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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear Cover Case - Silver Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear Cover in silver is the perfect accessory for your Galaxy S7 smartphone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57065
$26.72 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 24 customers

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The product quality is great, shipping super fast, highly recommended!
excellent features
Looks great, but offers limited protection
One of the nicest looking covers I've ever had, but after a few months I accidentally dropped the phone from under 1m on the top edge (which isn't protected) and the screen cracked. Overall I was disappointed as one of the primary reasons for getting the case was so it offers protection from this type of thing.
Samsung s7 case
The case is a genuine Samsung cover made of hard plastic and is very durable.
The cover fits the phone perfectly.
The phone looks and feels good with the case fitted.
I would recommend this case and also mobile fun to Anyone.
Excellent product, fast delivery!
Excellent product, fast delivery!
Great case that looks great.
This is a beautiful case abd looks greag on the phone.I think its the nicest case ive had for the S7. I do find it a little slippery when u try to pick it up, but apart from that its grest. The back if te case does not scratch easy, whick is great. I dropoed the phone on a concrete floor and the only damage was to the corner of the case,it scuffed a little . Grest case. Ive bought another one .
Great product, slow delivery
The case is really nice. Sleek and stylish and gives my phone a similar comfortable curved feeling in my hand as if I was using no case. Complements my phone perfectly.
Normal delivery option is very slow though.
Great case with fast shipping
The case looks great and protects the phone well. The ordering process was very easy, with very fast shipping.
Sleek, Slim, Dazzling
Loved the case, it was everything I was expecting after reading about it online. Sleek, slim and matches the color of the phone perfectly. A bit more pricey than a similar generic case, but the glossy gold color on the side matches the phone perfectly and the clear base lets you see the gold color of the phone, very happy with my new minimalist cover!
Almost perfect
Fits phone perfectly, sleek and shiny. It's slim fitting so doesn't add much bulk to the phone.

Doesn't offer as much protection as other cases in the event of a drop, although I've already dropped mine with no problems!!!

The outer bumper will scuff after a time if you keep it in your pocket with change, but it still looks good.

Only 4 stars as the rear of the case has a slightly annoying Ridge which you can feel as you use the phone. Not a deal-breaker though.
Good cover
Good quallity cover - excellent delivery time. This is a repeat purchase - very happy again
Doesn't make the phone bulky - perfect.
Love my new case. It's exactly what I had hoped for. It enhances and protects the phone without adding bulk. I am always a believer that why buy and 'pretty or stylish' phone and then cover it in a case. I like clear cases and this one is great.
Superb design
This case is beautifully sleek and really adds to the look of the S7. I'd thoroughly recommend it.
Excellent Case
Fantastic case, enhances and protects phone.. Could be bit more grippy and would be perfect
Sturdy, sleek case
Sturdy, sleek case. Quite low-profile. Good bumpers that offer protection but don't stand out. There are tougher cases out there if you need a lot of protection, but this offers basic protection in a great, sleek case.
Just what I wanted
This case looks great and is very light weight - does not spoil the look of the S7. I haven't dropped the phone yet so can't advise on the damage prevention capabilities.
The best clear cover for my Galaxy s7. Love it.
Great service from Mobilezap and delivery.
Love it! Fits great works great with my charging pad.
Nice original product
Item was delivered as describes. Happy with the original product received.
Original producr
Ordered the clear samsung cover. Item was received as it was described. Highly recommended to any one looking to buy cell phone accessories.
Wow! Beautiful case as I expected!
That's a simply stunning case designed by Samsung and it makes my phone looks gorgeous. What's even better, surprisingly, it feels lighter and easier to handle too.

The customer service is excellent and the postage was very quick as well. I am very happy with the company.

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