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Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery with NFC Reviews

Official replacement or spare battery for your Samsung Galaxy S3. You'll never run out of power again! Features built-in NFC.
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 4.8 stars from 382 customers

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Made my phone useable again
Had got to the point where my phone was on charge twice a day even though I'm only a light user. This Samsung replacement battery has returned it to its original state.
Good product at a fair price. Speedy delivery
Good product at a fair price. Speedy next day delivery, even though only standard delivery requested/paid for.
It works
It's a battery. It works. It arrived very quickly. What more is there to say?
Phone now works perfectly
Tried to get Samsung battery from shop but staff only interested in upgrading my phone. Eventually got Mobile Fun`s number as a supplier of genuine parts, something that lots of companies on the internet promise but don`t deliver. Placed the order late in the evening and it was delivered by 3.00 the next day. Phone now works perfectly
Original battery delivered quickly
Required new battery for S3 as old one was running down quickly. The only place I could find a genuine Samsung battery on the internet. Great service.
Great service
A great service from MobileFun. Delivery time was very quick and post sale communications have been excellent.
Will definitely buy from MobileFun again
Great product brilliant servic
My wifes phone was playing up but it was obvious (swopping my newer battery) that it was battery not phone at fault. The Samsung site was frankly useless and cheaper batteries were reviewed as either fakes or old "recycled" batteries that didn`t hold the charge. Ordered on a Saturday it arrived on the Tuesday at the time indicated by text. Battery changed and the phone works perfectly.
Fully charged service.
Original battery was failing badly after two and a half years.

New one ordered on Sunday delivered on Monday, phone worked immediately.

Excellent service, Phone now has a new lease of life after its transplant.
Genuine battery, arrived quickly, works as original
We have two S3 phones, still working, but the original batteries wouldn't hold charge more than a day (after 3+ years). I read a lot of reviews on Amazon, many suppliers, but many disappointed customers, there seems to be a lot of counterfeit batteries out there. I bought a replacement from mobile fun last summer, and that is still working perfectly, this year I replaced the battery in the other S3, which is also like a new phone again.
very good
Received an original Samsung battery. Quick n fast service and delivery. Works great and phone now working back as normal.
It's A Battery!!
My phone was suffering from the battery going from 83% to 13% and back to 64%. Then it would turn itself off and on. Was not sure whether it was the phone or the battery, so decided to get a replacement battery. Ordered it at 4pm on Friday afternoon, and it arrived, (courtesy of DPD with their excellent delivery notices) Saturday lunchtime. Powered it up and it's like having a new phone.
The whole process was very simple, quick and reasonably priced. I would certainly recommend this site to my friends.
Now all I have to do is figure out how I do not receive texts from my wife asking if I can pick up stuff from the supermarket on my way home!!!!
Worth the extra cost
I wanted a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Various internet searches revealed much cheaper deals but I wanted an original Samsung battery. Despite the higher cost this fitted the bill and was a genuine article. It has rejuvenated my phone, the battery life is now 36 hours plus just as it was when the phone was new 2 years ago.

Delivery was next day (despite only opting for 3-5 day service) and the battery is a genuine part.

