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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Wireless Charging Cover - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The official Samsung S-View Cover with built-in 'wireless charging' for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is slim and stylish. Ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case.
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 4.6 stars from 51 customers

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Wireless charging case
Love the look and feel and ease of the case with the wireless charger pad. Works well and quickly charges. Can't work out how to change the camera round with the case shut though for use with a selfie stick?
A MUST HAVE,The best I Have Ever Bought..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any one with a Galaxy S5 TRY THIS OUT.
The best I Have Ever Bought & So Easy to Charge phone, & the Way Mobile Fun went to explain it to Me.
The Best 2 Items I have Boght
After speaking to Annie @ Mobile Fun She Told me what I required To Charge my Phone Wireless & these were Delivered Within 24 Hous, So Easy & not having to fiddle with the Water Proof Cover, All I Do is Place Phone on Charger EASY.
Very good, when it works!!
I have previously had a Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Premium Cover Case, but over a period of time it has got a bit battered. So when I saw that Samsung had brought out an identical case, but this time with the ability to charge as well, I felt it was time to upgrade.
The cover arrived in swift time as is usual from MobileFun, and I was very pleased with the case. Easy to install and to all intents and purposes, looks identical to the previous one.
My only disappointment is trying to charge the phone. I have a Samsung charging pad, and it is very sensitive as to how the phone is placed on it, and whether charging will take place. Its not just a matter of plonking it on top, and it will charge, you have to carefully position it, and check that it is charging.
Other than that issue, which is fairly fundamental, I am very pleased with it.
Great case, only one flaw
I bought this case because the idea of protecting the phone and a convenient charging method in one go was ideal. This is a great case over all, the only flaw is that it doesn't securely shut. So if you dropped it, the flap would open and you have a damaged phone.
Great product
I love this cover it protects my phone from damage but at the same time you can use the camera with out opening it also the clear view screen is really useful and also looks great I can see who called or text email without having to open the flip cover . It also look and feels very nice as well
samsung s5 wireless charging cover
Awesome cover looks good and works well.
so easy charging and no wires to unplug if you need to use phone.
Good Quality
I bought a cheap option BUT the extra cost is worth it for the proper version.

Also charges with my Nokia wireless charger which I have at work and use Samsung charger at home.
Great Case
Had the non charging version of this case, but after having Nokia phones at work with the charging port cover breaking off, I wanted this case so I could charge it without having to use the port. Works like a dream. OK, you could say it's expensive, but it's a Samsung quality accessory and therefore guaranteed to fit properly. Good value for money.
love it
I love my s view rechargeable case. It's just so simple to place down on charging mat and I won't have to worry about breaking the charging pin on my galaxy s5 like I did with my s4. I would highly recommend buying .
Samsung S view case
Case very good but S view Screen Very hard to keep clean.One Star taken off for how hard it is to keep screen clean.
Looks great and does what it should
Much better quality than the cheap versions I have both please don't wast your money.
Cheap versions are not water resistant (no seals) and plastic window lightly scratches your screen.Works well on wife's Nokia charging pad.So much better than using usb
s view case is great protection and look for s5
Wireless charging is great just set it on charging pad and it charges nearly as fast as pluging in . Case looks good and protects screen . Mobile is still waterproof . Love the small screen on case savers battery power and u can read messagesand answer calls with out opening case also u can set a screensaver on it . Only flaw it has is cover has no clip to keep it closed so on phone holder in car it can flap open . Have made small black elastic loop to slide over it to sort this
Ordered the SView Wireless charging cover for Galaxy S5, it arrived in good shape and fits perfectly. Good value for money!
It's good, but...
If you find the standard S5 a bit too light and flimsy and the original back case too low quality then this cover gives it a bit more weight and the faux leather is more classy. Wireless charging is fine, it worked on all but one wireless charger I tried, but has to be positioned carefully. I could not get it to work on the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder.

S-View is quite nice - it can have its own wallpaper, and you can answer/reject calls, take photos, control music player without opening the cover. But I had issues with closing cover, putting it in my pocket, and S-View was still active with media player and skipped track.

But I have now switched to a wireless charging version of the original back plate because the SView version is just too cumbersome to use with any wireless charging solution in the car.
Excellent Case
Bought one of these to both keep my Galaxy S5 from getting both scratched and dirty and also so I could use wireless charging. The case is very well made and I have had no problems charging my phone with a Qi compatible charger. I am having some problems in getting the case to close properly but I put this down to it being new and gave noticed after a weeks use that it is closing a lot better than when new. All in all I can highly recommend this case for all owners of the Galaxy S5. With wireless charging it also saves having to open and close the USB connector flap every time you want to charge your phone.
Just what i needed
Not bad piece of kit, the only problem is when you open the case I does not shut properly.To keep it shut its either has to be in your pocket or turn it upside down.
Wireless charging
This is a great addition to the Samsung S% and stops the need to keep opening the small waterproofing door over the USB charging port. Not only does it save doing that but it charges by just laying the phone on the charger or the charger I have also doubles up as a phone stand. Great quality and a good good product.
Just arrived
last night I sent you feedback and I said I'd love to give you great feedback but my cover had not arrived as yet. I did arrive today. My husband and I are disappointed. We were both under the impression that the phone would charge where ever it picked up a wireless connection. Now we know it is not true AND we now have to buy a wireless charging pad. Not what we expected but at least it will provide some protection.
MobileFun Reply
I'm sorry you thought it would be something different, but all Qi wireless charging devices require contact with a Qi charging device. Perhaps you were thinking of a battery case or power jacket which have an additional battery? Even they need to be recha
Great case
Great case, works well, good quality finish and feel. It does make the overall size bigger but I don't mind that because its well protected plus the phone stays water proof. Ok the hinge is a bit stiff but it will soften in time as it already has a little.
Rescued by an elastice band
The S View Wireless Charging cover is a flip case in leather and works just as I expected to, except that the leather hinge is so stiff the cover stays open because there is no clasp. No problem in my pocket but when attached to my sticky phone holder in the car it flaps at just the right position to cause the screen to constantly swap from S view to home page but now rescued by the traditional technology of an elastic band. Pity Samsung don't supply a few!
Excellent Qi compatable charging cover
Works with all my charging pads and a tidy cover as well.
expensive but good
First things first. This is an expensive case. However the quality is very good. The s view cover is brilliant and wireless charging is ace.

