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Official Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Standard Battery - 3000mAh Reviews

This official Samsung replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51024

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 5 stars from 14 customers

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I found the battery 100% original and perfect
I was very skeptical after trying several other batteries, MobileFun battery was quiet more expensive than the rest but I could still pay more for it. My phone has returned back to brand new state. I have complete peace of mind now as I travel around without fearing my mobile phone might go off. It is exact as the original battery in the phone. Thanks MobileFun :-)
Spot on!
Ordered this to replace the one supplied by Samsung that, despite them saying was for my Note 4 Edge, didn't fit!
So, full marks to Mobilefun - zero to Samsung...
Battery behaves just as any new one does - charge once, lasts over a day. Good job Mobilefun!
Genuine. Massive improvements
10/10 would recommend buy from this website again. Don't go to amazon or ebay as they are most likely to be fake. Which I brought one once because how cheap there where... Massive mistake spending nearly the same amount but won't last 4 hours (constant surfing or YouTube). Took only 1 day to deliver unlike amazon which takes 3 or more...
Helpful, fast delivery and genuine
Always nervous about ordering online however after contacting their customer support to ensure the battery was for my phone (it says Note Edge, however I needed to make sure it was for a Note 4 Edge and regular note 4 batteries dont fit) they came back to me within 12 hours, confirmed the details and I decided to purchase.
Within a day, the item arrived, from what I can see it is a genuine Samsung battery and was exactly what I needed.
Considering I have been waiting 5 weeks for Samsung to attempt to get me a replacement with no arrival date available, I am over the moon that I can use my phone again.
Highly recommended
Battery replacement
Simple to order and efficient service and combined I am an happy customer
Battery woes solved
My note edge was getting to the point where I had to charge it three times a day, admittedly I am a heavy user but when the phone started to crash I knew it was battery related.
I have been disappointed by cheap replacements from eBay and Amazon before so when a friend recommended mobilefun I had my doubts.
I am honestly pleased and relieved to say my phone is back to normal and the new battery is working perfectly with one charge lasting all day again. Delivery was quick and the courier service mobilefun use were excellent. I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend batteries from mobilefun
Does the job and no nasty surprises
My old battery was failing and I wanted a genuine replacement (yes - I know - Samsung batteries blah blah blah...). After reading reviews on here it seemed that Mobile Fun were offering the real McCoy. After a delay it came through and now my phone lasts over a day without crashing or the battery going flat. No explosions or fires either. :)
Works as described. Authentic OEM replacement battery.
Genuine Battery
Honestly, I was sceptical as I have never used this website, but was concerned about the number of "genuine" battery sellers on Amazon. However, the item was delivered within a few days and the genuine battery. Now my phone is as good as new without the reboots happening at 30% battery life. Will be buying another for my sister who has the same phone. Thank you
What more to recommend it?
I have had my note 4 edge for just over 2 years. I searched all the usual places for a new battery - I use Android pay a lot and the NFC is built into the battery. I bought a battery from another site. This battery had NFC but did not work with Android pay. I read other reviews on Mobile Fun and having bough other items from them (also great quality) I bought this product - it is a few pounds more (<10) then the other one. The quality of the packaging was excellent (the other battery arrived in just a plastic bag - this one was in a tight fit plastic container). Swapped the battery into the phone, set it for a charge (there was charge in it on arrivel - about 50%) picked up the phone the next morning and successfully used android in Costa to pay for my coffee! What more to recommend it? Ash
Genuine Article - only place to get genuine products
Ordered this as my phone is now over two years old and with all the recent software updates was unsure of battery life left at the end of the day. Got loads of emails saying it was delayed coming into warehouse etc but eventually it arrived and is the Genuine Article - only place to get genuine products - ordered other batteries from various places inc ebay but none were genuine. Thank God for a company with Integrity.
Genuine item battery
I wasn't sure the item I bought from you would be genine . I was in a John Lewis store in Liverpool. I was looking at Samsung television's and a Samsung sales man was there .so I asked him about mobile fun and buying a Samsung battery from mobile fun .so asked Samsung sales man are mobile fun products in Samsung battery 's genuine.he said yes .he's bought items from you to. So my friend who has got the same battery as me .asked would I order a samung battery for him from mobile fun .which I have done .and will arrive in a day or two.
Good battery for good value
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Good product. Was very impressed with the order emails and delivery time. Very fast.
Only genuine battery.
After purchasing 4 batteries from various websites I was told mobilefun stock genuine batteries. So I gave it a try, and from my experience this is the only place you can purchase genuine Samsung galaxy note edge battery.
The John Muir Challenge saviour
By the power invested in this battery my John Muir quest was successful. Enabling photos and amazing tweets to happen throughout 2 days of walking along the Jurassic coast and through an Area of Outstanding Beauty.

It was for work. It worked and was extremely useful for me.

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