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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 2600mAh Standard Battery with NFC Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4 ensures that you have plenty of reliable power. Also features built-in NFC.
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This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S4 ensures that you have plenty of reliable power. Also features built-in NFC.
 4.8 stars from 248 customers

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Authentic item
Took a good while to source genuine samsung battery for my phone but so pleased I did. Genuine and quality item.
Exceeded expectations
It's difficult to locate a reliable battery for an obsolete device, but the battery purchased here works extremely well and holds charge good also.
Samsung Official Galaxy S4 2600mAh Standard Battery with NFC
Although it seems to be better than my old battery I thought the charge would have lasted longer.
Genuine battery
Only genuine battery I could find on the internet !
Finally a battery that works 100 %
This was another attempt at buying an 'original' Samsung mobile battery and after using it in my phone for a few weeks I can honestly say it is the genuine original Samsung battery.
My phone now holds its charge as it should do with a new battery.
I am very happy and would highly recommend Mobile Fun for any mobile needs.
S4 replacement battery
I was amazed at the speed of delivery. The new battery was installed and charged up and is now working perfectly. Made me realise how bad the previous battery was. It pays to purchase an official battery so that you know what you are buying.
Bona fide part
I was recommended this company.
I wanted to purchase an official Samsung battery for our old S4
Mobile fun had the correct battery which was delivered quickly and well packaged
At last a proper battery .
Pity I did not know that many sites sell second-hand or possible fake batteries so I am very pleased to receive a proper Samsung battery in the correct packaging that holds its charge . Very quick delivery . One very satisfied customer
Great stuff
Does what it says on the tin no problem would recommend
mobile battery.
web site easy and delivery was quick.
5star service
good quality item not like the fake rubbish sold on a lot of sites
Extremely fast delivery and very efficient. Came next day.
Sorted me out even though I gave the wrong address
I ordered the battery and then realised that I'd put the wrong address. The customer service people diverted the order, refunded my Paypal account. I was then able to reorder and received everything perfectly. The phone with its new battery is working well
Does the job well
Just what I had hoped for with a replacement battery for my phone
Very Good
Battery arrived within 12 hours of ordering it, Phone needs less charging, Job done
Finally a battery that works
I've bought so many so called New batteries for them to only last a few months, or need charging a couple of times a day, from people obviously selling dodgy batteries.
It would have been good to know that these were "New" new batteries from Samsung, but otherwise extremely happy that works like the original one did.
Samsung S4 Battery
The battery is working fine, it holds the charge longer than the battery I replaced it with, very happy about that. :)
Genuine is the only way
How long the battery lasted is a must for any potential buyer.
Also, genuine is a must although many companys such as ebay say they are and are clearly not.
Quick delivery and a good price for a genuine Samsung battery
I bought this for a my spare Galaxy S4 whose battery was a few years old and no longer holding a charge for more than a few hours. Delivery was very quick and I received timely notifications of the delivery date & time This has give my phone a new lease of life thank you!
Am so pleased
Having read a number of reviews about the quality of this battery from mobilefun I felt assured that I was buying a proper quality battery. My previous eBay purchase left me annoyed as the charge lasted less than 5 hours. MobileFun''s battery was the polar opposite. Charge lasts 2 days even with moderate use. Very pleased I bought it.

The only downside for me personally, was that I live 2 minutes from their Birmingham location but they don't have the option for you to collect it. Despite that, I ordered late afternoon one day and paid £7 for postage and it arrived the next morning, so I didn't have to wait long at all.

Being pleased with the quality of the product I'm likely to consider them for future tech purchases.

