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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector - Transparent Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 screen in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch resistant screen protector.
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 4.4 stars from 40 customers

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Third time lucky trying to find a replacement screen protector after 2 awful Amazon buys. Wish I'd found this website earlier. The product is perfect, easy to fit and even the bubbles can be pushed away effectively with the tool provided. I have no hesitation recommending this product and MobileFun.
Great screen protection
Amazing product! Sometimes it's hard to get rid of all air bubbles, but this screen protector stays well on the phone compared to other screen protectors I have tried from different websites.Thank you!
Easy to install but doesnt fit
I bought the screen protector for the S10 and I was pleased to find they actually suply you with 2 protectors in the box. Installation was a breeze and the tools they provide you with are sufficient. However, the only downside is the protector does not extend the full length of the screen. It leaves about 10mm unprotected which also cuts into your viewing area and creates an unpleasant bump under finger. And I definitely have an S10. Not sure what that's about samsung..

The product does work well and would still recommend it just takes a while for your eyes to get used to the ugly line across your screen.
Can lift off at sides with certain cases.
I found this difficult to fit. The protector needs careful work to get it to fit well over the curved screen sides. It is just on the edge of being too stiff to do this easily. My experience it that even when you have the edges perfect, if you have use a case that exerts any contact at all with the edge of the screen protector at the sides, it will lift. And once it has lifted, that’s it.
I’ve been through 4 and all have lifted I’m afraid. And I don’t usually have undue difficulty with screen protectors - this one has been frustrating.
It’s worth pointing out that although this is a Samsung product, it is NOT identical to the protector that comes fitted to the S10 when new. The cutout around the front camera lens is clearly different. I suspect this one is very slightly wider at the sides than the factory one.
Kit comes with all the usual necessary and TWO screen protectors.

Screen protector
Easy to fit
Great Customer service
Screen protectors are good but customer service is brilliant, I thought I ordered the s10plus but it turns out I ordered the s10 by mistake, when I contacted customer service they immediately sent out the s10 plus screen ptotectors and told me to keep the s10 ones. Very pleased with this company.
Ok protector
Well, first effort on a brand new phone was disappointing. A few bubbles despite following the instructions to the letter. Resigned myself to ripping it off and using the second one in the pack and maybe looking for another protector. Glad I didn’t as a few days later the bubbles had gone altogether. I don’t know why...perhaps warmth?? Anyway all fine now. I am an experienced screen protector fitter based on many years of fitting them for all the family
Very good
Like how it comes wth the tape and cloth, not the easiest to put on but I think that's due to the curve in the screen
It's ok
It's ok but not like having it factory fitted. Bubbles appear. Regular pressure with card helps ease them.
S10 screen protection
Perfect fit and very easy to apply.
I've tried lots of screen covers for the s10 all of which have been rubbish , this one however I would highly reccomend
Not compatible with the case
The screen protector peels off the screen and there are bubbles. Not happy with the purchase at all
Nice screen protector
Very good protector
Finally, after a long wait, I received my orders from
Both the screen protector and the LED View cover arrived in good condition, and they work perfectly.
I was looking for a new screen protector for my S10 has somehow mine got damaged very quickly after buying my S10.

As the S10 is a new expensive phone I am concerned to keep all the authentic samsung accessories with it. I was a little wary when this company came up in the search engine.

I had hoped it would be Samsung direct. However at the very fair and reasonable price and it being marked as S10 and looking authentic, I went ahead and bought it.

I am very glad I did. It includes 2 screen protectors and is authentic. It works without you having to reset everything. My biggest concern had been my fingerprint which I knew was sensitive to the phone. It worked perfectly.

Quality reasonable price. Arrived within a few days. I will happily buy from mobile fun again
Screen protection
Phone protector was alot thinner than I expected and the edges keep coming unstuck
Excellent quality
I searched for ages for a screen cover and glad I finally went for this one, it was slightly confusing which side actually went on the phone but it went on almost perfectly in the end. The tools etc you get with it make the process work. The preparation is key, making sure your screen is perfect then pushing out the bubbles as quickly as you can is best. Mine sits about 98% perfect and you can't see it at all with only one corner not perfect as I pulled it back up again to sort a bubble that I didn't get the first time. You get two in the pack which is good incase you do ruin the first one. Great value for money let's just hope they stand the test of time.
Not easy to apply and not really case friendly
The case is undoubtedly good but not easy to fit and certainly does not work with a back case.
After using a glass screen protector, I found they would stop accepting my fingerprint. This is easy to install and fingerprint still works after 6 weeks (so far)
Good product
Easy to apply and works well
Phone case was amazing
I knew everything that i needed too!! Was very happy with the result and havent taken it off my phone since. Actually in love with that!!
Screen Protector
Turns out the phone comes with the same protector and I wasn't aware, so I am keeping these for backup. Since it is the same one.
Does the job
Ordering was easy, glad I got the official Samsung screen protector as I've heard others don't work with the fingerprint scanner. Price was reasonable too.
Very happy with my acquisition from Mobilefun.
Fast delivery. I will do business again
Very bad
The screen protecton is coming off after 2 days and it doesn't cover full screen
God quality item.
Quality and price.
Slightly different than expected but good.
Not the same as the protector that comes with the phone. But still good.
Quick delivery too.
Wouldn't reccomend
Not the best, I've used both protectors within 2 weeks. My second one ( currently still on) has peeled up and wont last much longer.
Great sevice
Great product great
Good product good company first one didn't come company contacted me to see if I had received it I emailed back saying no they had one out to me the next day it's a good quality product as well carnt fault it

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