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Official Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Keyboard Cover - Grey Reviews

This durable and long-lasting keyboard cover by Samsung lets you type faster, while at the same time it perfectly protects your Galaxy Tab S3 without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62839
$131.45 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 5 customers

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Good price for what it is
I am happy to have found the keyboard case at this price for my Samsung tab S3. I think to buy it for this price is good, as I find the actual RRP a bit too expensive for this type of product. I know that other laptop/tablet companies sell their keyboard cases at similar prices, but I think the price they sell them for is too much for what it is.

So far I'm happy with the product and is working smoothly.
Item was good, well priced and service was excellent.
Really good addition to my S3 tab. Protects it well. keyboard is excellent to use. The cover also provides a secure place for the stylus. If I had a complaint it would be the inability to use the rear camera on the tab with the cover attached, but it is not really a big deal. Delivery was very prompt, the item was well packaged, and the price was great. Overall I am very happy with the item and the purchase. Would recommend this to any S3 tab owner.
Ordered item that was unavailable
Ordered the keyboard as I thought it was in stock and available. Unfortunately it wasn't and I had to wait for a few weeks.
But Mobilefun kept me informed regularly about status.
This keyboard fits magnetically on to the tablet, & seems quite secure. You then have to fold it to connect the keyboard, & this works very well.
Keyboard fits, & connects well. However, at least one of the keys is incorrect, and I had to search around to find the correct one. The cover makes the tablet more like a laptop, however, the tablet does not turn all sites into landscape mode, so you have to get used to working with your head on one side sometimes! Also, a mouse pad would have been good; as you have to use the keyboard, combined with finger movements to work around Web sites, but I quickly got used to this. On my previous tablet, I used the integrated stylus to tap on the tablet keyboard - with this, I don't, which has made the stylus slightly redundant. I am sure however, that as I find out more about the stylus abilities, it will come into its own again.
All in all, I am pleased I purchased this keyboard cover, which was also well-priced.
Perfect partner for tab3

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