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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 1900mAh Standard Battery Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will ensures that you have enough quality and reliable power.
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 4.9 stars from 122 customers

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Great service
This was not the cheapest site to purchase a replacement battery for my phone - but I didn't want the cheapest, I wanted the best.
I bought this based on the reviews of the battery on this site.
Delivery was next day and installation was easy.
I have only been using the new battery for 11 days but have noticed a real improvement in the battery life over my previous one.
Perfect Service
Very good price for a genuine Samsung Replacement Battery. I can confirm its 4 pin. I opted for normal delivery but the item arrived next day anyhow. Excellent Service.
Excellent service and battery
The battery was correctly packed as a samsung battery as ordered. There were no instructions in terms of charging but I followed the usual protocol and initially charged the battery for 8 hours. I'm not 100% certain if this is of benefit but I have definitely seen an improvement in my standby time, approximately +25%. I am not a massive phone user but pleased with not having to charge the phone quite as often even when not using it. Hope this helps
Mobile fun excellent I bought a Samsung Galaxy s4 mini battery genuine stuff always keep it up
Not the best quality
Hence why I keep have to buy the same batrery over and over again. This s my third purchase off the site for the same item. It is all the same. It last 7 months then starts to lose power.
Brilliant replacement battery
I bought this for my wife's 18 month S4 mini as she sometimes needed to charge her phone twice a day.
Replacement was delivered speedily and is perfect - my wife can now surf, phone and text for days on end without the need of a battery top up.
Peace at last!
I considered cheaper alternatives but believe the saying you get what you pay for!
Excellent service excellent product
Bought this to replace a tired original battery in my wife's Samsung S4 mini and was very pleased. Instead of having to charge every day (or twice sometimes) new battery stays charged for 2 or three days!
Thought of buying one of the cheaper alternatives but a the saying goes you get what you pay for!
Honest description at last
Exactly as described and a totally stress free transaction.
Thank you Mobile Fun
Works just how a new genuine battery should.
After charging phone is as good as it was when new. Said delivery was by mail but came by carrier even better.
Fast delivery. Genuine part.
Fast delivery. Genuine part.
An original manufacturer battery
An original manufacturer battery at a really competitive price. What was impressive was next day delivery.
Official Samsung Battery
You can purchase this battery cheaper elsewhere but can't be certain it is the genuine article, so I decided to purchase from a reputable trader Mobile Fun. My phone is back to optimal battery performance and I am not disappointed, would do the same again.
As good as the original battery
I was wary of of apparently reputable sites selling what were clearly fake batteries but after the reading the positive reviews here took the plunge and the battery supplied appears to be authentic and as good as the one that was supplied with the phone.
Good Quality Battery
Teh real deal, delivered on time and a good quality Item. Would buy from here againg.
Exactly what it says it is
Was warned to buy genuine Samsung batteries, not copies, and this one is exactly what it says it is! Delivery was fast and by courier. Will definitely use Mobile Fun again and have already recommended them to friends.
Very fast service and genuine product, wouldn't hesitate to use this site again.
Samsung official does the job
Bought a battery to replace and old wornow out one. Bought from mobile fun purely because it was official. Certainly not the cheapest as some batteries on eBay are much cheaper but they were fake.

