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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S5 screen from harm and keep your most vital cards close to hand with the official black flip wallet cover from Samsung.
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$41.23 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 81 customers

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Love the colour and the feel
Everything is great. The colour is really nice, and the case feels smooth and soft.
Excellent cover
Love this cover!! Not only gorgeous colour and design but so responsive when opening/closing, etc. Couldn't be happier and excellent service from MobileZap - such fast delivery!
Quality product.
The product was fabulous. Your service was delivered in a satisfactory manner and undamaged.
Genuine S5 Cover
I ordered and received my Samsung S5 flip cover exactly as I wanted. Service and contact was great and it was so good to find one of these genuine Samsung products as I had been looking for some time but couldn't find what I wanted. But I have it now fitted to my phone and looking great. Thank you.
What we expected
Great but took about 2 - 4 weeks to arrive
Excellent priduct
Excellent product, love the colour, good service.
happy with product
Really happy with my purchase, great colour, great protection for the screen with the front cover, also not too bulky as some other styles are. Great quality product.
Fast & Easy
I ordered an Adarga Case that allows the phone to be propped up to watch videos etc. for my son. It arrived next day. He is delighted with it. The product wasn't expensive but it is well made and does the job, as usual the order process was easy so I would recommend this supplier and will be using them again.
phone case
genuine Samsung phone case, quality bit of kit.
Very good
Very good case. Wish I had bought one earlier.
Excellent phone protection
Ideal purpose designed protection for Samsung Galaxy phone.
Perfect fit for my phone!
The cover is a perfect fit and I really like that it covers the screen. It is good quality and looks very nice.
Almost what I wanted
Being protective of my new phone, I wanted a cover that fitted and protected it. The official flip cover wallet fits perfectly, as would be expected and protects it admirably. Just a small problem - every time I put the phone down the cover flips closed and switches back to the home screen and then off. Still, you can't have everything in this life, and the cover is good quality and was impressively cheap too
Genuine Samsung received
Received genuine Samsung cover for my Galaxy S5. Excellent. Thanks
Fits perfectly the quality is excellent
Excellent quality
Case fits perfectly and has a quality feel to it. It is well worth paying a little extra for a premium product.
The wallet cover fits really well and is a great colour. I love it!
The wallet clips onto the phone, is thin and protects the phone really well.
Metallic finish looks great as well.
Pure Class
This Case is pure class; a lovely touch of luxury for the disearning buyer!
Great buy
Cover very good. Ordering very easy and arrived within a couple of days. Good site happy with product.
A good solid cover, and looks fine
A good solid cover, and looks fine. Only problem is a recurring warning to check back cover is fitting properly. Have has it on and off a few times, and last time cleaned the seal before refitting. Maybe that will make a difference?
Safe phone wallet
I had been struggling for a cover to protect my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.
Through MobileFun I found the genuine Samsung article at a price that seemed ok...
The phone cover arrived fairly quickly, well packaged and is well made.
The back cover of the phone has to be removed but the phone fits snugly into the wallet and stays there. It is slim, easily fits into a pocket and looks good.
I have only had it a few days but I believe it will last a long time and help to protect the phone, especially the OLED screen.
Don't waste your time and money on any other case
Don't waste your time and money on any other case. I wish I had seen a review that said that it would have saved me time and money. Whatever other case you are considering forget it I have done that. I would be pleased if just one person reads this and saves some cash. Yes there are cheaper cases but none that compare to this one.
This is the case that you need for your S5
This case fits the phone perfectly and because it replaces the existing back cover of the phone essentially the result is a slimmer result than with alternative cases. All the phone ports are perfectly accessible even with the case in the closed position - nothing is even partially obstructed by the case. The finish of the product is first class and its functionality is second to none.

