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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear Cover Case - Silver Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear Cover in silver is the perfect accessory for your Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.
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 4.8 stars from 82 customers

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Got the Samsung S7 Edge clear cover with silver edges and it looks stunning on my Titanium S7 Edge.
Excellent Samsung product. I bought the clear cover with silver edges for my S7 Edge which is titanium silver and it looks amazing. I'm not sure how much protection it actually gives but i would definitely buy it again for looks alone.
Perfect case for Samsung S7
This is a great case it has saved my phone so many times and it fits perfectly and looks great. This is the second one I have bought, the first one lasted over 12 months and was still ok but in need of a refresh. Would definitely recommend this product.
Stylish phone case
Really nice clear sturdy phone case and been using for over a year. Brought a spare too. Phone fits snuggly and helps keep it's stylish appearance and no bulk. If you're looking for something more protective against bumps etc then may not be for you. Have dropped on carpet and wooden flooring and been fine. May not withstand concrete floor drops.
Great case
Made to fit exactly, nice cutouts round buttons, protects corners without having spoiling th looks of the phone. Well made, great price and delivered quickly, you couldn't really ask for more
Good product, very easy to use and gives good grip to Phone, value for money.
Original case
Very good product. Received with in time.
Looks good on phone.
This is my 2nd one of this case for my S7 Edge. 1st one lasted a year but the corners eventually cracked from falls & would not protect the phone anymore. Having said that, it has protected the phone well for that year & is one of the few covers that doesn't take from the look of the phone. Hence the buying of a 2nd one. So sacrificing a bit of sturdiness for style, yet phone is perfectly well protected. I'd recommend it.
Gold S7 Edge
Just received my gold protective cover. Fit to the phone very well. If you are looking for a nude looking cases you may consider to buy this. The phone became clean and nice looking. The clear back cover doesn't stop the phone to shine. Very worth it to buy. This Official Samsung Clear Cover in gold is the perfect accessory for your Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The bumper style of this Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case means that you are still able to see the majority of your gorgeous new device at all times as the color of the bumper looks as same as the phone. The sleek metalic bumper runs neatly around your S7 Edge's edges to provide excellent side on protection as well as a raised lip which guards against damage when placed face down on a flat surface. The back of your new smartphone is also protected, thanks to the clear cover cases thin polycarbonate back cover. This keep your S7 Edge protected and highlights its splendid fresh look. Overall, nice to see, nice to hold but the drawback for me will be quite slippery compared to other cases that I owned. Thanks you.
Fit excellent to s7 edge it does cover properly edges.
Does the job
The Galaxy S7 cover arrived as expected and does the job.
very solid thing. perfect for that phone model.
Good product
This is a very nice product from Samsung clear backing to show off the back of your phone the silver trim around the edges was really nice match silver phone perfectly.The only disappointment from me was the delivery time, item dispatch on 24/8 and received item on12/9 far too long for oz customer so that will be my first and last order.
Excellent case
Excellent case. Was looking for a case that protects my phone without making it look bulky.
The edges of the case colour match my phone the back is transparent giving me a stylish slim looking case.
Love it new phone cover. It is so slim.
Love my new phone cover. Look like nothing on. Fab
Great Product
Cover fits my S7 Edge perfectly and is thin enough to not add unwanted bulk. Doesn't interfere with the screen protector I have fitted either. The cutouts for the buttons on the side of the phone make it very easy to find them. Glad I got this genuine accessory.
The case has a clear back so it looks like its your phone and not some cheap cover.
Lovely case takes nothing away from the beauty of the phone
Received within two days lovely case takes nothing away from the beauty of the phone easy to get out if needs be hopefully it protects 100% but is anything 100% it is a beautiful case tho would thoroughly recommend and mobile fun trusted sight so win win
Amazing slim
I got blue metalic cover. Is it so slim.i love itm
Sleek and functional
This case will perfectly suit any S7 edge owner who thinks that the phone is already beautiful and classy, but realises that a little extra protection wouldn't go astray. Fits perfectly without obstructing any buttons or access points. Looks very classy when fitted and doesn't hide any of the phones natural beauty. I initially thought it was a bit pricey for what you get, but I must say that I have absolutely no regrets and the gold finish on the case I bought really accentuates my gold S7 Edge. I highly researched Cases for the S7 edge before making my choice and I'm extremely happy with this one. Highly recommended to anyone that is reasonably careful with their phone, loves the natural look, but still realises that accidents can happen.
Love it
I have purchased this case for my boyfriend as I got the same one for myself few months ago. Delivery for both was super fast and whole process very easy. Mobile fun is one of very first website I look at for phone accessories.
Like the phone an excellent product from Samsung
I had purchased a wallet style case for my S7 Edge but found that it made it bulky and awkward to use. I needed something that would protect my phone but not add too much bulk and this cover fitted the bill. Other reviewers had said that there was little screen protection but I purchased separately direct from Zagg one of their curved glass screen protectors and in conjunction with the Samsung cover my phone is well protected and still shows off its good looks. I would highly recommend this product and at such an excellent price from Mobilefun.
Great quality product and quick delivery
All required information available.
The best
The best case to have for a galaxy s7 edge ,fit perfect and beautiful..
The best
Samsung Galaxy s7 edge I have bought a few cases for my new phone but this is the best by far the corners are strong phone is fully protected and it looks great !!!
Very Good Quality
The mobile case is an excellent quality one.
Very sleek and beautiful!!
Simply amazing
Best minimal case for the beautiful Galaxy S7 Edge. Protects the essentials without impacting the overall aesthetics of the device. It's also super easy to remove and put back on for cleaning or for using the Gear VR. I just L O V E I T :-)
Very pleased with cover. Did not make phone bulky. Looks well.
Non intrusive ,good design
Highly recommended case for the S7 edge. It compliments the phone well & does not add any noticeable bulk to the phone. Maintains the phones sleek look. Would give it 5 stars if it came with a screen protector, but this must be purchased separately
If you have this phone, you gotta have this case
I had this cover on the S6 Edge and liked it. This S7 version is even better. Makes the phone look super sexy...doesn't affect the handling of the phone...you can still feel the phone curving into your hand. It's well worth the price, even more if you have a discount voucher from Mobile Fun. Prompt delivery too! GO FOR IT!
Excellent case to protect my beautiful new S7 Edge
I was really delighted with this clear case for my new phone. The phone itself has an elegant design and this discreet clear case fits perfectly with matching gold edges so that its design suits the phone exactly.

