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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED View Cover Case - Lavender Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official lavender LED cover from Samsung.

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 4.7 stars from 78 customers

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Unopened and blank new!
Received the item in a good condition. It was nicely packed in a envelope with bubble wrapper that protects the item.
Samsung Note 9 Case
Excellent product and price, very good company to deal with. fast delivery
Nice case but...
This is a nice case but doesn't protect the bottom edge area very well. Dropped mine a couple of times and the chassis suffered damage. I prefer to use the gel covers now.
Just what I was looking for. And the price was amazing!
The best case so far
This is the best case I have purchased do my phone, it is sturdy and offers good protection, and the LED front is great
Great looking cover and great protection
Pros.: A beautiful cover that fits the device perfectly. Allows alerts and detection on external LED screen
Cons.: the cover allows to anser or decline a call, which can be a bit annoying when the device is in your pocket and answering or rejecting calls by itself. Still gains 5 starts for rating ...
All my friends are impressed!
I love this cover, especially the nifty LED icons. So many people have admired the lit-up time when I close the cover.
Love it
Fabulous color. Arrived on time it
Love it
I was so happy with the product. It arrived on time
Cool cover
I really love my new cover for Galaxy Note 9.I prefer this type of material then the other clear view standing case cause I dont have to look at the finger prints..slot for card is very handy..definitely worth to buy.
The perfect answer!
A fabulous product! It gives my phone full protection, and I can answer it without opening the cover.
Me encanto
Me llego rápido y en excelentes condiciones gracias
New phone case
Thanks for the fast service and great price..
Cover case
The led cover case for the galaxy note 9 was perfect.
Great case even though it increases the bulk slightly. Offers a full protection.
Love it.
Impressed with the NFC linking external light show. Well impressed. Thank you.
Amazing Product
I've been this case for a couple weeks now. It had been better then i expected. Slim and you can answer incoming calls without opening the cover. You can also set up short names for incoming calls of people you know so it will show on the cover. I've been very happy with it. And for the price it's a bargain instead of paying $60 for it through Samsung or T-mobile. The free shipping was rather fast because it comes from the UK. I will recommend this site to those that want to purchase accessories for their phones. I recommend Mobilefun and this product if you have a Note 9.
Really well made cover
Ideal cover for note 9. Able to use my car wireless charging dock with case on. Only down side, not able to use for stand when watching videos.
Nothing much, I had good reviews about Mobile Fun from friends.
I was beyond astounded. This product was everything it said. I had no issues with the product or company. I was skeptical about shipping, but I received my product fairly quick! Great price compared to other competitors! I will definitely be shopping here more often!
Great cover
Very pleased with my purchase great cover to protect my phone much better than a glass screen protector. love it looks very stylish also
Its everything it says it is
Beautiful Case
This case is a superb fit for my Note , looks very stylish and wireless charging is not affected at all.

Great delivery from MobileFun

Thanks 5 stars from me
Perfect fit!
I love it! The case seems sturdy with an interesting texture and appearance. It fits my phone perfectly and the LED is a very handy touch too.
It's great.
Expensive but excellent quality
I much prefer a flip cover so there wer in fact little options for this phone. But this one looks smart, and is tough and I like the little slot for a credit card and and emergency money. Being an official Samsung cover - it is expensive - but then you get all the integration like the LED display.
Very good so far.
I did not think I would take to this case,but it grew on me,I like it a lot because lts safer for the phone. I like the different features the case has ,easy to customize if you read instructions. Would recommend.
On time in budget.
Original product
Great Technology
Good protection to the phone and the led display on the cover is fun.
Very Good, effective and smart cover.
This is a very good cover and I wanted led display and wireless charging too, which is there in this cover. Also the finish and look of the cover is good.

Only thing is, it would've been good if it could've incorporated kick stand too and when we do wireless charging, it does not show LED display.
Very Good and effective cover.
This is a very good cover and I wanted led display and wireless charging too, which is there in this cover.