Thanks all.
ALL what it should be
really impressed by this product holds its charge and the delivery service spot on unfortunately on the day it was delivered i had an appointment to attend to but know problem quiet easy to pick another day to be delivered and also be told what time it would arrive so not waiting all day , many thanks

Good Battery.
These are the best of the S4 batteries that are around.
Good service
Just what I needed, good price.
An Excellent Purchase
Bought this to replace the original battery on my Galaxy S4 which is a few years old now and the battery would only last four or five hours. This replacement is now lasting almost two days on standby after a full charge, lets hope it continues.
Top of the range battery
That it was original samsung battery and not a cheap copy
Not cheap, but genuine...
A genuine Samsung battery from a reliable supplier. Carriage is a bit steep but quick delivery.
The Real Thing!
I made the mistake of buying a battery from another company that claimed to be a genuine Samsung battery. It lasted two weeks! The battery from Mobile Fun was in proper packaging and is working perfectly. Well worth the price.
a good spare
I am keeping the new battery as a spare, No comment as not yet used
Would want to know it was the genuine article and not a cheap substitute
Brought a old phone back to life,I was contemplating getting a new phone but so glad I didn't . I only charge my phone every other day now.
Replaced a worn out battery
Did the job required
Nothing description was detailed enough
Excellent item thanks
Good genuine battery.
New lease of life
New lease of life for my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone with a genuine battery, pleased with my purchase.
Excellent service, matches the battery it's replacing exactly!
Bought for my wifes Galaxy S4 'phone, and it was identical to battery it was replacing, fitted perfectly, and charged just like the original! My wife is now able to send and receive texts, surf the net, and talk to friends and family!
Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy S4
My Samsung Galaxy S4 is now three years old and I was finding that the original battery would often not maintain charge for a full day. I therefore concluded that a new battery was required and I was keen to obtain a genuine Samsung replacement, without paying the full Samsung price. The battery have I purchased from MobileFun appears to be a genuine Samsung battery and has performed well over the 3 weeks that it has now been installed.
Arrived the day after ordering! Definitely the real deal, genuine Samsung packaging and battery - not like the cheap fakes that are available. Sorted the issue with my phone perfectly, back to getting a couple of days or more out of one charge, it’s like a new phone. Would recommend highly.
Great buy
Simple ordering procedure. Arrived next day - great service. Now my phone keeps it's charge for more than 24 hrs.
I bought this to replace the battery in my M-Audio Microtrack portable audio recorder and it perfectly meets the requirements.
The initial test I did was to completely discharge and then fully charge meaning that the recorder ran for over 8 hours on one charge with no problems.
Genuine product – so glad I found this seller
My wife purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I inherited her Samsung Galaxy S4. Noticed straight away that the S4 would not hold charge for more than 24 hrs, even with no activity. Searched online for a replacement S4 battery and found myself in a buyers minefield. There are so many sellers offering “genuine new batteries” for under £10.00, some with no packaging whatsoever. Discovered Mobile Fun and after reading their customer reviews purchased a replacement battery from them for ~£20.00. Battery arrived mid November 2017 in solid packaging, with both the packaging and battery ladled with a product manufacturing date of 14 October 2017.
Have now used the Samsung S4 with the new battery for three weeks. It’s like having a brand new phone. Now recharging the battery every 2-3 days and in use confident that the S4 will be fully functional when I’m out and about. Great product and strongly recommended Mobile Fun. At the end of the day what is £20.00 when in return you have a phone that works, as you would expect straight out of the box.
