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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Standard Battery with NFC Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Also features built-in NFC.
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 4.8 stars from 70 customers

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As far as I feel it's a genuine Samsung battery
After receiving it in a shot time I fitted the battery and charged it up fully.
Now the phone doesn't need charging as often, I don't think the charge is lasting as long as when the phone was new.
I am happy with the results so far.
I love mobile fun always genuine products
100% genuine products at fair price. Battery arrived in full samsung packaging and properly posted in accordance with royal mail regulations unlike some other internet mobile phone companies. New battery has given phone a new lease of life.. Always come back to this company.
Samsung s5 battery..Excellent service.. quick delivery..
After trawling through eBay and Amazon for an official battery and finding so many fakes and batteries without retail packaging I opted to order one on here and I'm glad to say it's a pukka item! It arrived fast and in a retail package.. my daughter's phone has a new lease on life and she's now off my case!????????
Good Service, cheapest i Found
Great service, cheapest price I could find an original battery for.
1st class service
Very good service easy to deal with quick and efficient delivery on time
Samsung battery
quick delivery, item as described
Replacement battery
Well. It's a battery.

There are no knows, buttons or dials and nothing to set up

It fits, which means I ordered the right one :o)

The battery was very well packaged to protect it from the vagaries of the delivery people.

It has a small charge, on it as delivered so will work out of the box.

Like I said. It's a battery.

If your phone needs a new battery. Buy one.
If you need a new lead for your dog... this isn't going to help you.
Replacement batter saved my Mobile
I would possibly have liked to have known approximately how long the battery was expected to last. The other information given was very good, I was especially pleased to hear that it was a Samsung original. My mobile was going very slow and has speeded up considerably, so thank you very much for selling me that battery.
Galaxy batteru
Fast delivery...
I must say this is the only genuine product
I finally ordered Samsung galaxy S5 battery from mobilefun having tried similar product from other sources. I must say this is the only genuine product. I plan to buy all my accessories from mobilefun.
Improved usage time
My existing battery life was so poor I was having to charge my phone during the day. This new battery made such a difference, my phone now lasts all day, without having to charge it again.
Genuine, recent mfg
Not only is this genuine item in full Samsung retail packaging, and plastic storage case (so great for transporting additional battery safely), but it is recently manufactured stock, an important consideration with Li-Ion batteries. Top marks to MobileFun, and reasonable price as well.
Top quality genuine part
The battery in my wife's phone died and she needed a replacement. I put in an order through mobile fun and just a few days later it arrived. The price was goodand the shipping tare date was met. We had good communication throughout the sale from Mobile Fun and the battery works perfectly.
Baware fakes on other sites and order from Mobile Fun for genuine parts.
New battery
Fast delivery working great so far.
New Battery
Good fast service. battery is working well so far.
The best money I have ever spent.
Thank god I bought this battery ! What a difference this has made to my life. The old battery was so bad it was affecting all the functions on the smart phone, and because I purchased a genuine Samsung one from MobileFun it has made the world of difference. Please what ever you do, do not buy one from any of the auction sites etc as 99% are not genuine, and you know what they say you buy cheap you buy twice !! The company didn't have any in stock but updated me daily, and also let me know when it would be in. Very very happy and will use this company again many thanks.
Nice genuine product
Nice genuine product
genuine battery
a genuine battery from samsung.
Easy to order and very quickly delivered.
great value
Seems a genuine samsung battery and works just as it should.
New battery
Good service and good quality product
The Samsung battery I purchased is a genuine Samsung battery and not a fake
The Samsung battery I purchased is a genuine Samsung battery and not a fake as many reputable websites sell. It features NFC technology and once fully charged the battery discharges very slowly. My original Samsung battery was coming up for 2 years old and purchasing this replacement has given my Samsung Galaxy S5 a new lease of life. Well worth buying if your phone's not holding its charge.
Holds charge really well
Bought this for my wife's phone has turned out to be a really good purchase holds charge really well not like the previous batteries I purchased from a popular auction website well worth the money
Very good!
I wished to know that the item is genuine and how quickly it would arrive. Top marks on both questions and I was advised to the hour when it would be delivered.
Worst battery
Worst battery. Lasts less than 4 hours and it takes 7 hours to be fully charged.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Violeta

