we can look into this issue for you.
works just great
Love the wireless charger, very handy and doesn't take up much room. Haven't had any problems with the unit
Works great so much easier than cables 5 stars although postage was very very slow.customer crevice was very helpful
No messing about just place on top and it starts to charge
bought this for my new Samsung galaxy s8 and im impressed
No messing about just place on top and it starts to charge
it works
it works but i wouldn't exactly call it fast charging
Samsung wireless charger
Love this charger. It charges my phone ultra fast! Highly recommend getting this *****
Great at charging but a bit slow. Glad you do not need to plug mobile in. You can keep the device plugged in all the time so you can charge mobile any time, Just put mobile on device and wait for blue light. Does not always charge right away so have to take off and put on agine.
Works as described
Have had no problems with this wireless charger. To enable fast charging must be used with a samsung fast charger which I have and can confirm works perfectly. Highly recommended product. I also like how there is light on the charger which is blue while charging and then turns green when charging has completed.
Works as Advertised
The charger arrived in good order and performed well, as advertised.
Pretty good
I was pretty happy with my purchase and delivery was not to bad as well . Along with good notice of when the product would arrive.
Item was well packaged and arrived in good condition,
Item looked exactly as shown.It was well packaged and arrived in good condition.
Great little device
Great bit of kit, saves damaging USB wires and charger port. Drop it on the pad when your not using it, super fast charging! I love it!
Excellent & genuine product. Came exactly as described. Postage was quite fast given the fact that I used standard shipping. Love my order! (Note: Only downside is that it doesnt come with a cord)
Samsung fast charger
Not as fast charging as I though but great not having fiddly wire to put in
Great price!
the Samsung fast charger is neat & works well. Far easier than plugging in a lead to charge phone and no scratches. Mobilezap's price was exceptionally low compared to the retail price. Could/nt be happier!!!!!!!!!!
Fundamentally Flawed
Works well charging only, down side is that when your battery is really low you can either charge it wirelessly or use your phone without getting it charged at the same time.
Great product
Great great product. Seemed to be original Samsung product bit at a great price. One thing to be aware of is that it doesn't come with a cable
Great product
Great product. Arrived quickly. Easy to use just place your phone on top and it charges. Looks stylish. Doesn't come with a connecting cable so make sure you have one. (Normal USB lead)
Not Perfect
For the cost and Samsung name I was expecting something reliable. It charges well and not much diff between wired and wireless fast charge. It's so easy to use but make sure the phone is seated correctly.Getting it to charge that's the prob. It needs the charger from that came with the Note5 but change the wire. That wire is substandard and will cause you so many headaches. I'm using the wire from the Samsung car charger. For 4 months it was perfect but now the blue light on the charger keeps flashing and I can't figure it out. 2 out of 5 attempts give me a flashing blue light. Hence only 2 stars.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Kim

You are always best using the mains charger and cable that came originally with your phone to ensure the best performance. If you have any further problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
Received on time and works well.
I received the unit much faster than expected. I am pleased that it works well and I had no problems at all.
Great product, great service.
I was so impressed with the product and the service that I ordered a second one for a gift. Item does exactly what it is advertised to do. The customer service is exceptional, order was dispatched same day and I received it not long after. Highly recommend both the product and the company selling it.
I always buy with confidence from Mobile Fun. They have a superb range not seen elsewhere and they always arrive when they say they will. When shopping for mobile phone bits I never look anywhere else. It is the total one stop shop with confidence
Good product but needs additional wall plug
This product comes with no wall plug and needs the fast wall plug in order to do fast charge. You can use the one that came with your phone but if you need another then toy have to pay another $40 and buy it separately. It charges through my phone cover which is good. I'm going to buy a second one for my desk at work.
Great charger - a little noisy if bedside
This is a great wireless charger - supports fast wireless charging for the Samsung devices that support it (which to the best of my knowledge are Note 5, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge).
It has a fan inside though (and a bright led!) so isn't ideal for next to your bed - but then you could use a slow wireless charger for that if you needed it.
Great item
The Item I bought I have been looking for but as usual I find it at Mobile fun.
Best Buy
This was the cheapest and best site i could find. I am very happy with my purchace and the customer service i received.
This charger is brilliant. I would advise people to buy the fast charge one as it charges the phone from flat in just under 2 hours, not much slower than the mains charger. Well worth the money. It charges your phone through your case and you simply place your phone on the pad and that's it!! It lights up green when charged.
The delivery of this charger is very quick and I would advise people to buy from here. I have had to problems to date.
Fast Charge Pad
The charging pad works as expected! You plug it in using a standard micro USB cable (which does not come supplied). You then simply place your phone on top, the pad lights up blue (to indicate charging status) and it starts charging. The blue light changes to green when charged. My Galaxy S7 recognized that this is a "fast charging" pad, displays as such on screen, and charges fast as expected.
Works great
Just like it says, great little device, saves plugging things in all the time, just put you phone on top and walk away
The future now
Does it charge fast ?
Is the charging area large enough for me to just plant my phone without being to specific ?
Do I need to purchase a fast charge cable ?