The battery came in factory sealed packaging and works really well. The old phone is back to working like new. Quick to charge and slow to discharge. Excellent product and very very good delivery as I made in flight options only 1 hour before
got dis battery as myns was dopne n I loved it
Genuine product
Battery as described. Phone works again like new. Full day of moderate use with 7 hours screen on time. NFC works perfectly. Easy to order, fast delivery. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.
excellent product.
I needed to know that the battery was a genuine item before I purchased. This proved to be the case and after 24 hours charging and usage, it appears satisfactory.
Battery exactly as described & rapid service
My new battery arrived within 2 days and within the 1-hr time window that the courier advised by text. The battery was exactly as described in the advertisement and securely packed. It has made a huge improvement to the performance of my phone. Thanks very much.
Would buy again
I noticed my old battery was running down really quickly even when I was not using my phone. Losing 30% overnight. Took ages to charge etc. I did not want to risk buying a battery that said it was genuine when it actually was not. Having used MobileFun before when I saw this battery I knew it would be good and I was not disappointed, absolutely the same as my original and it came half charged as well, bonus, It has made such a difference. The plastic case it came in is ideal for keeping the old one as a backup instead of my emergency charger which I discovered had broken.
Genuine battery
I have learnt the hard way that the cheap copies from China are a waste of money when talking about electrical goods. So for this battery purchase I did some research online and found Mobile Fun. Loads of reviews say these are the genuine and reliable batteries and so I made my purchase. I was happy to pay around £20 for something that won't be a dud, rather than take a dangerous risk for £6! It was out of stock at first but Mobile Fun regularly kept me up to date and I didn't have to wait too long. The battery gives me a bit longer - maybe a day - than my original one which is about 3 years old now. It puts off buying a new phone for a while as I'm happy with my Samsung 4. I can definitely recommend getting a phone battery from this company.
very good it is working perfectly
the service was conducted well good update.
Seems fine so far
It's just a battery so not much you can say; it's working fine so far. My previous one lasted around two and a half years and then started to lose the last 30% really quickly so if this one last as long I'll be pleased.
A new battery that lasts
Normally with replacement batteries they don't hold a charge any longer than the original. The official 1900mAh battery that we have just bought appears to buck the trend. After the initial 8 hr charge it lasted 5 days before needing charging. Second charge gave a similar period of use. A modern battery that lasts 5 days will do for me!
This is a genuine Samsung product
This is a genuine Samsung product exactly the same as the one provided with the phone. Can sleep at night knowing that the battery wont blow up and I can expect a full lifetime from the product not having to think that I have wasted my money.
Very delighted with battery
I researched the Samsung s4 mini battery on the Internet a lot and came across so many obvious fake and not so obvious fakes so it was a pleasure to find Mobile fun online -they were more money but it was well worth the money because you could tell from all the reviews and questions and answers that they were the genuine thing and on top of all this they were a Google certified shop which was an extra guarantee -very delighted with battery and fast delivery and all the communication from Mobile Fun-Thank you
Genuine Samsung product
From start to finish I was kept informed of the delivery date and time even on the actual day the name of the delivery driver and a ten minute time slot which was accurate. The battery arrived completely sealed in Samsung packaging and has transformed my phone to now last at least a full day. I would recommend this product and the great service I have had from start to finish.
Read a few horror stories about replacement batteries so thought it best to order from a reputable source...where we knew we'd get am authentic Samsung product. No issues at all with this battery. It arrived with a good charge already in it and it works perfectly...charging quickly and holding its charge as the original did. It cost more than other places but worth tbe peace of mind.
Excellent service and product!
Very Much appreciated! Got it exactly on time and in very condition! Much Obliged.
samsung galaxy s4 mini battery
Very pleased with it. Trusted this company for the first time to come up with the best. So far yes they have. Always worried with national news reports of battery fires etc but this could be the business. Fast delivery service item came in genuine sealed bubble container. Phone working 100% better.
Genuine Item
Just a battery, but the genuine item.. many fake batteries around with poor performance. I'm happy to pay a little more for quality.
Good price and service, and genuine product unlike other suppliers
The real deal
I was about to get a new phone and contract as my old battery was lasting only about 8 hours. Many of the new decent phones are just to big for my liking and I quickly decided i'd stick with my SG S4 mini if I could get a good battery for it. Having read many reviews on many websites, Mobile fun seemed the obvious choice. I am now the proud owner of a perfectly functioning S4 mini thanks to the new battery which just goes on and on and on. I now get about 2 days worth of charge and no longer get caught short half way through the day. For approx £20 I have saved on thee cost of a new phone and because I have gone sim-only I have also saved on my contract price. Many thanks Mobile Fun...I will definitely revisit your site if I need anything else.
Exactly what I needed
Couldn't find a replacement for my phone and I was nearly at the point of getting a new contract.

Mobile fun was the only place online I could find that stocked genuine batteries for my old phone.I never feel happy ordering items like this from Amazon etc.

Delivery was very quick and even upgraded to DPD next day. The item was packaged well.