Very pleased. Would most definitely recommend over cheap fakes. Well worth it.
Top class service/product
Amazing service. Battery arrived the next day despite only paying economy postage. Genuine Samsung battery that has transformed my old S3's charge hold time. This was my 2nd replacement battery and cant remember it being this good even when new. No more 3 x daily charging. Thank you!Impressed.
quality battery
My S3 was discharging the battery over night so I made sure everything that could be causing it was switched off. The problem persisted so I bought a new battery from Mobile Fun. It cost a bit more than on Ebygumbay but I bought peace of mind that it would explode! It's a great battery but I still had a discharge problem so installed Juice Defender. Well worth buying the battery though.
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery with NFC
Superb TOP QUALITY battery exactly as described on the website ,charges very quickly and holds the charge exactly as my original official Samsung battery that came with my Samsung Galaxy S3 OVER 4 YEARS AGO ,ITS NOW LIKE I HAVE A BRAND NEW PHONE .Easy to order and next day delivery , i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BATTERY (Product Reference 35102)IF YOU NEED A REPLACEMENT AS I HAVE FOUND THIS IS THE BEST REPLACEMENT BATTERY ON THE MARKET/WEB -WELL DONE MOBILEFUN . Superb battery,delivery and customer service ,great company which i have dealt with for years and everything i have ever ordered as been superb as is the fast delivery and helpful customer services .Thanks again keep up the great work i look forward to buying from you in the future .Peter
Great battery
I saw ridiculously cheap equivalent batteries on Ebygumbay but didn't trust them not to catch fire in my pocket so paid a bit more for this product from a specialist company. It has proved to be very reliable and I would use this company again.
Proper original battery from Samsung as promised but still hasn't improved charge retention time.
genuine item, quick delivery
working well
Good product
I ordered one day came next day
When it came I went on the live chat and a lovely lady answered my question straight away I needed to know how long to charge my new battery and she was so helpful
I would recommend this company to all
Thank you
Battery its working good and original im very happy
I was lookingfor replacement battery for my samsung s3 an original and im searching in google ifound mobilefun web site.i buy original battery its working good and original im very happy.and i recommanded overall good one for money
Its a real Samsung battery
Its much harder than you would think to get a real Samsung battery, you know one that actually lasts as long as the battery you got with the phone, and this is one, Good price for the real thing , NFC works. Recommended. And quick delivery!

Excellent item and service
That it was new and a genuine Samsung replacement plus its mAH rating.
Genuine thing!
At last, I'm moving into the smart phone era from my old Nokia 1101 9nothing wrong with the latter - phones and texts - all one really needs. But when daughter got a new Galaxy S7 for her birthday she gave me her old S3 to "play" with. Only problem was its battery ran down in about 2 hours, and within a couple of weeks it lasted only 20 minutes or so. Googled for new battery and noted the raft of fake batteries and saw reviews for "Mobilefun" battery. Took 6 weeks to arrive, but after each failed delivery date I was notified by email of a new date. A bit more expensive but it is a genuine battery and lasts days, the way I used the phone.
The real thing
This is as good as the battery that my S III phone came with originally. I have brought cheaper versions in the past - but it is a false economy. This works. Finally, can use my phone again without worrying that it is going to run out of power every few hours! Great. The real thing.
Would recommend Mobile Fun
I ordered my Battery expecting it to arrive shortly, but had to wait almost 4wks for it to arrive from the Manufactorers, but well worth the wait, as I held out for a Genuine Battery and that's exactly what I got, and would genuinly Recommend Mobile Fun Every time.......
Very happy and relieved!
Well, after buying what i thought was an original battery on eBay and having slow charging problems and charge not being held issues i figured i must have been sold a kipper!, the only place i could be sure of getting a genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 battery was mobile fun so i took the plunge, apart from the delivery timescale, which was down to Samsung and their new incendiary type batteries the sale went through smoothly and when the battery did arrive it charged quickly and held charge the same as when the phone was new.I'm so happy this is the case as it's going to save me some money on the electricity bills!!
Many thanks for an excellent original manufacturers product, keep up the good work and to all who are thinking of getting a battery off a popular auction website, save your money, buy once, buy right, buy genuine Genuine!!!
Excellent product and prompt service
Very happy with the excellent quality of this battery. It has completely revived my beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The service was smooth and the delivery was very quick indeed. I will not be going anywhere elsewhere for this type of thing in the future and would heartily recommend both the product and the company.
Working well
I have bought this to replace the original battery, which had reached the end of its life. Arrived quickly, and it is lasting well between charges. It has only been in the phone a couple of weeks, so I can't vouch for longevity, but so far, so good.
Orginal Samsung battery. Brilliant website really easy to find what you want and ordering was easy peasy. Delivery was really quick and item was well packed. Will use website again.
Excellent product
Very pleased with service. Genuine, manufacturers battery that gave a new lease of life to my phone. I would definitely recommend the company and the product. Thank you :)
replacement battery
my phone kept losing power, battery was a tiny bit loose, must have shrunk a tiny bit, seen this one , was a bit worried it might not be genuine, placed it in phone snug fit, now i have plenty of battery all day, would reccommend this product without any doubt, first class delivery service, and first class product.
Genuine battery
Needed a new battery for wife's phone, searched through many sites, before I chose this battery. Used this supplier before and received good service on both occasions.
Brilliant Delivery Service
Ordered new battery yesterday. Arrived as advised today. Brilliant item. Brilliant service would recommend this company any day. Thank you
Absolutely genuine battery
Absolutely genuine battery. Phone reset to,factory settings, new battery. Like new. Delighted.
This new battery brought a new lease of life to my daughters phone. Absolutely perfect.
The battery arrived very promptly and I was 100% satisfied with it
I was concerned about purchasing a genuine battery and was cautious about purchasing from the Internet but was reassured by the website and had already looked into what to look out for. The battery arrived very promptly and I was 100% satisfied with it.
works well in the time iv'e had it
works well now only charge once a day
What a difference having a great new battery. Thank you for selling a true original product.
Satisfaction every Time
Don't know of many retailers that are so true and fast,,Just Great.

