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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 S View Premium Cover Case - White Reviews

Ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case. This white official Samsung S View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is slim and stylish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51997
$34.75 inc. VAT
 4.1 stars from 123 customers

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cool case
cool case
Not Long Lasting
I have now had 2 of these cases. It is a great design and lovely to use...apart from the fact that the plastic clear corner pieces which your phone sits in break very easily. I bought a second as a spare for when the first one was no longer useable because of this fault in the design. However, the second one has only lasted a matter of weeks.
Not what is is cracked up to be!
This is my second case (first one lasted a year!) and the lugs failed after just a couple of weeks. The case itself - with a view window which shows who is contacting you straight away - is a great idea, and I don't understand why the lugs are so pathetic in a relatively expensive case. I am afraid I have returned it and will not be replacing with the same item.
Most satisfied
I have used this cover in gold for 14 months. I obtained it from Samsung.
It is extremely useful, open the case to switch on. Even with the case closed the camera and phone are still available.
After all this time the case was showing no real signs of wear.The phone clips in with flexible corner holds.
The camera protrudes into a space in the back of the cover. Without the cover the protruding camera is vulnerable, with the cover it is well protected.

However I saw this genuine case for sale in MobileFun at a very much lower price than I had originally paid, so I decided to treat myself to a nice fresh blue cover and give my phone a new lease of life. Most satisfied.
Extremely Poor Quality from Samsung
For a company as big as Samsung to produce a case if such poor quality, beggars belief!!!

I'm on my 7th in 18 months and the only reason I keep coming back to it is its a free replacement courtesy of Mobile Fun.

With in minutes the case cracks at stress points where the case and phone met. From then on they get worse until eventually the corners fall apart and your phone just slips out.

Apart from that defect, the case functions as it should, protects the screen when closed whilst allowing you to use short cuts and make/receive calls.
Phone case is ok
Phone case is ok but case does not always close keeps opening so phone looses power through battery not to happy with case material..
Cool Blue Case
I love this case, it says quality to my face
I chose the blue as it will always look new
If you see it in the sale I would order it without fail
You won't be disappointed, you will be happy to flaunt it
Go ahead and buy, give it a try
Plastic corners that hold the phone in place broken
This case did not even last a month. Without being dropped once, the plastic corners that secure the phone have started to break (specifically the ones where the case folds over). I have always used Samsung cases with previous phones and have never been disappointed, until I ordered this one.
Very satisfied with the product purchased. I had one previously which had become worn and broken so this is a replacement and exactly what I wanted.
I ordered it for my daughter she has had one of these before from you for another phone.
It's worth paying a bit extra for the branded cases as they are often a better fit.
She is well satisfied with it and a first class service from Mobile fun.
Samsung Galaxy S6 S View Cover
The product is fit to my phone and the color is good. It works well. It's perfect!
Fits perfectly and does what it claims to do
Official case - fits perfectly and does what it claims to do.
This is such a great item
This is such a great item.....speedy arrival and original item and packaging
Nice but I'm worried
This fits my phone really well as you'd expect for it being made by the same manufacturer. It's nice to use and not bulky.

I kind of wish I got the non-fabric version as it is a bit more shiny than the fabric which is more like beige than gold. The fabric one might get dirtier quicker too?

But what is really worrying me is that after less than a week the bottom two plastic corners of the case, where the phone clips into the case, have cracks. I have not dropped my phone, and it lives in my handbag most of the time if it is not on a table or in my hand. I don't even know how the cracks happened.
Great, love it!
Great, love it!
Great Product
Having already owned the fabric official gold case which did the job but looked grubby very quickly although I looked after it and the corners started cracking and breaking I was slightly concerned about ordering this one but so far I am very happy with it. The colour is bright and easy to see and all the features work as expected. Long may it continue. Really like the window features.
Live the look and feel of my new cover at a great price.
Great phone cover
Really pleased with my new phone cover. I think that I have a colour and design that is not common in Australia and I am loving it's look. Would use this supplier again. Thanks.
Great casec
Bought this case for my son who was fed up with cheap market cases. Definitely a quality product that's a hit with my teenager. He can see his multitude of texts without opening up the case.
Case is nice and a good finish ,down fall is the case lugs
Case is nice and a good finish ,down fall is the case lugs that hold the phone in fracture after a few days,i have had 4 of the same and i have had to return all 4 Think Samsung need to do a re think .
Smart Case
Delivery very quick. I have a gold coloured phone and this case matched perfectly. Cost compared with Samsung site was almost half. Very pleased with my buy.
Broke within 2 months.
The clear plastic corners that keep the phone in place cracked within a month of use (phone hadn't been dropped heavily).
After cracks appeared sections of plastic started falling out. The case is now useless as phone is not held in place.
Previous Samsung covers have been great, but this one was very disappointing.
Wonderful cover...
Bought this cover to protect my new Samsung Galaxy S6...and am pleased to say that it fits perfectly and snuggly onto my phone and I feel more secure handling my phone without having to worry about it slipping through my fingers, as my previous phone had done in the past and cracked the screen...now feel that my phone is protected and as stated happier to handle as you have more to grip onto...