The answer is yes.

The product is fantastic does exactly what you want and fast, it loses a star due to the fact you need to purchase a charging cable to go with it. Expensive for what it is but hey if you want the latest tech you've got to pay for it.
Great Charger
Great Charger, compact & ideal to top up your battery really quickly.
its not practical
it does not charge properly as it was advertised
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Very happy with the product and customer service.
Thank you
Nifty little unit!
Easy to install, just plug in your existing charger cable and away you go. just place your handset on the plate, and watch the led as it glows blue, turing green when chargerd. Although a fast charger, its not as fast as the standard fast charge system, but who cares!
I bought this for my new Galaxy S7 and it is perfect. Plug it in and place your phone on top. It charges very quickly. The only thing I would improve would be to have a longer lead so I could put it on the shelf.
Charges Phone Fast
Charges Fast is reliable and works great, even with case on phone. Don't mess with the off brand ones this one works.
It charges...wirelessly
Wireless charging, what a fantastic invention. No longer do i have to fumble about in the dark trying to plug a micro USB lead in. Now it's just a case of popping the phone onto the pad. The pad feels well made and sturdy with a nice grippy surface so the phone doesn't slide off.
Now for what I don't like:
-no USB cable included
-very bright led on while charging, not great at night.
Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charge Pad
I wasn't sure if it would work with the leather type case I bought to protect phone,but works really good,but buy the fast charge,it still takes a while,but I am very pleased with it.If it failed I would buy another.
Wouldn't buy it if I knew
I guess the wireless charging technology isn't ready for mainstream, if this is any example. The simple matter of fact is this is the slowest method of charging my Samsung galaxy Note 5 I have. If I had known it was going to be this slow I wouldn't have purchased it. Very disappointed. Suppose that's why Apple haven't introduced it for their iphones.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

It is slower than plugging in a physical cable, but should still be a good charging rate. Please remove any phone case you may have on as thicker cases can prevent the higher charging rates. Hope this helps.
Excellent Product
Great value from MobileZap.
Love fast charging
Loving the fast charging and being able to just leave the charger on my desk and easily place and pick up the phone without messing about with cords. Good product! Can't wait for even faster charging in the future.
It is very rare that I buy something and say "Wow, how could I have survived without it!". Well this is definately one of them! Forget fumbling to connect the charger - simply place the phone on the pad, and alsmost instantaneously the blue light comes on the rim of the pad indicating that it is charging. When the phone charges up completely, the blue light changes to green, indicating it is fully charged up - could not be simpler! The beauty of it is that it charges with the flip case in place - I have a Rock plastic case and it does not impair the functionality at all. A truly useful, practical, well designed and well made product !
The wireless charger itself,is not that great.the concept is awesome but takes forever to charge.its kinda of a jokehow long it takes. Better off saving your money. But if you want a fun toy to show off to your friends,then its cool.
Expect charge times to be about 4xslower than with your cable. Also if not positioned perfectly it won't charge at all. So you might've thought it was charging and go back to find out its dead. If ur using it while its charging then forget about it charging. So basically just a fun toy.
Excellent product and purchase
I knew what I was buying and it fully met with what I wanted - this product is easy to use and it is very effective charging my phone in half the the time it used to take - further it is more convenient as I can take a call without unplugging my phone -a very worthwhile purchase that I would recommend toanyone
An excellent way to charge - so easy
The charger does exactly what it says in the description. Very easy to use, standard USB to plug in the mains connects to mini USB in charging unit. Put your phone on it screen up and off it goes. Nice rubber /grip ring around edge ensures phone doesn't slide off. Works with Samsung clear view cover on the phone, no need to remove it. You can also remove the charger from the cable for mains charging via mini USB direct into phone, or use the cable to connect to USB charging in your car. If you don't want to fiddle with cables, have found USB sockets in your phones getting wobbly over use or just want to put the phone down without thinking - this is great.
Official Samsung wireless charger works well
I bought several Samsung wireless chargers for my Edge 6+. The only one that works is the 'Official' one I purchased from Mobile Zap.
Great product
Wireless charger worted great, even with pelican case on my Note 5.
Easy to use
Does exactly what I wanted just place the phone on top of the charger and it starts charging even through my Otterbox case - just make sure the phone is central. Pity they couldn't supply the one I wanted the Iron Man version! :-(
Brand name fast wireless charger - cheap
I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Wireless Fast Charger to be used with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This product will do exactly what you want it to do - FAST CHARGE your Samsung device, when placed on the wireless pad. However please note the following.

