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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini NFC Battery (4-pin) Reviews

Official replacement or spare battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, complete with NFC compatibility. You'll never run out of power again! The Battery features 4 pins, specifically for the use of NFC.
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 4.7 stars from 58 customers

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Very impressed with my new Samsung battery, delivery was very quick I was kept informed all the way would definitely recommend
The genuine article
Following some less than satisfactory experiences with "compatible" batteries, I was pleased to find the official Samsung battery at a reasonable price on Mobilefun's website. It was delivered (and fitted) 3 weeks ago and is working perfectly.
The battery charges perfectly and reliably. It was easy to fit. The delivery service was very slick and easy to set up.
Money Saver!!!!!
This new battery gave my old Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini a much needed boost of life, should be good for a few more years and save me money having to buy the latest version phone. Very pleased. Excellent service from Mobilefun. Thank You. :)
New phone? New battery? No brainer! New battery!! Sorted
Good service, good product and info
Batteries have not made any difference to phones..genuine?...i don't know !
MobileFun Reply
Hi Karen

I can assure you the battery is genuine. It is either a faulty battery or maybe your phone has a hardware issue. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further?
Works perfectly
I bought a replacement battery via Amazon and it was hopeless. The battery wouldn't charge to above 82% and died within hours. The battery I purchased from MobileFun arrived in Samsung packaging and works perfectly! So glad to have my phone functioning normally again.
New battery completely rejuvenated my mobile phone
My mobile phone was having to be recharged several times a day. It was also switching itself off and on which rendered it difficult to use. The new battery has made it like new again.
Very pleased.
Like some others possibly a bit wary to start with. The battery has meant we have been able to keep my wife's old phone going for our grand-daughter. The old battery was needing to be charged twice a day. This is the real thing. Excellent service and delivery. We have already used MobileFun again.
These batteries never perform as well as the original when you first buy the phone obviously a ploy to get you to buy a new phone
No problems with this company re the purchase. Very efficient good website, delivery on time.
However product did not live up to expectations and this is not unique to Samsung. These batteries never perform as well as the original when you first buy the phone obviously a ploy to get you to buy a new phone.
On the battery marginally better than my original but not up to my expectations.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Christine

It would be worth checking the software on your phone to see if any apps in particular are using a lot more battery than they should. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.
What it says on the tin.
The battery I ordered from an online competitor cost half the price. But it would not charge to more than 85%. When I complained, it was replaced. The replacement would only charge to 82%.

The product from this company WAS the genuine article. I'd rather pay a fair price for a quality product and not be taken for a sucker.

I'd confidently deal with this company again. They don't con their customers.
A new battery - a new lease of life for my old Samsung mobile phone
Our old Samsung S3 Mini was playing up - constantly switching itself on and back off again. Battery life had become very poor and as a result the phone was virtually unusable unless plugged in to its charger. This new battery has completely rejuvenated it and is the genuine Samsung article. Delivered quickly too. Thank you!
Didn't work properly
This battery seems to be genuine, but unfortunately it didn't make any difference - my phone still runs out of battery really quickly and the battery takes ages to charge and gets really hot when it's charging.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Samantha

Unfortunately in that case it may be your phone that has the issue. However, contact our Customer Services team and we can send a replacement battery to make sure?
There are a lot of fake batteries out there, and they all look the same !
You have to trust someone, I trusted "Mobilefun" with my money.
Just works
Don't know what else to say about it - holds charge and works as a new battery should!
New Battery
Excellent new battery for the phone. Bought ones in the past that are just not genuine, but this one absolutely seems to be. Holding charge correctly and has meant that my phone doesn't just shut down when I'm needing directions on a map or taking a picture!
Its not just the items that i have recently purchased that are great & good quality, its the service, they keep you posted on the delivery & even when i had to email to amend the place of delivery to a different location they still kept me informed right untill the delivery - fantastic
Ggood service and good to deal with if you want genuine goods
Brand new battery
I needed a new battery for my phone but was sceptical about whsther a 'new' battery was just that or not. However, after doing some research on t'internet I decided to use Mobile Fun because, having used them previously for other things, I trusted them to supply a brand new battery. I was right to do so as they supplied a brand new battery that is working perfectly and it was a very good price.
Genuine Samsung
This is a genuine Samsung battery and has made my phone like new again.
Excellent service.
I'm a bit of a numpty so unless there are clear product descriptions and photos I tend to end up buying the wrong things. Your website was very clear and easy to use so I got the right battery! Very quick too.
Would use you again.
Battery cures Bleeps?
My phone started bleeping a couple of minutes after it fully charged and didn't stop until it got down to about 70% because everytime it bleeped the phone lit up too! It was very annoying so I thought maybe it was asking for a new battery. I am really pleased with the battery which came in a lovely case,and it came quickly too, but alas didn't stop the bleeping!
Samsung Galaxy 3III Mini
My Samsung Galaxy was given to me by my eldest daughter as I didn't possess a mobile phone and to be honest wasn't that interested. She gave it to me as an emergency precaution after I suffered a heart attack last year. Anyway getting back to the phone, I was lucky if I got a days use out of it and had read that if you remove the battery and it freely spins on a table it needs changing, and mine was doing exactly that, so I purchased a new one from Mobile Fun and I can now get 3 or 4 days use on one charge. So going back to the reason I was given it in the first place, at least now I do have an emergency option God forbid anything should happen.
Genuine battery
NFC works no problem.
Fast delivery.
Would order from here again
Galaxy S3 Mini NFC Battery
The battery appears to be genuine and is working fine so far.
Charged and working as well as the original battery
Very fast delivery even with standard post. Great price. Charged and working as well as the original battery that came with the phone. NFC, that's built in to battery working well.
Genuine S3 Battery
I had previously bought a battery claimed to be genuine which was never quite as good as the original and gradually failed over a three month period. I therefore took some trouble to find a genuine replacement which I based on your website information and the customer reviews. The one supplied to date has made the phone work like new.
Disappointing battery
I bought this Official Samsung battery, after buying "cheap" batteries for my previous phones. I am disappointed to say that this battery is no different to one costing half the price. After my purchase 6 weeks ago, it now fails to last more than 8 hours on a single charge, leaving me on the constant look out for my next charging point. My original battery lasted approximately 14 months before getting to this condition. This is not just a one off, as I purchased 2 batteries, for myself and the wife, neither of us would be classed as heavy users. I do not tend to write reviews, but such is my disappointment, that I felt the need to warn/educate others of my misfortune.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Spencer

