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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung Galaxy S5 battery and battery charger - Make sure your spare battery for the S5 is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44083
$46.46 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 36 customers

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I bought this
It is official samsung. You get a charger, a battery and a plastic travel case for the battery.

It does not come with a charging cable or plug. You just use your phone charging cable and plug it into the charger.

I would recommend this product if you often run out of battery when you're out. Also you don't really need to plug your phone in ever again, I just swap the batteries over and always have the spare on charge.
Great product I would definately recommend
Great product I would definately recommend saves time charging your phone also it helps having a spare battery whilst travelling too wish i'd bought it sooner! :)
Very convenient to power up the battery while you are out and about with the phone
Very handy
I regard this much better than an external battery.
S5 Spare charger
Great product. A charger is not always available. Having a spare fully charged battery is a great for remedy for the short battery life of the Galaxy S5.
Five stars so far!
Spare battery kit
When I saw the e mail from Mobile Fun I thought this would be a good idea to buy this battery kit. I sent the order in and 3/4days later it came with the post and was waiting for me when I got home. On opening the box I looked at the instructions to find out how to charge the spare battery.Now that was the best idea Samsung have come up with as as a heavy user on the phone.I now can get a day and half per battery. The charger only takes a couple of hours to charge up ready to pop into phone and recharge the old battery. Since having it I can recommend the kit to anyone who owns a Galaxy S5. Good luck and hope anybody that buys a kit has the same experience.
S5 Extra Battery Kit
This must be the best buy I have made from Mobilefun. It has the simplest ease of use,put battery in and plug it in about 2 hours later you have a fully charged spare battery.
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit
Great piece of kit. I use my S5 for walking using OS mapping so having the screen on for several hours uses a lot of power. Having a spare battery that charges quickly is essential.
This does is job brilliantly.
Extra charging facilities
Use the battery charger for when we are out and about, i.e. holidays and away from power for long periods of time. Tend to have 2 or 3 spare batteries charged up to use during the day. By the end of the day they usually all need charging up, so this is a useful charging facility. I can charge one battery in the phone and one in this charger. Genuine Samsung product and well made. Recommended buy if you go through batteries like me!
This battery kit has been great, it charges the battery in about an hour and comes with a case to carry the battery in, which is very handy.
Great product.
This is a great product. Service excellent as usual.
Does just what it says, charger and spare battery in one value package.
Excellent product good service
Very high standard unit
Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit
Removable batteries are the reason I continue to buy Samsung phones. This spare battery and independent charging case are excellent compliments to the already very good S5 and I highly recommend it.
It's a battery!
There really isn't much to say about this, it's a battery in a charging case. It works. What would make it better would be if it had an output USB slot as well so that you could charge the phone off it.
The perfect partner for your phone
you will never run out of battery! always you gonna have your extra battery with you! The perfect partner for every Samsung Galaxy S5
Peace of mind
I am totally against exhausting lithium batteries and shortening their lives by early charging. We ought to do this often when we panic from loosing power on the go.
Such product lets me replace the battery when it is totally discharged anywhere because the fully charged battery is in its holder in my pocket.
Perfect to solve my problem
Having a spare battery for my Galaxy S5 suits me perfectly. Often I am out all day with no mains supply & using my telephone lots. On some days the battery becomes really low and it is wonderful to be able to just pop in the spare & keep working. The device is of the highest quality too, which is very nice to have.
Samsung S5 spare battery in charger
This is perfect solution. It allows you to keep your spare battery allways fully charged and removes the hassle of switching your phone of and swapping the battery's just to see if your spare battery is fully charged or flat. I charged my spare battery in charger which I do carry in my suitcase all the time. Extra bonus - it's original Samsung gear to!. As I allways keep my phone for two years at least, I allways buy spare battery straight away as at later date originals normally not available and copy items are much worse performance.
Extra battery.
This is such a common sense idea, I'm amazed it took this long to come on the scene. Great to always have that security of that extra juice when you need it.
Great Service speedy service and works great
Extra Battery
You need this extra battery when your out and about at events when you don't have the option to charge up. You'll never miss that photographic moment!
very happy
Pleased with arrival of my order, thank you.
This was what i needed aiiin one pack
The Official Samsung GalaxyS5Extra Battery kit i find very useful as in the kit i got a spare battery and a separate charger so i can always have a fully charged battery and an in car charger all this for a very good price
Does what it says on the tin
Well, there's a battery and a case, and you charge the battery in the case, so not a lot to say.

The battery supplied seems to last fairly well, it might even be better than the one supplied with the phone, but it's early days so not quite sure.

Have only used it to charge a battery twice and haven't noticed how long it takes compared to charging while in the phone.
Never be caught out
This neat charger and spare battery means you should never be stopped by a flat battery again. Modern devices have many uses and so often when you actually want to make a call you find that there is insufficient battery left. No problem, swap it with the spare then charge that as your new hot standby.

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