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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Silicone Cover Case - Green Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 with this Official silicone case in green. Simple yet stylish, this case is the perfect accessory for your S8.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62704

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 4.8 stars from 12 customers

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Spot on. Fits like a glove!
A good product. Does what it says on the tin.
Great case!
Item fits really well around my GS8. It doesn't make it too bulky as other cases do. The grip is fantastic and the phone doesn't slip out of the case. The only thing that changed for me was how I used the fingerprint sensor. I have to place my finger just right and apply more pressure than I would normally without a case. But it only takes some time to get used to. Colour looks exactly like the picture and it gives the phone a nice contrast.
5 stars
Great customer service.
Amazing product.
I am so happy with the transaction and would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Gives some grip!
Everything about this silicone case is perfect, unless you wanted to get it in and out of your pocket. Forget it. And while it's in there it will collect every ounce of lint and bits of dust.
This isn't a huge problem because you can just wipe it off but it's pretty much impossible to get this out of your pocket while you're sitting down.
Perfect if you're carrying it around or throwing it in a handbag, because it is really grippy and I love the feel of it in the hand. It's very sleek and sophisticated and having the fingerprint sensor separated out solves all my problems with that aspect.
In only a few weeks of owning it, while the case slips on easily and fits like a glove, one of the bottom corners has developed a small tear during application but that's minor leagues.
Overall, great case. So great. You wouldn't believe how great it is. But I am also going to buy a clear cover one so I can pocket it with ease!
Great item
After viewing the entire range of s8 cases. This silicon case has to be my most favourite. The s8 all glass case is far to slippery, I found it constantly trying to fall out of my pockets, usually when sitting down or getting into the car. The silicon adds some extra grip and feels nice in the hands. The inside of the case is lined with suede, preventing any dust and dirt particles from scratching the back of your s8. Mobilezapp had the best price. Delivery took 2 days after payment. Would recommend protecting your investment with this.
Cover for phone is great
cover for phone is great works well with phone
Very pretty
The case fits perfectly to my Galaxy S 8. I purchased the different brand from Amazon but it was disappointing so I had to return it. Since this case is made by Samsung, it really goes well with the phone. I love it so far!!!
Great fit and feels nice in the hand all buttons work fine ect
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Stops the slippy sucker
I ordered this case too late as I dropped my brand spanking new black shiny slippy sucker on the day it arrived. Its gloriousness meant nothing as it slid through my fingers and hit the ground, shattering the screen. When this cover arrived I cursed it and hoped its children would never support a decent football team. Then, Samsung took pity and my shiny new S8 arrived and when my purple case saw it, it was love at first sight and now they are inseparable.

It is a great looking case and makes the device retain its premium feel. It feels really nice in the hand and certainly secure. The button covers function well enough also. One issue everyone says about the S8 is the fingerprint sensor on the back. With this case you hit it every time and the camera stays smudge free.
Excellent product fits perfectly
Excellent product fits perfectly. mobile fun brilliant Company.

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