Official Samsung Galaxy S9 LED Flip Wallet Cover Case - Blue Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S9's screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official blue LED cover from Samsung.
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superb product
fit for the purpose
Excellent product
Bought this for my new phone. Ideal case as very durable so protects phone well. Also lightweight and looks good. Good choice of colours available.
Ideal case at really good price
Would be looking for competitive pricing and good both from MobileFun !
It pays to have the best!
When looking around at covers for a phone that is the best part of £1K you have to think differently then you usually might. Previously I have bought off fleabay for cheap covers. They don't last too long, they don't look as good and ultimately don't provide the same degree of protection. So we bought the Samsung one and are delighted with the feel and look and functionality of this cover.
Linda Waite
Excellent case. Easy to fit and use the software that automatically downloads. Useful functions. Well worth the price.
Mobile fun has excellent service, and they are very quick in responding query ,
I loved the case, quality is just perfect.
Excellent cover
Fits well, looks good.
Great case however I ordered black and got grey
Does the job
I love this cover, does the job beautifully. Please bring it out in brighter colours! I don't mean neon pink, just a royal blue or ivory would be nice.
Very Good
Great item. Would have preffered Blue but this item is fine
Great cover
The cover is great and looks nice.
I was a bit disappointed with the communication with mobile fun, after purchase I didn't hear anything until the cover arrived.
Good quality case
Really good case fits very well. Offers excellent protection of the phone. You can answer calls without opening it.
A masterpiece of design
An excellent protector, easy to grip in the hand and holds the S9 securely without adding any significant bulk. I particularly like the auto on/off on opening/closing the cover. The LED features are very clever.
Absolutley love it????
I didn't realise there were so many things that it could show like a text or email being sent to me. I thought it only showedyou the time. For me it is brilliant.
Good quality case
This case is nice quality. Its tactile and useful as you can keep a bank card or notes in the wallet part. As it works with the phone you get notifications on the front when it rings or when you get messages .
Arrived on time and value for money
Really pleased with the case
If it is ok to fold the cover back or will that weaken it at the fold
Cover case
Very high quality, nice cover case, lovely colour.
Love the LED notifications
Description was very detailed and told me all I needed to know before purchase
OK, but lost the clock when wireless charging
Only hold one or two cards, I can't seem to answer the phone by swiping on the cover, and I no longer see the time when I charge the phone on the wireless charger.
Customer Service
I did not receive my order and emailed customer service heard back from them right away they did everything they could to find my order and ended up sending me another one as i hadn't receive my original order.
I love my Samsung LED flip case
Brilliant and very happy
I needed to trust who I bought my cover from as I love my new phone, I was not disappointed as my cover matched up well to my phone. Happy customer .
magnet too weak
* very good haptic
* not too thick
* looks and feels wealty
* mobile fits perfect
* call pick-up and talking with closed cover workes fine
* cover-LED look pretty fancy

* cover-LED is not lasting - would have expected, to see the time everlasting, not just for seconds

* magnet is too weak - display lid doesn't hold on mobil => no covering, when droping on the floor

No recommendation due to the weak magnet and therefore no sufficient mobile-protection, which is the main reason for buying such a product.
S9 LED flip wallet cover
A great quality phone cover at a great price
Good quality case
Had one of these about 2 years ago and loved it. Still a good case, like the features, but now realised that notifications only cover messages received by text - nowadays I receive more WhatsApp messages than texts and it doesn't notify me of them so wouldn't buy again.
I kept buying cheap phone cases, but they kept breaking.
My husband recommended this one.
I thought it was quite dear, but still purchased a lilac one ( favourite colour)
Its brilliant, I can see the time and messages through the case.
It's good quality.
its a great case!! great team from mobile fun!
Very nice case! Awesome and also the guys from mobile fun!
It not value for money, but look nice.
Very good product
Item does exactly as described. I feel it is quite roboust. Not flimsy. Would recommend. Have bought two covers previously for older phones and find them great. I love the sleekness and how slim the cover is.
Smart and elegant
The case is smart and elegant. It is not bulky like some so fits neatly in my car phone holder.
Works perfectly
The wallet has an LED display on the front, displaying time, charging, custom patterns for incoming callers. It is touch sensitive to answer calls and sleep alarms. You can talk with the case shut. All fresh gimmicks that also make the phone simple to use.