Couldn't be more pleased!
Looks good. Limited protection
Case looks great but provides limited protection from drops.
Great case
Love the case.Very elegant and doesn't hide the beauty of the phone.Just be aware,that need to get screen protector too.
It is very good condition and quality
It is very good condition and quality and it is a unique as not available in Saudi Arabia yet. I will continue buyour from this website.

Thanks and regards
Nice fit but different style
I ordered this with high hopes that it would look good on my phone but I was disappointed. The blue/grey part was a different shade to my phone and it had a shiny effect instead of a matte one as seen in the pictures. In addition, the blue side casing was plastic, not a soft material (silicone etc) so I didn't think it would provide much protection in case of a drop.

The case did fit well, however, and didn't add any unnecessary bulk to the phone. Nevertheless, I will be returning it.
Just what I would expect from Samsung very good.
Great. Case
Great case thanks
Great fit and classy
I received the case in record time and the fit and look when installed on my phone was perfect. Lots of complements form family and friends (even though I rarely solicit such input).
Would buy from Mobile Fun USA again.
Beautiful Design
Mobilefun is the only website to carry the official case from samsung for the S7 Edge in gold. Ordering was easy and the product arrived as expected. I would definitively order again.
This cover is ideal; you would hardly know it was on the phone and protects all the important bits (you will need an additional screen cover though). Being a top phone you don't want to cover your shiny, new S7 Edge in a rubbishy cover, but I'd recommend this to anyone. Well worth the extra money.
A great product quick as a flash.
I bought this phone cover as soon as the new phone hit the shops and it arrived very quickly and was exactly what I expected. A perfect fit and excellent quality. It actually improved the feel of the phone for me, as it felt very slippery in my hand and I always felt like I was going to drop the phone.
Excellent fit and good delivery service. The gold blends in great with the gold s7 edge. Has a good lip so screen doesn't touch surfaces. Slim fit didn't make the phone more bulky. Easy to fit to phone. Perfect cut for the buttons and ports. Not tried with wireless charger as haven't got one. Seems like it may protect if dropped but don't wanna risk trying! Would've given it 5* if product came with a screen protector also. Quality product.
Nice clear back cover and shiny silver trims. Matches phone perfectly and it is not bulky.
Just what I wanted
Ordered and received in great time and just what I wanted.
Always get good service from mobile fun.
Light and not "in your face"
I've dropped my phone from a short distance and it bounced OK. It hasn't added much weight nor has it made it look bulky. Thankfully I can still see my lovely phone! I really didn't want to spend a lot on a phone and then hide it beneath a bulky case. I have to say I don't work in anything where it might get bashed. I'm also quite careful. Usually!
Awesome Case
Very happy with the case. Love it!!!
Very happy
Be a little patient with postage. Took over a week to arrive. Very happy with the new Galaxy S7 casee. Samsung product at very reasonable price. Highly recommended
Love my case!!
I love the way the case blends in so well with my phone and I since the case is clear on the back I can see the awesome metal of the phone. I haven't dropped my device as of yet, so I'm hoping it holds up as great as it looks!