Delighted my phone battery now lasts two days rather than two hours! Very happy and would use again.
Peace of mind
Brand new battery in original Samsung packaging. Already charged half full, so I could use it straight away. Great to have a spare battery for my phone.
Great item. Got what i wante.
Where it was made.
The battery however didn't perform optimally as I had expected
I bought the product reading previous reviews on the site. The delivery was super fast as it came the next day despite paying for standard delivery. The battery however didn't perform optimally as I had expected and once I contacted the customer services team to air my concern they exchanged it for anew one and gave a few tips on power saving. Overall a positive experience with the service albeit the battery only lasts a few hours once fully charged.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mobola

Sorry to hear you are still having problems.

May be an issue with your phone in this case rather than the battery I am afraid.
Great Product
I had been looking for a replacement battery for my phone for a few months, and came across this site in a web search. So I took a look, found what I needed and purchased the item. The battery works like a charm, and it is exactly what it said it was. A samsung battery. Not a knock off. I would recommend this site to my friends.
Genuine battery
I wanted a battery for my S4 mini and it was a mine field trying to find a genuine one,I have had popular auction site fakes before and they are good for a few months then they drop off worse than the original. I was a bit dubious that this might be as well but reviews were good so I went ahead and ordered. I am very happy with what I received,item came in retail packaging and all markings checked out on Samsung website and I am back to two day battery life like when it was new. I will use Mobile fun again in the future.
Genuine Samsung product
Genuine Samsung product.
Arrived in quick time.
Item as described.
Packaging all secure.
Great price.
Very happy customer.
New Battery
Needed a new battery for Samsung phone. Brand new packaged item, it was exactly just what I wanted. The service this company provides is second to none, would use again if I need anything for a mobile phone, but don't take my word for it use them they are exemplary, thank you mobile fun.
great service
The battery was delivered very quickly and product was as described. Will use this site again for sure.
New lease of life for my mobile
Just as I thought my mobile was in the final stages of its life, I decided to try replacing the battery - money very well spent. Great website to use and genuine products being sold. First class service in terms of ease of ordering and amazingly fast delivery.
Genuine Replacement Battery - Solved NFC Problems
I had bought a replacement battery about 6 months ago (from what looked like a trusted source on Amazon) and had no problems ... until I needed to use the NFC facility of my phone (for the first time). Just wouldn't work.

After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion the replacement battery must have been a fake (but a "good" one).

Absolutely delighted to find Mobile Fun stocked **genuine** replacement batteries. Ordered one - it was delivered without delay - and yes, it worked perfectly.

