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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This form fitting, genuine back cover for the black Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad to charge your S4 wirelessly.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39096

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 4.7 stars from 10 customers

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Genuine OME
I can't testify to other wireless charging systems, was told that only Samsung equipment worked well and works well it does. Samsung charging cover, Samsung charging base, happy customer. This will save the charging port, the most, likely part to fail on the phone.
Bought the cheap version on eBay .... Didn't connect properly. The Samsung has worked 100%
Great QI charging cover
Great product. Easy to use. Works perfectly well.
This made my phone not only more ridged but also easier to charge. With it being a Samsung back too everything works perfect. Thanks a million Mobilefun
S4 charging back
Great product when used with the S4 wireless charging pad.At least it was possible to purchase a black charging cover (to match the black phone) as only white covers are available in Australia. Thanks for your service.
Works Perfectly
I got the official back plate as the Qi coil insert (not from Mobile Fun) I was using had two faults, one it effectively nullified the NFC capability of the S4 (for ref it’s the one that’s not square, looks like a tear drop). I couldn't read/write NFC tags or use the NFC Beam function with other phones. Second when the battery got above 90% it would connect/disconnect to the wireless charge plate until it was fully charged. This meant constant beeping and as such was useless as a bedside charger. The NFC now works with no noticeable difference and the S4 charges to 100% before disconnecting.

The official S Charger cover is quite a bit thicker than the original cover. The camera lens is now recessed as oppose to being prominent, also make the S4 slightly heavier but give it a more solid feel. It probably won’t fit any form cases, I recommend a ‘Shocksock’ (Neoprene Pouch) as it’s stretchy.

I have read some reviews that say the wireless charging is a lot slower than wired charging. I assume there is some difference in charge time, but honestly it charges really fast so I haven’t noticed. (Using a generic Qi charge plate, not the official Samsung one)

As ever, excellent service from Mobile Fun. Immediate dispatch, next day delivery.

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