1. This particular product does not come with a charging cord, which is needed to plug into the wireless pad.

2. In order for the FAST CHARGE to work
A) you must have a Samsung device that is capable of a fast charge. If the phone displays "fast charge" it's working properly.
B) You must use a fast charge charging cord in order for the wireless pad to be used as a fast charger. The best answer is to use the charger that came with your device. Any other charging cord will charge the phone but not at a fast speed.

3. The device will charge with a case, but it must be positioned on the pad in the right place. The pad will glow blue when a charge is present. I have noticed on occasion that you may need to adjust the position of your device on the pad to ensure it charges.
Great price
Original product for a great price, took a little longer to get here than expected but worth the wait
Charges with certain...
I received a wireless charger with my phone and I loved it so much I just had to buy the fast charge version. MobileFun.com was the cheapest place for it. NOTE! It did not come with a USB to mini-USB cable or the fast charge wall outlet. Luckily I had the stuff on hand. If you do buy this be sure to check out the fast charge plugs and cables to go along with it. I have found that thicker shorter USB cables work best. The longer your cable is it seems to stop charging frequently. Overall I am happy considering it would have cost me $90+ to purchase these items from Samsung directly.
Does what it says!
This product is literally for convenience, no setup required other than plugging it into a socket. Makes a simple task quicker and simpler, only downside is that it doesn't come with a plug which rarely would be a problem as you can just use the one that comes with your handset. Great product and great price definitely would recommend!
Works great!
The Samsung wireless fast charger is a very convenient and fast way to charge your phone. My wife was always putting off or forgetting to charge her phone. Now with the pad sitting next to her computer monitor, its easy to set the phone on it and pick it up whenever it rings, as it does a lot during her work day. No need to constantly plug and unplug the phone.

Unsolicited plug for MobileFun: I searched the internet and they had the best price from a *reputable* reseller and have good customer support. I found cheaper deals on an auction site but I think are too good to be true, as they are often selling knock-offs. The one I got from MobileFun was genuine Samsung. :-)
absolutely love it
Amazined at how fast it takes to charge my phone
What a name! What a product!
First of all, what a name! Having to type this into google everytime I wanted to see some reviews on it, was a killer!
I needed a new charger, plugging the same one in and out to and from work everyday was not cool. I had originally been put off wirless chargers, due to their speed, but when I saw this was 'fast charge' , I just had to buy it! And I'm glad I did!
The delivery time was spot on, and the customer service was great!
Only down side to it - my little sister still hasn't got the idea in her mind that this is not a frisbee!!
simple and efficient.
Good product,just put the phone down and walk away.and the phones charging . The only one possible negative is if you have a heavy duty case its not powerful enough to charge your phone through that . However if its a light weight clear one then no worries does what it says it does on the tin so to speak.
Good idea if you have the cash to spare.
Product is perfectly fine; it does everything it claims. Lights up blue when charging and green when full. Looks great.

Fully charges the phone in 2 - 3 hours. Haven't compared it to the cable charger yet but I don't think it's an issue.

