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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Alcantara Cover Case - Silver / Grey Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 with this Official Alcantara case in silver / grey. Stylish and protective, this case is the perfect accessory for your S8.
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 4.9 stars from 10 customers

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The best!
I also did a good shopping with outstanding fit and touch! Thank you very much.
Nice and doesn't obstruct screen at all
In general this is a very nice and solid feeling back cover. I was a little disappointed that it doesn't look or feel as nice and suede-y as it looks in the pictures (it's more flat/dull and less shiny/luxurious). Still one of the nicest back covers of this type and doesn't obstruct the screen at all.
This is the best case for s8
This is the best case for s8 also the most elegant i used many mujjo speign case mate, but this one is the greatest and the best really i advise any one have s8 to get one
Great case
This is the best case I've ever had for a phone (as well as the most I've spent for one). This is the first time I'm not at all tempted to take the case off, despite how nice the S8 looks underneath. The case looks and feels very nice—especially when warm, unlike the glass of the S8. My only complaint is my dear of sweat damaging or discoloring the Alcantara. In my weeks usage of the case, I've had no such issues, but that fear nonetheless persists. I'd recommend this case to anyone, especially those already accustomed to premium cases, such as the Apple leather iPhone cases.
No muss no fuss
Ordered an as of yet unreleased in the USA case. Delivery was quick and the product arrived as described. No issues. The case is the Alcantara Samsung S8 case and has a good grip. Fits well, and doesn't seem to interfere with most screen protectors. As a plus it also makes getting to the fingerprint reader easier as it guides your finger to the scanner pad.
This case is so gorgeous, I absolutely love it.
It's such a nice color blue!
The suede texture is very soft and feels great in your hand.
I am a little worried that it may get dirty easily, but I like it so much I can't help but push that thought aside haha.
Definitely recommend!
Great quality and feel
After a week of use I can tell that the Alcantara case for the Galaxy S8 seems as though it will last a long time. The material and construction is of high quality and it feels very good in hand. The alcantara material allows for a surface that provides extra grip which is sure to prevent slips and drops. I also noticed, at least on the dark gray color, the alcantara does seem to have excellent stain resistance and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. I have not had any issues with sliding the phone in and out of pockets which was my major concern when deciding to get this case.

Overall I have nothing bad to say regarding this official Samsung accessory.
Quality Case at a great price
No one else had this case available except mobilefun.com which I was very excited. The case is very nice and has a premium feel. I also ordered the Samsung DeX through mobile fun againgreat price and timing. I will be making all my future mobile Accessory purchases from mobilefun.com thanks guys!
For the car lover
My RS6 has Alcantara seats so I couldn't help myself, feels lovely, fits well (it is samsung) and I love the detailing around the camera

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