Three key points for me :-
(1) Great to know that Mobile Fun stock genuine batteries (thanks :- there are so many fakes out there)
(2) Mobile Fun's shipping is lightning fast
(3) Absolutely essential to use a genuine battery if you're using NFC feature on your phone
Very Satisfied
It's a genuine Samsung Battery, great price. Very fast next day delivery. Needed to bring life back to my phone and this battery did that greatly.
Just do it!
I wish id bought this first time round. I tried buying a cheap one 'because there all roughly the same anyways'.. no Sir, they are not!! Which meant I paid a far greater price in losing all my holiday pics when it packed in after 2 weeks. I've had this months an it works like a charm.
fast delivery, genuine product
It was reassuring to be guaranteed a genuine battery at a reasonably cost with quick delivery.
1st class got what I was looking for, and also the delivery service by dpd def use you again
navy m.o.d.
1st class got what I wanted, after using other web sites that could not supply and sent the wrong items, def will use mobilefun again and for the delivery to my home was 1st class by dpd uk spot on tracking this delivery what can 1 say to all of you mobile users u cant go wrong here, they made my day many many many thanks alister kelly
Replacement Phone Battery
Brilliant. Totally brought my phone back to life. Kept losing power rapidly. Thought I would need a new phone but the new battery dud the job. Best buy!!
S4 Mini 1900mAh battery
The battery was delivered next day. It has brought my mobile back to life. Battery life is 100% improved. As your video says, you only get what you pay for. Thanks MobileFun.
True samsung battery in Samsung packaging.
After purchasing a battery replacement from cheaper suppliers the battery that they supplied wasn't in Samsung packaging, so it didn't instil confidence it was genuinely a Samsung battery and I found it didn't solve my battery power shortage.
I decided to pay the extra and see if you get what you pay for from mobilefun.
The battery came in Samsung packaging and appears genuine and lasts longer.
In my opinion it was worth the money for the improvement, any phone is useless with a flat battery.
Thanks Mobilefun.
A Genuine Delight
After several attempts to purchaze a battery that was 'genuine' and more to the point worked I was delighted when my battery arrived -it worked and I no longer have to carry the charger wherever I go!
Arrived swiftly, in original Samsung packaging and my lovely phone is restored to its former glory - it is like brand new.
Hours of charge -effortles.
Genuine replacement battery
This is the latest model battery by the manufacture, equal intype and specification to that supplied with the phone.
The product fits,charges, and works properly. The supply is qui
ck after a simple odering process that can be easily achieved online.
it is what it is!
An official battery at a good price to save me from a failing one.
Highly recommended
I have previously bought cheaper 'original' batteries only to find they are fake and don't last or perform as they should. It's the old story you get what you pay for.
With MobileFun you get the Samsung original battery, properly packaged and works as you expect from the genuine article. My phone is restored to it's original state.
The price was good the service was excellent so the title says it all ... highly recommended!
Quality Product
Ordered this for my S4 Mini to replace a cheap replacement battery I had been using. After googling why my phone was switching off with 50% or more charge I realised this was worth a go. This is a genuine Samsung product, shipped quickly and has sorted my phone right out.
Works just fine
Bought 2. One discharged immediately and I thought I was going to have problems but 4 weeks later all is fine. Both seem good and reliable and I wish we'd renewed them earlier instead of eking the life out of the original batteries
It looks genuine as far as we can tell
Our daughter who lives in Hampshire needs a replacement battery for her Galaxy S4 Mini and wanted an official Samsung battery. The Samsung website suggested these are available at their store in Norwich and as my wife and I were going to Norwich we went in to see if we could get one, of course they did't have any. I therefore ordered one from MobileFun, which arrived within 24 hours, it looks genuine as far as we can tell and we will give it to her when she comes home at Christmas.
Good service. Good product
I needed a new battery quickly and MobileFun came up with the goods promptly and competitively priced. Thanks.
very happy
i ordered a battery and it did not come so phoned up and told them that i did not recive my battery and within two day i got my new battery. so very happy with the serve that i got. now about the battery it works great.

thank you ricky
Got my phone working again
Easy to order online quick delivery and got my phone working again
Replacement battery
My battery for my S4 mini started draining quickly and needed constantly recharging. Official replacement batteries seems quite hard to come by so I was very pleased to find this item. Does the job and doesn't need charging as much as the old one!
Great Product
Very Speedy Service with a Great Product. Cheers!
Finally an original battery in Samsung packaging that works
Have ordered a number of batteries for the S4 Mini from various places all claiming to be original batteries which turned out to be a disappointment, none fit very well or held a charge for long. Finally an original battery in Samsung packaging that works just as well as the one that came with the phone. Fits perfectly into the phone and most importantly holds a change like the original for a full day. The battery price was also very good with very quick delivery, so wouldn't hesitate to recommend both the company and their products. Thanks from a happy customer will be using you again.
Couldn't be more happier. And they genuine products
Hi, i have been looking for a genuine battery for a while now because my old had gone faulty. After searching around and buying on all other's websites. Some where not genuine and didn't last long. But bought one from here and it's perfect, battery last a long time and charges quickly. Couldn't be more happier. And they genuine products. And really good prices. Perfect all the way.
Rapid delivery -genuine article
Cannot be faulted. Delivery was bang on time,and battery was pukka Samsung original. Already half charged and has restored my phone to normal usability.
Have recommended you highly amongst work colleagues.
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini - Official battery
As ever, an excellent service from Mobile fun, good delivery time, good price and the battery is a straight swap for the original, you can't ask for more.
good battery
I really struggled to find a genuine battery; the reviews for mobile fun's battery were consistently good, unlike those of others. It came promptly, was in Samsung packaging, fits well and works so much better than the original it replaced.
Excellent value
The battery is brilliant and very good value. It didn't cure the problems with the phone, but once the phone has been repaired I will have a lovely spare battery to use with it.
Hasn't Improved Battery Life At All
After 2.5 years it appeared that the battery in my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini required replacement as it was lasting less than a day; I was having to carry a portable power pack.
I fitted the new battery and there appears to be very little difference in life, if any. I have refitted the old battery and it seems to have the same performance. I had trusted that the new battery was a genuine unused Samsung one but .....?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Philip

As you will see from the other reviews we only sell genuine new batteries, so either the battery you have received is faulty or your phone is unfortunately where the problem is.