Only thing is, it would've been good if it could've incorporated kick stand too and when we do wireless charging, it does not show LED display.
Great case
Case fits well. It has no magnet closure , which , on the note 9 is understandable because magnets interfere with the screen, but it would be better if it had a velcro or some other non magnetic closure system.
The LED screen on the front is very nice feature .
Love it
Really happy with it, works really well.
Awesome case.
Great case. Clever features. Easy to use.
I really like flip cases as I feel these protect my phone well, and look great. The material finish is nice and of a high quality. The notification LEDs and icons are really helpful and the touch controls for music are fantastic.
5 Stars
It's not cheap, but it's by far the best cover case for your Samsung Note 9. Brilliant design. Love the readout.
Great cover
Great cover case with cool LED functionalities.
awesome product and delivery
great product and prompt delivery.
Good bit of kit
The cover is a hard solid clam shell type and surprisingly it does not increase the thickness of the phone by much. The led is great also when you play music with the cover closed the led lights up to the beats of the music like a digital equalizer.
Excellent quality
Price is cheap compared to local retail store! It's very solid and good looking cover
Color options
She really likes her cover case. I just wished the information were more transparent because I would have like to have purchased the purple one for my wife.
Love it!
I owned one of these covers for my Samsung Galaxy s8+ and the cover stopped working after about 6 months of use, just general wear and tear I think. Well when I got the note9 I thought I might aswell get another one of these covers because I really enjoyed the previous one i had for the s8+. I was expecting something pretty much the same, well I was wrong! They have improved the cover alot. The outside is like a textured soft plastic which makes it really easy to wipe off where as the previous one was like a fabric so it always looked a bit dirty. This cover protects the phone alot more and being sturdy i doubt ill have the same issue with it stopping working. With this cover the LED display is coloured! Where as the previous one wasn't. I had an issue this morning while charging from one of those battery pack things for your car, and I was using hot spot and Spotify all the same time so the LED display wasn't showing up, but once I restarted the phone it was fine so guessing it was an issue with the phone and not the cover. overall though I am absolutely satisfied! I have the lavender cover on my note9 and it looks great even though the colours aren't matched. I give this a 9/10!
Very good product
Everything is fine
Very happy with product
Very happy with product
Excellent service
Super fast service, amazing because it was Christmas. Will definitely order again
First time Product not came. but second time send..
Very good
How good is it
It's nice but I think over priced
I like the feel of it, the course and how it fits. But the digital screen doesnt stay on, it's only there for s brief moment. It doesnt stay closed well.
Good case but where you fold back the lid to use or put into a clasp the lid doesn't close properly now. Could do with a stronger magnet to keep it shut
I bought one for my Galaxy S9+. I really love the features and ease of use.
Wow !
This year's LED cover is a significant improvement over the same product Samsung launched for the Note 8 last year.
The material used looks and feels much higher quality than last year and it doesn't get fingerprints on it like last years.
The case design and fit has improved. It's more sturdy, fits better and the screen cover part of the wallet covers the screen fully, including the edge panel.
They have added colour options into the LED display this year.
I'm very pleased with it. It gives an exclusive phone an exclusive look with great functionality. I found nothing to dislike
Very nice cover
I really love this case. Fit perfectly and the led light is a fun feature.
Very Good
A very good phone cover that still allows access to the fingerprint scanner, pen and cams. It has great protection where its needed.
Highly Recommend
Its a Samsung phone cover for Note 9 and does what's intended.
cool tough
Nice good tough looking cover. LED is telling what is happenning shortly without opening the cover.
Great product and great service
I ordered and they delivered on time
A must for all 9 note owners
Basically a good piece of kit that should last hopefully. Quite a novelty to talk whilst the case is closed. recommend
Not a bad case
Not a bad case, would be better if the front had a way to stay closed
Case will not stay closed
Was really hoping this case would be good. It has a warning about a magnet and not to put a mag strip card near it. However the magnet feels almost non existent but when it comes to its purpose of keeping the cover closed it completely fails
💖 this
Love this case works great with my new phone and looks good in blue. Just put my phone in and it worked straight away didn't have to do anything.
Best cover I've ever owned
Nothing the advertising was excellent
It would be helpful to know that this case does not support wireless charging as the back is too thick. Apart from that it is a good but expensive buy.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Benson

In our experience, the official cases from Samsung support wireless charging very well. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you - also confirming which wireless charging unit you are using as this can also have an impact on how well the phone chargers wirelessly with a case attached.
Nice case
good price nice case
Awesome cover for my Note 9
Your website made it pretty clear as far as what I should expect. There were no surprises, it was exactly as it was portrayed. I love this cover and would gladly recommend it to my family and friends.
Great Case - protects and looks cool
The case protects the phone well and the display is amazing. It is touch sensitive as well as being informative. It still fits in my pocket and I know the phone is well protected.
Fantastic case
Exactly what I expected from mobile fun, every time I get a new phone I buy a new case always from mobile fun and never been dissapointed. This was a genuine case to fit my phone, I'm fully satisfied.
Good case
Previously had Note 8 LED and I find the Note 9 case to be built a lot better
It has more substantial feel to it and the top is now fully enclosed and fits into the back very snuggly


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