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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus LED View Cover Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official Black LED cover from Samsung.
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Protect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official Black LED cover from Samsung.
 4.8 stars from 153 customers

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Great job
Slick design,very easy to clean,
Brilliant case
Very impressed with this phone case, fits perfectly great quality
great addition to my S10+
the incremental functionlity benefts made clearer.... its a greta product but a leap of faith to purchase
just perfect in everyway
Does exactly what it promised, very good
i like it, its a nice thing. It offers some protection to screen and back. Not sure its for those who drop there phone a lot, but it feels well made.
My concern for myself is I have a job that gives me dirty hands sometimes greasy, and perhaps that will bring about the case becoming stained. But thats my fault. If it was cheaper I may have bought two, one for day to day and one for "best".
Good but flawed
Looks great, functionality would be great, but doesn't work. Can't control audio when closed or anything else. Other issue is that the magnet to close it isn't strong enough especially if you fold the phone open for any time.
Stylish case
Good quality case for my new Samsung 10 phone
Lovely case, just what I wanted ;)
Good price and arrived quickly. Thanks
Good product
As Advertised
Good product
Great quality product
This seems to be a genuine Samsung product. Fits my Galaxy S10+ perfectly and seems to offer a good degree of protection.
Samsung case
Excellent quality. product. looks very durable. had similar for s8 and its stillin good condition 2 and a haklf years later.
Great Cover
I hoped for a case that would cover the front and back of the phone and this one is really good. Being able to answer the phone with the cover closed is really handy. I really like it.
LED samsung cover
Got it for myself and husband and he likes it. Downside doesnt close properly. But overall, it is very good cover, sleek and sassy.
Great delivery
Fast delivery and quality item. 100% trustworthy
Best phone case
I do like the service I've always got from Mobilefun. Very happy with my purchase. I love Samsung phones and this LED cover case is the best. .
This is one of the best
It is supper cool and strong
Great product
Well fitting case with nifty led cover
Great product
Exceeded my expectations. A very clever case that gives you large notifications including personalised ones without opening the flip lid. A slim protective cover that matches the quality of my S10+
Good case
Fits well.
Led light text on case makes for easy notifications
Would recommend
Sleek phone case
I previously had the S9+ and the LED cover felt clumpy. I upgraded to the S10 and was sceptical about the new improved LED case but it has pleasantly surprised me. It's light, sleek and looks so much better.
Improvements on the previous case; it closes properly without leaving a gap. The + and - on the side for volume control is no longer stuck on, the material is far more superior. Once you load the app the option to assign images to contacts is fantastic and really is a great addition. Well done - finally Samsung have produced an accessory worth it's price tag
Love the white! And the icons that appear on the cover when text msg is received. Icons can be customised too! I know this cos I watched a you tube video. Would be great if all the features of the case is mentioned.
nothing explained in the description
Best seller
Perfect product, and quick delivery.
Great slimline fit and display functionality
Great fitting, slimline case; looks like it will do its job perfectly. Nice touch having the led display showing the time when you close the case; it will show the charging status if plugged in, you can turn off / snooze the alarm; you can even answer the phone with the case still closed. Have yet to download the additional led functionality, where you can personalize the display. The only minor downside is that the case does not close snuggly if you've got a card in the card slot of the lid (already mentioned in other reviews). Otherwise a great buy; I got this for sale price (40% off), even better! Have yet to drop it, so unsure how it will fare without a magnetic clasp or other closure fitment, but my phone already came fitted with a screen protector so not that bothered.
Ok but doesn't close all the time after u used it
As above
Brilliant product
Every detail about the product..
Excellent phone case
Nothing as the description was perfect about the product.
Great phone case
Well made case... fits phone perfectly I'm very happy with it...
Nice case, just wont stay closed
Its a lovely case with a nice feel and texture to the body of the case. It hold the phone firmly with it being too hard to put in or remove.
The dot display does look pretty and is useful when you want to glance at the time or skip tracks when music is playing.
Power, Vol and Bixby buttons work very well despite the latter two being covered by the fabric like hinge part of the case.
I have not seen any significant battery drain.

The negatives of this though is that the track skipping buttons on the face are both too sensitive and not sensitive enough, when you have music playing and you tap the front of the case you really have to tap to make it work. On the flip side if you have music playing like i do in my car, just putting the phone in your pocket can bump one of these "keys" when you least want it to.

Now my GREATEST GRIPE, you use the phone, close it and set it down. Within seconds the flip top cover flips back open, you push it down and it flips open again. I really have to fold this down and keep it down or just turn my phone upside down to keep the flip top closed. Kinda defeats the purpose of being able to see the time at a glance.

