Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clear View Standing Case - Black Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in black is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
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All As Per Description
Great Service and Product. Come in original Samsung Packaging.
I have bought 4 cases for my S9 note.
If I had started with this on I would only have bought one. Just as described. Spot on case and service. Thank you.
My note 9
These cases are strong.Love the colour and see through and the corner are cover.And I will buy another one.
Samsung galaxy note 9 clear case
Bought this clear lavender case for my Samsung galaxy note 9 I really love it well worth the money
Excellent case
Item is as advertised and the colour is lavender which is what I wanted. It arrived on time and I am happy with my purchase.
Practical and stylish without being OTT
This protects the phone really well and the colour match to the lavender Samsung note 9 is spot on. A very snug fit and the reflective case that allows you to answer the phone without opening the cover works perfectly.

The rubber protection for the case is discrete and the strength of the fold aspect of the case has considerable longevity.

Colour is very eye catching and commented upon - nice once Samsung!
Very good
Very good product. The best quality you can buy. We'll buy from you again.
Love it !!
Lovin' my phone case!! Worth the $$
Very good fit
Really nice case bit dear but well worth it!
Love it
Love it. And it really protects my phone in style
It is very beautiful, elegantly designed, light yet sturdy & fit for purpose ie protective. The transparent front cover a masterpiece of design. I love it
Very good
I love my note 9 clear view caseing as soon I got it I put it on my phone is so cool I love it thank you all
Beautiful case for a brilliant phone
Excellent buy. Great delivery time and value for money. The case gives great protection and enhances the phone. It has the transparent front cover. Blue is my colour
I thought I would be able to see texts etc up on screen, but it just gives you a symbol. I'm still happy even so.
Does it really protect your phone. Yes it do.
Phone cover
Thanks, I always try my best to buy the things from mobile phone at first place . And I am completely satisfied with the products and services.

I’m really impressed with my product. Excellent.
Any phone cover.
Brilliant buy
Perfect fit. Robust prtection. I do not use a screen protector with this cover. I find the genuine products perform the best. Had the same design for my note8 and was extremely happy with it: never needed to change it or use additional protection.
It’s a 10/10 from me.
It was just what I was looking for,, thank you billy
Excellent case specifically for the note9 made by Samsung
You will scratch the front.
Great to see who is calling through your case and also answer the phone while the case is shut
Love it
It was exactly what I wanted everything was described perfectly
The only place that I could find the blue colour.
I love it. Great protection for my blue note 9.
I received the package intact and in short time.

Thank you mobilefun.
Great Phone Case
I think that this phone case is amazing. I love the clear view and the fact that it helps to protect the phone. I have the Note 9 in lavender and it matches the phone also. The stand comes in handy when watching videos I also like that you can use the front as a mirror. All around 1 of the best cases ever for a smartphone.
Elegant case with functionality and protection
This case is beautiful and fits the phone tightly for a slim profile with protection. You can use it as a standing case and the front doubles as a mirror. You can see your notification through the front but it also adds privacy. I really love this case and it was definitely worth the money as it is well made.
No wireless charge
This is good stylish product but doesn't work with my wireless charger. You have to take off the case which fits pretty tight. So not ideal situation. But is expensive but worth it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Shane

Which wireless charger are you using? This case usually has no problems with wireless charging.
the clear plastic cover scratches easily
The front cover whilst showing the always on display picks up scratches easily. I've had my one for less than a week and despite best efforts it already has several scratches on it.
Great Case
I've bought this product before so i knew what to expect.
They've not changed the design from previous versions just the phone so i was happy to order it again as it protects the phone well and gives easy access to time,date and any other notifications you'd like to see. It's well made and takes knocks and bangs of everyday usage.
A bit pricey
Very nice cover that fits the phone well. Rather expensive for what it is.
This cover fits like a glove
This cover fits like a glove. The cover is semi see through so you can see in coming alerts and messages. You open the cover and it turns the screen on without pushing any buttons. It works with my glass screen protector also. You can use the cover as a small stand so you can sit it in front of you on a table or desk to view movies with the need for it to lay flat. I have had several Samsung Note and S phones and used these covers on each one. I have never had any issues as far as quality or workman ship.

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