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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Clear View Cover Case - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in blue black is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54505
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 151 customers

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Good value
The case is nice. Sleek design and exactly as described in product overview. Only downfall I have regarding this case is that the front cover does not stay closed. I believe if I were to drop my phone and the case was open the screen would be cracked. I've also dropped it a few times already and the phone and case separate upon impact. So far so good.
As described - well recommended.
Exactly as described. Original Samsung cover that was quite difficult to find on the internet. Complete service and delivery was very quick. Would certainly recommend and buy from this supplier again.
Brilliant cover and speedy delivery
First of all....delivery was insanely quick. I ordered the item late afternoon and it arrived the following day which I did not expect at all. The item was for my sister who is really happy with the cover and is impressed that she can conduct calls with the cover closed and it has not compromised the sound quality of the phone. Her only suggestion for improvement would be for there to be some type of clasp...perhaps magnetic that gently holds the cover closed. Currently, if you happen to be holding the phone face down, the cover will flop open. It's not a huge issue and overall we have been impressed with the product and level of custoner service.
Wow, very nice
Very nice smooth and reflective case. Makes the phone much easier to pick up. Works great with clock and touch features through the screen. Highly recommended.
Worth it!
Tbh nobody noticed my phone until I started using it with this cover. It just looks awesome and very classy! Experience with mobilefun customer care on delivery of this product was pretty good.
Didn't give 5 stars because of the scratches on the screen..use a screen protector before u start using this cover.
Great Service!
I was initially a bit concerned as I received 2 confirmation emails and invoices, however after checking that only one transaction was charged my fears disappeared. It only took 7 days to get from the UK to NZ which was impressive. The product itself was a bit scratched up but this was only superficial. I would suggest MobileZap to my friends and family.
Elegant product
I researched information regarding product from previous reviews and therefoe was able to make an informed choice. The product itself is elegant and stylish and provides excellent protection for my phone without the "clumsy" look of other phone cases. I am proud to let others see how "smart" my "smartphone" looks in its matching shinny gold case.
This case has damaged the screen at the top and bottom
Fantastic service from mobile fun. Delivered on time. Its a shame I can't rate the product. I purchased a genuine Samsung case for my s6+ edge. This case has damaged the screen at the top and bottom. Also scuff marks in center of screen. Very poor product. Will be contacting Samsung to try and get screen changed.
I was afraid to receive not original phone case, because price seemed to be too good to be true, but I was nicely surprised, I received original case with original packaging, it suits my phone wonderful.
Recomendet mobilefun to my friends, everyone was satisfied, would recomend to everyone.
Excellent product
The case is sturdy and extremely good value . Packaging and delivery time first class.
The most important thing is that what u see in the adds the same u recieve.
Fast service and best price.
Just what it says on the tin. Fast service and best price on the market.
Just falls short of full marks
Great phone case robust, stylish and light.The only thing it lacks is a catch of some description to keep it closed when it falls. Other than that it ticks all other boxes.
top case
Looks really classy and decent weight. Definitely a recommend if you have the he s6 edge plus. Love the feature of being able to answer the phone without opening the cover or view any messages. Overall a very good product
Amazingly satisfactory
The S View cover for Galaxy S6 is a great product to buy if you want your phone to be protected from any sort of damage or scratches. Plus the interactive mini screen on the cover makes it more attractive for the user to respond to a call without opening the front side of the cover. The view from over the case gives the phone a unique and classy look that definitely catches so many eyes.. A must buy!!
A high quality case that protects, looks sleek and retains functionality
This is a pretty cool case. You can see and use the phone through the case, but it still feels high quality and slick.
wonderful stunning mobile case
It is wonderful stunning mobile case I ever seen.before that I bought 3 case from different brands. All are crappie. But this one absolutely superb. It is slim and slik and stunning design. You can use as a mirror when it is shut. Easy answer and reject option.simply I am very pleased to buy this.
This is a great case and protects the phone very well. Thin so doesn't bulk the phone out too much which is good especially on the Edge+
love the cover
Very good cover. Protect. And phone dosn't look big at all whit cover. I got grey colour. Because my phone is black.love it. Thank you
Fantastic price and service!!!
Found mobilefun a pleasure to do business with, I purchased a item through ebay and it arived super quick.. great product! Great service! Would highly recommend this site and its products.

