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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Stand Cover Case - Violet Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in violet is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S8 smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
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$59.71 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 31 customers

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Very nice phone case
This phone case is convenient and protects my new phone very well. Also it looks nice and it doesn't seem to scratch easily at all, which was a concern of mine. It folds open well but I can also open it up for easy viewing by tucking the shiny gold faceplate under my phone. So I can get two different viewing angles. When closing the faceplate, it turns off the phone viewing screen and the side buttons are located well also.
Good case works really well with s8
Good case works really well with s8
Dropped it all ready and not a Mark
Works well with out opening it
High quality and very impressive, cool
A great cover with the see through facility and stand actually enhances the wow factor of the Samsung S8
Best phone case I've ever had!
To be honest I normally wouldn't buy a case of this price as I have never been that excited about them. Basically if it did the job I was happy. But I have to say that I'm glad that I bought this one. It's classy looking and protects the screen from scratches. It folds into a stand which is helpful if watching a video etc. I'm very happy with mine!
I received my parcel it's perfect original
Best case they have made yet. Maybe a bit pricey but worth it. Buy one well worth it.
Best case ever
Love it the sleek lines. Best cover I have ever had and I've had a LOT.. Love the colour the way it can stand alone. Use it when closed ... you won't be disappointed. Fast delivery x
Best Cover
Best cover I have had for a Samsung phone. Does what it says on the tin. Love the colour (blue) - matches my phone perfectly.
Well done Samsung
Great product and service
Really happy with the case and great customer service when I needed to get in contact.
This Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Stand Case is fantastic.
The phone is exactly what I wanted and what I have been looking for. It's a best buy for me and serving it's purpose. I really enjoy using it all the times.
good quality.
this is very tough
Good lucking and tough. Just like me.
I got this cover for it's ability to stand my phone on it's side. This it does with great distinction and panache. Also it's already survived a grinding against rock while under my sleeping mat. Bravo lads and ladies x
Very attractive and functional case
Feels very light and flimsy, but looks great and does a good job both as protection for the phone, and as a stand
looks good
looks good dropped phone twice since fitting the cover and my phone was protected - outer mirrored cover does scratch
Very lady oriented and stylish
I had ordered initially an S8 plus cover. Sent it back and already got reimbursed. This THE cover I wanted. It was a gift. And caused delight. Very stylish and also it's variability for viewing/stand makes it cool. I can just recommend This!!
The front flap doesn't ever stay shut.
This case is horrible! The front flap doesn't stay shut. My phone fell while in this case onto the pavement and I now have a smashed screen. Not worth how much money it costs!!!!
Looks great.
The case looks great. It has a textured looking back and a hard shell front. It's really more for aesthetics rather than protection but it can help against scratches and minor drops.

The case as itself has a speaker hole in the top where you can also put things like a phone charm. The front of the case can almost double as a mirror and you can stay on calls with the cover closed. The inner portion of the front is nice a soft material which should get rid of the scratching issues from the past ones.

The hard shell is scratch prone and the back of the case is made of a material that seems to be difficult to clean effectively. The convertible stand portion works as intended but it can sometimes take a few tries to get it to stand.

If you want a slender case that looks great this is one you should get but you still need to be mindful of what you do with it because while it does protect your phone the case itself could be damaged instead.
The case looks amazing I'll like to get another one but I wish there was more colors
Love the case .... !!
Love the case .... !!
I honestly was so excited when I saw that they had a view s case in this color. It amazing you don't have to flip your case when taking a call however it still has room for improvement I wish the case could stay close, it will make the phone less easier to scratch
Great product
Love my new purple S8 cover love I can see the time through the cover while my phone is protected and the purple is amazing.
Love it
Love the case just disappointed that it couldn't work with the glass screen protect that I also ordered.
Great product
Great product as described fits perfectly
Got to be best s8 case out there
Was no reviews when I purchased this case,as I pre ordered this and the phone.
The case is very good looking,having its own new unique style. The stand is handy for viewing videos,sports etc.
Protects new phone well without spoiling looks.Quality product from samsung.
Display looks great. Happy customer.
It's brilliance ought to draw the crowds!
The device is new as is the case all with a clear view,
It protects and shines its lines sublime,
Protects as if a wall enshrouds,
It's brilliance ought to draw the crowds!

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