This last bit really ruins what would other wise be a great case.
Good service and nice product
Nice product gives good protection to S10 plus and looks good also.
LED display looks good and lasts for a few seconds after shutting the case. Nice and lightweight too.
Phone case
Absolutely delighted excellent service from start to finish
Great product and great customer support
Thought this was just simply a cover , didn't realise I'd get so many options to change screen saver etc.
Cover is fab????????????
Great product
A really good original product.
No problem with the cover. But it took more than 2 weeks to arrive and there is no way to track the package. It leaves you wondering whether it is on the way or had lost in transit.

Customer Service took several days to reply. Not exactly customer friendly does it?
Good price authentic product
Genuine product at a discounted price. Worth the buy.
Great Case
Very sturdy case just what I would have expected from a Samsung product.
Case ok
Case is nice but only shows time and if someone text or calls nothing else I thought would light up all notifications.
It's white
This item is WHITE, so not for grubby hands
Good but not good enough
It doesn't display as much as claimed, no battery status, no SMS notifications, a good looking case but not very good instructions
Great bargain price!
Got it here $30 cheaper than at the shops. It is the real stuff - genuine Samsung case.
The case is great
All the information was on the web
bought this for my wife she loves it , worth the money
Best Service and product
Very nice product of high quality. Swift response from the team MobileZap was amazing. Kudos to the team.
just the job
excellent product for my s10 plus ,that good i ordered my wife one
samsung galaxy s10 plus led cover
this product gives you protection you would not get with out it
It works wonderfully and I love the LCD editor. You have a choice of pre patterns or you can make your own and then attch them to an assigned telephone number, so you haven't got to open the phone to see who is calling you.
Good product
I was dubious at first having never heard of mobile fun but like most I read the reviews and purchased the s10+ case. At a fair price and what i wanted. Good delivery time, the only slight issue I have had is where it is a new case it doesn't stay closed by itself just yet. But otherwise it's great
Is a good case, does the job and protects screen and phone would love if they upgraded and made front flip part a magnet or a latch as it flops around.
Great and easy purchase of Genuine product
Which country the item was sent from.
Good quality, nice look, and great functions through the LEDs hiding inside the cover. For durability, I need to use the item for some time.
great product
does exactly what it says great
Looks smart.
Fits phone well looks neat, covers screen, LED on outside is useful, useful pocket to hold card or emergency cash and colour makes a change from black or pink!
Only worry is will folding cover back will it harm the led connection after time, but can use speaker phone instead of holding to ear, which would help.
Great cover!
This is teal - not green - as others have observed but as I bought the green S10+ which is really teal, colour-wise it's a perfect match. On the practical front, it protects my mobile without adding extra bulk and, like my S7 case, I really like the fact that opening / closing the cover switches the phone on / off. The LED icons are a bit of fun and fun is good. The case has a good feel to it , it''s not slippy, so I don't worry about dropping it. My only query is ... where I to fold the front cover right back would that mean it wouldn't close properly? This happened with my Samsung S7 case. I guess I just need to avoid doing that. A very good case, I am very pleased i bought a Samsung case; a good price too and delivery was prompt.
Have purchased previously for other phones so knew it was a must have, it is amazing what can be done with it.
Have purchased previously for other phones so knew it was a must have, it is amazing what can be done with it.
Beautiful phone case!
It fits perfectly to my phone and looks so beautiful. It feels nice to touch and best of all, it does not leave fingerprint marks at all. I can customise notification features for apps and contacts. I can even play music without opening the case! Great product from Samsung. It is costly but totally worth the money I spent. I had bought cheaper cases but they were all rubbish.
It works great
This case doesn't have a magnet to keep it closed but it looks nice
Love it!
Bought for my partner and he loves it. Does exactly what it says in the description. App needs to be downloaded to use it to it's best potential. Delivered as stated (3-5 days) Highly recommend site and cover.
Excellent product
I recommend everyone to get this
Very good cover
Best cover out there
I haven't fully begun to work this case but I will and at the moment it is the best case I have bought however I do highly recommend you to purchase the original Samsung case, You don't want any other companies brand, the original case is not that expensive and was very surprised at as I was recommend someone else's product just because it was a few $$ cheaper.
Definitely the best of the official Samsung cases
Wanted an official Samsung case for my Galaxy S10 plus and was pleased to see that they had so many choices available for it... but out of all of them, this was the one that impressed me the most. It's easy to fit and appears reasonably protective without adding substantially more bulk. The 17 x 9 dot matrix LED display - while slightly limited in what it can show - is informative enough and the individual LEDs are literally invisible when not on leaving a continuous smooth case finish. You can customise the LED icons, design your own (you need to be pretty creative with just 153 dots, mind) and assign them to contacts as well as specific app notifications so it's versatile in that respect. Other features include a credit card sleeve on the inside and edge buttons for using the power, volume and Bixby controls while the case is closed. In summary, this is a great case from Samsung for the Galaxy S10 Plus. Highly recommended.
Love this case!
It's so stylish and keeps my phone all round protected.

One star off, as the LED display doesn't seem to recognise when I've shut down an audio programme e.g. Spotify, Audible, and still displays the widget for this on the cover rather than just the clock.

