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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge QWERTY Keyboard Cover - Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience fast and efficient typing with the slim and incredibly protective official gold QWERTY keyboard cover from Samsung for the S7 Edge. With no Bluetooth connection or power required, the keyboard case won't drain your batter or require charging.
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$57.08 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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very good item value
I had 3 smart phones before I got the Samsung s7edge and I could not use them for writing messages or emails as I could never use the layout on the phone itself but now with the keypad case its just perfect and very easy to work. I hope they will have this keypad cover for the next Samsung again which should be the galaxy s8 edge. All in all it's a very good product. well done Samsung.
This keyboard is exactly what I have been looking for. I have always been a keyboard lover and loved the keyboards on Blackberry phones I had in the past and this one is just as good. Like with any keyboard you get used to it and accuracy and speed gets better each day. I also love the sound of the keyboard, it is a really nice light clicking sound.i also like the back cover that is part of the keyboard case. Gives good protection around the edges without making the phone look blocky. The screen size is not affected by the keyboard at all. I haven't actually taken the keyboard off the phone once yet because I like it so much. Well worth the money. It's simple to click on, eye catching and unique. If you like keyboards this is the best one out there!
Seriously useful device
Seriously useful device and easy to use after a little practice. Much better than the on-screen keyboard, especially if one has sausage fingers like me. The occasional 3-finger shuffle needs further practice, but this too gets easier with use. Overall, a worthwhile addition to an exquisite phone.
Amazing product
Amazing product & fast transaction / shipping!
So so
The cover with Qwerty keyboard is OK the keyboard is little to hard to press and it lacks of light wich makes it impossible to use in the dark
It is nice that you can take it off the keyboard part and now I use it that way but pricy around $60 for a basic cover
Compatibility is 100% since is Samsung cover
Excellent for old school keyboard since the Blackberry.
This item is very well made for those who are used to the keyboard like the Blackberry and the click sound when you enter a letter feels nostalgic. The good thing about it you don't have to use and you can place the keyboard on the back especially you will need too since it does not have back-lit for nighttime. I really recommend this item for people who has a hard time with touch keyboard . The back case feels great since it feels like rubber and won't slip your hand. The gold is a beautiful color and makes this phone look one of the most creative unique look. Hopefully the new version improve for back-lit use. I highly recommend getting this from mobile fun since no one has it and the shipping is great. Thanks
nice and handy keyboard cover
Keyboard cover works great!
Excellent innovation!
I was thrilled to be able to purchase this item. I have arthritis in my fingers which makes using as touchscreens difficult. I hope they make this available for all phone. Excellent innovation!
Great item
I have always enjoyed cell phones with keyboards. They have started to do away with the keyboard phones, but with the keyboard cover you get the full experience of a keyboard phone, great product and I have recommended it to friends.
Pretty much a perfect QWERTY keyboard. The only thing i wish it had was backlight keys.
Until Now, Excellent!
I'm an old fashión user. I always enjoyed the keyboard of my BlackBerry. Now I found this External Keyboard than, despite it take some space from the screen, leave enough area to keep enough information of the screen available. The only con it's that you need to practice a lot to avoid mistakes between Capital letters button and ALT button functions... I loved!!! Thank You for this accessory! I will try to buy the black one, it resemble me the HP calculator keyboards...
Case fits marvelously, and when the keyboard is snapped in place on the front, the screen re-arranges itself so no interactive content is covered. The keyboard just works, as one would wish.

I would prefer that Samsung made a QWERTY slider version of the S7 Edge, but as things stand, this is as good as it's going to get.

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