I have tried a few cases before I found this and they all had various drawbacks. I wish I had tried this case sooner it would have saved me money in the long run!
Great cover
Great cover with a great fit replaces the rear cover to give great protection,phone lock turns on and off with the cover opening and closing..very pleased.
Excellent phone case
The cover replaces the back of the phone so it looks great with this cover and is thinner than my previous flip case. When I open the cover the phone switches on automatically with no need to swipe the screen, brilliant.
Quality product
Does what it says, authentic product as advertised, can't fault it. Nice metallic colour in leather.
Great Cover
Great Cover. Looks Great.
Absolute beautiful cover
Absolute beautiful cover. excelent for holding onto phone. slims a big phone down nicley.
Prompt service as well for getting items.
Absolute beautiful cover
Absolute beautiful cover. excelent for holding onto phone. slims a big phone down nicley.
Prompt service as well for getting items.
Very happy
Very happy thanks
Fits properly. Amazing quality
Pretty but suspect faulty clips on backing
I really love the look of this cover, it's sleek and I like how the screen automatically switches on/off when opening/closing the flip cover, however, I don't know if I've just been unlucky with them but I've had issues with error messages popping up with two of them. The cover actually clips directly onto the phone and replaces the phone's usual backing and I've found since using this cover that I'm constantly getting the 'Check battery cover' error message indicating that it's loose, however it's clipped on properly as far as I can tell, when I put the original cover back on I have no issue. I'm on my second cover now as I sent the first one back to exchange after it got to the point where the error message was popping up literally every couple of seconds interrupting whatever I was doing and making the phone almost unusable. The second cover I got does it less, so it's not quite as unbearable but still extremely frustrating when it cuts off a video or something. Long story short I probably wouldn't recommend it...or if you try and get the error problem, just return it, don't bother with an exchange!
Samsung Galaxy S5 Cover
S5 Samsung Cover
Great cover convenient for myself as I like to keep one with cards and this one is extra slim and I like the metallic blue cover. Very happy with this product
Great Quality
Brill phone case.
Galaxy Cover
I loved the colour and design, but I thought the instructions were very poor. It should have told me to discard the back cover of the phone and fit the case to the back after removing outer cover. It took a friend and me quite a time before we figured it out. One sentence "remove back cover of phone" would have been very explicit.
great service
I am very pleased with the service provided from mobile zap. And I am also pleased with the product I purchased.
value for money
This was as described and much cheaper than the high street. I prefer to buy products that are genuine and there for fit properley. However I do also like to pay less than buying direct from the manufacturer.
Good quality
Standard Samsung accessory. Flip cover has good design, colour and texture, and cushioning, without being too bulky. Cover also preserves the S5's vaunted waterproof nature. There are a few ergonomic flaws - e.g. the "wallet" isn't all that functional, with one small and often ill-fitting slit. Otherwise, no problems.
Received item in good condition and just in 2days even though from England to Malta
All the details of the product were listed and everthing was the same as it is said when i recieved the item. Deliver of the item is in very short time. Very happy to buy from here
Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover
Given that my order was sent from Birmingham, I was impressed at the timeliness of its delivery to Austrailia - being only about 4 days.
Packaging was excellent and my order was received in perfect condition.
Thank you.
drop the phone with case on phone falls out
Great case

Down side

case never stays shut flips open then turns phone on in pocket hence flattens battery

second major issue drop phone on floor carpet ect the phone comes out of case no longer water proof

Poor design most accidents are when you drop the phone if you hit hard object before hitting water good bye PHONE
I love my new samsung galaxy 5 cover. It is gorgeous, oh and very functional also.
very happy with this case
Very happy with the case for my s5. The only downside to it tho is the flip bit doest stay shut but all in all happy with the case
I bought this style cover for my new Samsung S5 initially because I liked the colour and styling but since I have had it I have found that it very practical in it's protection of my phone. The only down side is I have previously been use to a 'flip dowm' cover for my old Samsung S2 and it took me a little while to get use to checking my phone in a different manner. But, this is insignificant in the overhaul positive benefits of purchasing this cover.
genuine leather s5 case
Very very pleased with my genuine leather cover. It fits my S5 like a glove and Yes my phone comes on when the cover is opened.also delivery was very quick. Received it within 2 days.
excellent service
I have used the website many times I find it very functional with a huge choice of items. The delivery service is second to none would highly recommend it.
slim and sleek
This product is very slim and sleek just like the phone !! the only disappointment is has is Samsung didn't make the case the same shade of blue as the phone!! overall a good product, over priced and not even leather but looks good and feels great !!!!
Just some quick thoughts
So having had the case for about a week now I thought I would give my thoughts on it. First of all, the case is really well made, and feels nice in you hands. It also has a feature the automatically turns the phone on when you open it. Very nice. The phone clips into the case itself, you just need to take the back off, and feels very sturdy once it's in. The only downside is the card holder built into the case, as this realistically only holds one credit card OR some money, it's tiny! Nice case overall though, I'm happy!
samsung cover for no.5
I love this item. Very good quality and im loving the new look with my new mobile phone
Thanks very much for great service.
I love it!
When I ordered my cover, I didn't expect this quality and how good it actually looks in real life.
Until now covers were a necessity but this one is enhancing the whole look.
Very happy with it!
love this
I love this rose gold case, it's smart and the colour is great. I would recommend this to any classy ladie.
Flip Wallet Cover
Excellent product to keep screen safe /Even turns phone on when opened / Easy to Fit / Good all round product at reasonable price./
Ideal Cover
Ordering was nice and straight forward, the case was almost half the price as buying it from a mobile shop.
The case arrived very quickly and was as it was advertised.
Ideal and just what I wanted so happy and would use again in the future.

Good quality but has restrictions.
The quality of this case is excellent. Unfortunately I already don't use it for day to day use. It makes typing with the case on very difficult, as you need to with your left hand stop the cover closing over the screen. Not impossible but does get frustrating!
ORDERD 17.45 was at my house next morning 9 am

great case as described highest quality

Genuine Samsung product S5

Keep up the good work
S5 Cover
its was genuine product and shipping came fast
really useful cover it looks classy is well made and protects the phone with the added convenience that it turns the phone on and off when you open and close the cover and the window shows you the time date and weather as well as giving you a short cut to the camera a brilliant bit of kit
Exactly what I needed
This slimline case fitted my phone perfectly. It did exactly what is says it does on the packaging - switched my phone on / off as I open or close the case. The leather is v good quality.
Very pleased indeed
The case is perfect for my requirements. It protects a very expensive phone from damage and the bending forces it will receive while in a pocket. It also has the waterproofing seals in the back which many Galaxy cases don't, so preserving the water and dust resistance of the phone. A small price to pay for protecting a £500 phone.

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