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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Premium Cover Case - Blue Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for checking the time or screening and answering incoming calls without opening the case. This blue black official Samsung S-View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is slim and stylish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44029

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$54.98 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 54 customers

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Suojakuori galaxy s5
Tilasin älykkään suojakuoren galaxy s5 puhelimelleni värillä petrol. Väri on tummempi kuin odotin, mutta hieman kimaltava ja liukas. Saa pari vuotta vanhan puhelimen tuntumaan uudelta ja näyttämään taas edustavalta. Loistohankinta!
a phone cover that allows me to answer calls without opening the front cover is a plus. It's also lightweight, slim and strong. Yep, love it. ( Would love it more in red tho!! )
Very happy with product
Absolutely best product well made sturdy looks very professional and don't even have to open your case to do things. A great case
Perfect Case
Case fits perfect for the phone.Great colour and protects the phone well.
Display screen visible and able to see data through the top clear part of the case.

Excellent and great purchase.
This item was excellent and enhances the look of your phone.
That it would be strong to protect the phone
Perfect cover for total protection
The only cover with the seal to maintain the waterproof quality of the S5. strong case with view window perfect for quick glances and for answering calls without the need to even open the cover. great product form a very efficient company.
Lovely product
Excellent service and very pleased with the product. Would buy from this seller again.
Buy Genuine, you know it makes sense
I have seen similar products for half the price. Don't waste your money on poor copies. Quality of this case is excellent. First class service from MobileFun. Happy customer....
Just right
Had one for my S4 mini and now that I've upgraded to an S5, I just had to get one to suit. Great service and delivery and the new cover protects the phone and I can even access some phone features while cover is closed.
Just right for me.
Must have
A very practical and elegant case that every samsung galaxy must have.very good service from the provider and shipping on time.
Love it
I absolutely love this case
Phone perfec
Pink, pretty, protective,practical.............perfect pressi
case does not stay closed
The case will not stay closed thus rendering the s view window useless, after some time usually within 10 minutes it will slowly close tight to the phone if your prepared to wait that long ....
Found this to be a wide problem on many forums discussing this case ...awkward to type with the flap open if you fold it all the way back it will take an absolute age to close fully...poor case
Love it
Such a wonderful cover. Beautiful color. Great functionality. Allows you to respond without opening your phone. Great protection
Just what I've been looking for, arrived in a couple of days. And cheaper than other sites .very happy .
Smart Cover
I was happy to see that this was a genuine Samsung product. This made my decision to buy the cover easier because I knew that it would fit properly. I liked the idea of the touch sensitive front cover window that allowed you to see incoming calls or messages without having to lift and open the cover.
This is by far the best mobile phone case I have purchased.
It fits perfect and looks Great.
I was a bit worried about the cost but is worth every penny
Galaxy S5 view cover
Very happy with the case -great quality and stylish. Delivery was really prompt. Thank you.
Great case
After buying a couple of cheaper cases i decided that i needed a proper one and i am glad that i did. the case replaces the back cover so it instantly fits the phone.

View screen works straight away, no need to down load apps or alter setting to make it work like other cases. All buttons can be used with the case closed, answering the phone is easy.

i highly recommend this case
smart looking case
Genuine samsung product, bit pricey but you get a high quality case that complements the superb phone.
Case description was spot on, and delivery was excellent.
top quality phone case
Smart looking case really enhances the look of the phone.
Excellent case
Great case at a good price. Well designed,maintaining waterproof ip67 rating but does fall off if phone is dropped gently. Otherwise an excellent product delivered very quickly.
Samsung s5 screen protector
I received my screen protection for my Samsung s5 very fast delivery no problems protected easy to fit would recommend
Worth the price
Had this replacement cover for over a month now and really like it.
Its not clear from the details that you can actually control your phone through the clear screen on the front of the case.Not full functions as the home screen but all the basics you need are there without having to open the case fully.
Using the volume button when its attached to an external lead is a little fiddley but you soon get the hang of it
Brilliant case!
This case is fantastic. I recently had a case from Spigen which was a flip view cover as well. As it was non-genuine, the S-View mode did not work at all. The case also broke apart within a week so I decided to go for a genuine case instead.