Many thanks
Amazing case!!
I love this case I have gotten so many compliments and I have been telling my friends and clients Mobile fun had it for a great price & awesome deal. I m really happy.
Thank you
Great phone case
As you would expect from Samsung great case offering good protection, great looks and functionality with the case closed
Samsung clearr plastic case
Perfect case for keeping your phone looking good whiilst not making it bulky you can also answer calls without opening the case and d also use the wireless charger
Received product, exactly what I wanted, works really well - especially the fact you can interact with your phone with the cover closed - awesome... thanks
Great product
Great product, really light weight , ptompt delivery

Highly recommended , a must for protection and style for ya phone.
Excellent Cas
Purchased this for my daughter, and she absolutely loves it. Keeps her phone clean and safe while looking stylish.
Outstanding cover
looks amazing
Wanted a phone case that didn't ruin the look of the phone.This case is perfect. Protects the phone well and the gold colour looks amazing,just like the phone. complements the phone well.So glad I bought it.
Good not great
Good case, protective and fits well. Not as much fun/cool as dot view case of htc as Samsung seem to think but we'll worth it. Works well with wireless charging and folds back well. Good purchase if you look after your phone.
The Perfect Fit
Though cheaper cases are available, this one is made for this phone, well mine to be more accurate!) It takes nothing away from the sleek good looks of the phone, yet, without turning it into a phablet/large brick, gives the phone the protection you want including the front which you can still see - eh?? Get one, you'll see what I mean.
Good bit of kit
Case is really good and perfect for what I need only thing I am noticing is it does show up scratches. This is probably down also to my working enviroment though.
Awesome Purchade
Great purchase, makes my phone look very elegant.
Very strong and durable case super happy with my purchase
Pure Class
The clear view cover case is an absolute dream to look at, and feels so silky smooth in your hand.
I read reviews that the mirror finish on the case was a finger print magnet, so what, just give it a wipe at the end of the day looks like new again.
I also heard that it gets easily scratched, mine doesn't because I don't drag it along the surface when I pick it up, besides isn't it better to mark the case rather than the phone? In my opinion does what it says on the tin. Can't fault it, love it.
Sheer Gold
I love my gold mirror cover it enhances the product while keeping it protected at last a light and classy cover!
I got this case as it was the only case that would fit the edge plus at the time (day of release ) and it was great ...
BUT I have just had to send my phone back as the case has scratched groves all down the left side of the screen Samsung have replaced the screen and sent my phone back in the same case that did the damage they just took the plastic off that I left on so it don't get scratched
Good quality
Good quality item
Great product very strong - expensive but worth it!
Great product very strong.
Very good
Found this service very prompt with there delivery and product great quality and good value
very pleased
- Colour is a perfect match to the phone colour
- protects the front and back
- can still use the edge function as cover is shaped to accommodate it.
- light and doesn't add bulk to the phone
- can answer calls without opening the cover
- if making a call you can dial and then close the cover without disconnecting.

Only negatives I've found which aren't enough to put me off are
- scratches easily
- no 'lock' to keep the cover closed.
- if holding the cover open for awhile it won't close over properly unless you then lay it on its front for awhile.

All in all I'm very happy with it, and the negatives are minor.
Great product
Great product. Delivered quickly. It is an amazing case for the Samsung s6 edge plus. I would recommend anyone to buy from mobile fun. High quality products at amazingly low prices.
Love it
Love how it looks.
Excellent product
Does what it says, adds style and protection while offering touch features while the cover is closed, admired by friends.
It's good, but not quite Carling(!)
Does seem to make my handset 'bulky' and the cover could use a magnetic closure but apart from that it protects both the front and back of the handset really well - colour is a perfect match ****
Waste of money
After just 1 week the case is scratched and finger prints all over it.
I am careful with my phone and bought what I thought was a nice case and at £30 thought it would last.
There is a gap at the side so it doesn't completely close and therefore not protecting phone as I would expect.
I keep it in my bag and only get it out really for going on line so maybe an hour a day I use it and finger prints were prominent from the word go.
I am really annoyed that I spent £30 on a case which now looks discustng after a week.
I usually get cheap cases from eBay so will be going back there. At least I know they last as long as my contract does.
Gold flip case for Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus
Excellent case, fits phone perfectly, actually looks as if it is part of the phone. The case is really light so doesn't add any weight but it is strong, I've already dropped my phone on tarmac and was expecting the case at least to be damaged but it was fine. Highly recommended.
the right cover for a beautiful handset
This is exactly what I wanted for my handset - delivered quickly and efficiently- thanks mobilefun
When I got my new phone i was worried about damaging the large screen. this cover solves that problem, looks mega smart and also enables you to answer the phone without having to open the cover...perfect!
fantastic finishing touch
Absolutely love my new phone and the mirrored case finishes it off perfectly. Great quality. Cheapest supplier also which makes a difference. Really happy with the quick service too.
I recommend this site
looks the part but few issues
This case looks sleek and sets off the phone nicely. The 2 issues that I see are: 1, The front flap does not stay closed - no clip or magnet closer
2, I accidently dropped it, not from any great height and the phone popped out of the case due to the fit to the phone not being tight on the corners

Would I buy this again - problem not as safety is more important to me than looks
good but not quite good
its actually cool and very beautiful . cover itself is amazing, its just that it wont work with my wireless fast charger . is it supposed to be compatible ? lol
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear wireless charging isn't working through the case, however other customers seem to have no problems so might be worth checking your wireless charging unit to see if it has any issues?