Great service, no worries.
I am very satisfied with the performance of the battery that I purchased
I was absolutely amazed to see how many offers there were on the web for allegedly "genuine" Samsung batteries at a wide variety of prices. However, reading the customer reviews was very revealing. They warned me off many websites and gave me confidence to purchase from Mobile Fun. I am very satisfied with the performance of the battery that I purchased.
Perfect replacement for old troublesome battery
Had problems while away on holiday. Went online to see if I could solve.Came to conclusion I would need a new battery.Wanted a genuine replacement for reliability.Found it on your website at a good price.Ordered on Friday ,got it on the Sunday at time specified. My phone is now back to normal and working efficiently.Your website reviews most informative.
Was little worried if this would be the real thing but was delighted it was
Was little worried if this would be the real thing but was delighted it was.Very fast service.After so many dud purchases I am very pleased.
A proper genuine item
Excellent website.I needed a genuine Samsung s3 battery. Other websites sell fake "genuine" batteries. Mobilefun actually supply what they advertise. Took less than a day to deliver.Brilliant, will deal with them again.
Sure enough MobileFun sent me a genuine battery
This is the second time I have used MobileFun and again outstanding service.I wanted a genuine samsung battery.Sure enough MobileFun sent me a genuine battery (not fake "genuine" ones like others sites).A shame I can't give you more stars rating.Delivery 2-3 days Arrived next day. Also excellent service from DPD delivery.Thankyou MobileFun I will be using you again.
a new battery-job done!
It's only a replacement battery but now my phone can write a review for Mobilefun.....prompt service/value for money!
Battery works great
Battery works great. Had around 60% of charge out of the box. Given a second life to my 3 year old mobile. Excellent service from Mobilefun. Mobilefun kept informed in all stages about the delivery.
I have not had the privilege of using Mobile fun before as I knew not of them. I have to say I am really impressed with both their speedy service and the amazing quality of the product. I really get annoyed with companies who show a lovely photo offering what seems to be a great deal only to be disappointed with substanded product - Fakes etc. I would highly recommend Mobile fun in fact I have already told many of my friends about it - The Genuine Samsung Battery that I purchased last two days without charging - Brilliant doubt whether I will need to replace this genuine article for a good while Thank you Mobile fun
Original and solves poor battery life
Yes, this is original and makes the phone perform like new. The original Samsung batteries do have a finite life, and it is not as long as you would like - and nothing when compared to an iPhone. Be prepared to change them every 9 - 12 months. Because you can do it yourself and they are not expensive then it is not a major issue.
Replacement Battery
Needed new battery. Samsung no longer sell this model. Searched internet for replacement battery. Not convinced that many online providers were selling genuine batteries. Looked at reviews on Mobile fun site. Looked positive. Price looked genuine. Ordered. Battery has made phone like new again. Excellent speed of delivery. Very happy with service and would recommend without hesitation
The replacement battery is great as it lasts as long as when the phone was new
Purchased this to replace a battery which ran out after about 2 hours. The replacement battery is great as it lasts as long as when the phone was new. I was a little apprehensive at first but the service was great from Mobile Fun. My first order was sent to the wrong address by PayPal but customer services sent me out a replacement (free of charge) and when I managed to get back the other battery I sent it back free of charge. Customer service representatives went above and beyond.
great service
Fast delivery and all questions answered. Great website.
Samsung Replacement battery
I was sceptical but ordered a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S111. However, due to a fault with Pay Pal this went to the wrong address. I contacted Mobile Fun who sent out a replacement and after retrieving battery from wrong address I am returning it. The replacement battery works great and the customer service experience could not have been better. I think Mobile Fun went above and beyond the usual customer service received from most companies. Would definitely order replacement parts from here again.
This is legit & genuine Samsung S3 Battery. I already tried it and the battery life is approx 30 hours (4G lite is on at all times and phone is moderately used). I checked the manufactured date and this battery was manufactured recently (11/13/205). This is an excellent buy!
Full of Energy
I have bought replacement batteries for my mobile before from other suppliers only to find they are sub standard or fake. Mobile Fun have supplied a genuine original Samsung battery at a great price. I am glad I took the time to find Mobile Fun and can have confidence in the product. I would recommend mobile fun to everyone.
Buy genuine batteries
I have several years ago bought batteries for mobile phones that were supposed to be genuine, usually for a fraction of the price expected. They never worked, some didn't charge. That's why I bought my last battery from MobileFun. They sell the real thing at a fair price, worth every penny
Excellent customer service and prompt delivery
The product all arrived on time and were of excellent quality, just as described on the website.
Seems OK
Lasts a bit longer than other 'genuine'ones I've bought on- line!
Excellent product
Great service and fast delivery also excellent product
First class service
Thought I needed a new phone but decided to try a new battery first, so pleased I did as now phone working like new . Highly recommended company would'nt hesitate to use again
Prompt ddelivery of quality product
This item (battery for Samsung SIII) is thd first product I've ordered from MobileFun and therefore a first time buyer.

