Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Fast Charging Duo Pad - White Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Wireless Fast Charge technology using this official Samsung Qi Duo Wireless Charging Pad in white.
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Initially seems good
That this item will only work with the right plug ...comes with a 2 pin plug so needed to find an adaptor well once we were able to get it to work ..disappointing as it was a christmas present
Great purchase....
Very happy with my purchase of white galaxy wireless charger compliments my white galaxy s10 plus,Charges very quickly,Looks like the bonifide article,Great price,Prompt delivery,Boom!
Sent me a euro pin
Sent me a euro pin and im in the uk so i had to buy and adapter so i didnt save any money, wont use this site for tech again.
Works great but needed a EU-AUS adaptor
This product was a European mains plug so I had to get a separate adaptor for use in Australia! It would be better if the shop offered an Australian main plug/adaptor in the bundle.

In terms of the product, the product works perfectly and charges my Samsung S10+ and Galaxy Watch quickly and easily.
Works Great
Couldn't find this product stocked anywhere in the UK, because it isn't, nevertheless Mobile Fun seemed to be the only ones selling a imported one at a good price, vines with EU plug and no adapter but this was specifically pointed out before I ordered, overall good price and product.
Perfect solution
we are happy with this elegant charger.
Great charger, shame there's no UK plug
Excellent wireless charger and the only Samsung one that does wireless FastCharge 2.0. Great for the Galaxy S10's. I miss the flip up stand to hold your phone upright while charging. Also comes with a Euro plug meaning you have to use it with a UK plug adaptor, which is not as neat as I would like.

Convenience of being able to charge two devices from one unit is nice.

There does not appear to be a compatible Samsung UK travel adaptor at the moment and the charger that comes with the S10 phone itself does not have the correct wattage to power this charger. I even managed to source a UK wall plug travel adaptor with the same model number and wattage ranges as the Euro one it comes with but it still didn't work which is a shame.
Such a great changer
Nice and Fast
Good quality and solid construction. Fast Charge 2 works well and seems to be as fast as wired charging and faster than the original wireless fast charge devices. You will need an adapter to convert the power supply for UK plug sockets, but it comes with the required power supply and a USB-C cable. I use it for charging the phone and Galaxy buds simultaneously. Very happy!
I didn't realise the difference
I put my phone on here to charge up and wow, this is faster than wired charging. 10% at 3.30, off to work at 4.50 and it's charged up.
Terrific product.

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