Only a restart seems to fix it.

That's minor though, as it is a really good case, and well worth the money.
I am very grateful that I can purchase this product from your website. I was looking everywhere and could not find it anywhere in Hong Kong. I would highly recommend to my friends about your website.
Not as good as it looks!
Case looks nice - but cover does not close tight after just a few days use nor does it offer good screen protection if you were to drop your phone.

It has a Credit Card sleeve on inside which not only is difficult to put a card in but stop's cover closing properly if card put in.

There are deifinately more practical cheaper options out there.
Great product
Great product, good service and fast delivery.
Would recommend this product.
Everything was great and fast shiping.
Cover Case
Excellent product, good quality, met all expectations
Lovely case
Lovely case would recommend
S10+ Official led flip case
Super fit case with great detail & a good grip
Best phone case available for Samsung Galaxy S10+
The Galaxy S10+ phone case/wallet is the ideal civer for the device, smart , sleak and durable.
Love it
Great price
Impressive price difference from Samsung site
Excellent Service
Excellent service from Mobile Fun. Bought the cover and it's great, fits a treat and works very well. The service from Mobile Fun was excellent, very quick delivery and excellent communication.
Good - but...
This is a smart case, but I have yet to drop test it so do not know how well it protects the phone. The lack of a magnetic closer really isn't an issue to me at all.
The display is surprisingly useful. However, when the music player is being used you have to be really careful about putting your phone in you pocket as the case remains touch sensitive for a while and there is no light sensor as there is on the phone.
Great Case
Such a great case, I get lots of compliments on it.
One good case
Original, very good product
Samsung LED Case
Genuine Samsung Case. Excellent quality and exactly as described. Tremendous value for money
So easy to use - just put the phone in and it's working! Looks great in the dark - see the time and notifications without unlocking the phone - gets lots of comments!
Great cover
The cover not only show the time also informs about the messages, emails and phone call. This is the best accessory I had bought for my Samsung Galaxy S10+.
I thought only the time was displayed on the cover, it was great to realise phone numbers are also displayed when there is a call and that I can answer a call without opening the cover, pause and play music etc, awesome stuff
Exactly as expected
Other than the long shipping time, the product was exactly as described. I'm very happy with it.
Great cover
The LED element is very cool and the envy of my colleagues. Love how you can customise the graphic. Only negative is that the cover doesn't have a magnet to keep closed, so if you've been holding the cover to the back of the phone, it needs a bit of coercing to close again. Overall, a great product and i'm very happy with it, although it did take 20 business days to get to Sydney from date of order.
My Case
Love the case, only issue is that once you fold the front back, doesn't want to close all the way. Would like to have some latch that would hold the case close. Maybe some type latch or magnet that will keep the front closed
Excellant product
It was well described
Great product at an affordable price.
Loving the material and build of the case. The LED notifications works amazingly too.
Best Cover Case Available
I have started using this for almost week now. And this is like made exclusively for S10 plus. Perfect fit, Simple and elegant design, serves all basic purpose which customer needs. That is Protection and Features. LED Display on the case is awesome. Sleep wake is good too. Another brilliant accessory from Samsung and thanks to Mobile fun for providing this very fast. Its bit costly from cheap chinese but cost comes with quality and satisfaction which is priceless. will order another one as i am planning to keep device for long :)
Great Customer Service
Amazing product, love how the case reflects the date. At first, we didn't receive our original order but our rep Jon was competent, worked with us and was able to send another in a timely fashion. Much appreciated ????
A Clever Case
The official Samsung LED case is a handy item to have allowing you to see notifications without having to open the case, strong and sturdy with a snug fit keeps the phone protected. Highly recommended.
S10+ case
Case is a good product phone fits nice & tight
Led icons a great novelty.
Great case
Fits perfectly unlike other phone cases love the display
Genuine Samsung at best price available
I love these LED covers. The pictures don't do them justice. They look very nice. Much more professional looking than most cases and excellent quality. My only gripe isn't a product flaw. They don't fit well in my car mount so I take my s10 plus out of the case while driving. For MobileFun, trackable shipping would be appreciated but I can't complain about the low cost.
Super convenient and cool
I'm enjoying my new case very much. It's been very handy I've been on vacation and I didn't have to carry around a full purse just my phone, ID and credit card.
Excellent case
Looks good, extremely well made and works perfectly.
A perfect cover for the perfect phone
I wanted to get an official Samsung cover for my new S10+ and this was the one for me. I love the time display (which at night is a god-send as it doesn't wake the wife like my old phone/cover combo did.
It is smart-looking, practical and suits the phone to perfection.
Brilliant mobile phone cover
This is the best mobile phone cover i have had. Would definitely recommend it.
All good!
I'm happy tour Haven that case, verry good!
S10 plus led wallet cover
Came as advertised works perfectly absolutely smooth purchasing and delivery.
Excellent service
Arrived quickly, kept informed about deliver. Would buy from here again!
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