Delivery was as per details given on MobileFun's website so no complaints there. The battery arrived in venuine Samsung packaging and has performed just as you would expect a quality product from a quality company to perform. All good and wod reccomend MobileFun to anyone looking for on-time delivery of genuine branded products.
Like a new phone
Happy Birthday S3
You really are Three
You're just like a new phone
With an Official Battery
this is an OFFICIAL SAMSUNG BATTERY FOR THE S3. very happy with this item.
My battery i had before DIED COMPLETELY less than a year old.
i got it off a very well known auction site e**y and it was FAKE.
So i totally trust mobile fun, it is good, honest and trustworthy and sell very good quality stuff.
i have highly recommended you to plenty of people. as you always get what you have paid for .
thanks a lot. one very happy customer.....
The Genuine Article
With so much bad press about fake batteries I was very pleased to find this was the real thing.

Delivered quickly - original packing - improved life between charges.

Good product.

Many Thanks.
Great Service...Great Product
Great Service...Great Product
It is the real Samsung S3 orginial battery
It is the real Samsung S3 battery with the retail package. It was made in Vietnam and with NFC. I tested the NFC function and it worked. The battery can keep my phone about 1.5 day before going to charge up ( about 15% battery remains). The battery life is same as when the phone is new. I am happy to recommenf the mobilefun official Samsung Galaxy S3 with NFC to all the S3 user.
Who knew that not all Samsung batteries for S3 are alike?
I bought a new battery for my phone but after a few weeks of improvement, my phone started crashing and running out of battery - then I read the reviews on MobileFun and thought I would try a new battery - and it works! Phone back to normal useage....what a relief!
Great value!!!
Good battery- it was like giving new life for my mobile.
Just what i wanted
All the information i needed was on the web site. The deliver was spot on and the service was excellent.
Could not have asked for more. The battery came in a sealed package.

