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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 7's beautiful display in fantastic condition with the official Samsung scratch-resistant screen protector. Precision made, this protector provides a perfect fit that guards your screen whilst keeping it ultra-responsive.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60374
$19.90 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 42 customers

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Not recommended
Writes well with the S pen but edges keep peeling off the screen. Barely works with the S view cover case.
Good but not for me.
Two in the pack was a blessing as the first one went in the bin. The fitment is fantastic. The quality is fantastic. Clarity is great too. But... Does not work nicely with a case. It's just that mm too wide causing the edges to lift. Tried Cutting it nicely but struggled even with a sharp craft knife so on the hunt for something else.
I think its the best in the market despite it is pricy but not on mobile fun site its almost half price of somewhere else so the protector is little bit painful to apply but after you work it out you will be happy it glues on all the screen evenly not like the other brands that have glue only on the edges after a wile dust starts to get under the protector from the speaker trim and the home button and the most important thing the samsung screen protector is not rubbery which makes the spen difficult to use
overall I am happy
Pretty good...
I received my screen protectors in the mail and applied them right away with no problems. I'm using cases produced by the same company so I'm not having any issues. I'm loving the cases so far.
Is ok
Protector went on easy but when I put on my phone case it pushed the corners up and the sides, now looks like crap because I had to cut the edges all off
This is by far the best screen protector I have got so far. Ive been through 6 of them. These are official Samsung and fit perfect. Customer service was great. The item was not in stock. I received emails from Mobile fun asking me to pick another item because I had to wait. Well worth It. I would highly and only reomend this screen protector and now this company.
Fits perfectly
I went with this because i wanted edge to edge protection and it was the official screen protector from samsung . It goes on pretty easy and it feels pretty smooth and s pen glides easily . It does leave marks when pressing the s pen too firmly on the screen protector, since it almost feel like a gel material also careful if you use a case it will lift the edges. Overall I'm happy with my purchase
Best screen protector
Genuine samsung accessories are usually the best even if they're a bit pricey. These screen protectors are hands down the best I've yet to try.
These install easily and feel the best.

The problem with tempered glass protectors is that there is only adhesive around the edges so it is almost impossible to apply perfectly. You end up with dead areas on the screen that are slightly lifted and you'll have to press firmly. Issue with tempered glass is that almost all cases will lift up the sides since the case wraps slightly around.

Other Pet Film type screen protectors and are not cut precisely enough so you end up with edges that lift and collect dust. Another issue is corners. The genuine samsung protectors are curved on the corners and have an inward cut-out to compensate for the curve of the glass. Result is a perfect fit and no lifted sides due to the curve.

The Samsung protectors feel great to touch. They're smooth and not too rubbery.

Don't use the bubble remover's corner. You'll leave a mark in the protector. Use your finger to push upwards. Don't worry, the tiny leftover bubbles will be gone in couple days.
Having had issues with the Zagg screen protector not taking to cases too well, I ordered the Samsung oem from Mobile Fun. Totally worth the wait for this product to "cross the pond." I can use either my SUPCASE Beetle with no minimal issue (the edges will fit under the front plate of this case). NO issues with my Samsung oem clear cover case. Perfect fit. It came with 2 screen protectors. Very happy with this product and Mobile Fun
Highly recommend
This is a must have for the note 7 since the note 7 can scratch easily. I am using it for two days now.
It very easy to install
It should work with every 3rd party cases however for some reason it didn't play nice with the caseology case.
Very good screen protector if you dont use a case.
Very good screen protector, easy enough to fit. Unfortunately as it goes right to the edges most cases push the screen protector up away from the screen (not tried with genuine samsung cases yet), i trimmed a tiny bit off the screen protector all the way around and is now perfect.
Good tip to stop dust getting stuck underneath, fit whilst in a steamy bathroom ;-)
I love the official samsung screen protectors. It comes with 2. I chose tgis particular one for my note 7 over other brands since it is very clear, not matte, and works well with the s pen. Some other brands do not work well with the s pen, and do not glide as nicely. Beware these screen protectors don't work with all cases. I purchase a spigen case thinking it woukd work, but it lifts the edges. I am purchasing the official samsung leather case since they are both samsung brand, and are supossed to work together. All in all I am happy with these screen protectors. They are great quality.
Just ok
Not as good as glass but better than the other film screen protectors
Note what I expected
I took my time trying to put this on but would not stay down on the edges, the design was good but the overall experience of it working did not have enough adhesive to keep the edges down would think that Samsung would have made a better screen protector that would work. I still have the second one that came with it I will try that one with some heat from a hair dryer and see if that works. If it does I will update my review.
Great fit :)
I had this screen protector on my Note 7 until the recall, I will need to order another, all in all it had great fit. It did lift up a few time when putting cases on.
Must Buy for Note7 & Easy Install
You get 2 screen protectors which have a curve to fit the curve design, a microfiber cloth (which left a lot of dust so use another one if you have one), squeegee (helped a lot) and two dust free stickers.

