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Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Protector - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the front of your Samsung Galaxy S2 from scratches and scrapes with this official screen protector twin pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30505
$17.25 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 68 customers

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Found this screen protector easy to apply & it does what it says on the tin.

very pleased with my purchase.
It's all good
What can I say? It is a very good product, easy to apply, and does what it's meant to.
I have used these before. Got it when I first got my phone. I'm not upgrading (S2 does what I need and it gets me a cheaper tariff) so these will keep it looking good for another 2 yrs.
Go buy it.
Brilliant Protector
Having bought a similar product for my last mobile phone, on getting my new Samsung Galaxy S2, I was determined to protect it's screen this time, as well. It is easy to apply, very reasonably priced & keeps the screen safe from scratches & smears. It is easy to clean & I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their mobile looking pristine & new.
No brainer - does what it says on the tin!
I had some screen protectors left from a previous HTC smartphone but they needed cutting to suit the Samsung, so it was worth paying for the correctly shaped ones from Samsung
One of the better screen protectors I have tried. No matter how good the product is it or how well it fits the screen care is still needed when putting it on. It will look rubbish if any specs of dust get trapped under the protector.
at last
Found the best screen protector. i have had about 5 since i had my phone in February this year! Im happy that i can put in on my self and is easy fit
Galaxy S2 Screen Proctor twin pack
I have found these screen protectors trick to apply in the past. They have a tendency to attract dust due to static when you are applying them to the phone. But having a twin pack and the two stage design of these protectors helps avoid this problem.
Good quality - bit tricky to apply
A bit tricky to apply, as when removing the backing, it's not clear which is the sticky side.

As careful as I was, I still got a couple of small air bubbles that just won't go. No big deal. Better than ending up with a scratched screen.

Why in a 2-pack, is there only one cleaning cloth, given that it's a single-use wet wipe?
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Extended Battery P
The product is well made as you would expect from Samsung, gives long life with the original battery. On the downside the phone & power case have to be charged seperately & no case to fit it. I ended up buying a Mugen 3400 MAH battery & samsung 2000 MAH from mobile fun as well which I prefer as we have two Galaxy s2's
Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Protector.
The item purcahsed was not the cheapest as its the.
Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Protector.
However its already peeling off very annoyed with the item and hope a refund is in the post.
Not the best
If you're looking for a screen protector for your galaxy s2 then you're better off getting the sgp one from this website. it a couple of quid more but it's worth it. it fits the screen better and is less visible too
Shirebrook Notts
Just what i,ve been looking for.
feel more relaxed now the screen is protected
Does the job
Does the job, a little tricky to fit due to the shape etc so care is needed and a little patience.
Perfect, easy installation
Easy installation and is just the right size!
Perfect Fit
Perfect fit.
Does a good job.
It's a good screen protector that is easily applied and has a nice finish. Be warned though, it's no that robust and will scratch easily.
Great Service
Great service. Item delivered within a couple days from purchase.
A little bit expensive
I bought this screen protector because it was a genuine samsung product. Nonetheless it is nothing special if compared with other protectors just a little bit more expensive but including 2 shields, adhesive remover and oleophobic treatment. Alas, I only have to complain with myself.
Poor for the premium price, 2 protectors but only cleaning wipe
Does what it says....
Takes a little effort to get it on without any bubbles, but is a good fit once on - worth having if like me you are prone to leaving keys in the same pocket!.
scrn protector
DON'T buy it. I thought genuin product was good but not this one
OK ish
Fitting was not as easy as I expected. Maybe I am a little clumsey. It has fitted ok but not perfect, some air bubbles. I will buy another, I am sure it will be better second time around
loads of patience and skill needed
Probably there's a way to mount it without bubbles, but you will need nearly sterile surroundings. I was putting protector on absolutely clean screen, but ptotector being plastic - easily accumulates electricity so it drags dust from air. Effect - tiny bubbles wich you won't be able to work out with squeege (supplied). Worst thing, though, is that you hold protector by a special sticker, which would be great if you could remove afterwards. Impossible! it is glued so when I tried to remove it, nearly ripped peotector apart. Had to cut it off with razor blade. :)))) I have to take it easy otherwise i'd go mad. One good thing is that sizewise it's perfect. In the end it's just a piece of plastic that protects screen. I reckon all protectors drag dust ftom air, cos of the simple laws of physics.
Terrible protector - look for alternatives!
This protector is terrible!

Applying the protector so that it was straight was difficult, and once applied I encountered an air bubble the refused to budge no matter what I did. Due to the price I decided to just live with the bubble, but then noticed that there was a mark on the protector itself that ran right down the middle of the screen.
Not Good.
Where do I start. Upon placing the screen protector on my device I noticed a scratch on the side that faces the screen. I know it wasn't me as I had just peeled the protective layer off and placed it straight on the device. The scratch causes an air bubble. The bottom edge was not straight, making it difficult to line up. The dry wipe was not lint free, so had to resort to using my camera sensor cleaning kit to get rid of the dust. There are also 2 cloudy patches on the film which dulls the screen slightly.

Seeing as the SP was useless I put some coins on the surface while it was on my phone and slid them around a bit. The surface was scratched after this 10 second test. Finger prints show up worse on this than they do on the bare phone screen. I would have put up with that if it wasn't for all the other problems.

For the price this is a terrible product. A Zagg InvisibleShield is a far better option.

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