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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Clear Cover Case Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear Cover is the perfect accessory for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. With bespoke fitting your S10 Plus remains fully functional whilst being protected with the added factor of clear case being sleek and bulk-free.
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nothing like the original of samsung, it is simply a basic but exceptional product, I love that it does not have so many edges, that it is very light, resistant, and discreet, it keeps the original design a lot.
Bought the Galaxy S10 Plus Clear cover. This was a replacement as my original broke. It is a genuine cover and fits as it should. I even got a free cleaning cloth that works perfectly not only on my phone but also on my tablet and laptop. Definitely recommend!
Great case, great price.
Samsung clear case is the best case there is on the market. It's slim, you can see beautifull color of your device and it does provide some kind of protection. Not much, but nevertheless. On the down side, it can be a bit slippery, especially if your hands are dry. All in all, very satisfied with the product. I didn't mention earlier, but first package got lost in the shipping, but Mobile fun staff handle this situation as champions. They sent me another one, and it arrived in a matter of days. Very satisfied!
Great case very simply it maybe not best protection but its better then nothing and looks good
Virtually invisible
Really slimline, virtually invisible so phone looks and feels as it should to hold and use. Have not tested the protective qualities!
Love it but it's already cracked
This is a great sleek and minimal clear case - Just what you need to show your phone of to its full potential...
Mine just cracked on one of the lower corners today ????????
Snug case, long delivery
Case is legitimate, delivery is longer than stated. Order if you have patience and want to save money.
Very good quality
I thought that the case was Two sided, my mistake.
Nice simple official case retains phones looks
Nice case, hard clear plastic light weight. I've always bought a case like this from Samsung.

Its thin but durable for light knocks. Nice fit.

I would buy again if anything happens to this case.
Very Good
Official Samsung product and fits perfectly. Could do with full protection along the bottom as this area will get marked and scratched.
Great Product
THis product is great for number of reasons.
1. Its LIght. Because fo its light weight it adds little to the phone in terms of its overall dimensions and weight. Just what I wanted.
Its completely clear so its does not destroy the look of the phone.
Its protective and seems to do the job in terms of protecting the phone when it is dropped which I have done on a few occasions.
A great choice for any Samsung S10 user.. I highly recommend this product and I usually don't do recommendations.

Dawson Johns
End User
Very nice product
Slim, very good compatible with my Galaxy S10 Plus. Not thickening the phone. The phone stays slim and comfortable to hold in hand. And most importantly protected against scratches.
Best back cover
This is the best back cover for you phone without any weight or bulk.
Good screen, make sure to follow instructions.
Good product
Good product but ordered as in stock then took a week to arrive. Good service otherwise.
Great Product but a delayed shipment.
The product quality is just great. But, the stock arrival time has been changing every day and hence the shipment was delayed by two weeks. But very much satisfied with the product.
The Galaxy S10 Plus is such a beautiful phone, you do not want to cover it up. But, this case does not compromise the beauty of the phone and provides protection at the same time. Buy it, you wont be disappointed!
Perfect for the phone
Always get the same case for all my galaxy phones. Don't add much to the size of the phone, and just thick enough to protect the camera bump.

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