Charge pad doesn't come with the actual cable that plugs into the wall outlet, however. Not an issue as the phone obviously comes with one but this surprised me.

Only downside would be the price; may be a bit much considering it is only a phone charger. If you have the coin spate though, it is definitely a cool gadget to have.
Genuine Samsung product!
Fantastic service, ordered Thursday received Saturday. Having been ripped off on eBay, brought a so called official Samsung product. From a seller with 100 percent feedback, only for it to not fast charge. It's was only 5 pound cheaper than the genuine item sold here. This pad is the real deal at a great price, you would be mad to buy on eBay. I will only use mobile fun from now on!!
very good product
It's good for fast wireless charge. Galaxy note 5 n s6 edge plus does support wireless fast charge so if you want change quickly than normal charger then you should buy this charger.
Not dramatically faster charging
I recently bought this item to see if it increased the speed of charging from the ordinary charge pad as the ordinary pad is very slow. It does charge a bit faster but it's not dramatically faster. To give a rough idea - recently I placed my S6 Edge Plus on the ordinary charge pad and it said '45 minutes to full charge', I then immediately placed it on the Fast Charge Pad and it said '36 minutes to full charge'. That is the sort of time difference you can expect. The fast charge pad is also slightly bigger than the original and therefore the light which comes on when you place the phone on it is a bit brighter. This may be an issue if you are the sort of person who charges their phone whilst in bed and needs complete darkness to sleep. I myself don't find the light a problem. There is also a slight fan noise once the pad has been on for a while - this must be to keep the pad from overheating. It is not noisy whilst operating and I don't find it a problem whilst it's in use on my beside table when I'm sleeping.
Modern and smart looking
Modern and smart looking good on any table or bedside cabinet, compliments the phone well and works straight out of the box with S6, no problem. Note, you need to use your standard wall charger to plug it into.
Works perfect, high quality product, led light to bright though to have it beside your bed...
Works perfect, high quality product.
The led light is to bright though to have it beside your bed...
as expected
Device is exactly what I expected. Convenient, efficient and fast. Also it cost me less on mobilefun.com, then amazon, or if I'd have purchased it from Walmart, etc. I'm very pleased.
just what I expected
Good charger, does exactly what is advised. Now I don't have to hassle with plugging it in all the time.
Mobile Fun gave me the best deal on the internet or at a store, (20 bucks more), I will definitely buy from Mobile Fun in the future.
Product exactly as described, quick postage, great price :-)
Fast charging pad
Does what it says. I've had no problems with it,works even with a case on. Ideal if you don't want to damage the micro port by keep plugging the charger cable in. Easy to see when phone is charged. Great must have product
Great product!
Got this charger for the bedside so I didn't have to hassle with the cord everytime I had to check my phone. Works great and charges quicker than I expected for a wireless charger! Mobile Fun was very fast with getting the product out the door as well! Would buy from them again with ease!
Fast wireless charging pad
Good unit. Charges my Note 5 real fast
wireless charger
does exactly what it needs to do!!! Fast delivery and perfect for on the go charging
Quicik and good value
Quick service product as discribed.
great product
This is a great product. It got shipped fast and it was in good condition when it got here. Though u have to use your own samsung cable for it. customer service emails were fast on answering my questions too.
Brilliant peace of kit
The fast charger for the s6 Edge plus really does do as it says on the tin. Knowing I can get an extra half an hour use from a mere 5 minutes charge is excellent. Looks great and saves a lot of hassle just having to place the phone on top of it makes life a whole lot easier. Its light and portable and really does look pretty snazzy too Blue light lights up around the edge when charging and goes green to let you know when it's fully charged. I have't used the cable once since purchasing this wireless pad i even use it in the car connected to cig lighter and just place place phone on it in the centre console.
Definitely recommend this product for anyone that has a samsung phone that supports fast wireless charging
Great wireless charger
Works great with the s6 edge. Has a light on it to let you know it's charging, blue whole charging and green when done. Light isn't bright and will not disturb sleep

S6 edge plus charges fast on pad. Not as fast as over USB but will top up the phone quickly. Foes not come with plug and USB cable. You have to us the one supplied with the phone or get a new one.

Overall great product and QI charging us so simple and easy.

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