This case arrived the next day as I ordered before 6 O'Clock. It was well packaged and the design of the flip cover is lovely. The screen on the cover is quite large which is nice and when in S-View mode you can see various controls such as Spotify controls and music controls etc. as well as being able to change the background, take a picture using the camera, accept or decline incoming calls and view notifications.

When you open the cover, by default it unlocks the device, providing you are not using a secure lock, which can also be disabled in the Settings under the accessories option. When you flip it open there is a nice animation to the screen.

As ever there are one or two issues with the case... The first is that until the case has been used for a while the seam of the case is stiff and therefore the case opens up when you rest the device down. This is not a major issue but could be problematic should you drop the device when new. You can purchase a stick on magnet for the flip cover from Amazon to solve this problem by the way, I would highly recommend one.

The second issue is the price of the product... It is very expensive and although it's genuine etc. and blah blah blah, I still don;t think it;s worth that much as it doesn't even have a clip to properly lock the cover shut. Also, the LED notification light is not visible with the cover on. This is quite annoying as I basically live by the LED because it tells me what notifications I have.

Other than those small problems the case is fantastic and is easily recommendable to anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here is the link to the magnetic clips if you buy one:

superb product .
Looks good and fits perfectly. Gives good protection to phone
Can still answer phone without opening cover .well worth money
A nice addition to the phone
The Samsung Galaxy S5 premium cover with S-View is a nice addition to the functions of the phone, allowing you to protect the screen of your device while still seeing important details like date/time and if you have received any messages.

My only 'negative' comment is that the cover doesn't sit that flat against the screen, however with addition of a Spigen Magnetic Clip easily solves this... a function that perhaps should have been built in
Not too great
Well, first of all - I have to say I'm amazed. I had the s4, and never had any issues like this. The QI and s-view cases worked fine together. However, it seems the 2 just dont wanna play ball.

For some reason (in who ever's infinite wisdom) , they have made it so this case CAN NOT work with a QI Charger!!!! The pins used for the window mode, share the same pin as one of the s-View case (and this then stops the cases connectors from touching).

I think they need to make this much clearer on the page, as I wouldn't have purchased this otherwise (or my QI receiver). For anyone wanting to use the s-view mode + QI, I would suggest just paying a bit more and getting the case with it built in.
I'm a happy little Samsung Galaxy S5
I'm so proud! I was finding the early Spring weather rather cold until my owner bought me this lovely S-View Premium Cover Case to keep me warm. And do you know what - it also keeps me bone dry when it rains with its waterproof seals. It makes me look very smart too with my black leather coat and this natty little window to ensure that my owner can see just how happy I am with my present! Why not get your owner to buy one for you too and you can be as happy as I am.
My Review
Thanks Mobile fun. Prompt delivery of this great product for my phone. The s - view works brilliantly.
highly recommended
very good....got my samsung s5 cover and love it...quick delivery.
Fantastic case !!
This case is fantastic, I bought it for my husband it is sleek and stylish. It's also very slim as you use the case as the back cover great idea :-) You can use the phone with the case closed so really handy. Very well made, he is happy with it and the colour is lovely. You won't be disappointed with your purchase if you choose this cover
Fantastic Service, Quick delivery..
Fits perfectly but a little overpriced
I was very pleased this item was on sale when I purchased it! Although I like the case I would not pay the full price for a phone case. The case itself fits very well and replaces the phones back cover, so keeps the phones nice slim feel. The view screen is very handy for checking the time. However my husband thinks it makes my phone look like a gameboy!! I reluctantly agree. I was a little disappointed that the front cover often doesn't stay closed until the static from the screen has disappeared. But overall it keeps my phone well protected and I'm very happy with the case
The quality is good
The quality is good Still leaves the phone nice and slim but provides the protection Its what it says and does what it says.
Best of the best is the way I would describe this cover... Perfect fit, perfect quality... Just perfect in everyway :)
protective for my S5

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