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Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Protective Stand Cover Case - Silver Reviews

The Stand Cover Case's bold lines and pinstripe suit design exudes confidence that will suit a success-loving individual. The built-in kickstand & military-grade protection are just few examples of Samsung's ability to offer superior innovation & quality.
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 4.3 stars from 13 customers

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No wireless charging
Intermittent charging with belkin qi wireless charger. Needs removing to be sure of a full charge
Otherwise a nice product
Really good case very strong and gives you a really good grip on your phone
If the case had a good grip at the sides
I like it
As you would expect it fits the phone perfectly, it feels well made and is nice to hold in the hand. I haven't dropped it yet so I cant attest to its protective capability
Best case for galaxy s9
Best case samsung knows what their product needs.
Side soft material and hard over layer material special plastic that is not slippery not like the typical one. With kickstand and Samsung's logo, it feels premium.
Not as advertised
It shows on website as silver but it's dark grey and like a builders case with no screen protector
Stylish and Practical
The cover fits perfectly with no loss of control over the buttons. The stand works well and the cover protects the phone from minor knocks and scratches.
Fabulous case
Love this case.....looks very sharp and the flil out stand is genius.
My opinion on the galaxy s9 case
Loved it ..
As described
Designer Case
Style, colour, quality and cost
The very best of the official S9 range!
10/10 - loving it! It looks and feels premium, which is what I have been looking for.

9/10 - it is not a tough case or a flip case with one of these built-in covers for the touchscreen, but the protection is genuinely more than adequate. I have not dropped it (yet), but I am sure it could take a beating or two.

9/10 - whilst this may not be required by everyone, I must mention that I do commute to work on a train, so having a kickstand is a blessing. #netflix24/7

?/10 - obviously, it is not as cheap as some of the cases, however, you pay a bit extra for quality, brand, design and packaging, which I am happy about.

Highly recommended.

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