It took a little longer to receive my case than I expected, but when I sent an email inquiry on the tracking I actually got a reply. Come to learn it shipped out a bit later than I had calculated.

Great experience and I'll use Mobile Fun again.
Perfect fit. Like the phone was built that way.
The best part of this cover is that it doesn't try to overwhelm your device. It's sleek, slim and shows off the devices existing lines and with a clear back, it's color as well.
Great Case,Great Kit
A superb case well worth the money.....
Excellent features
This clear cover fits perfect and feels comfortable in the hand and also super clear I drop the phone 2 times and nothing happened still is a piece
stunning case for stunning phone
I knew I had to get a case as the phone gala every drop text. Having pumped foil the bling gold unit I was worried a case might add a lot of ugly. It doesn't. It looks great.
Good product
I love the product it was everything that i wanted and more and if i did want any more cases/phone accessorys i will definatly will come back to mobilefun.co.uk
S7 Case
Great Handling and Protection. Perfect fit.
Very Stylish
Just recieved this case from Mobile fun uk, Very stylish and excellent finish, Best case for s7 edge,my phone looks more premium with this case... ...FAST SHIPPING & DELIVERY......
Perfectly minimalist
A perfect cover for those of us who don't want to turn our expensive phones into wallet lookalikes.
Offers protection to the corners and back of the S7 edge with a smoked chrome effect that blends perfectly with the aluminium contruction of the phone. The corners also protrude upwards just enough to offer protection from screen scratches if placed face down on a flat surface.
Being a genuine Samsung accessory, it fits snugly and securely and doesn't look cheap.
Great product
Great product and great service. It's hard to find phone protection that didn't take too much of the phones beauty away. This one has a good balance between looks and practically.
Love the case, was happy to be able to order before phone released soso I would be ready as soon as I got my new debice
Very happy with purchase and service
What a pity...
The only slim OEM case available and awful details spoil it. Rough inner cuts, flemsy/ shaky lateral margins, extremely scratchy and slippery...
It could be a great case but Samsung rushed things evidently.
S6 Edge Clear Cover had way better design, although clearly not perfect. And there was also the Glossy Cover available for Edge+, what a waist....
Pity, pity, pity....
Have had the case a week now and does the job perfectly: doesn't hide the good looks of the phone and allows full functionality; the wireless charger still works with this cover on(!); and the phone survived its first fall without a scratch (on to a concrete floor). Very happy.
The best case
This official case from Samsung it's the best case you can buy to protect your new precious S7. It's stylish, it fits perfectly on the phone protecting the most dangerous parts but leaving the feeling of the phone intact. Also the clear transparent plastic let the beautiful back of the phone shine.
As always original accessory are the best and worth the money you pay for. I suggest this cover to everyone
Love this case. I was worried it would add extra bulk to my phone and 'cheapen' the look but it doesn't take the look away of the mobile. The back is clear as stated in the description and looks really nice. Also the cover case gives a nice grip to the phone. Overall a brilliant product.
Love this product and a good website to buy it from thanks guys
S7 edge case
I am very happy with the case it protects my phone well without spoiling the look.
good product..great service
Still awaiting for the phone, but thinking how it will look beautiful and protected.

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