Brilliant Mobile Fun!
Brilliant delivery! I paid for 2nd Class Royal Mail and it came next day by tracked courier. Brilliant that a British company in Birmingham can supply genuine Samsung S4 battery,, manufactured a month earlier, when CPW locally said the battery was DISCONTINUED. O2 said I should look online, so I did and found you. I've been telling friends about you too. No wonder we have global warning with such a throw away society around the world. It is so good that Mobile Fun helps to let us keep mobiles that still work! Well Done!
Very pleased with this battery and the delivery speed was exemption all. Thank you.
Great product and very fast delivery . thank you. All the Staff at Mobile fun.
Brilliant Service
Order receieved the next day,No problems with service.Very pleased with item.Have used Mobile Fun before and will continue to do so
I ordered this battery to replace the one that originally came with the phone as I was getting less than half a days usage from it. The new battery was delivered less than 18 hours after placing my order with Mobile Fun and I am more than pleased, delighted in fact! I now get up to 2 days use which is better than I remember getting from the original battery.
Very happy customer
Very happy with battery. Phone as good as new. Battery lasts 3 days now rather than just hours. No doubts that it's a genuine Samsung battery and the manufacture date was just a few months ago. Delivered very quickly. Happy to recommend.
Order received quickly - happy customer
Had to order this battery after another co let me down with their useless delivery arrangements. Was without my phone for 3 wks as a result. This company delivered within a few days. ????
The real thing
With so many fake batteries out there I wanted to be sure I was getting a "genuine Samsung battery" and not a "genuine battery for Samsung". This is the real thing and improved my battery life by about 50% compared to the old battery.
As described in the original box
After receiving a fake battery before with a fake capacity i was happy to find this product and any other (although not cheap) i have bought to be of the highest quality as you would expect, i always recommend this site for replacements now ☆☆☆☆☆
As Good as the one that came with the New Phone
Have tried cheap replacements but don't last. due to the reviews on here and the mobilefun name I bought this one and I'm not disappointed, put the fully charged battery in my phone Thursday morning using it for light duty, it was Sunday morning before I charged it again
Will definitely be buying from this company again.
Ordered this battery for my mobile phone after looking online there was a lot cheaper around,But i didn't want a copy so for a few pounds more I ordered from Mobile Fun. It came in the manufacture package And not just put into a plastic bag.
Delivery couldn't be faulted you could click on an app that told you when the package would be delivered. I can recommend and I will be buying from this company again.Mr K Weaver.
Spot on Genuine battery
Don't be a numpty, buy a genuine samsung battery, the cheap ones never work and generally are repackaged used samsung anyway.
This one cured my ailing Galaxy S4, and is working perfectly.
Great Product
Can't fault this. A brand new genuine Samsung battery; comes in Samsung packaging, for a very reasonable price and next day delivery. Fantastic product and great service.
extremely prompt service
Googled the price and responses, mobile fun prominent on every aspect so ordered with them. The service was prompt as the remarks said it would be. Very efficient would recommend and use again. +++++++++++
Samsung Galaxy S4 Batteries
I just purchased a couple of batteries for my Samsung Galaxy. I opted for the cheap delivery so expected to be waiting a few days. The batteries were here the next day! I'll be using this site again next time I want something for my phone. Thanks Mobilefun for the excellent service.
Excellent for the price and service
This battery was the perfect one for my wife's phone and as it is a genuine Samsung battery,it has a much longer charge life.
Bought this yesterday afternoon and it was delivered next day.

