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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet Cover - Violet Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8's screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official violet LED cover from Samsung.
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$63.23 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 27 customers

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Great colour
Smart looker love it
Great phone cover case
Works perfect, looks great good price.
Great cover and fit but expensive
Just to expensive
Quality made Samsung product
My only issue is the color but that's my fault, I should know better but not to make a judgement on color from the internet. Even the color above this comment box shows a darker blue and the fact that I had one for a S4, I assumed it would be darker instead of the light blue I got.

So my fault but don't rely on the picture, go see the product in store and you will see the blue is a lot lighter.
Great quality cases and good price.
Would highly recommend.
As the Samsung Galaxy S8 is as at home in a human hand as a bar of wet soap a cover is essential unless you're environment is wrapped in cotton wool. With this cover the only face that will be cracking will be yours with a smile. It's magic.
so nice to have my new Cover
Great Postage didn't take long at all and the Cover is awesome I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and so does my New Galaxy and really like how the time shows on outside of case Very Happy
Can't complain
Looks and feels nice, like the LED showing up on the front cover. Used it for about a month and no stain or wear/tear from use sighted.
Has the tendency to open by itself if you've had the cover folded back when in use; I just place it face down to solve this.
Galaxy S8 LED Flip Wallet Cover - Blue
The LED option on the cover is proving useful on Two fronts
a) protection of the phone
b) notifications on the cover -custom setup- make ignoring nuisance calls easy.. only wish some of the LED display wpould show for a bit longer
The item is slim so won't leave a restrictive bulge in your jeans pocket. The phone is held securely and looks good. The cover has LED and you can set different pictures to appear for different notifications depending which app is active. It feels sleek and warm.
I honestly cannot fault the cover from my own personal perspective.
Galaxy s8 led case
This flip led case is fantastic , its a really nice looking cover , it is easy to put on and remove if you need to. It has a really nice luxury feel to it and this is what I like the most so all in all you can't go wrong with this case it is in a word fantastic
This genuine item is a fantastic buy. It's the cheapest on the internet compared to other cases exactly the same.
It arrived within the specified timeframe.
Although, limited colours to choose from, the purple is very sophisticated. My husband has the black one, also nice.
Functionally, it's a secure protective measure as the Samsung S8's are quite slippery. Loving the LED display without opening... makes life much easier. Thank you!
Samsung S8 led case
Ordered the led case for my new S8 led display of time .msgs received etc .you can set icons for your contacts so you no who is calling etc.
Overall excellent item
Great Looking and perfect for S8
Love the functions and feel of the case and has an indented pocket for a credit card (perfect for contactless card).

Display is perfect without being overly bright and an eyesore.

This is the case for any avid S8 or S8+ fan.
Awesome case
Awesome case, good service. I like the colour and the fit to the phone.
Love my new phone cover
Love my new phone cover especially being able to it being interactive closed.
Good feel
The case has a giod feel about it. Easy to fit or remove.
I love it
Absolutely love my new cover.
So easy to set up
I made a mistake with the order, which was quickly rectified. Excellent customer service!
Great official cover.
Simply one of the best.
Very fancy.
Good case
Provides good and convenient protection for S8+. Slim enough to use with fast charger. Would be good if the case worked to power the screen on and off.
Another great Samsung flip wallet cover!
I swear by official Samsung flip wallet phone covers - they're incredibly durable and just feel like a better fit with the devices... this will be my third one but my first LED version. I know the type has been out for a while but I was still blown away by how cool it was when it lit up with the time and notifications. The violet is definitely more grey, and has a bit of a metallic flake, but I still love it all the same. It looks great with the orchid grey device. I also find that this case helps use the fingerprint scanner on the back - it sort of cradles your fingertip where it needs to be.
Fantastic Case
Almost need another case to protect this beauty
Fits perfectly and adds functionality to your phonI.
The case is wonderful
The case is wonderful,best colour but it hasn't magnetic.

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