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Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protector - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 screen in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch resistant screen protector. This twin pack represents amazing value and twice the protection.
£9.99 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 47 customers

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Perfect fit - Great Product
Clear protector and of very good quality as compared to the ones I used earlier. Easy to apply, although a few bubbles did appear because placement needs to be done carefully. Having been using it for few weeks now. Happy with the product.
Perfect fit, great price and fast delivery.
Does it fit with a phone case?
Easily applied
Tried a number of screen protectors, this was the easiest to apply and appears to be working
Really good quality
Tried a few protectors and this definitely applied the best. Not the thickest in terms of protection but looks the best.
Does not make screen less touch sensitive, Needs careful fitting to get it right first time
Took a while to sort out the instructions and to make sure that the protection was correctly placed. Once on gives protection from scratches and does not seem to make the screen less touch sensitive.
Pefect fit
Perfect fit, all the wipes/tools needed provided. As expected for a genuine product...
Easy to apply
I just wanted a low profile cover. If you clen your screen properly beforehand (a proper clean) and don't rush application, the squeedgy provided eally helpsgeting out those odd little bubbles
It did exactly what i bought it for
It works.

You need to be careful placing the film but once on it works well (so far)
Very good so far
The instructions were not clear and I thought initially that I have bought the wrong one.
After a few days, I tried again and it all worked out
Perfect - exactly what I needed.
It's a perfect fit and easy to do. Arrived very quickly.
Great product & good service.
Excellent screen saver, easy to fit and doesn't spoil the look of your phone. Delivery was also excellent and speedy.
Screen saver
Easy to apply gives good all round protection even on the curved edges as it is properly shaped.
good product
Easy to fit and is still working perfectly
Samsung screen protector
Good product does it's job
Can Recommend
Good, clear protector that fits well with Samsung LED flip cover/ case. I found it easy to apply, although a few bubbles did appear. Suggest the placement be done carefully and next time I'll take more care. After using the "scraper" provided the few bubbles disappeared and the protector stuck well to the rounded edges of the phone. A bit at the top corner lifted but was easily stuck down again with some good pressing. Looks excellent and it's great to have a spare on hand too.
pretty good value
it is quite easily scratchable, but it does not affect image quality
A bit pricey
Had this screen protector for a couple of weeks.
Found it very easy to apply but after a couple of weeks it has started to lift at the edges but not enough to spoil the appearance of the screen. As the packet is a twin pack I have another one to swap if it gets too bad.
They were pretty expensive when compared to others .As with most things I think you are paying for the name.
This is a thin film, not a tempured glass cover. It seems the glass covers have a tendency to pop off after a short while. A problem I experienced.
This film will protect from scratches, not sure about protecting the screen from cracking, we'll have to wait and see.
Was fairly easy to install, provided you follow the instructions and have the patience to put it on slowly, getting rid of air bubbles as you go. I was afraid the sides would start to lift and peel off, but it's been a month and they are still firmly in place. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.
Perfect protection screen.
This is the protector I was looking for. Its thin and easy to fit on the phone and it gives 100% protection . I had one on my last phone and it never let me down.
Good price and you get 2 for your money.
OK at best
Another Official Samsung accessory I bought that doesn't meet expectations. All 4 corners have air bubbles and as fast as I remove them they reappear. I think Samsung should concentrate on making electrical goods which they do best!
S9 screen protector
Very happy
Great service
Great service
A good screen protector although for the price I would expect that. Fast delivery and good clear instructions with the mobile fun YouTube video. Slight downside is that a couple of the corners keep coming slightly unstuck I keep having to stick them down again with my finger but overall happy
Good product
Perfect product, my only negative is that the delivery took about 10 days which was far longer than I had anticipated.
A great Screen Protector
Very easy to put on, but you need to make sure you remove any air bubbles while you fit it. This product is very good.
Affordable touch screen protectors, but.....
These screen protectors are quite decent. Instructions were fairly straight forward and the adhesive on the entire bottom protectors snugs well onto my S9.

Only 1 star removed as it does form bubbles on the bottom corners on my phones from time to time, which i think its because i misaligned my protector. Nonetheless, I have an extra sitting in the pack incase i want to redo it.

Overall. Phone is responsive, it fits well with the pre-included transparent case with the S9 and would highly recommend
good as always from mobile fun
Great quality, easy to fit BUT not fully compatible with my case
Overall a nice thick quality protector. I just wish it was a tad smaller so it wouldn't compete with the otter box symmetry case and start peeling off
Fairly flimsy
Fairly flimsy
Not great fitting
Not used
I haven't used them yet!!
Good Quality
Very good quality, with excellent service.
Better than expected
Was a bit dubious as there is so much screen to cover but it went on first time with no bubbles and has stayed stuck.
S9 screen protector
Fits nicely
Brilliant, well made,it makes the phone slightly bigger but I can live with that as while at work I feel that my phone is protected, easy to remove and has a nice feel.
Fits the phone nicely
Could have been a little bigger in places and the curved screen makes it bubble from time to time but works well.
Using on s8
Works gr8 even on my s8!
Missed the comfort suggested by the brand
Very ;poor and abandoned within the hour. Product has potential for poor quality but thought the official Samsung product would be better. Sadly not.
review of my S9 screen protector
I purchased this screen protector for my phone and I must say I am very pleased with this purchase, it is very easy to put on and it is easy to get rid of the bubbles with the tool provided.
Excellent screen protector easy to apply supplied with dust wipe and bubble pushing card. Great product and great service. Thanks mobile fun

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