Please contact our Customer Services team and we can see if a
Genuine Samsung Battery
As described and a very good price.. amazinglying fast delivery :-)
Very good service! Well pleased
With so many fake or used mobile battery's for sale now days I was a bit concerned! But mobile fun was the cheapest, and it was a genuine item in retail packaging as described. Postage was bang on time and website especially easy to use accepting PayPal. More than happy with mobile fun.
Is what it says...does what it says
Unlike other outlets online which tout "original" parts or spares, Mobile Fun delivers the goods. An original Samsung battery in original packaging performing as it should, unlike the less expensive copy that it replaced. Quick and trouble-free online transaction and swift delivery. What is there to dislike?
Phone is like new again
Right, this is definitely the genuine article. Mine and my husband both have Samsung S4 mini phones. We have both had them for two years now, so the batteries were starting to not hold charge for as long. Bought two of these batteries at a bargain price, put them in our phones, charged up and the phone is holding charge like the day it was new. Definitely genuine Samsung product.
It is absolutely brilliant
It is absolutely brilliant to have a phone that no longer gets hot..Battery exactly as described also very fast delivery...will definitely use this company again :-)
Yes.I would recommend Mobile Fun,
For me I'd say they're number one.
So when you purchase, don't be shy,
Mobile Fun,you can rely.
My device is working a lot better
I just like to say that your services are brilliant and that having purchased goods previously from you for my phone, I am very pleased with the mobile fun. The new battery came very quickly and now my device is working a lot better and not over heating as much as before.
Fantastic !
Have ordered a few batteries from elsewhere that were really bad I decided to use the net..I came across this company an thought I'd give it a try...lets just say,I won't be going anywhere else for mobile accessories ! Delivery was amazingly quick..the package was just the right size. I would definately recommend you give these guys a try !
Was considering getting a new phone. Not no more i aint.
My phone was getting to the point I had to charge it twice a day and the cost of a new genuine Samsung battery from some sites would have been better put towards a new phone. No way was I paying for one elsewhere that would likely turn my phone into a fire hazard. Came across and bought this one and my phone lasts 3 days on 1 charge, and i'm not a light user! Astonished!
Excellent, original Samsung product
I spent a long time looking for an original Samsung battery as a replacement for the one in my Galaxy S4 Mini. There are many, many companies claiming that they sell the 'genuine' product and some even sell them at around £3 or £4! Ridiculous! I can confirm that this is a genuine Samsung product and it is identical to the one in the phone when you first buy it. I was slightly concerned that in the photograph and the spec, it mentioned 3.7V whereas my original battery was 3.8V. However when I received it, it was indeed 3.8V and an identical replacement. Great delivery time too.
Fantastic genuine battery!
I finally found somewhere that isn't selling dodgy knockoff batteries for this phone model! My phone wasn't holding charge for more than a couple of hours, now I've replaced with this battery and I can use my phone all day again! This battery is actually better than the one I originally got with my phone, not sure why, this was produced in Malaysia, original in China, but I am convinced this is a legit Samsung product and I'm very, very happy with it! Will definitely be recommending Mobile Fun in future!
Good replacement
Replacement battery fits well and seems to be a good replacement
So far this one seems fine too
Replacement battery seems fine, it's in my daughter's phone. I'm always suspicious of whether replacement batteries are genuine or up to expectation but a previous purchase of a battery from Mobile fun was positive & so far this one seems fine too.
I would happily buy from these people again, service great. Received my replacement battery and it is fantastic. Thank you.
The battery work perfectly!!!
Very good service!!! The battery work perfectly!!! Thank you!
Ordered the S4 mini battery. Came as the original battery, came on time, packaged well, and working fine.
Genuine OEM Battery.
Having trawled the web looking for a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini I came to realise that there are many fake batteries for sale, often without the Samsung packaging and for as little as a few pounds. I don't trust fakes, especially when it comes to electronics. Despite looking on a number of well known web retailers I was wary of what was on offer. Then I saw a sponsored link for Mobile Fun, who I have used previously for phone accessories and found them trustworthy and reliable. They were showing the original battery in stock and at a sensible price. I ordered it from them, which was easy and it arrived the very next day! From the packaging and quality of the product I could tell it was the real deal. Once fitted and charged it was immediately obvious how much better my new battery was than the old one. It was like having a new phone again! No more worries that my phone will die half way through the day and it doesn't get noticeably hot whilst charging like the old one. Also the battery is fitted with the NFC chip and antenna which works fine, something I doubt any of the cheap fakes would include. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend Mobile Fun to anyone looking for genuine, reliable accessories for their phone or other electronic devices.
Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 1900mAh Standard Battery
This is the real deal, my mobile is running like new, it's well worth the money, don't trust those cheap fake/copy batteries that don't keep their charge or even worse burst into flames! You really do get what you pay for.
I'm convinced now!
After reading reviews online that there are a lot of fake batteries on the market that perform badly I was a bit worried about buying a new one. I didn't have a choice as my S4 mini wasn't even lasting a day with little use.