Hope this helps.
Great Product
This is just what I wanted. It protects my phone and allows me to answer with the lid closed. I recommend it.
A stunning case
what can I say to start with?? I love this case, it is absolutely stunning and practical. Protects the phone really well.
Arrived in very good time and well packaged.
The price is also very attractive,,,,best price online!!!!
great product at a great price
The clear view cover fits the phone perfect gives great all round protection when closed and doesn't impede on the edge screen while open, it allows youn to see your clock through the case and answer calls no problem when closed, perfect if you want all round protection and looks great too and can't any cheaper anywhere else
I absolutely love this case
I absolutely love this case. 1 it matches the phone perfectly. 2 it's light and doesn't add much weight to the phone. 3 when you close the case you see the time and through the case you can see anything that's going on, messages etc. 4 the phone is really nice looking and this case does not detract from that. 5 it's a good price for a great case.
Great really compliments the phone
Great really compliments the phone, protects and enables you to access the display easily
Well worth the money
Genuine Samsung case which when closed will display the time and any notifications without having to open it. Auto wake/sleep function when opening/closing. High shine cover which fits perfectly and simply. Add to that Mobile Fun's competitive price and fast delivery and this purchase is a no-brainer!
I like the quality of the product. The interesting thing is that the face is "see through" so it is convenient to see who is calling and decide whether you want to accept the call or not.
Great case
Great case functions great looks great. Fast shipping. Most of all the price is super great. I get compliments all the time . I only had it for a week. I got that phone swag now.
Case is light and protects the phone well
Case is light and protects the phone well a must for any Galaxy s6 plus user
Fits perfectly
Bought this case for my new phone. The colour matches the phone really well and fits perfectly.
Unbelievable you can see who is calling through the case, answer them and disconnect without opening the case. It also charges wirelessly through the case. Stylish and practical what more could you need and at a great price
Great experience
Happy with product. Great and reliable service
Great case but gets scratched very easily
Great case but gets scratched very easily.Like the way you can see you alerts through the cover
Well worth the money put the look of the phone in a whole different class! At last some sort of protection.
I love it
I love it although it was back ordered, I finally got it and love it.
love it
Excellent buy again hubby very happy fits perfect and looks great thanks again I'll b back for more stuff
this was a great addition to my phone.. excellent quality and great value. delivery service was .
This was a great addition to my phone.. excellent quality and great value. delivery service was excellent
Clear view case clearly damages display screen
Please be aware the clear view case causes abrasion and blemishes to the so called gorilla 4 display screen, debris and dust tends to get trapped between contact of the screen and the case. My phone has now been sent to samsung for investigaton, please be advised to purchase screen protector before using the case, ideally samsung ought to accompany case with protector.
Excellent Accessory
This case is the perfect enclosure for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It is sleek and does not detract from the elegance of the phone like so many other cases do.
wonderful case at a great price
Orded this case from here because it was cheaper than the phone shops and belivery was very fast,on opening the case and fitting it looks fantastic on my gold phone,i have not had any issues with it collecting dust inside like the 1st cases so no scratchs to the screen,having a note 4 before this case is the best ive come across than any other
Delighted with my new Samsung case. Especially as it was about 50% cheaper than any other supplier

Even though there was a delay in despatching the case I was kept informed.

Will definitely buy from this company again
Worth it!
I was somewhat reluctant to spend the amount of money I did for a mobile phone cover, however now that I have received it, I am so happy that I did! I love the cover and am happy with the service provided!
the item is very well designed fro the s6 Edge+. it fits perfectly and has better access to the side buttons. my phones looks very elegant. notifications can be viewed without opening the phone which is good feature if you just want a sneak preview of the incoming messages or emails.
Fantastic and Brilliant
If you are like myself and like to look after your device, to prevent any damage also scratchs on the screen, then this is the perfect case. I love the case, it looks great on the phone and it's a perfect fit, also keeps the device slim. Worth the purchase.
clear view cover gold samsung galaxy 6 edge plus
This product is great. It's smooth and shiny case adds great protection aswell as class. Looks great on my device and the clear view cover allows you to see the time and ur messages and other notifications without opening the phone.
Recommended this product very much has a strong cover although Ullapool have to Polish it a lot being so shiny it attracts your fingerprints.
great product
Fits perfectly works perfectly very elegant
Looks good.
Looks good.
Lovely - but expensive
A lovely, elegant, (slightly) intelligent and effective case (though with the usual warnings of avoiding getting grit caught inside it). It's just a bit expensive...
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