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the battery. Either you have a faulty battery or the phone itself has problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can try to figure out exactly what the problem might be.
This battery is a genuine Samsung replacement
This battery is a genuine Samsung replacement unlike many products that have been made to look like a genuine product. The battery came well packaged with the minimum of fuss arriving earlier then promised. All in all this was a very pleasant shopping experience where I got what I expected slightly earlier that I expected it. I am very pleased with this item.
Samsung S2 mini battery
Good value. It has improved the battery life but not as much as I would have liked.
All as promised
I needed a new battery for my wife's Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini. I chatted to the Mobilefun adviser over the net, and he pointed me to the right product. It arrived the next morning (to my wife's amazement) and was the correct item, brand new, in its proper packaging. I installed it, it worked, it sorted the problem.
If only life were more like this....
Excellent Service
I found this website really helpful. I was a bit worried about buying from an unknown (to me) website, especially as the item wanted (new battery) could potentially be hazardous if not genuine. But the website was clear, had both pictures and info videos which helped explain what the product I was looking for should be like; and explained a few of the industry peculiarities when it comes to these items, like product codes etc. Item arrived in record time, and worked perfectly. I would recommend this company to friends, and in fact already have!
Just the job
The phone was randomly restarting and the charge was going down a cliff after about 3 hours. An internet search suggested that it might be a battery fault - a way to check is to see if the battery is bulging slightly; it should be perfectly flat. Mine would wobble & spin if placed on a flat surface so, yep - definitely bulgy.
I bought this one because of the guarantee that it was a genuine Samsung part (it is), having come across stories of fakes from other retailers. It arrived about 2/3 charged, allowing it to be used immediately, and I've had no trouble since. Until I dropped the phone & smashed the screen.
Prompt service, genuine item
What can I say? It's a battery. But a new one solved some issues I was having with my phone constantly switching itself off and the battering draining in a matter of minutes. The price was fair, delivery super quick and the genuine item. I chose mobileFun kind of at random and hoped for the best...but it was just as I hoped. Satisfied customer.
Replacement Battery
I bought this battety to replace my old battery, that was constantly drained within minutes if being fully charged. I'm happy to say this works perfectly. It is a genuine Samsung battery, it was the cheapest genuine battery I could find.There's plenty of fakes about! The delivery was very quick!
Genuine means genuine
The generic replacement battery I bought a few months ago for my Samsung S3 Mini seemed to work fine but then suddenly went bonkers, randomly powering down and restarting. I wanted a genuine Samsung replacement and it appears at first glance there are a lot of genuine Samsung batteries on the net - except many of them aren't genuine at all. This one is. It arrived blister-packed in original branded packaging, it holds its charge and it supports near-field communication (which none of the fakes do). And delivered in double-quick time. Worth every penny.
Customer Service as it should be
Following contacting your customer service to query the number of connectors on the two Samsung S3 mini batteries currently in their stock, I was advised by email within 24 hours and links sent to the respective batteries.
I purchased the correct 4 pin S3 mini NFC batteries after 5pm on Wednesday & received them securely packaged in the post on Friday morning.
On inserting the batteries into the two phones, I was impressed they both had two thirds charge still left.
They hold their charge and the phone is now as if it was new having solved the problem of the old batteries not holding their charge.
Outstanding Customer Service from Mobile Fun staff. Thank you, I will be back.
i have bought Samsung battery after reading all reviews every review was good but my battery will not last a day without a charge very disappointing
MobileFun Reply
Hi Milan

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact our Customer Services team, either the battery you have is faulty or your phone may have a problem.