As before the S View cover fits perfectly onto my mobile, feels well made, looks great and well worth the money...
While this is a clever phone cover allowing you to see messages arrive without opening was overall disappointed
While this is a clever phone cover allowing you to see messages arrive without opening was overall disappointed. For the price the plastic clips around the case at each corner broke within 2 months also the fabric case quickly became grubby. I contacted the company regarding this was offered a replacement which was not an issue and decided this time to opt for the leather one in order to keep it clean although it is only in and out of handbag. They unfortunately send me same one again. Feel overpriced and would have expected more from a Samsung Product as I am a fan.
Good Case
Had already ordered a similar case previously but of fabric from different supplier. Phone glass front broke when case dropped as noticed some of corners had broken off. Checked where I could get stronger case and was directed to your website. Very happy with my phone now and case. Does not easily slip from case.
These cases keep phones in pristine condition
Puchased case for previous s4 from mobile fun so first place to get one for my new s6. These cases keep phones in pristine condition and are worth every penny. When it is time to upgrade a phone in good condition sells quickly so another reason to buy a protective case. Fast delivery too. Recommend mobile fun to anyone.
Quality Product
Product arrived in perfect shape, cheaper than most other sources as well.
You buy a case to protect your phone and if you are like me you buy what you think is the best one available. I loved the look of this case and its functions, what I did not expect was for it to damage the very thing I bought it to protect.

Within a fre weeks I noticed scratches on the top half of my screen right under the plastic window. Checking on -line I found out this was a known problem and Samsung have been replacing screens free of charge for users of this case.

I contacted Samsung and they told me to take my S6 and the case along with proof of to one of the centres where upon inspection they fitted a new screen to my phone free of charge.

So my very best advice is do not buy this case at any costs, you will deeply regret it if you do.
Good Product
I received just I wanted to have, perfect condition as the item was decribed
I bought this cover for my new s6 as I had a similar one for my s5.
I was so excited when it arrived but that didn't last long.
Within 1 weeks the clips on the side broke off so I had to buy a different cover. Such a waste of €money
It will crack on the sides.
The sides of the cover which holds the phone are very fragile.
It cracked after a few weeks of use and having never dropped the phone.
I suspect is a common issue:


Be aware.
Excellent service, excellent value
The pictures are an excellent replication of the colour, the case is sturdy and provides good protection for the phone especially on the corners. The window is very useful for seeing prompts and message.
This was part of an order for two phone cases, there was some delay with the other case in the colour requested, I was notified promptly and made an alternative selection. This was dealt with efficiently and an alternative arrived within a couple of days excellent customer serviceI will certainly recommend Mobile Fun for value and customer service.
Lovely case
Lovely feel on the outside with a leathery touch, and fits the handswet like a glove. Its great to see how the display changes when the cover is closed, and the phone can be customised to suit the case
Nice cover
The cover is nice and has a premium look about it. The window on the front is a really nice feature so you can see your notifications without having to open it up.
All that's missing is probably some sort of clasp or magnetic shutting of the case as sometimes it can flap open and I worry the phone isn't protected if it were to fall in this way.
Would recommend though.
Amazingly satisfactory
The S View cover for Galaxy S6 is a great product to buy if you want your phone to be protected from any sort of damage or scratches. Plus the interactive mini screen on the cover makes it more attractive for the user to respond to a message or a call without opening the front side of the cover. A must buy!!
Smart looking, You can answer phone with cover closed
For:- Smart looking, You can answer phone with cover closed, Charger and headphones are available when case closed, Slim and lightweight, Top half of screen is seeable through glass in cover, Shuts off screen when case closes.

