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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Charging Battery Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Place your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into this convenient black case to wirelessly charge your phone when you are on the move. Thanks to the built-in 2,700mAh battery, you can still use your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge while it is charging wherever you may be.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57061

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 3.7 stars from 3 customers

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Top Case.
this is by far the best charging case i have owned and the fact that it's wireless is a big plus and it's very easy to remove from the case should you need to.
It does make the Phone heavier and thicker but that doesn't bother me too much as the extra battery life makes up for that.
Don't buy
100℅ would not recommend, the charging is so slow and you only get about 40℅ charge from the entire case battery life, complete waste of money better off getting something else
So far so good, used it a few time so far and handy if you want to have access to power on the move
Just got my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and like all of my phones before I always carried and extra battery (as my previous phones had removable batteries) what to do, I looked around and Morphie are very good and have batteries for all the top phones, I saw the Samsung Wireless battery pack and thought I would give it a try, so far so good, used it a few time so far and handy if you want to have access to power on the move, there is a small button on the top which will turn the battery on,the phone will flash up that it's wirelessly charging, if you take the battery pack off at any time the battery will turn off. It will make the phone thicker but on the plus side the phone is easier top hold. The battery pack will charge up the phone I believe about 60% as the internal battery on the S7 Edge is quite large (and very good leave the house at 8am with 100% charge and at Midnight I still have approx 50% left).

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