So I took the plunge and bought one from mobile fun. While initially I felt the new battery wasn't performing any better I'm glad to say that I was proved wrong!

It took a couple of charges but is now working well. I can even use the phone with less than ten percent life left. It used to just turn off at that point before!

Happy customer ☺
Trustworthy Supplier
One of the very few 'trustworthy' suppliers selling genuine discounted 'NEW' batteries for mobile phones!
There are so many 'scammers' out there trying to either pass off second hand batteries as ‘new’ or selling rubbish alternatives that it’s just so easy to get caught out.
By the way my phone is now back to its former glory – long may it last!!
Thank you MobileFun – one happy customer!!
great for holiday offshore
I realised that phone battery very unreliable and going on holiday with 3 others on boat for three weeks so there was bound to be a fight for charging items on board. New battery did the trick and arrived in super fast time. perfect for keeping in touch and reassured that was bona fide battery .
great for holiday offshore
I realised that phone battery very unreliable and going on holiday with 3 others on boat for three weeks so there was bound to be a fight for charging items on board. New battery did the trick and arrived in super fast time. perfect for keeping in touch and reassured that was bona fide battery .
The Real Deal
I was so pleased to find this website as in the past I thought I was buying a genuine Samsung battery and
each time I wasn't .Even though the word genuine was used a lot ,of course it never was.So with some relief I have found a Genuine Samsung Site which makes me very happy.Your shipping times are great as well.
Well Done.
Battery Replacement
Thank you so much for giving me insight to the world again. Never again will I be out of the loop because I cannot log onto Facebook as my phone's battery had died! I didn't realise how much I had missed out on, friend's birthdays, funny posts, important group texts, etc. No longer will I be bored to death having to deal with living in the "real world" again ... the sights and smells still haunt me in my dreams! Finally I have a battery that does what it says on the box ... keeps my phone alive!
New battery
Slightly more but was happy to pay to make sure I received what I wanted. Came in good time, very happy.
A* Genuine, Professional company
After getting fed up with buying fake after fake goods on a popular auction website and elsewhere I bit the bullet to find a proper company to purchase genuine samsung spares. I have now purchased a few b samsung batteries, chargers including the new adaptive charger at a fraction on the RRP cost! All items arrived quickly, well packaged and as described. And all GENUINE. No cheap Chinese knock offs here. THANKS AGAIN
Arrived promptly, does the job
The battery in my S4 Mini was not holding charge well, so I needed to buy a replacement, and MobileFun had what I needed, at a good price, and seemd reliable.

The battery arrived promptly, was packed in original Samsung packaging, fit perfectly, and is working great - my phone now holds a decent charge again.
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