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the battery. There is either a fault with the battery or with your phone. Could you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
No need to put up with a short battery life, mobile fun can help and give your phone a longer life
Great service Fast Delivery. Price was very good for a genuine Samsung replacement battery. No need to put up with a short battery life, mobile fun can help and give your phone a longer life.
Original packed battery for best phone ever made
Original packed battery for best phone ever made .Very professional and fast delivery.
Great upgrade
Greatly improved the battery life of my phone compared to my 2 year old battery I had installed previously...Great purchase and would highly recommend if your batter has been running out of juice quick lately
Original replacement battery
Needed a replacement battery for my 21 months old Samsung Galaxy S5 as the current one wouldn't hold a charge for more than 12 hours. I did the usual - stop battery draining apps, manual sync etc all to no avail. Decided to get this battery from MobileFun as it was the correct price and image of a genuine Samsung battery (some other websites I checked had suspect 'counterfeit' batteries).
Fast delivery, good communication from MobileFun and I have now had this battery this installed for several weeks, phone goes for 2 days, almost like when it was new. (Ah well, looks like i don't need to upgrade the phone after all!).
1st class transaction
My daughter needed a new battery for her samsung s5 as hers wasnt charging and i searched and came across monilefun and im glad i did as my experience from the 1st click to the delivery was as my title says 1 class thank you to all at mobile fun and with it being the holiday period and still a quick delivery made it more impressive.


Jeff wardlaw
1st class transaction
My daughter needed a new battery for her samsung s5 as hers wasnt charging and i searched and came across monilefun and im glad i did as my experience from the 1st click to the delivery was as my title says 1 class thank you to all at mobile fun and with it being the holiday period and still a quick delivery made it more impressive.


Jeff wardlaw
Great replacement for an old battery
The battery I bought just after Christmas, the battery was made in august so you're not ordering a 2 year old battery, Android Pay still works, holds charge a lot longer than the previous battery the phone originally came with. Would recommend as it breathes new life into the phone.
Phone working as it should
My phone battery was worn out not holding charge so needed a new one and as I wanted a genuine one I used mobil fun battery came quickly and in phone working as it should
Good delivery service. Hubby happy with battery.
Excellent Service, genuine item
Placed my order with standard delivery in the morning, had it courier delivered next day and was able to text the courier where to leave the parcel as I wasnt in - very convenient. Item is genuine and as described unlike some of the ones being advertised on Amazon at the moment. Will be using mobile-fun again in the future for sure.
Excellent service easy to order. Fast delivery Well done keep it up
Genuine Samsung replacement battery has revitalised my phone
After 2 years the original S5 battery was needing to be charged twice a day. Thanks to mobile fun this genuine Samsung replacement battery has revitalised my phone . Thank you Mobile Fun
Great battery
did what it said on the tin
It does what a battery is supposed to do
I've been asked to review a battery, no less. Honest !
Batteries are batteries. They either work (5 stars) or they don't. This one does
Genuine Samsung Battery that lasts!
So the first thing I did when I opened the package is to make sure it's a new battery by placing it on a flat surface then with my finger hit it on the corner.

It moved slightly and did NOT spin around which means it's NEW.

It was around 35% charge out of the box.

Charged perfectly and got a solid good day put of it with still lots of charge at the end of day.

Great product and genuine!
As Described
It is surprisingly difficult to obtain genuine manufacturers batteries without paying ridiculous amounts of money ordering direct from the manufacturer. Alternative routes of purchase will inevitably lead one to end up with a fake copy that doesn't perform, and is likely dangerous. However, having ordered before from Mobile Fun, I had confidence the item would be 'as described', and it was. Perfect. My supplier of choice for all things related to mobile phones!
Plus a quality product!
I never expected to be delivered this fast and the customer service department had me always well informed about my item (battery galaxy s5). Plus a quality product! Can't get any better
A new item which will bring my device back to life
A new item which will bring my device back to life
The best price for the battery
The best price for the battery and had it got good reviews ,for reliability ,how long did take to get its first full charge.
EXcellent Service & Quality
After struggling with an inflated battery for the past months and no NFC, i decided to buy from MobileFun. Cheap, and good quality coming in a Samsung Varified Package. Good communication and service.
This Samsung S5 battery works perfectly
This Samsung S5 battery works perfectly and lasts longer than my five month old battery did. As with all new batteries, when this was new it took a while of fully charging from 19% for it to last a long time. As this is a Samsung S5 battery it of course fits perfectly inside your phone. I'm very happy with it.
Does what it says on the tin
Does what it says on the tin - thank god. A new battery.....back to charging once a day as opposed to 4 times...phew ;)
Better than my original
The battery is now my number one as it has proved to be better than the one that came with my phone.
Battery life is very good
The battery life is very good I will buy more in the future
batteries i dont think you can write much of a review it takes time to tell their worth
Bought this having read positive reviews. Battery charged last night, phone barely used and already down to 45%. When it was fully charged within 10-15mins phone wasn't used and battery was down to 95%. It tells me this is faulty. Maybe even used. Very unhappy
MobileFun Reply
Hi Del