Exactly what is says on the tin.
Quick, no-nonsense and good value
I bought this as a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy S4 which had no other issues apart from the battery was no longer holding its charge. Mobile Fun offered the best value and I wasn't disappointed with the service either. Very good value, received within the specified time, well packaged and most importantly, an authentic Samsung product. Can't fault this company and would DEFINITELY use again. Thanks.
Good but hope it's original
Whether it's original
MobileFun Reply

All our official batteries, are 100% genuine. Hope this helps.
Had this battery a week now and running well
Had this battery a week now and running well. My previous one had bloated and was crashing my phone once it hit 40%. This battery is lasting 2 full days in my Samsung S4 (fairly light phone user) and seems to drain at a consistent rate. I have previously bought a replacement battery for my Samsung Note tablet from MobileFun and 12 months later it is still going strong. Genuine Samsung replacement battery.
Replacement battery
I needed to get a new battery for the phone as old one was getting tired. What I like about this site is the full description of the battery and how to charge it. Yes, I saw the same battery on sale cheaper elsewhere...but were they the real deal? Buying here I got peace of mind. Thanks.
Replacement Battery
This battery is the genuine item. I read a lot of reviews and this website got "electrifying" reviews. It came "charging" to my door in good time and after a few days of testing has proved to bave "re generated" my phone.
Excellent battery life improvement
It's amazing how much battery capacity is lost in a battery that's a few years old. This genuine Samsung battery gives twice the battery life of my semi-expired old one. I get two days of use out of it, unless my kids have the phone to play Pokemon. I can recommend this battery instead of all the fake and potentially dangerous batteries you can find on other sites. Worth paying that little bit extra. Mobile Fun seem to be a reliable source of genuine phone accessories and I got the battery within 24 hours! Excellent service.
All good so far, definitely better than my last battery.
Nice to have a genuine Samsung battery
Nice to have a genuine Samsung battery to give my phone the same performance when it was new.
Genuine product
Genuine product. Fast delivery
Genuine Samsung battery
I did my research online before making my purchase as I could see batteries cheaper than here but after reading negative reviews on these alot were not genuine.
Glad I spent the time and bought from mobile fun battery works perfectly.
My Galaxy 4s was playing up. A new battery was required
My Galaxy 4s was playing up. A new battery was required. My first thought was "go to mobilefun". The best and fastest service. You know you can rely on them.
I fell into the trap of buying a £5 battery elsewhere online - and it went in the bin the same day! Fake rubbish. So I decided to pay a little bit more for a battery from It arrived quickly in original sealed and Samsung branded packaging. It holds its charge as well as when I first got the phone. I've basically got as good as a new phone for £20! Bargain!
Tried and trusted
Happy to purchase from MobileFun, as they are reliable, selling & promptly posting genuine branded batteries.
original battery replacement
An original manufacturer battery, good quality. Restored phone to it's previous glory. Worth paying a little extra to have a quality battery.
The real deal
This new battery has given my Galaxy S4 a new lease of life - my original battery was struggling to last past 5pm after being charged overnight and this one easily lasts the whole day with plenty to spare. Worth the price for a genuine Samsung product and extremely quick delivery.
Better ti buy the real deal
Really plsd i went that extra mile and bought officail replacement battery for Samsung phone. I can sleep at night knowing its not going to burst into flames. Yes there are replacement batteries on other sites for quarter of the price but they are proven to be soooooo dangerous . What's worth more your life or a couple of quid ! Simple .... spend that extra for extra reassurance ♡
Recently I became aware that unfortunately my phone required a new battery. I searched all over online but so many sites had reviews of faulty and non genuine batteries.
So after much searching I finally decided to make my purchase from Mobile Fun after reading many positive reviews.
I'm so glad I did as the replacement battery I received is excellent. It's genuine and performs just as it should.
For anyone needing a new battery and unsure where to purchase it from, don't take a chance on possible fakes, purchase from here and know that it's the genuine product.
Many thanks.
This item was packaged as expected for a Genuine Samsung battery
This item was packaged as expected for a Genuine Samsung battery. Fit straight into my phone no problems and I'm now my phone is back up and running. Superb service from MobileFun. Thank you!
worth the extra
bought this battery for my old Galaxy 4 ,it is now working like a new mobile.
people i know bought the cheaper battery that is available and they were very
disappointed.i paid a bit more for this battery but i am very pleased with it.
it's worth the extra.
worth the extra
i bought this battery for my old Galaxy S4,
Does the job
This item replaced a failing battery. The NFC works (as long as a charging coil is not fitted). Had 37% charge when installed and after letting it run down, charged battery to 100%. Battery lasts over a day now, unlike old one.
Fantastic Item
This is a great replacement for the original Samsung battery that came with my phone as it is a genuine Samsung battery and works perfectly.
Very good product
thank you.very good product and excellent delivery time. would recommend you to all i now.i.g family and friends. thx once again.
Excellent replacement battery
Works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S4. My phone is quiet a few years old and with the original battery starting to play up, I thought about replacing the phone. Since buying this replacement battery however, my phone has a new lease of life.
