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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Standard Battery with NFC Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Also features built-in NFC.
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This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Also features built-in NFC.
 4.8 stars from 174 customers

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Samsung galaxy s5 battery.
Excellent service. Straightforward search and payment. Prompt delivery in genuine packaging.
not great
The battery does not seem to hold its charge very well and we have reverted back to the old battery at the moment.
Does not perform, as an 'original' Samsung battery!
This product, was advertised as an 'original' and 'genuine' Samsung battery! However, after I purchased it, it performed worse, than, the original phone battery, that i currently had in my phone! So I paid out money.....and actually, got less performance? Please avoid, at all costs!
All good!
Needed a genuine Samsung battery because a cheap non genuine battery was overheating the phone, the genuine battery supplied by Mobilefun works perfectly
All good!
Item as described, good communication and prompt delivery
Good service
My item was easy to order and was delivered within a couple of days. I had an email notifying me when the parcel would be delivered. The courier was prompt and very polite.
Good product
The battery for my wife's 'old' phone has been playing up. This genuine replacement arrived in good order, very quicklycame partly charged, and charged up fully. We have had no problems with it.
Good replacement Battery
Old battery had given up so to extend life of phone went for new battery. Seems as good as new
Genuine Replacement Battery
There were cheaper batteries on line, however they aren't genuine Samsung replacement. I would rather pay more for peace of mind.
It was delivered the next day. Great service.
excellent quality and fast delivery
saw lots of cheap "genuine" batteries but had heard good things about this company so decided to pay a little more for quality and peace of mind
Great service
Exactly what I wanted, arrived very quickly. Would I use this company again? Yes without a doubt.
Replacement battery
Never any problems with my purchases from Mobile Fun. Always well packed and tracked with lightening delivery. I highly recommend them, so buy with confidence.
Samsung S5 battery replacement
A good service from Mobile Fun. Battery life seems to be an improvement on the existing battery but only the passage of time will ultimately tell as to how long this will be the case. Hopefully a true original replacement though.
Not impressed.
I was under the impression that this battery was a genuine samsung ? And that it came in a aunthentic samsung box ? No it came in a flimsy bit of plastic,so far from what you show in your very misleading advert ? I dont think its a genuine battery and loses its charge very quickly already.
Not had the battery that long but so far so good only time will tell
Excellent a 'Genuine' Samsung Battery
I wanted to be sure I was purchasing a Genuine Samsung battery, had already looked on other popular auction sites but most reviews were not positive and prices were suspect.
pleased to find 'mobile fun' an Authorised dealer.
New battery performing as expected.
This was exactly as described, just what I was looking for. Delivered quickly with no issues.
Important replacement ...
Important replacement at a reasonable cost...
Yes & No
Would have liked to have had a little more confidence that the item was genuine. A genuine item doesn't usually arrive in a tiny plastic bag with no authenticity.
Great Battery
The battery of my wife's Samsung S5 was no longer holding its charge. I know many batteries can be found on the internet via Amazon or eBay, but determining which are genuine and which were fake copies proved impossible to ascertain!
I wanted to purchase only the genuine article. I've bought quite a number of mobile accessories in the past from MobileFun and was impressed with the quality of their service, their technical support and trust. When they say it's a genuine product, it is!! Trust is critically important to me and MobileFun is an exemplary example of that! What they say is what you get!
I was delighted when a few days later, I received the battery in the post. My wife is delighted - her phone is working perfectly again! A 5 Star Service in every way!! Can't recommend them highly enough!
Brilliant ORIGINAL Samsung replacement batteries
I've bought a number of 'genuine' & so called 'original' Samsung batteries but none have matched up to the originals supplied with our phones on purchase. I bought 2 here for my wife's & my S5 Samsung phone & was originally disappointed when one developed a fault. However, as soon as I complained I was promptly sent a replacement & both are providing sterling service - my wife & I do not now need to recharge the phone part way through the day even when we have used the phones a lot. The batteries come in original packaging & I thoroughly recommend buying your replacement batteries from this company.
I was concerned that this battery would not be an original but it clearly was by the excellent packaging, fit and use. Would buy again.
Dramatic loss of capacity after 5 months use
Reasonable capacity initially though not as good as original battery. Capacity now sharply reduced. Fortunately I retained the original battery as a backup whilst hiking , it now lasts longer than the replacement battery
The real deal
This is a genuine Samsung battery. I too have bought cheaper, so-called "genuine" replacements and found they performed worse than the battery I was trying to replace. I've used this one for a week so far and it's doing fine.
Galaxy S5 battery
The old battery in my Galaxy S5 was starting to bulge and would only hold charge for a few hours. I looked for a replacement but many seem fake batteries and had bad reviews. This one however seemed to have mainly good reviews and quite rightly so, as it seems the real deal. More expensive than other sites but worth paying and next day delivery. My phone is now back to its old self and lasts over a day on a charge. Would recommend this product.
Great replacement battery and very quick delivery
My battery life was very poor and I was debating whether to buy a new phone as I'd read bad reviews about replacement batteries for older Samsung devices. So glad I purchased this one from Mobile Fun though as it is a genuine Samsung battery and my phone works as well as when it was new. Very happy and worth the cost.
Performs as well as the original battery
Genuine battery - working well
A great boost for my old mobile, back to normal battery usage.
Arrived promptly but can't say more since only time will tell
Its a phone battery. That's all. I have been hassled to write this review repeatedly even though I won't know how good it is until I've been using it for months when I will be able to see if its still holding its charge. It doesn't have great capacity even though its brand new, but I'm told that's because the phone I'm using has a more powerful processor than my previous one!
Excellent service
Great replacement battery, well worth the money. Delivered on time at time stated, will use this company again.
Well, it's a battery
It's a battery for some of the Samsung Galaxy range of phones, namely the S5 neo, in my case.