I assure you the battery will be brand new and genuine, however you either have a faulty battery or you have a fault with your phone's hardware or software. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Once again another genuine Samsung galaxy Product
Once again another genuine Samsung galaxy Product, that you can rely, can be bought cheaper elsewhere but not guaranteed to be genuine. I have found all products that I have purchased from Mobile Fun to be as described. Mobile fun once again well done!
Works perfectly
The item I ordered was delivered quit promptly, works perfectly & I'd recommend mobilefun to my friends & family.
Genuine Samsung battery - a must have accessory
I always like to have a spare battery for my phone, which is why I recently upgrade to the Galaxy S5, not the S6.
This came in full retail packaging and there's no indication whatsoever that it's not a genuine Samsung battery. Only a week in to using it, but it seems to hold it charge well.
I like that Samsung include a small plastic case with the battery - this prevents the battery becoming damaged by keys/coins etc in your pocket - and I suppose it must also take away any risk of the battery being discharged/shorted out by keys etc.
Samsung S5 Battery
Battery is average. My original one can last more than two days but the one I purchased only lasts just more than a day.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ignacio

You may have a faulty battery, if you can please contact us and we will see what we can do for you and offer a replacement if it is indeed the battery at fault.
Spare Battery
It's always nice to have an extra battery on hand. Mobile Fun makes that possible. Thanks, Mobile Fun, for your awsome prices & customer service!
Great Battery!
Very pleased with the battery I purchased for my Samsung Galaxy S5. It was genuine, just as advertised, and it worked great.
Fantastic battery, 100% genuine unlike others on the market,
Replacement Samsung Galaxy battery
By having the battery as supplied by Samsung you know you will have a reliable piece of kit. I think it is better to stick with what you know, rather than take chances by having another vendors battery that may well work.
Good product
Always like to keep a couple of charged up batteries when on holiday/days out as using phone camera all etc drains them quickly. This is a genuine Samnsung product. Had a bad experience with a previous retailer selling Samsung batteries. I believe they were genuine but maybe did not meet quality control or seconds - did not last very long at all. I can vouch for these batteries and as the saying goes "stick with what you know".
galaxy s5 battery
Excellent product. Genuine article
Excellent Product
Brought this item as wanted a spare for holiday. Battery was original as stated in the description. Very fast delivery. Will be shopping from mobilefun again.
Highly recommend.
I recently purchased this as I was having problems with the previous battery. It wouldnt hold the charge.

I was checking other websites but I checked on mobilefun and found that it was a really good price and original & an official item.

I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to purchase your mobile items on here
Exactly as described.Official Samsung product.A really trustworthy spare battery.Always quality products and FAST service from Mobilefun.Thank you.
Sometimes run out of battery power
Even though the S5 standard battery is much larger than my previous Nexus, when you have location, Wi-Fi and 4Gee on, and run a lot of apps, it does not last a full day.
Backup battery is good value, and an original.
S5 Spare Battery
Simply love having a spare as you can get in late from work quick change and straight out with spare fitted and off we go.
Battery well packaged and comes in a bespoke plastic case to carry it around in if you like.
100% genuine and identical in every way with the one that comes with the phone so you have NFC functionality.
Thanks Mobile Fun I will be back for all my phone accessory needs :-)
Samsung Galaxy S5
Excellent product excellence service !
A battery is ...
... as a battery does. And this is certainly a battery for the Galaxy S5. Whilst awaiting delivery of my desk-top charger dock (for S5 and spare battery), I swop batteries through the phone on a weekly basis. Once I have the charger dock, I shall extend this practice to monthly. I trust that this process will help maintain both batteries in rude health.

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