Against:- Notification lights and front camera are blocked, Cover flips shut when flat, Stains easily - not cleanable, Not as padded as it could be.
Stylish and Functional
Case fits phone well and offers great protection including around the corners of the phone. Nice bright colour which looks great with white handset. I've fitted a screen protector too. Fabric finish makes it much easier to grip when taking it out of bag or pocket!
Great cover
Bought this for my Wife for her phone. She loves it. The phone fits the case like a glove. With the cover fitted the WiFi charging works really well. I would recommend this cover it is well work paying a little the delivery was gast I have never had any problems.
Excellent product, fast service
I have had this case for 3 weeks now and extremely happy with this product. It looks very stylish and also slimline which makes it very easy to put in my pocket.Having read previous reviews, wasn't sure if I would like the front window screen but must admit its a great idea. I have also put a protective screen on the front of my phone for added protection and this has not affected the performance of the case cover. Also excellent service from MobileFun as placed my order before Christmas and sill arrived 2 days later.
Probably the worse product i have ever purchased. The first one lasted about 3 weeks, the seconed one about 2 weeks. The top 2 clips that hold the phone start cracking and breaking. It is not a fault with mobilefun but with Samsung for making a shoddy product. I will not be buying another. Apart from that the case is excellent.
New Case
While description of this product was fairly accurate feel the case rather flimsy and do not feel it would protect case in event of fall. It does fit phone perfectly is not bulky however don't think this case will last long however only time will tell. While I am not a clumsy person I hadon't on occasion dropped my previous Samsung phone which was well protected by a leather case slightly bulkier however offering more protection. Like the window in the case however it gets rather dirty with smudges. Overall great looking case however rather expensive for what it is and not built to protect phone if dropped on hard floor.
Nice touchy-feely case
Nice case. Makes a very slippery phone less slippy.
Doesn't add too much to the thickness of the phone either.
As others have said, the cutout window is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, but no worse than the phone itself. Seems quite robust so hoping it will last. Bit pricey for what it is imho.
Very happy
Great product .,quick delivery
Do NOT buy!!
I recently bought this product to protect the screen of my gorgeous new phone. After a couple of days of use I noticed masses of tiny scratches directly under the clear s view area of the case. I have contacted Samsung who are replacing the screen free of charge. Looks like it's a 'known issue'
I hasten to add that this is in no way mobile fun's fault.
It''s orange and I can find it in my bag!
When you click your phone into this Samsung case it stays secured. The case is sturdy covers and protects your phone screen when not in use. With a choice of colours I found this to be a great buy.
Best case
Nothing better than this case.it fit perfectly. Thin and nice
Ideal case
Very clever design, protects really well but doesn't add too much bulk or impede use in anyway. Like the fact that opening the cover starts the phone up.
Well thought out product, well made and not bad value.
Highly recommended.
Perfect Case for my gold phone and great quality
All the information I needed was advertised. Thank you
Very gooooood
Good case. Fot very good
delivery time too long
I selected to have the item sent by mail as it would have been cheaper to buy from local shop if sent by courier, it took such a long time to arrive. You thing you are dealing with a NZ company think again. Items come from overseas. Item fine and maybe slightly cheaper but delivery time a bit long.
First impressions good.
On arrival this item was great but on further inspection today after only 2 weeks of use where the phone is held in with the plastic bits I have noticed it's cracked on all 4 corners as if it's been stretched too much by the phone. One of the edges is quite sharp. Otherwise a good product.
Great Case
Excellent Case Fits perfectly and offers good protection for the screen and the corners
Fits phone well without adding bulk
Have used MobileFun in the past and as on every other occasion excellent service and quick delivery. Item exactly as described. Fits phone well without adding bulk. Happy my phone is protected in my handbag. Would highly recommend.
Under Cover
This is a strong protective cover as the phone is so thin. I would recommend that everyone buys the cover with the viewing window as you can answer and see who's calling. The other reason for buying this is that it's a 1/3 of the price Samsung are selling it for. The flap folds shut well not like the previous cover on the S4.
This is a excellent cover to protect your S6
This is a excellent cover to protect your S6.First class product and service, highly recommended.
Great! !!
I purchase this cover and it's amazing. Best on the market ( eat your heart apple)
I received it quickly -very good it protects the phone and they are a great supplier too
Will definitely purchase from mobilefun again !!
Great Quality & Value
This is an excellent case for my S6,really good quality and value for money, I can highly recommend this product.
Good case
I've had the fabric case for 2 weeks and I think this is a good case that provides good protection for the phone without adding too much bulk and making the phone ugly.