My galaxy S4 2600BATTERY.
I had been looking on line for ages and had seen so many fake batteries.Then i find this site well looked at the battery was still worried but they eemailed myself ensuring these were the origanal Samsung batteries would be in plastic case an would be exactly the same as if i had bought from samsung directly. SO after that and reading their reviews i felt assured it was genuine.Ordered one staight away did not take look before it arrived well packed and i signed for it also.Opening it was thrilled battery came in small white container which i placed my old battery then placed my lovely new one.Wonderful like have a new phone lasts ages and is fast running now it has this genuine battery inside.So pleased with Mobile Fun the service i tecieved first class helpful an good price.This is where i will always buy from and would recommend anyone that meeds a battery of any kind for their phone etc..You will get the genuine item and your phone shall work again.Thankyou mobile fun.HAPPY XMAS TO YOU ALL.
Finally a Battery that works
Have brought a Samsung Galaxy Battery from Mobile Fun before and was very happy with the customer service and product, would deffo recommend this company and their products to anyone.
Speedy servcice
Quick delivery - Battery presently functioning as normal holding charge well.
Very happy
Good product, delivered quickly. The new battery is much better than my old one - only had it a few days so far but noticeable improvement in battery life. Good job.
Brilliant delivery to your home with in 2-3 days. Got an offer so why not, happy purchase :)
Better than expected
Researched for a while to get a spare battery for Samsung S4, finally found this product at a reasonable price, ordered it and had it delivered to door within 2 days, used it and found pleasantly surprised that the battery lasts much longer than my original one, definitely genuine product! Will highly recommend it and consider to shop here again!
Sorted me phone out
Was going to upgrade me phone due 2 poor batttrey life but getting a new 1 give my s4 a new life would buy again fast delivery
Official Samsung Battery Bargain.
An official Samsung battery at under the price that Samsung charges. Samsung UK currently is unable to supply this battery.
Big help to a mum with teenagers like me
I wanted a batt.for my daughter that will last fr. morning to until school is finished so i can reach her while she travel to home, and i found it!! Thank you. Big help to a mum with teenagers like me.
I bought the battery for my daughter and is very good and keeps very well carica.Consiglio to all your great service and fast delivery
Outstanding, phone like new!
I paid the price for this battery because I knew it was coming from a reputable source.
My phone was previously dying as quickly as I was charging it and would often shutdown just as I was about to take 'that epic' picture!
Since changing my battery for new, it's like having a new phone, it's absolutely marvelous and was well worth the money.
I now, much to the disapproval of my friends, have returned to happy snappy.
My phone is now operating as it should and now gives full battery life
Will confidently order from this company in the future, I preordered a genuine battery and received it very promptly as soon as it came into stock, my phone is now operating as it should and now gives full battery life, VERY pleased with the service and I would thoroughly recommend this company.
Like having a new phone!
My phone was starting to be a pain as I was having to carry a charger or power bank if I was out for more then a few hours. This new battery has given it a new lease of life. All I have to do now is charge it overnight as I used to and I can be out all day, listening to music and checking emails and browsing the internet. I've saved myself a fortune compared to buying a new phone!
Buying batteries for mobile phone
It is a minefield when looking for a replacement mobile phone battery. Are the batteries pukka? In this case, the battery seems to be genuine and the charge on my mobile phone now lasts for over a day, which is great news as I hate to plan my life around the charging of my mobile phone battery.
100% Genuine Battery
There is really nothing I can think of that you could add to your own description of this Samsung battery. My old battery would no longer charge and I'm so thankful that I came across your website and found genuine Samsung battery for a really advantageous price. Keep up the good work.
fast delivery.
Ordered this genuine samsung battery - Arrived extreemly quickly and currently holds charge a lot better than my old battery.
This battery started of great, but slowly dwindled. 2 months in and it has completely gone, absolutely nothing!

MobileFun Reply
Hi Daniel

Sorry to hear you have experienced problems. Either you received a faulty battery or your device itself has a fault. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist you.
Pricey but very good battery.
The price is expensive considering the range of baterries for the S4 are cheap elsewhere, however you pay for the quality and this original S4 battery does the job very well.
Transformed my old phone
It might only be a battery but it has made such a difference to my old phone. Battery life 100% better and the phone has stopped switching itself off. Yes you can get a battery of the net for cheaper but it won't last. I had to laugh when It was delivered, it was in an huge envelope way bigger than the battery.
fantastic service, great product. ...
I've purchased items from mobile fun a few times over the years Never an issue. A couple of months ago I bought a battery from eBay claiming to be a genuine S4 battery. Since then I found out it was not. (You get what you pay for) I ordered the battery from mobile fun around lunchtime and received it the following day before lunch. I do highly recommend mobile fun to all. A fantastic service. Thank you
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