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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Extra Battery Kit - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Galaxy S4 Mini is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39678

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 4.6 stars from 13 customers

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Great charger, plot battery
This charger is great. The battery, not so much. The new battery doesn't hold a charge any better than my year and a half old battery. Good pricing, decent delivery time considering it came via postal mail with no tracking.
Handy purchase
It is useful to have a spare battery, even more useful to have a way to keep it charged. I've been really consuming battery charge with routine hotspotting and being on the fringe of reception areas. Having a spare battery on the ready is very convenient. Delivery was timely and excellent, especially when many couriers these days refuse to transport batteries.
Simple, easy to use and charges quickly.
Simple, easy to use and charges quickly.
Fast Delivery
Delivery was fast and earlier than expected. Product is perfect and exactly for the purpose intended. Genuine Samsung product. Will definitely purchase here again.
A very useful accessory
Although I have not had to use my spare battery yet, I always carry it with me knowing that I can use the carrying case to re-charge the re-charge the one that is flat.

It was good to find a supplier that actually had one of these items in stock, at a reasonable price, and the delivery time was excellent.
good product
Compact charger & battery for S4. Seems to be a genuine Samsung item. I hesitated to buy a cheaper product but a sub-standard battery is worse than useless so instead I went for the expensive solution. For the price they could have supplied a power cable and charger.otherwise no teal negatives.
Samsung goodies
Third time I have ordered from mobile fun - good prices, fast and efficient service and very happy with all products.
Made the right choice
I went to a store planning to purchase the IPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy S4Mini caught my eye, however, and that is what I ended up with. I like the fit in my hand and my previous phone was a Samsung Charge. I like the fact that I can carry an extra battery around just in case. I have not needed it yet but I have one and am happy!
Battery back for Samsung S4 Mini
This battery pack and charger is great due to its portable size, status indicator light and does as expected.

The charger is not much bigger than the battery itself so I just carry the battery in the charger rather than the plastic battery case that comes in the pack.

It would have been nice if the charger came with a usb A to usb micro cable.

I would recommend this for heavy users of their smart phones as it allows you to charger another battery without having to leave your phone behind to do so.
Works just fine
Ordered this item at the same time I ordered the Galaxy S4 mini. Unfortunately, Samsung were slow at releasing the charger, so had to wait a few weeks after my phone was delivered, but Mobilefun kept me informed on the order, then delivered it as soon as it came into stock - can't fault their service, and the charger works just fine.

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