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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Wireless Charging Pack - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Place your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ into this convenient silver case to wirelessly charge your phone when you are on the move. Thanks to the built-in battery, you can still use your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ while it is charging wherever you may be.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54534

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$39.82 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 2 customers

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An different approach to charging
From the pictures and Samsung website this case charging case was difficult to comprehend from several aspects. What was the capacity and how did this case work. Samsung website had no technical details concerning the case battery capacity or the Galaxy S6 Edge plus original battery capacity.
From my research the phone has a 300mAh internal battery and the case a useful 3400mAh. The phone is held in place by soft rubber surround rather than any clips, making it easy to get the phone out. The case charges the phone quickly using wireless induction and has plenty of capacity to extend phone use. Only downside is you can't use the rear camera whilst in the case charging as there is no camera lens cut out, therefore not a permanent case for most people. Good but quirky!
This item is not available in the US. Samsung shows it on their website but you can't purchase it. The battery in the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Plus is smaller than other phones and not removable so this is almost a must have. I love it!

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