If it could fold to make inro a stand then it would be unbeatable.
Very nice cover
I would have liked to have a thin screen protector coming with this.
It lives up to description and expectations..well worth the money
Is the quality good and is it functional
Great case
Great case fits perfectly
Has this stopped working for anyone yet??
I had one of these for the S7 edge and it stopped working after a few months. Has this happened to anyone yet?
There is a little cable that runs through the edge of the cover that snapped.
Excellent product
Nothing my son's got one
More than I expected
To be honest, I was only looking for a cover to protect my phone I saw it had a digital display but did not realise what it actually did. Wow.... brilliant technology. And with the App that you get enabling you to customise your contact's displays it personalised your experience. Samsung well ahead here!!!
Great cover, really protects my phone
Nothing I didn't find out before hand
A good choice
This case feels nice to the touch and looks good.
Easy to open with no catch to undo. The case does not provide the protection of some other cases but is adequate for the purpose.
The Samsung Glass being tough compared to other phones.
For my partners S9.. Good quality, firm, feels safe in your hand.. And fun notifications on the outside of the case
Great cover
A bit pricey but a cool case.
Galaxy S9 case
This case is brilliant
Terrible case
Mobile Funs service is great and cases arrived very fast but unfortunately its not a great case. It needs a clip or something to lock it in place because when the phone is placed down flat the case keeps lifting back up. The display is not great either, good for calls and time but ive to keep opening the case to see if i got any app notifications as i cant see the screen or the little LED notification light.

Would never buy this case again. Annoyingly i also bought the same case for the Samsung Note 9 :(
Colour and strength
Great Case for the Samsung S9
This case seems to be an improvement to the equivalent S8 case. The slightly ribbed texture gives it a nicer feel and less likely to slip through your fingers. All round protection with the sides of the phone fully covered and protected.
Brilliant product
mutt wife loves the LED lights on the case. worth the extra cost ps everyone wants one who sees it.
68yr old female
I have a Galaxy S9 phone & this case fits extremely well. It's really light & compact. The purple color is lovely & the material helps you hold it. I just love it. I would highly recommend it.
Brilliant the best protection ever
I wanted to know the description and suitability for the phone
Fab phone case
Love this phone case. I'd spent so much money on cheaper cases that didn't do the job or broke easily. This case is robust and works great with my S9 and well worth the extra cost. Love the LCD screen. Very impressed. Fast delivery.
absolute poo
for the price you would expect the case to work it conked out after a few weeks of use
Is rather fancy but is really good. Excellent service as always
Great case
This case is stylish, and compliments the Galaxy S9 perfectly. It's great that you can choose various LED patterns for different types of incoming messages, so be aware of what's incoming without opening the case. With an in-coming call you can swipe the cover to answer, and talk without opening the cover.
great wallet
Quite good
The reviews
Doesn't disappoint
Excellent piece of kit. Looks and feels great. High quality. Offers great protection without being bulky. Stylish ????
Very good,delivery took bout 5 days which was fine
H o w long it takes to arrive ,extra costs,what to do if exchanging product.
Love This Cover
This is an awesome cover for the Samsung S9. It's definitely worth the investment. Get yours today. You won't be disappointed.
Very happy with cases
Very happy with cases and very quick delivery .....
Upgraded version of previous covers
Everything about it is very good, the only problem is the material used . As much as it looks great, it is very difficult to clean.
Nice case
If the callers name came up on the front cover
This cover is amazing. Worth the money.
Would definitely recommend it.
This product is amazing. I absolutely love it. Feels great on my phone and the LED function works perfectly. I've received so many compliments.
Doesn't work
Amazing technology, powered by NFC from the phone but it works for 15-20 seconds then it's gone until I reboot the phone.
Beautiful,functional and beautiful
it is a beautiful piece of equipment and a pleasure to hold in your hand. Since I had it I have hardly used my wrist watch.
Excellent. Tough. No problems so far.
No need
Fits Galaxy S9 perfectly
Item arrived on time.
Fits Galaxy S9 perfectly.
Calls can be answered and ended without opening the cover.
Quite expensive, only time will tell if it is good value
This is an expensive case but worth every penny - is a fantastic case offers great cover without being heavy good protection you can reach all the buttons no problem the best buy highly recommend. LED an additional bonus. if you have a good quality phone it deserves the best possible protective case and this is it in my opinion.
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Mind you it should do at 50 quid.
Excellent phone cover..Great sync with phone
great device to accompany my S9..Smart, neat and doea a great job.
Very good purchase.
I like the one card holder in the inside of the outer cover. Very handy.
Good protective cover
a much improved case than the S7 .Would have given it 5 stars but i am waitin to see if like the S7 after a software update the LED stopped working,other people seem to have the same problem,I will rate again later if no problems.
Great little case.
it would be nice to have the option to display more info such as text and email senders.
Great product, great service
I'm really pleased with this product - it's exactly what I was expecting from the description on the website. MobileFun's video reviews were really helpful in helping me decide what to buy.
Great phone cover
Thank you this phone case has come and it great
This is an excellent phone cover I especially love the led notification window. Mobile fun had always provided quality goods keep up the good work

Excellant Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Case
Best phone case ever. my daughter loves it, time & notifications are displayed through the cover. Case colour matches the phone perfectly. A 5 star product.
Love The Cover
Does everything and more. Very funky color too
Great cover
Excellent cover. Good protection and very good looking. Gets lots of jealous looks especially from iPhone users!
This is great
Love this wallet phone cover for my new Samsung galaxy 9. The screen is neat. Has so many options. Shows the message symbol when you get a text and phone number when you get a call. You can take it or decline it without ever opening it up.
Great product
I went for the "official" Samsung product for my new handset and I wasn't disappointed. Description told me everything I needed to know.

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