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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Pop Cover Case - Violet Reviews

The official Pop Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in violet consists of two ergonomic, easy-to-attach geometric shapes which bookend your Galaxy S8 Plus, adding a unique style and offering superior drop protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62725

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 3.6 stars from 5 customers

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Is beautiful and aesthetic, but does not protect the cell much of any blow or fall.
Acter 2 days of used, I lost the bottom part and after a week I lost the top part. I thought it was "clip" on the device not stick to it. And I gear VR et useless because I have to remove it to install the phone.
Who better than Samsung themselves!
I don't know why I was surprised when the product I purchased is the same company that it's for. Who better to make a nifty Samsung S 8+ case than Samsung themselves. I kept seeing my buddy take off the case on his phone when ever we we're getting ready to go out. I finally asked him why and he said it's too bulky to put into his pocket. With this sleek case not only does it slide into my pockets but it also protects. Many of the sleek styles only aappease fashion but aren't very practical. The space and design of this case allows for my S8+ to get a fast charge. With the wireless chargers being the direction of tomorrow this case far exceeds the rest in every area.
Great Phone Case
This case allows the S8+ to be itself and truly show off its infinity screen, while protecting the corners, which is where you're phone hits when dropped. I was worried that it may fall off, but there is a somewhat sticky panel on each piece' s inside to ensure it stays in place. Easily removable, it does not leave any sticky residue on the phone. Buy this case for your S8+, it's too good looking to wear a one-piece!
Good product
Does exactly what it says on the tin 5 stars xxxxx

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