Hopefully we can help either way...
Battery replacement
Original Battery Replacement For Samsung Galaxy s3 mini. Exactlay what I wan't, fast mailing and good price for order.
Would I use mobile fun again?. I sure will, if you have a problem they will help with anything quickly.
A genuine Samsung battery which holds its charge far better
A genuine Samsung battery which holds its charge far better than all the various fakes to be found on the market. I am really pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone.
Excellent advice, service and speed af delivery.
Asked on line if I was ordering the correct product and received a promp reply saying no, but signposted to alternative. Placed my order and received new branded Samsung battery the next day. It works well and is lasting through more than 1 day as per normal again. Thankyou! Would recommend.
new battery
Purchaced a battery from yourselves very quick response and delivered on time and well packaged couldn't find fault with this item thank you for you service and also very good price would recommend this supplier and once again thank you from a very happy customer.
My mum is very happy with the product
I placed the order for my mother and it got to her in just a day or too, so I am very pleased with the speed of the delivery. My mum is very happy with the product as well as her phone works how it should now. thanks ;)
This GENUINE Samsung replacement has reinstated the performance of my phone to as new
This GENUINE Samsung replacement has reinstated the performance of my phone to as new. Thank you
Well I have one happy son
My son's battery wasn't holding its charge. I had looked at other sites and seen negative reviews saying the batteries were not genuine and did charge properly. I had given up hope and was residing myself to having to pay to get him out of his contract when I fell upon mobile fun website. I read the reviews and thought I would I've it a try. Well I have one happy son who can now go at least 3 days before he needs to charge his phone and not the 20 min we had become a customed too. It's the best for the money I have spent. Thank you mobilefun. Definately use you again. Service was excellent.Try they I don't think you will be dissappointed.
Fast Service, Genuine Battery
Good to find a genuine Samsung battery after learning my lesson with the cheapo counterfeits on Amazon. Fast service too.
Genuine Samsung replacement battery, 100% satisfied.
I was a little dubious ordering a battery as previous experience with other companies on the internet
had resulted in me buying second hand or fake batteries.
However, I am EXTREMELY pleased with this transaction. This is a genuine Samsung replacement battery. It comes in Samsung packaging. I have used it for a week it charges to 100% and is working just like my old battery did from new. Very happy and would recommend.
My phone had or battery had gone a bit funny the last couple of months and I wasn't sure what was wrong with it. Some said that I needed a new battery but others said my phone needed a repair. I found this battery while searching the internet for the right one and bought it hoping it would fix my phone.

Thankfully it has and I recommend this to anyone in need of a new battery. My previous battery wasn't reading the charge properly and running down extremely quickly. Getting this battery has brought my phone back to it's original state when I first got it.
Samsung battery
It is a battery and it works.What more can I say?
Would have been helpful to have measurements and that it is a 4 pin connect.The code number was slightly different from my existing one but the photo was clear, so I was fairly sure it was the right one.
The information that would have helped me find the battery I was looking for quicker was that it had 4 connecting gold strips and not 3 as I have been spld these ones before only to find they were not the correct battery. Once I found what I was looking for it was delivered promptly to me....and if I require anything else for whatever phone I am using I would definately use MobileFun to look for it
Genuine Samsung Battery
Got this battery for my wife's S3 mini after all the Samsung recommended sites could not supply. Glad I did, Genuine Samsung battery and does everything it should. The battery life on my wife's phone has vastly improved. Would recommend Mobile Fun.
Samsung battery
Perfect in every way
Perfect in every way. Cannot fault the service or the products.
Everything it should be
The battery supplied works as expected, restoring normal battery performance to an otherwise almost useless phone, though I haven't been able to test NFC operation yet. The battery I received was actually the EB-L1M7FLU part from Samsung, matching my old (factory supplied) battery - there seem to be several part numbers around for the same product according to the customer service desk. Just to confirm, this is the 4 contact battery for NFC S3 mini handsets, rather than the 3 contact one, and actually has a 5.70 Wh rating as expected (differing from the picture shown).
Prompt delivery too and well packaged in manufacturer's packaging.
Excellent product
Arrived promptly and well packed. Definitely the genuine article, unlike many cheaper ones I've seen advertised, and restored my phone's battery life to what it was when new.
Spare replacement battery
Original replacement battery supplied promptly, well packed.Can't fault. Thank you
made the phone work again
The phone was playing up all the time. Turning off and being unresponsive. This new battery fixed all that. NFC works as it should.

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