Thanks Mobile fun i am sure i will use you again.
Mobile battery
This was a small item, perfectly packaged, quickly delivered, exactly as ordered.
this battery came in an original Samsung packaging and do far so good
I have purchased 2 batteries from other websites and all claimed to be genuine but soon became faulty - this battery came in an original Samsung packaging and do far so good - I would definitely recommend to pay that extra and get a quality product rather than buying cheaper fake products
Did the job
Needed a battery, ordered a battery, got a battery. No fuss, no hassle, no delay. MobileFun did what it said on the tin
Good battery and fast delivery
Replacing mobile phone batteries is always a bit dodgy with so much rubbish out there. This one is giving excellent performance since receipt a few days ago and after initial charge. Of course, the thing we all care about is how long will this good performance last - but no review ever tells you that!
At least it came really fast - a nice surprise as they only used Royal Mail, which is usually dreadful round here.
Pleased with Purchase
Battery arrive quicker than I thought it was 60% already charged. Not had any problems and the phone stays charged longer like it used to very happy :)
Product seems to be the 'real mc coy'
Product seems to be the 'real mc coy'. Charges well and certainly lasts longer than my old one. I am very happy with the product. The cost was very readonable. I have also bought one for my wife. The purchase on the website was very simple and delivery was very quick. I would certainly use again.
My phone is now Supercharged, thanks to MobileFun.co.uk
Over the last couple of years I have purchased a number of batteries for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Each time the seller has stated GENUINE SAMSUNG BATTERY and all have been fakes, even when fully charged some lasted only a couple of hours.
I have now found MobileFun who DO sell Genuine Samsung batteries. My phone now lasts at least 2 days on a full charge - something it has not done since the original battery died.

I advise anybody that needs a new battery for their phone not to waste money on cheap batteries but to get the genuine article from MobileFun, it may cost a bit more in the short term but will work out much cheaper in the long term. Also being a REALLY GENUINE battery it wont put your phone at risk of damage from the fake, inferior batteries.
Worth every penny!!
Have found myself charging my phone 3 time.Essex a day it is a great relief to receive a replacement Samsung battery. Great service & speedy delivery!
Perfect genuine battery
With so many fake goods out there its great to receive and benefit from a genuine Samsung battery, packaged as it should be. Having worked in the mobile phone business before i knew to keep the phone switched off and charged the battery for 24hrs, used for a day then charged again, this time for 12hrs. My Galaxy S3 now last throughout the day and night with heavy usage without running out. Great!
Genuine item
I bought it from yourselves knowing that it would be a genuine item & not a copy traded as genuine like a lot of other sites on the internet do, also i felt that the back up would be there if i do have a problem with it & lastly the price was competative, thank you
Very pleased with battery which lasts really well before needing to be charged - unlike a previous battery bought from local outlet.
Delivery and service excellent. Would buy again from Mobile Fun.
Phone works like a new one
Great and prompt service as always, item ordered online came two days later, very good price had problems with phone read some of the reviews with similar problems that I was having, thought I would change the battery as the reviews said and yeehaa the phone works like a new one thank you mobilefun.
Excellent, Amazing Difference
The Official Samsung battery with Near Field Communication for the Galaxy S3 is the real deal, unlike so many other sellers this is a genuine battery. The battery fitted my S3 GT-I9300 and worked perfectly. My phone has gone from lasting about 20 minutes on a full charge to lasting about 3 hours of constant use on the internet or even 2 days+ when just idle/standby. The battery was at 60% when first inserted straight from the packaging, so I ran it down to 5%, turned the phone off and gave it a full charge to 100%. Since then I run it down to 10-15% before recharging which is recommended with Lithium Ion type batteries. I have had it in the phone for about a week now and it's been working perfectly. You may think buying cheap elsewhere for around £6 is a saving over the price from Mobile Fun but what you get will be a fake, despite it looking genuine. Fake batteries don't last, are generally made in China and you run the increased risk of them going up in flames, overheating your phone or exploding in your pocket and causing serious skin burns. Not worth it for the sake of an extra £10 to get the real genuine battery in my opinion! Hope this review helps people decide.
Success story
I'm always worried about buying replacement batteries as they never seem as good as the original. This product arrived very quickly after ordering. It was packaged well and exactly matched the product description. Thank you- I now have excellent battery and phone life again and no more having to charge every night.
At last - A Truly Genuine Battery
Unlike the "Genuine" "Official" batteries you see on some other sites, the ones provided by Mobile Fun are the Real McCoy. They produce the Correct voltage of 3.8V (not the 3.7 that fakes output) and the Near Field Communications (NFC) present in the battery work flawlessly and almost instantaneously.

