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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Protective Stand Cover Case - Deep Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Official Samsung Protective cover in deep blue is the perfect accessory for your Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.
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 4.7 stars from 37 customers

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Original Product from Samsung Korea
Original Product. Fits perfectly.
You can feel it.
From packaging, labels,instructions, to the material and fitment.
Very fair price.
Delivery as stated.
Go for it.
Thank You!
Good quality product thank for fast shipping
Never receive item
Item was not received at all. Looking for full refund
This is a great case. Love the kickstand.
Great case
Has pretty good grip and a kickstand. Buttons are very firm. So far am happy with it and would recommend. Good quality material.
Awesome product
awesome product.. very nice and in original condition... love it... future recommended....
Great case, built in kick stand great protection
Good solid case, good grip, easy to hold. Great built in kick stand
I like the box in the hand, simply great!!!

Great fit, feel & stand
Being Samsung's official Mil-spec offering, it fits like a glove. It feels weighty and substantial, with a discreet and perfectly angled stand. It offers no screen protection at all though; and with screens being the Achilles heel of all "edge" phones the Mil-spec description makes me smile. To address this I combined mine with the Whitestone Dome glass protector. Now I have a well armoured yet fully accessible device.
Nice product and good service
I like it
Bulky but good
It's little bit bulky but it's really nice if you wanna protect your phone. One odd thing is it doesn't support wireless charging. When you buy original accessories, you want them to be compatible with each other.
Best case ever
This has to be the best case I have ever used. I have used many different cases from otter and rokform. This is nice to hold and has great protection for the phone.
Nice note8 case
Good product & shipping handling!
Good, pretty and practical
Got the case because it matched the phone, but I really liked it. It is not as slim as I was hoping for, but since I wanted a case that would protect my phone from my constant accidents, I found this case a great compromise. Colour is lovely and the stand works very well. I would recommend.
A very good Samsung case
It's a very good feeling case it very protective I would recommend this case Samsung did a very good job on this one.
Good quality
Case looks exactly like the picture. Good quality and sleek design. One design fault is that the standing stick opens to the wrong side aka volume cannot be adjusted when standing..
This case is a beast it is awesome
Sturdy and Classy
Excellent Sturdy case. Premium material. Provides good protection. Feels good in the hand and provides a very good grip. Only dropped the phone once on hard tiles from a feet or so up, and the impact was absorbed very well. Only draw back can be the thickness, which might be best for small hands.

Also, dont forget this case has stand which is very well hidden.
AAA review
Delivered on time. Product as described. Great price!
Very pleasantly surprised
Firstly it fits the phone beautifully. I only bought it because there was nothing else in the store at the time to be honest. However, it seems to offer good protection wrt laying it either face down or face up as well as the corners without being too thick . It is slimmer than I was expecting which is nice. I am not a fan of the texture/design on the back but the kickstand is nicely tucked flat into the phone. As one reviewer said, it does stand the phone quite vertical, would have been nicer for a 45 degree or so angle but I use it on my night stand for better view of the phone.

It is an exact fit, buttons are responsive and S Pen able to be removed easily. The camera cut out allows for ease of access to guide your fingers to the fingerprint sensor. It also looks to be screen protector friendly.

Usually I am an extreme minimalist when it comes to cases but I find no flaws in this as a daily driver it offers protection without taking away from the beauty of the device.
Super case with stand
This case gives excellent protection and the stand is an added bonus. One slight criticism is that the stand holds the phone a little too upright to make reading at a table not as easy as it might be.
Excellent product. Great company
Fast service. Great customer service
I like it. Very classy looking and light.
Very Durable and fits very well especially with the S-pen part
Very Durable and fits very well especially with the S-pen part. The stand is very convenient for me because I can watch videos almost anywhere without a problem positioning the phone.
Great case
A little thick, but otherwise good quality case, with a good kickstand
Sleek and tough
Case matches description. Is easy to hold and provides a nice tall stand. I wish it was raised more above the screen for placing the phone face down. S pen is easy to take in and out, unlike imitation cases.
Amazing ! Must buy
This case protects the phone and hugs it perfectly. It has a nice grip and the added kickstand is a nice touch. Feels very premium. Also, for those like myself who wonder if it's a hard Case. Well.. it's an odd mix. There is some flexibility in the material to bend and (I assume) absorb shocks. But it isn't stiff plastic. The is definitely some flexibility. I love it.
Elegant and useful with retractable stand
One star off for long lead time (3 weeks)
Great case.
Case looks and feels great, can charge phone with wireless charger at certain angles only! 5 out of 5!
Just ok
Hi, it does not have a screen cover :( case is ok, and stand is nice, but a cover for the screen would have been better
A must have case for the Note8
This is case is amazing! Not only is it stylish but it offers great protection and amazing grip. The kickstand is just an added bonus. Unlike other kick stands that protrude out the case, this kickstand hides discreetly in the back. This provides just as much protection as an otterbox case without all the unnecessary bulk.
Great item, very easy to get my phone in and out. Very hard and sturdy, I actually prefer this one to the Clear View Standing Cover.

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