Just make sure to wipe screen well enough under a good light area and make sure all dust is gone. I had to use another micro fiber because the one included put more dust and other things on which made it worst. Use the sticker to remove any dust you might of missed, then remove the step 1 tab and line up using the step 2 tab so you can easily line up the bottom then use the squeegee and go all the way up while adjusting the lineup for the top cutouts. Squeegee or use your nail to remove the remaining bubbles. Once you get most of the bubbles out, remove step 2 sticker and you should be good to go. Then if you have any more bubbles use your finger.

It works great with the spen and should be the only thing you should be buying for your phone!
Great fit!!!
This Samsung note 7 official screen protector come with 2 screeb protector and dust removal and placement stickers, and it comes with a nice micro fiber cloth. Ive tried at least 3 screen protectors for the note 7 and was disappointed with all of them. All of them would peel up on the edges where the note 7 is curved. The official samsung screen protector is brilliant in the way they cut all four edges so the protector would just wrap arounf each seperate edge. I dont know why more companies havent tried this. It went on very easily, just recommend taking your time and using the the included squegee to spread out all the bubbles. The screeb protector covers the whole screen and has a really great look and feel to it. The other screeb protector i had dulled the screens brightness but this one makes the screen look like its not even there. I would recommend buying the official samsung screen protector first so you dont waste money before hand like i did.
Good Quality
The samsung screen protectors for the note 7 are a good quality screen protector. Haven't tried them with my case yet because of the recall so don't know for sure if they will be ok with the curved screen but samsung say they will be fine with most cases.
Awesome screen protector
This is an amazing screen protector for what you get. None of the tempered glass ones work with cases so unfortunately with this you'll have to go with a protector that protects just from scratches. This is ideal because GG5 is very prone to scratching but not cracking.
Very good
Exceptional quality . Love it.
good product
I have not put this screen protertor on my note 7 yet - waiting to get my replacement due to recall. Everything seems to line up. Can't wait to put this on my phone. Everything with Mobile Fun was great.
Not very Godd
Firstly mobile Fun I give full marks too

As too the protectors read on

I had received the screen protectors over days ago but didn't apply 1 due to the recall.
I received my new Note 7 on Monday 12th Sept so decided to install a protector

1. Marks are left on the protector when you use the S-pen with very little pressure
2. The above marks are permanent will not smooth out with gentle pressure
3. After 24 hours it began to peel on both edges this is while using the Samsung LED case.