It arrived in...
A plastic box...
In a plastic tray...
In a cardboard box...
In a padded envelope.
Not exactly carbon neutral but.

So. The battery...
I bought it as my battery was old and tired (as you do)
It fitted my phone perfectly and, upon switching the phone on, showed 16% charge so, I put the phone on charge.
A while later, I noticed that the whole phone was quite warm.
This caused me some initial concern as my phone never used to get hot while charging.

However, subsequent charges are fine and the phone, once again, remains cool and a charge now lasts all day.

So, should you buy this?? I hear you cry.

Well, if you need a battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S5 neo, go for it. They ARE genuine Samsung batteries.

If, on the other hand you need a battery for your car, then I'm afraid you're out of luck.
It'll fit but the connections and voltage are all wrong. ????
I only buy batteries from mobilefun
I only buy my Samsung batteries from mobilefun because I know that once these batteries are installed I know they will last a long time. It's like having a new phone again.
They are worth every penny.
Very Good Battery.
Battery well packaged and quick delivery. Pleased with item.
Would buy again.
Good Battery
Difficult to find a seller supplying a genuine manufacturers battery but the battery was in full Samsung packaging & lasts as long as the battery supplied with the phone when it was new 3 years ago.I am happy with the battery & service from MobileFun.
Samsung S5 Battery
Description mentioned it was a genuine Samsung Battery. Easy to order ,reasonably priced for genuine part,prompt delivery,working ok at the moment.
Official samsung battery
This is an official samsung battery as described. Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Mr Davie
I didn't know if I was going to have a bad buy after reading some of the other reviews but I have been quite impressed with this item. When I first got it it came in a plastic protective case inside the packaging I installed and full charged the item as per the manufacturing instructions and I haven't changed it for three days so far and still have 65% I have been very impressed with this and seems to be better than the original battery that was supplied. I would recommend it from my experience.
Genuine item
Holds charge, phone as new
Money well spent
I bought this replacement battery for my phone and it was far from the cheapest available. It had, however, two key qualities. It was a genuine Samsung part, and it was made 5 months before I got it.
Many others are fake or years old. This one easily lasts 14 hours and was delivered quickly. I'd recommend this product.
Fast efficient service
That the product was genuine and not a fake. Surprised at how quick it arrived. Great service.
Thank you.
Great value.
Duration of battery
excellent replacement
Old battery approx. 3years old not holding charge and needed to be charged sometimes twice in 24hrs. Replacement lasts up to 2days with low use. Pleased I bought would recommend
has brought the phone life back as if new
Well worth the extra few pounds to get the official Samsung battery will bring the phone life back to how it was when purchased.
Geniune article, genuine service
Yet again, excellent service. It's difficult to ensure you get a genuine Samsung battery from a lot of sites but we had bought one for my husband a few months ago and it gave his phone a new lease of life! So we came back for one for my phone. Excellent. Would recommend item and company.
Great service
Excellent service
You gave me all the info. i needed. Thanks.
Отличный товар!
How long the battery can work
Genuine Samsung battery
Battery appears to be genuine. Seems to be lasting as it should.
Good item
I was reached out to three times for this review before replying
It was advertised as an "authentic" Samsung battery, and arrived with an "authentic" sticker on the battery. So I guess it meets the ad description. BUT that rang warning bells.
It did perform as well as the original it was replacing. Unfortunately it was the original at 3 years old, not as as when brand new. Its performance was also equal to a non branded equivalent that I subsequently half the price. And it performed equally badly in another similar S5
Conclusion; it fits, It works, it keeps me using my trusty S5, just need to recharge during the day
Just a battery, works fine. Delivered OK.
All was fine
Ordered battery, it arrived - problem with delivery date moving but dealt with v quickly and they refunded me half the postage for not being 24 hour turnaround as promised. Battery so far seems fine - was sealed and charges and holds charge as I'd expect of a new battery.
Yes terfrick would buy again
Only if you send to Guernsey and you do
Good quality
The item arrived quickly and appears to be an original product. It was more expensive than could be bought online elsewhere but looking at reviews on other cheaper sites it looks like there are a lot of "fake branded" batteries for sale. The battery was partly charged so could be used immediately when it arrived, the battery has resolved the problem I had with my old battery which was discharging in a couple of hours.
Excellent battery.
Mobile Fun declare that this is a legitimate Samsung battery and not a poor quality copy. It certainly works well and the price and delivery speed were fine. I'm very happy with it.
The product is excellent
Thank you very much. The product is excellent and your organisation is fab. From now on I will order any mobile phone products from your organisation.
Genuine battery