- Phone is very secure in the case
- Screen is protected from scratches when in pocket with front cover
- You can answer phone and take pictures without opening case with S-view
- Does not add too much bulk
- Without a case I was always afraid of dropping it, so this adds much needed grip
- Case folds back and forward without issues
- Volume buttons still work with case closed

- Attracts dust
- Finger prints and smudges on S-view window, but easy to wipe away

If you are prone to dropping your phone alot, then not the case for you as it only protects the corners.
I am happy with the product
I have to say that you I am happy with the product & especially the fact you are cheaper than another store were charging, I saw the case when I got my new phone but wasn't happy paying more.
Your delivery was good & well packaged the only fault is with the product as the window does get smeary, but this is a product fault other, than that all good.
This case was perfect for my phone and I have already ordered one for my wife. Delivered when promised and true value for money.
Good value
I like this case,
I had a Samsung S view cover for my previous S4 which worked quite well but this S6 version is better.
I can see information through the window, answer calls, see who messages are from without opening the phone.
Due to the design of the Galaxy S6 where the phone back cover is not removable the cover fits over the back and has plastic corners to clip it on. These add a little bulk but they also enhance the protection in the event the phone is dropped.
All in all a good purchase.
Perfect Service and Product
The case does exactly what it says and it is easy to use the phone and camera without opening. It feels a quality product, as it should at the price. I have already managed to drop the phone on a hard shop floor but it and the case are unscathed.
MobileFun offer an excellent service and the product arrived next working day despite opting for standard delivery.
Great case
Easy to fit and great to use. The case tells the phone if the case is open or closed and adjusts the screen accordingly.

Shame there is not a wider choice of colours but that is not the fault of Mobile Fun.

Def worth the money to buy the superior case.
It gives me a window for easy read and quick access to operate
I really wanted a case that would give my mobile protection and I am glad to say that the above does not only do that but much more besides. It gives me a window for easy read and quick access to operate. must say this is the third case that I ordered and finally found one to settle for...the other two were given to charity shop! Delivery was prompt and I am now glad that my search is over.
Not the best quality control
This is the second Samsung Galaxy S6 S View Fabric Premium Cover Case I have purchased and both of them have had issues with the corners that hold the phone in place cracking and eventually failing completely.

This is due to the material that Samsung have chosen to use being brittle causing it to crack and fail. With the first case I thought it might have just been a bad batch so I waited until it failed completely and ordered another one as I like the style of case.

Alas it seems that Samsung haven't yet fixed the issues as the new one has the exact same problem and within an hour of the phone being in the case the corner started to crack again.

This is just with using the case normally not removing the phone from it or anything like that just with the phone sitting in the case.

Save your money and get something else until Samsung fix the issue with the material they are using for the mounting plastic corners.

100% would NOT BUY AGAIN :-(
All reviews we're precise the product is excellent all products that I have purchased from mobile fun are better than any product off the high Street
Rubbish cover
I have ordered several items from Mobile Fun and the service has always been very good. But Samsung need to do something about this case for the S6. I have now had 2 covers and within days the cheap plastic corners crack and split and if your not careful this can scratch the phone. The cover looks good but the quality is cheap and nasty as is the price. The only bonus was that Mobile Fun had money off so I did not pay full price. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is an expensive phone that I like many want to protect so you would think that Samsung would improve their accessories!
I'm very happy with my case
Happy with my new case as it's what I wanted thanks
Excellent service and genuine product
Very swift and efficient service supplying a genuine product at an excellent price.
Excellent Product, Speedy Delivery and Efficient Service
Thank you, Phone case as described, excellent product, the delivery was within a day and the whole process was very efficient. I would use this site again. Thank you
Samsung s6 case
Brilliant love how it's comparable and not bulky. Quick delivery too.
Great cover
Does exactly as it says. Looks to be hard wearing. The only draw back is that the cover viewer/screen is hard to clean and also the flap doesn't stay shut like some others but it fits like a glove!
Really good phone cover it looks good and fits phone well
I was bothered about the fit and strength of it as my phone fell out of a previous cover I had.this one is very good and looks so cool!
Great premium cover for your S6 !
Great genuine Samsung protective case for your S6 with a unique design
fatal bad quality of the corners of cover
I bought this cover and after 2 days 2 corners start to crack and then break.
Truly premium
Brilliant product. Really happy to have it
A let down
This is my second Samsung S view case, having loved the green one foe my old S4 I decided to buy another for my shiny new gold S6. I ordered the one described as gold, however, there is nothing gold about it, its beige! The window is constantly full of finger prints that I cant remove and the case itself gets marked very easily. I feel that I have wasted my money this time around, if I hadn't paid so much for it I would bin it. My case also had a pull in the fabric on the back when I opened the box. Not impressed at all.
Great product and great service
Having read a review that said the (p)leather version of this flip case 'felt like plastic', I opted for the fabric version and I'm extremely happy with it.