I cannot recommend the protectors
Not fire proof
I was really hoping to find out how good this official Sammie protector is. I was afraid if I put it on the phone it might just melt :)
Easy to put on, case frendly
I used one of the two that came in the package and it was very easy to install, looks good and works as advertised, thanks MobileFun and Samsung for providing a much needed product that works.
Excellent fit
These original Samsung Note 7 screen protectors are amazing. They fit great and no bubbles or edge lifting at all. I highly recommend these screen protectors.
This is the only screen protector that properly fits the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This OEM item is manufactured in Korea (when purchasing from Mobile Fun). This is NOT your orange peel type of stretchy screen protector. Each screen protector, though not glass, is sturdy, and can be tapped like hard plastic. The protector is pre-curved by Samsung to fit the device like a glove. What i found to be one of the best features of this screen protector, is the design language used to create maximum screen protection and adhesion, by creating corner niches, or cutouts, that allow for beveled coverage and flexibility around all four corners.
Additionally, these are crystal clear screen protectors, and come packaged as immaculately as you can expect from Samsung. I have gone through FIVE different Screen Protectors, and this is the only screen protector that is both case friendly, and adheres to the curved edges and beveled corners of the Galaxy Note 7. Lastly, I live in America, and received this item from the UK in about 10 days. I was expecting a much longer wait, but was pleasantly surprised at Mobilefun's customer service and expediency. Great all around product!
Looks like a good fit
Received the item in the time frame stated. It is exactly what I ordered. Don't know how well it works yet. Going to wait until after I get my replacement phone to install.
easy as 1-2-3
Order, ship, received. does not get any easier.
Screen protector
I have to say that it's great and give it 5 stars, for the time I had it on my phone before I had to change my note 7, loved it.
Fits well
Due to the curved screen of the Note 7 I opted for a film vs tempered glass screen protector. It fits well, notched at the corners, and is pre-moulded with the edges. Satisfied with the product but use of better materials would be great. Such as a film with more of a glass like feel to it.
Best one so farm
Out of all that I've tried for this phone with the curved screen. This has been the best one I've come across. The relief cuts allow this sit perfectly on the phone. There have been no bubbles. However it is not very non-oem case friendly. Yes it not glass, but it is very clear. My finger glides nicely along my screen. It does protect from scratches. That is why I'm acquiring even more for this phone.
Great customer service
I searched all over the i ternet fkr the offical samsung note 7 screen protector. Some how i can across uour sote and boom ..there she was...so i ordered myself one..a few days later i got my package and the item was damaged..so i contacted customer service and they offered to send me a new one... all i jad to do was send a pic of the damaged package and they didnt question me at all...they have been quicl to reply amd have checked to make sure that i wanted a new one or a refund... i highly recomend mobilefun.com...they got a permanent customer out of me..
Excellent Protection
This screen protector provides excellent protection for my Samsung Galaxy Note 7! To get the S-Pen to work better with the phone I advise that you change the nib to the gray ones included in the box. The only thing I have against this screen protector is that it isn't compatible with many 3rd party cases. I tried pairing it with a Spigen Liquid Crystal, Spigen Tough Armor, Ringke Fusion and none of them worked. This is because all the cases were trying to lift the edges of the screen protector up. Finally I ordered a Diztronic case that doesn't seem to interfere with the screen protector.
Great Protectors
Well with the new Samsung Note 7 coming out, selection in screen protectors seemed slim. I first bought a tempered glass protector, but it did not work well because it did not curve with the screen. I ended up taking that one off and buying this official Samsung screen protector. First off, it fits perfectly! Installation was incredibly easy, which is usually not the case with me. Once it is on the screen, you don't even notice it is there. I do recommend watching a YouTube video about how to apply this screen protector (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzukRhK8M6Y). If you apply it like the video, then it will be perfect! I wouldn't waste your money on any other screen protector because they won't work. This even comes with 2 screen protectors! So if you mess up the first time, oh well grab another. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who need a screen protector for their note 7. Not only does it look great, but it provides great protection for your new expensive phone!
Great price for good products
i researched everywhere can't find good quatity screen proctector for my new Samsung Note7. Finially I found this original Samsung screen protector, Prefect fit, no question ask. Prefect protection to Note 7
Finally a good one
Was looking for good screen protectors forever untill I found this one. I tried probably 5 different brands and style and nothing was good enough for me. This one is perfect. Kinda a pain to put on because you have to take your time and get all the bubbles out but once you do its really a perfect look, fit and feel. I would recommend this to anyone that's looking for a non glass perfect fitting screen protector. It ever worked with my minimal thin style case. Couldn't be happier.
This is a well cut creed protector and it fits the device very well
Not fireproof
Seems to be good but haven't used it yet, because it is not fire or explosion proof.
Screen protector is curved and protects the screen from scratches, but you just can't get rid of all the air bubbles no matter how much you try. Be extra carefull with Gear VR because it peals the screen protector off. For this price it's not much better from cheaper screen protectors.
Considering this is an official samsung product it is very poor
Considering this is an official samsung product it is very poor within the first 2 days after applying it , it has already started pealing around the bottom would not recommend pay a bit more and get an alternative
A pain to fit
A pain to fit and doesn't work with Spigen cases without the edges being lifted. It does work with the Samsung Clear Cover case but that has no protection...
Very poor adhesive
Screen protector is not that difficult to install but the adhesive strength is VERY poor. Have had to replace 2 screen protectors already as once the adhesive starts to go it peels off very easily even when just taking the phone out of your pocket. Will wait until there are better protectors on the market and try another.

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