Replaced the old battery in my phone for this new one as the old one wasn't lasting it's charge as long. This new one has lasted a lot longer and I sometimes get two days out of a single full charge but it does depend how you use the phone but overall it's great and well worth the purchase.
Bang For The Buck
The battery I bought from Mobile Fun was worth its price. 100% Original. Thanks Mobile Fun.
Product as described
The producr is as described by the seller and if good quality
It's a battery, it works. What more is there to say.
I wanted to be sure that it worked with my nfc charger. The description confirmed this.
5 stars
Great.Battery as decscribed,fast delivery.Thank you.
That this was a genuine article, and it was thankyou.
ready to go
genuine Samsung battery , gave the phone back power to last more than a day without running power.
Does what is says on the the box
My original S5 battery was requiring a recharge more and more often. I don't need a new phone so decided to get a new genuine battery. Phone back to its old self - huzzah!
Genuine product from a trustworthy company
Genuine Battery
This is the genuine article and delivery was very quick would recommend this company and would use again
What I Needed Delivered on Time
I've had my phone a while and the battery performance was clearly waning. This new battery was exactly what I needed and has given new life to the phone.
great product
battery is great. good price and quick delivery
Would rather pay a tad more than amazon but here you get an original and nor a fake.
Thank you.
Excellent product
I had been having trouble with my phone for months with it turning off and on again when the battery started to run down. It hot to the stage where it started to play up after a couple of hours. I bought two supposedly genuine batterys off the internet (my wife had the identical phone and problem). Neither of the phones improved. If I'd been in a better financial position at the time I'd have got a new phone but I took what I thought was a gamble by buying another battery from Mobile Fun. I'd bought phone cases etc from them before and was very satisfied. The new battery completely returned the phone to its original performance.
Genuine Samsung
I was very nervous about ordering a new battery online as there are so many fakes out there, however this one appears to be genuine Samsung and has injected a new lease of life into my S5 which I'm not ready to upgrade yet! The old battery barely lasted a few hours with no use, whereas now I can go out during the day and not worry about losing power.
I'm really pleased with this battery. Although not a heavy user, my mobile will now take me through two days on one full charge. Thankyou
Great battery life
Does the battery hold a proper charge for a long time.
Great battery
Glad I bought this item as I have had my fingers burned with fakes in the past . This battery is the real McCoy and holds the charge like my original battery did .
Very good
I have no doubt that this is a genuine product - works like the original.
Thanks - no point in getting cheap imitations on Amazon!
Great product, quick delivery and customer service
I decided to purchase from this company because fab products and fabulous reviews. So glad I did because product was great quality and delivery was super fast. Will definitely use them again and have already recommended them to family and friends.
Works quite well.
Too early to tell ask me in six months.
Genuine & Works
We were looking for a new battery as phone is broken with 2 years still on go on the contract. Ordered from mobile fun because the price was lowest. Well there were fakes available for less but this was the lowest priced genuine item. I’m particularly impressed by the amount of times I was contacted for feedback - it shows they care about every customer and every experience. Will not hesitate to buy from them again!
Genuine product
In the age of clones/fakes, I find this site to be a reliable source of the genuine article.
Original battery at last
My s5 is now as good as new. My old battery was lasting about 5 hours, this new one from mobilefun is lasting me about 30 hours. Very happy
Satisfied of Lymm
Does what it says on the box and has extended the life expectancy of my Samsung S5.
Good Value
My phone, a Samsung S5 was slowing down. I read that a battery is generally good for up to 500 cycles, which is under 2 years. The S5 is a model where you can change the battery yourself. The improvement was well worth the money, just like having a new phone again.
Exactly what I was looking for!
Wanted an OEM replacement battery for my phone and having bought a good few items from Mobile Fun over the years I knew that's exactly what I would be getting!
Well worth buying
Like most phone owners I suppose, I didn't notice the gradual slowing of the phone. I read that a battery is good for 500+ cycles and never worked it out to be under 2 years, if you charge it daily.
I put the new battery in and there is a noticeable increase in the phone's speed. A simple job on the Galaxy S5 and well worth it.
Not brilliant
A bit disappointed was hoping would at least get a full days charge out of the battery but needs to be charged twice daily not much better than the one I've thrown out wished I had kept the packaging as would have returned it don't think it's a genuine battery unfortunately I cannot recommend it feel let down ....
really good battery
very pleased with my new battery there are cheaper batterys out there but a lot of them are fake my phone is nearly 3 years old the new battery as made it like new can get two days out of one charge
Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