As a Samsung product, it naturally fits the S6 perfectly. The magic window is great, and flipping the case open is great for switching the phone on to tell the time (as I do often) rather than fumbling for buttons. Yes, it does attract fingerprints, but so does the phone and, any rate, surely that can only help the police in retrieving stolen devices :)

The full RRP for the case is a little pricey, but the discounted rate on mobile fun brought it back down into the range of other, similar items, and I'm really happy with both the quality and functionality of this case. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it.

Great service from the site, too. It arrived the next day, so bonus points.
s view case
Hi, just got a new s6 phone up dated from s4 the s view case i bought for the s4 was great case felt good the front cover view slot was the good not to big not to small.The new s view case i bought for my s6 is ugly, sharp edges the s view slot is nearly double the size of the s4 finger marks over the s view screen cover. has a habit of not closing very good, in all i think i have wasted my money.
This case scratches the phone
Avoid this cover. I too have found that the clear viewer section actually scratches the phone when things get caught between it and the phone.
Samsung Galaxy 6 phone cover
The phone cover I purchased works really well and is all I expected it to be.
SVIEW Cover for S6
This is a really great piece of kit. It allows you to answer your phone or reject calls without having to open the cover. Also, being an official Samsung product, you know it's going to be of first rate quality. The cover doesn't make any difference to your ability to charge the device using the wireless charge pad. Most important of all it keeps your phone in perfect condition.
Excellent protection Excellent Mobile Fun value
Ordered Sunday night delivered Royal Mail 1st class Tuesday. Premium is the correct description. I was expecting a "fabric" feel surface but it is fabric. Web picture looked like bright orange but it is in fact a rather sophisticated orange and I like it. I paid only 50% of retail presumably because orange is not popular. Highly recommended!!!!
Quality product speedy efficient next day service to northern Ireland (astonishing )many thanks
Overpriced but still great
I'm not suggesting that Mobile Fun are overcharging - it's Samsung that's at fault here but if I'm daft enough to buy one I guess that's why they charge what they do. :) Anyway, I really like this case and the fact that you get to view notifications through the case's window - and you can take pictures 'through' it as well which is pretty clever I reckon.
I was kind of expecting it would have a very light magnetic closure to prevent the case from flapping about but it doesn't. However, the case still seems to keep closed nicely so the design has obviously been thought through. It's really well made and I love the feel of the fabric outer which makes a nice change.
An awesome bit of kit!
This has got to be the best phone cover I've ever had. It feels like a quality material. When you close the case it's a proper fit. There are corner protectors in case you drop it. I am absolutely confident my phone will be protected. You can answer your phone through the front window screen and also it has an option to put a personalised photo as a screen saver, a very cool option I've never seen before. I feel that it's safer and easier to use my phone due to the case, I have a safe and secure grip of it due to the material. I was very impressed with the fast delivery. I would highly recommend this company, and also the product.
good service
Great service and just what I was looking for, it looks great on my phone and has a nice feel to it. 5/5
This case fits like a glove, and the phone is very secure. It feels nice in the hand, and is definately tailor made. A nice touch is when you close the case, the screen size changes and fits the view window, changing back as soon as the case is opened!
scratched screen
I liked the case and features but it was supposed to protect the phone. I was constantly wiping little bits of debris of the s-view before closing and still my new phones screen got scratched.
Excellent Quality Product
This case us very smart looking and robust, giving good protection to the phone without adding too much bulk or weight. Like most cases of this type the front cover has a tendency to refuse to remain closed but I find if you rub your finger up and down the front edge of the spine 2 or 3 times it will then stay closed. I think a cover of some type is essential for the S6 because the glass back of the phone is very slippery. The cover is well made and I think it will have a good life span. It is bit expensive but worth the money in my opinion because I've found that cheaper ones only last a few months.
Samsung Galaxy s6 cover
The cover does the job but for an original Samsung product looks cheap and nasty. I would not have bought it if I had known this prior to buying.
Bit pricey for what it is, however, it does what it says
I chose this one because of it being compatible with wireless charging. All other makes have no information on this particular issue at all. And yes, it works as it says on the tin. But for the quality, if its price is around £15, I would rate it as a star product. But for the money asked, I can only give it 3 stars, even though it is a genuine Samsung product.
very nice fit perfectly
very nice fit perfectly
Very dissatisfied, would not recommend. The case is cheap looking, for the price it should be leather not vinyl.
Galaxy S6 S View cover
Excellent cover, sleek and gloves the S6 beautifully.
S6 Phone cover
I would like to know that it does the job properly and without any doubt it does. My S6 fits it like a it was born to it and it looks good as well. All I need now is to find out how to drive my new phone as its rather upmarket to my old job
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