In recent months, I've purchased (and returned) three so-called genuine batteries. I wish I'd come to Mobile Fun first. I will in the future - guaranteed.
Breathed new life in to my phone
I thought my phone was on the way out. Power kept draining away, so that I couldnt get a day's worth from a full charge. I wasn't convinced but a colleague said to try replacing the battery. Well I tried it, and my phone is like new again. I'm not a techie, but I know what works and I definitely recommend this!
Excellent product & service from a retailer you can trust
I had searched online for a Samsung OEM battery & after researching still found many fakes. I bought with confidence and received this in 48hrs from MobileFun. A excellent product & service from a retailer you can trust, 10 out of 10.
Product spot on
Good service product spot on all round excellent
Very pleased with purchase
Very pleased with purchase,quick delivery & goid email communication. Would definately use again.
Instant reboot
The new battery instantly restored my phone, after a week of frustrating failures every time I tried to use a current-sapping app.
It's indistinguishable from the Original
It works great and charges well, if you're worried about a knock off then buy this one. The batteries are stamped with a date that tells you when they're made, and I can guarantee this one will be a recent make.

I would definitely recommend, especially if you don't want to fork out for a new phone.
Delighted with the purchase
With my phone reaching its third anniversary milestone, the battery was somewhat worse for wear. I looked around many other websites for a genuine replacement battery.

Annoyingly, the reviews showed very wide variations in price, battery quality, authenticity and even safety, even within a single website. I landed on the Mobile Fun website and found a decently priced product with authenticity and safety in one. It has given my phone a wonderful energy facelift. Delivery was nice and prompt too. Highly recommended!
Igot original prouduct at reasonable price
I am afirst time user of mobilefun Igot original prouduct at reasonable price and solve my phone problem
Not Good
I would like to have known if my Samsung G S3 battery time would last longer.

I am not happy with the one I received. You must remember that many of your customers have very little IT knowledge .. we need to be lead!!

That's it! I would like you to follow-up my comments ..
Brenda Morgan
MobileFun Reply
Hi Brenda

We do our very best to ensure our descriptions are accurate and offer valuable information so our visitors can make a choice of whether the accessory is for them and what they require.

If you ever need help, of course our Customer Services
fixed the problem
Replacing my old battery with this one has cured my phone of its freezing problem. It's like having a new phone! Brilliant!
Very good value
My battery even from getting the phone new has never lasted so long between charges. I'm really impressed. I will be back!!
The Real Deal
I got this battery for my wife fairly recently so only time will tell whether it will continue to perform well. However, to date it is supplying 36 hours of reasonable use between charges. It came sealed in what appears to be genuine Samsung packaging. It was manufactured only a couple of months ago and I suspect this will help contribute to the battery's useful lifetime. I am tired of buying batteries from both online and traditional retail stores and for a variety of mobile phones that are simply not up to scratch. These were probably expired, used, counterfeit or all of the above but I think finally this is the real deal.
Genuine Samsung galaxy s3 battery AAA+
very good purchase
Product very good and fast delivery. 100% satisfaction.
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