My wife's Samsung Galaxy S5 is now two and a half years old and she was finding that the original battery would often not maintain charge for a full day. I therefore concluded that a new battery was required and I was keen to obtain a genuine Samsung replacement, without paying the full Samsung price. The battery have I purchased from MobileFun appears to be a genuine Samsung battery and has performed well over the 3 weeks that it has now been installed
Always go for the official product
It's a battery, not much to say! This replaced my existing S5 battery which, after 2.5 years, wasn't holding much of a charge. After replacing, my S5 now lasts all day which is exactly what I needed. I've heard bad things about other branded batteries, so I'm pleased I want for the official Samsung replacement.
Excellent service,ordered at Wednesday teatime delivered Thursday lunchtime.
Cannot think of anything that could be improved.
Genuine battery
Was out of stock when i first checked out this company but they emailed to say it was back in stock so ordered next day. Price was slightly higher than id expected to pay but when it arrived it was worth it as it is a genuine official battery. Has been in the phone nearly a week now & as good as the 1st one that came with the phone proving to us its genuine.
Back to new
After 2 years my original battery was flagging. After a new battery from mobile fun it has now been restored back to as it was when new. Great service thank you.
Excellent now my new battery last's all day instead of 8 hours
The battery is excellent. However the courier service not so great as they took a week to deliver whilst it sat in their depot according to their tracking system instead of the next day delivery that was promised
You get what you pay for.
Great battery the second I have ordered, this one as a spare after the original bulged. There is a big difference between a genuine battery and a copy bought for half the price or less. As a spare I know this one is going to last for hours when im out and is reliable to charge for a year or two unlike fakes. Quick delivery in secure packaging. Recommend.
Genuine battery , great service
Excellent, genuine battery for my wife's mobile phone , we know it's genuine as it picks up all the apps and other things it should , perfect , great service in every way , rapid dispatch

Thank you!!!!????????????????????
Excellent quality battery
With so mamy fake batteries around it was great to find this genuine article from mobile fun. Works great as you would expect from a genuine battery. If you need a battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 look no further than this one.
Great product, fast service
i always order my phone items through Mobile Fun
item was originally out of stock but Mobile Fun were quick to obtain and dispatch to me .have used Mobile Fun to order several items and they are always quick and efficient in dealing with my orders
Great product
The genuine article as advertised. The battery has given my S5 phone a new lease of life. Thanks Mobilefun !!
Buy this not the fakes
Bought this to replace a failing battery. Now it lasts several days between charges. Don't bother with cheap fakes for sale elsewhere. You get what you pay for.
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