As usual excellent service from mobile fun.

four stars only because samsung should include wireless charging as standard.
Bought this to charge my phone wirelessly as Samsung's plugins are not the most convenient, they should look at the magnetic socket that Pebble use; then, of course they wouldn't sell their cases.
Very happy with the case which automatically brings up the correct screen in the viewing window
Smart case with great functionality
This case feels very nice in your hand and adds considerably to the experience of owning Samsung's latest flagship smart phone. The phone itself was an underwhelming plastic effort which sent many users scurrying back to HTC with their metal chassis but that's getting away from the point.

The case enables wireless charging using any QI compatible device (I use the officical Samsung charging pad but other options exist). This in itself is a boon since it obviates the need to pry open the water-resistant cover which protects the charge/sync ports of the phone. One minor gripe is that correctly positioning of the phone on the rather small pad is trickier than it needs to be and sometimes nudging the phone only slightly can stop the charging process.

In addition to wireless charging, the case gives you S-view functions which consist of automatic wake/sleep on opening/closing the cover and an interactive mini lock screen when the cover is closed. This can be used to answer calls without opening th case and can also display the weather and the s-fit pedometer, depending on preference.

The cover is a little bit pricey as an accessory but it does extend the phone's functionality a bit and is very much more attractive than the bare phone, hardly adding any bulk and protecting the screen very effectively.

It is possible to buy cheaper alternate covers that offer S-view without wireless charging and/or wireless charging with no S-view, and in the latter category there are also several third party offerings, but if you want a case to do everything, this is it.
S View Charging case
First thing I think it improves the look of the phone as with most Samsung smartphones the devise build is not the best, but I think Samsung know most people stick their phone into a case to protect it because there so expensive and their design accommodates this. I bought this because I needed a case and wireless charging. The usb cover on the S5 doesnt appear to be that robust, and I was afraid that constantly removing the usb cover would break it off, and I didn't want to compromise the water/dust protection. I like the fact that you can answer a call without having to open the case, and also check the time through the s view, but it would be a lot better if you could do more functions when the cover is closed. When you open the cover the phone automatically turns on to the finger swipe. Summary: I like it a lot.
The best case ever
This is simply the best case possible for the S5.

The S-view features are a great improvement to the phone with answering calls and taking photos possible without even opening the cover.

The way the case replaces the back of the case makes it more than an add on, it becomes part of the phone, and maintains the waterproof seal without adding more thickness or unnecessary bulk but adds loads of protection.

The qi wireless charging is the icing on the cake. Cutting edge technology which is as useful as it is impressive. Charging rate is very similar to plugged in, and its great to leave the charging cover closed, just pick and go. You do need to align the phone properly on the charging pad, but maybe that's the pad and not Tue case...

Im delighted with this case and very happy with the customer service and efficiency of Mobilefun - I will be buying from these guys again!
Excellent responses and quality product
I purchased this product, Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Case. I received an email the next day with Mobile Fun explaining a mix up in the warehouse and the product was not in stock, to which they offered an alternitive choice off the website or to cancel the product. I emailed Mobile Fun with regards to this and to see when it would be. They emailed back extremely quickly and advised that it may be 2 weeks (they gave a date), wr exchanged a few emailes and the response times were fantastic. Unlike other stores they did not take any money from my account and advised to keep the funds in thier as they would take it on dispatch, and true to form they did, and without delivery charges. It arrived before the date they had given to me. As for the product, it is a genuine case which it water resistant (have tested this myself in a bowl of water). The quality is fantastic. There are no card or cash slots, but for those who still use wallets it is not a problem. The charging is fairly quick, this of course also depends on a wireless charging pad, though not as quick as plugging it in directly. I would recommend these to the business type of people who use their phone alot and pick it up and down. The window on the front is good to quickly check messages ect. The only negative I can think of is that It does not close fully if I lye it down, could do with a magnet strap or something. Overall, extremelly happy. Thanks Mobile Fun.
Item I need
The packing looks like having been used but the item is new. Very good communication.
As expected
I've had one for the Note 3 so as expected. Not cheap but they do last very well and don't look worn like 3rd party ones after a few weeks. top case if you don't mind the cost.

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